Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Power of a Uniform

Are you scared of authority?

Remember school? That awful place full of regulations for regulations sake, authority and rules? Where you could recognise the pseudo authority of prefects because they wore a badge? Noticed how many uniforms there are our there?

What IS a uniform? It's a costume worn by someone to denote some form of authority over those not wearing costumes. And everyone wants one. From private security guards to PCSOs to Community Wardens to Traffic Wardens to High Court judges. Anyone who represents "the State" can now be easily recognised and obeyed purely because they are wearing a costume.

Now you have to ask yourself the purpose of the costume? You could argue that it is a quick and easy way to recognise "those in authority". Nurses wear them for example to denote their position in a hospital. But they are only employees in a costume. They have no "authority" over you. They cannot force you to have an X ray. So why doesn't the boss of a hospital wear a uniform?

I can certainly understand why the armed forces wear a uniform. It quickly denotes rank and real authority over those who signed up to be part of the machine that is the military, but a Community Warden? I didn't sign anything that says I consent to be ruled over by a fat bloke in a costume in my community.

Let's look at the role of a Community Warden shall we?

Community wardens do not have any enforcement powers or authority (as we see here) and swear allegiance to no one.

Community wardens:
  • provide a reassuring conspicuous presence
  • tackle anti-social behaviour
  • act as 'eyes and ears' for other agencies
  • promote community solidarity and assist and enable communities to solve local problems
So they have no power and do nothing except wander around our communities in a costume. Great. That helps.

What about a Police Community Support Officer?

Their primary purpose is to improve the community and offer greater public reassurance. In support of regular police officers they will work within a targeted patrol area to provide a visible and accessible uniformed presence; work with partners and community organisations to address anti-social behaviour, the fear of crime, environmental issues and other factors which affect the quality of peoples lives.
Again, no authority, just a State employee in a costume.

Here is your task for today, fellow seditionaries. Ask a "community warden" or a "PCSO" why they are wearing a uniform. They have no authority and no power. Mock their costumes. Laugh at them. Photograph them. Ask them their names. Get them to show you some ID. And tell them (shhh...quietly now) that you KNOW they are just dressing up in a silly costume to scare people. And they're getting paid to do it. By you.

From the comments. A Blockleiter

In Nazi Germany, a Blockleiter (block leader) was the lowest official of the NSDAP, responsible for the political supervision of a neighbourhood or city block and formed the link between the NSDAP and the general population. Also colloquially known as a Blockwart (block attendant or warden), he was charged with planning, spreading propaganda and developing an acceptance to the policies of the NSDAP among the households (typically 40 to 60) in his area.

It was also the duty of the Blockleiter to spy on the population and report any anti-Nazi activities to the local office. This was helped by keeping files on each household (Haushaltskarten). Due to such activities, Blockwarts were particularly disliked by the general population. Other duties included allocating beds in homes for visiting NSDAP demonstrators, the collection of subscriptions and charitable donations especially for Winterhilfe and organising the clearing of rubble after air-raids. It is thought that there were nearly half a million Blockleiter.

Today, Blockwart is a colloquial German insult word for a person who feels the motivation to keep people in line, esp. by reporting them to officials or pressing the enforcing of rules (esp. petty rules) upon people.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I'm reminded of a 'love police' video about Canary Wharf.

You know, Canary Wharf, where the privately employed security guards are dressed up like coppers...

And there was me thinking that impersonating a police officer is an offence.

Vladimir Putin said...

Good comparison. I'd like to know the difference between a PCSO and a "community warden" because it sounds like they have exactly the same function and exactly the same "powers".

Polaris said...

Why the fuckity fuck fuck are these nobs not charged with impersonating a Police officer. The Police were quick to pursue his guy.

Billy Blofeld said...

The government are recruiting unofficial plain clothes detectives now

As a precaution I give all nosey neighbours the bird when I see them now......

Oldrightie said...

Just wait until The EU moderator force arrives on the streets. You'll recognise them, all with a little moustache and combover. (apologies to Rab).

The beast of Clerkenwell said...

British Transport Police PCS "officers" now carry handcuffs
All you have to do when annoyed by one of these strutting idiots is call 999
If they lay a hand upon you, arrest them for assault and still call 999
Then sue

Old Holborn said...

I can still hear your bellowing at that Nigerian PCSO whilst on my walk last year, Beast

Richard John Bingham said...

I have to admit, I read the papers every day for one reason only, hoping to see a story of a violent death of anyone in authority from the Prime Minister down to the lowest community support officer. I am getting old and need something to cheer myself up each day.

In my younger days in London I had gone to support a police officer in difficulties on three separate occasions. Never again. I now look on the police as my enemy and would not lift a finger to help, or to identify their assailant.

As far as I am concerned, Police kill innocent people and have the law and politicians to protect them.

If I were a religious man, I would pray for the violent death of that support minion in the above video. As I am not, I shall wish as hard as is possible.

Dave H said...

It really pisses me off that even the RSPCA now strut around in their pseudo-police uniform. FFS they're just a bloody charity.

Little Black Sambo said...

And something needs to be done about the scourge of high-visibility jackets. The manufacturers must be making a fortune.

vervet said...

DaveH: "It really pisses me off that even the RSPCA now strut around in their pseudo-police uniform. FFS they're just a bloody charity."

Oh no Dave ... not just a bloody charity ... a fake charity ... another arm of government. Any interest they have in prevention of cruelty to animals is far out-weighed by their interest in prosecuting 'offenders'. Even poor bastards doing the best they can with few resources are hounded by this bunch of authoritarian tossers.


Ampers said...

Lord Lucan, or can I call you Richard... I think you have voiced the sentiments of many of us!

I think OH should design a uniform we can all wear, should be black, should have a tunic jacket, and lots of silver metal and badges all over it. And, of course, a peak hat.

I am Stan said...

OH...I was in court recently to see two thugs who put me in hospital in a random attack ,leaving me with broken bones and needing stitches sentenced got 3 years the other 14 months..14 of their family and friends were there too ,all of them low life scum...after the two scumbags were taken away to jail their friends threatened me with a slow death and waited outside outside.

I was glad for the uniformed security guards who were stood outside the courts as I left...and the uniformed CSO who held a medical dressing to my facial wounds after the attack,and the uniformed paramedic,nurse and police officer..I was also glad of the Judge and barrister in their robes and wigs..and even the prison officers who took my attackers down to the holding cells from the dock before their trip to enjoy Her Majesty`s Prison.

We are no longer at school and should put childish things behind us..its easy to resent authority...until of course we need their aid even when their powers are limited...

cosect said...

Community wardens:
provide a reassuring conspicuous presence
tackle anti-social behaviour
act as 'eyes and ears' for other agencies
promote community solidarity and assist and enable communities to solve local problems

Community wardens sound a lot like Parents. Is that where we are now? Real parents have been infantilised through the benefits galore, welfare nanny state to the point where responsible adults can seemingly only come from the Government with a CRB check and a uniform? Fuck that. The State is not my family. It never was. It never will be.

Evil Mike said...

Sounds like a Blockleiter to me:

Newgates Knocker said...

You say nurses have no power to force you to do anything. They do if you get sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Anyone thinking outside the Government box, may well be considered a danger to society and cohesion in the not too distant future.
Rectal valium anyone?

Afghanistan Banana Stand said...

I recently witnessed a gang of 5 local teens (3 identified and known by name by me) throw a rock through a neighbours car window (this was after they had thrown a stone at my living room window twice that evening).
I called the Community Wardens initially to report the rock throwing and then to report the car vandalism (this was done as the gang walked away from my house).

Based on my description, the CW's stopped the gang and they waited for the police to arrive. 4 of the gang legged it before the police turned up.
Even though the police had one of the gang they coudn't make him give up the names of the other 4 (even though I could - and did - name 2 of them, one of the 'named' was the one who smashed the car window).
Plod later admitted (when I gave my statement) that unless they actually caught the toe rag that night wearing the clothes I described, there was nothing they could do.
CW's cannot hold a gang even over an incident of criminal damage.
Plod cannot get the names of the gang from the one member who didn't leg it.

What is the fucking point of them?

I have had to put up with over 4 years of vandalism, petty nuisance and verbal abuse from the same gang.

The CW's are useless
Plod are usless

Looks like it's down to me then....

Rob said...

Stan, I read about the attack over at your blog, yesterday.

I didn't leave a comment as it was the first time I'd visited and it wasn't one of your latest posts, but I was bloody fuming for your sake.

I hope the useless shits who attacked you develop cock cancer and die in screaming fucking agony. And that goes for their friends, too.

I am Stan said...

@Rob-I hope the useless shits who attacked you develop cock cancer and die in screaming fucking agony. And that goes for their friends, too.

Thanks for your support Rob,I hope the bastards are getting a good rimming with their xmas pud hahahahaha.

I know many people have been let down by the ¨authorities¨ myself included in the past but on this occasion I was thankful for all their help.

Giolla said...

What powers the PCSO's have are only valid when they're in their uniforms, oh and on duty and when carrying their letter of authority - which if I recall correctly they have to show you when asked.

And apparently the Canary wharf goons are allowed to pretend to be police as it's private property and you're allowed to dress as a police person on private property. Which does make me wonder what they'd do if a bunch of people wore better police uniforms around Canary Wharf. I'd guess they'd get the real police to chuck them out and once off the private property arrest them for wearing fake uniforms. By extension though that should mean we can all stand in our front gardens/windows/doorways dressed as police with complete immunity.

But it could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Why's that plastic cop fucking foreign???

@Stan, great news, you really cheered me up today!

I doubt it was a "random attack" though.

I am Stan said...

@Anonymous-I doubt it was a "random attack" though.

I assure you it was an unprovoked and random attack...if it had been someone else stood there it would have been them..

I`m sure there are some who would like to give me a kicking for whatever reasons, these two were out for anyone.

caesars wife said...

pleased youve found this aspect of it OH , there to keep us all safe and direct in the way the government says so .

Anonymous said...

OH, given the money that Old Bill has got to find in the next financial year, it's a fair bet these useless dobbers will be the first on the scrapheap after we have an election...

Jack Strawrentboyuser said...

In London they employed hundreds of these twats without even doing proper checks on their backgrounds. Many were just taken on to help the Met make up their ethnic quotas because they are counted as proper police officers in relation to Home Office figures. Someone should make a request under the Freedom of Information Act as to how many of these twats have been subject to complaints and sacked for criminal offences. The persons asking would be horrified. Ignore them, just tell them to fuck off.

Dave said...

remember the Derek Guyler character in Please Sir?

Well thanks to Nulab he is now in charge of everything.

fucking clipboard wielding useless bastard keyjanglers.

I'm thinking of going to jail to get away from them all.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Parking Wardens are now Civil Enforcement Officers. Park Attendants are now Civil Enforcement Officers. Public Toilet cleaners are now Civil Enforcement Officers.

If this bunch of ZanuLayber shite stay in power after the next GE, what's the betting the "Officers" are given the power of arrest?

Hi viz jackets! EVERY cunt wears a hi-viz jacket these days. Even the bloke who delivers your sofa wears one, FFS. Drives me up the fucking wall.

Rogerborg said...

@Polaris: "The Police were quick to pursue [Stuart Kennedy, aka 'Sgt Eros' the stripper]."

I've corresponded with Mr Kennedy, and to be fair, it's fairly clear he's a mental: he gets his rocks off from people thinking he's a copper.

I know that's not much different from a "P"CSO or any other of the HiVis cabal, but I think what pisses Plod off is that he gets paid more than them for doing his job.

Anonymous said...

"eyes and ears of other agencies"? I guess this is a further tranche of public "servants" who directly or indirectly will have access to our communication data or any other data they are curious about.

official: MMGW on mars/pluto said...

That fucking rent-a-nip's just pissed off at being furiously gang-bummed as a young'un.

"OH, given the money that Old Bill has got to find in the next financial year, it's a fair bet these useless dobbers will be the first on the scrapheap after we have an election..."

Can't say I agree, would like to though. What'll probably happen is that NWO Fagian Society (FagSoc?) hierarchy clingers will use is as a pretext to ditch the few 'non-team' players that remain while expanding their stable of PCSO arse fingering, shit-licker scumbags, like the ones in the vid.

Bolted into the excrement stocks, that's where they deserve to be, not roaming the fucking streets lying about something the were filmed doing less that 10 seconds ago to the person who filmed them doing it.

What a fucking tool.

Volatile Barry said...

It's not just the uniformed ones, the whole Public Sector now seems to see its main role as one of bullying, fining and dictating to the general public. Amongst the worst ar the Highways Agency with their moronic (dressed like the SAS) patrolmen closing the motorways if someone so much as throws a fag out of the window, empty roadworks littered with speed cameras and 2 hour queues at the Dartford Crossing just so they can rip you off for another pound.

I've taken to ringing them up and complaining about every traffic jam, road closure and empty roadworks. I have also written to Top Gear to try and get them to publish the phone number and get others to complain about the way they deliberately inconvenience us. You never know, it's the sort of thing that might appeal to them. Email them on if a few people do Clarkson etc might enjoy causing a bit of disruption. Or ring them yourself next time you're sitting in a jam, 0845 7504030

Dave said...

Over at the Register there's an article about the Home Office Vetting register which is now so unweildy that it's impossible to use.

Now I'm not suggesting for one minute that we should all apply for Home Office vetting "just in case" we might want to accompany a friend's child to the playground at some unspecified time in the future. No I'm just suggesting that we do it to show that we are model citizens.

I am Spartacus- right?

Word ver= squat.
Say no more

official: MMGW on mars/pluto said...


Might be wrong but I've a vague recollection of TG 'doing' unnecessary lane closures and the hi-viz Soilent fodder associated with such closures.


As it happens, I've been raring to pinch a loaf off in the general direction of the HO for a while now, and, much like the HO themselves, any old pretext will do =)

The Paragnostic said...

I keep gettng letters from the BBC Poll Tax Collection people threatening to interview me 'under caution' if I don't pay for the propaganda and dumbed down shite they transmit into my home uninvited.

Good luck to them - it's normally two vans of real Plod that are needed to make me comply...

banned said...

I've only ever seen Police Community Support Officers or Civic Enforcement Officers engage with pleasant looking young mums or old guys, never once with rowdy hoodies or scruffy riff-raff.

The manager of security at my local shopping centre told me that his staff had been trained in the use of handcuffs and been 'authorised' by the police to use them ( the same applies to some door security staff ) WTF is that all about, Bouncers having more power than pretend policemen ?

Anonymous said...

Whilst you have a point, you'd moan if they didn't wear a uniform as they'd be "Spies among us" or something.

Let them be smart and obvious in their uniform, just don't think it gives them anything.

Anonymous said...

Please delete the Swedish video link in the post below. It keeps playing automatically is is shoite anyway.

Anonymous said...

Also look up the Chinese Pao Chia (or Baojia). The Japanese revived it as Tonarihumi in Shanghai during their occupation of the city in the 30s.

Chinese civilians were appointed to Pao Chia and wore armbands to denote their identity. They were armed with a length of rope and a police whistle. About 4 of these Pao Chia were stationed at each cross road, apart from the very minor ones. There were also some on bicycles who acted as messenger boys. When the alarm was raised the Pao Chia in the area would cordon off the junction and no one was allowed to break through the cordon under pain of arrest and if the Japanese military were in the vicinity there was always the possibility of being shot on the spot. In the meantime the men on the bicycles would be spreading out and cycling to the next crossroad, pass on instructions, the ropes would be flung across and so on for as far as it was deemed necessary. This way they could lock down an area of Shanghai very effectively and very quickly. Sounds like PCSO's to me.

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