Monday, 21 December 2009

Outstanding Value!

£200,000 in expenses since becoming a peer four years ago but Baroness Adams of Craigielea’s voice was heard just once in House of Lords proceedings.

"I have never held the House of Lords in great esteem. "


Dick the Prick said...

Fuck me sideways with a KFC chicken bumper value bucket, call me Jessica and dust me off with a Islamic fatwa made of jelly beans.

I think i've been had!

WV: harpre - dyslexic harpy prapps?

Ampers said...

I have mixed feelings whether it is of more value to the country for life peers to keep their gobs shut or to speak!

Constantly Furious said...

A much better picture of her here, don't you think?

no taxation without representation. said...

The house of lords is an insult to democracy and the people, the EU is an insult to the people and democracy. the whip system is an isult to the people and democracy.

and there was fat ken of the NWO builderburge group and pro undemocractic EUSSR heading a pro democracy mission for dave!

you couldnt make it up.

what's next harriet harman leading a review for the fathers for justice campain!

British Insurgent said...

She is just more "vermin in ermin" we are going to have to stamp into the dust when the time comes.

Edgar said...

We deserve it. We deserve to be ripped off left, right, centre, top, bottom, front, and sideways.

We deserve it because we have never insisted, with force if necessary, on extremely harsh penalties for those who abuse positions of trust.

Trough on Baroness. One day we might be able to hang your porky arse in a monkey-puzzle tree, but for now, trough on.

eight rounds rapid said...

Another NuLav bowl clinger. A jet of hot, steaming accountability would do the trick but there's fat chance of that.

Anonymous said...

She supposed said three words in her only "speech" to the Lords:

"I'm not interested."

£66,666.66 per word. The satanic allusion may not be entirely coincidental.

Crap said...

New Labour's aristocracy.

Oldrightie said...

Edgar has a very valid point. Anyone who voted labour over the last three elections were warned but nope, they knew best. Well it hurts and a lot of buggers STILL don't get it.

Ron Broxted said...

Did intended adding a deeply cutting comment registering my total disgust at how this cow has has ripped off the taxpayer, then I realised with the help of a calculator I borrowed from the library five years ago, just how much taxpayers cash I had received in the last thirty years in the way of unemployment benefit and fake disability claims and I just felt guilty criticising her. Free Tibet.

Der_Masher said...

but what a woman... she can sit on my face anytime!

Anonymous said...

"I will make the most of being in the House of Lords" she says. Yes we don't doubt that for a moment lady. Sounds like your daughter and former son in law made the most of you being an MP.

SO17 said...

Debate,what debate?
Europe,immigration,climate bollocks.
It's all like catching some dude fucking your wife and then debating about it WHILE HE IS STILL FUCKING YOUR WIFE.
The dude gets his way and the debate was an illusion.

Captain Haddock said...

"I have never held the House of Lords in great esteem. "

Then perhaps she'd care to do humanity in general a favour .. and fuck off & get a "proper" job ..

These socialist shit-bags make me puke ..

semismu said...

O/T Akmal Shaikh - British? Anyone seen his ancestors mentioned at Agincourt or Rourkes Drift?

Let him dangle....

Weston Bay said...

Abolish the House of Lords!


Rogerborg said...

Come on now; anyone who doesn't know that "socialist" means "believes passionately in the merits of living large on other peoples' money", then you haven't been paying attention.

By the way, for anyone wanting the correct pronunciation of "Paisley", simply swallow a large mouthful of rubbing alcohol(*).

You'll find that you ejaculate an involuntary wheezing exhale of "paaaaaaaaaaaaih", to which you simply add a gutteral "sly".

(*) Ideally get the taxpayer to buy it for you. If you can't manage that, be sure to buy it in a subsides bar in the Palace of Westminster, where you may also enjoy sucking on a fat Cuban. If all else fails, simple move to Paisley North, where you'll be given a flat as much benefits as you can scrounge.

Henry V said...

The BBC will no doubt make a film adaptation of Agincourt.
The king will be a Queen and the second in command an ancestor of Akmal Shaikh.
A nice guy who treats the Queen and other women as asexual equals.
The bad guy will be some white Lord/Knight.Bloodthirsty and toe curlingly sexist and racist.
Even the French will come across as nice guys.
The peasant English soldiers?
Airbrushed out.

Gallimaufry said...

Membership of the House of Lords is Incapacity Benefit for the well-connected.

Baroness Adams said...

So fucking what? Are you really surprised? I'm shitting 'em now that the bloggerati have picked it up. Ten minutes of faux indignation isn't going to cause me sleepless nights. Still, good for your stats and the rise up the ladder of "Most influential libertarian blog of 2009"

Rogerborg said...

The thing is, hereditary Lords tend to be decent sort of chaps and chapettes. They don't have anything to prove, or any chips on their shoulders. They just get on with it, in a most British fashion.

It's these uppity oiks that are the problem. You take some working class cockholster's daughter, marry then off to some born-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-blanket bastard that got a public school scholarship because they were the least retarded of their peers, and suddenly they get delusions of adequacy. Then you hand them a gong for lifetime loyalty to the cause of selling handouts to the feckless, and suddenly they find themselves with their noses deep in the swan-soufflé trough, without a thousand years of breeding to inform their reactions thereto.

And that is why the House of "Lords" should be hereditary peers, or nothing. Filling it with political creatures is the worst of all possible worlds.

Jamie Blandford said...

You're dead right Rogerborg old chap. The hereditary peers were raised in the sure and certain knowledge that being the offspring of some thieving landgrabber of Olde England gives them the inalienable right to pass judgement on everybody else. If only the nation had been able to see beyond the chinless wonder image of Sir Alec Douglas Home, and entrusted our future to his genetic midden, we would now all be sure of our place in society.

Anonymous said...

Gwar porridge wog pig (thanks, CF, much better photo). How does one fit so much makeup onto one face? Her husband must be a very brave man to jump on that piece of meat.

I sincerely hope that all her grandchildren suffer from severe genetic disorders.

It's cunts like Blandford, though, who let Labour contaminate the HoL with the pus that we now enjoy.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

What do you expect, she's from Paisley.

As is this complete fucking retard who is so round the twist he's nearly a parody of himself.

Rogerborg said...

Cheers, Rab. Whit ah tumshie hae ees.

Ah's postit ah comment in mah best Glegsgae venacular but Ah dinnae exscpit the ba' sack'll post it, yae ken whit Ah mean?

subrosa said...

Jings Rab, what a horrible man Kelly is. That's the first time I've read his vile scribblings.

Roger, yer nae bad fur ain o them Glesgae loons. Eh'm awfy impressed.

banned said...

She certainly seems to have held our £200,000 in 'high esteem' though, troughing old sow.

Weston Bay said...

I said abolish the House of Lords. Was nobody paying attention?

And I thought libertarians got all hot under the collar over unearned privilege. What's the HoL if it isn't a monument to unearned privilege and the right to rule over a nation of 60M to boot?

At least we can sack our elected representatives. Sadly under the current system we can't sack Baroness Adams.


Vladimir said...

I agree with Rogerborg. The hereditary House of Lords has a function, and that function is to oppose change. It is true that none of the Lords really represent us, but that's not their job. Their job is to put the brakes on when some jumped-up twat like Blair comes along with a radical agenda for fucking everything up. In that sense they are like a jury, free to oppose stupid laws that might otherwise be forced on them by a corrupt executive.

This is of course why New Labour tried to undermine the House by stuffing it with Labour donors and other cronies, and it's how Mandelson got to be Lord of every fucking thing on the planet. We are supposed to assume that the House itself is the problem, and that the House itself should be abolished. That is the Establishment narrative now. But the House wasn't a problem until recently... around 1997 in fact.

Bugger said...

Just came across the Councillor Kelly Blogspot.

What an absolute tosser.

I seem to remember a blogger on The Herald newspaper before some faux flags managed to have it shut down; his moniker bas "dazed and confused" or something like that.

He had the ureic acid taken out of him day in day out, week after week.

Yep it is he, the Halloween Cake face and IQ.

Libertarian said...

That Councillor Kelly seems to loathe Wee Eck (the Spiv), and to be against Scottish Independence, so he's A-OK in my book.

The enemy of my enemy, etc.

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