Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Only in Somerset

I am really sorry folks but the dickhead who told William that Cows can jump over six foot is none other than Guthrum Jnr, Will swallowed it, so did the Telegraph.

Yes the cow was on the roof, but the ground is quite sloping towards the roof.

This being Somerset, this is big news in these parts, there is now a 'roof cow appreciation society' on Facebook.

Happy Christmas !


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I notice the police officer quoted in the article was only interested in getting the 'attempted burglary' off the system.

Targets, eh?

subrosa said...

I quite believe that. My family lived in rural Somerset for over 30 years. Lovely folk too. ;)

AndrewWS said...

"le boeuf sur le toit" as in Darius Milhaud's opera (?) about the Parisian eaterie and drinkerie of that name. How seasonal ...

Ron Broxted said...

I would have like to have been a vet if only to have a legal reason for sticking my arm up a cows arse and fanny. The thought of pulling on a big heavily greased gauntlet and feeling a cows hot smelly arse against my face is my idea of heaven......Ooooh matron. Free Tibet...Free all political prisoners in British jails.

Old Holborn said...

Read Ron Broxted daily in The Independent, never off tpoic his witty and erudite take on world affairs is read in over 170 countries! Even by Old Harrovian queens.

Ambridge Farqham said...

Now look here we are all thoroughly fed up of fake Rons and real ones. Both ought to be banned. Or else. They cling like a Barnacle to the site! Publish their addresses? Let us see their visages disappear.



banned said...

OH, re your earlier post "MPs Brother wanted for Child Abuse."

Brother of Gerry Adams hands himself in to police

DT links don't always work so

Edgar said...

There is news that Ron Broxted has handed himself in to Police.

Apparently, he will get himself back after 3 months if no-one claims him.

Anonymous said...

"There is news that Ron Broxted has handed himself in to Police."

'Ron Broxted' (a.k.a John Steed, a.k.a Wesley Groves etc) is actually K.McEgan.

He's a Righteous. He openly supports Zanu-Labour's very own state-sponsored storm-troopers, the UAF.

He openly supports the IRA and sides with just about every anti-British cause you care to mention.

He sneers at Nationalism, unless of course it is in support of some 'virtuous' left-wing cause.

In short, the guy is a complete cunt.

I've got no idea why he insists on continually trolling a Libertarian blog like this because he very clearly *isn't* a Libertarian.

So, please, McEgan, will you just fuck off back to your so-called Independent where you can swap smug, Righteous platitudes with all your Righteous comrades to your heart's content.

...mkay ?

Oh, and Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all you real Libertarians out there.

Old Holborn said...

Will you lot fucking calm down! It's still two days to go and I've just cleaned the windows FFS

zack said...

My suggestion for a BBC HYS:

Why are only English Universitys solely carrying the fiscal reduction in budgets?

Is this more evidence of Labours anti English group think & agenda?

Is this a systematic example of how divisive Devolution has become?

Are we a three tier country now - with the English being the underclass?

Has the BBC contributed to this new reality by not allowing a "BBC England" to exist?

Could the £110 million pounds alocated to MPS expenses in 2010 be re-diverted to save Universitys in England?

No need to tell you - rejected.

Same old anti English BBC - the stooges & stasi of the Jock Junta in Westminster.

I never used to hate the Scots - now I would not piss on their "country" if it was on fire.

Anonymous said...

O/T but what is it with fucking charities that they feel they can browbeat us when we try to donate to them?
Today I decided to do my annual contributions to what I feel are deserving charities.
Accordingly, I went onto the MacMillan Nurses site. One of the pieces of information they wanted was my phone number. Why? My phone number is ex-directory & registered with TPS & the last thing I want is calls from charities as I'm trying to serve up dinner. So I put 'NONE' - which wasn't accepted so I put in 99999999999999999 as my mobile number. Neither was that accepted. So, cancel donation & go to 'complaints' - which you can't do without providing a phone number either!
Off to Marie Curie Nurses. Here I was also asked for my phone number but only as an option - which I ignored. I was also asked for my gender & DOB. Why? Which I also ignored,incidentally. Payment via WorldPay - through which I had made another donation earlier this morning. However, on this site they had that 'registered with VeriSign' thing so I ticked that my credit card was NOT registered with VeriSign. Therefore I must register with VeriSign if I want to continue (VeriSign says that they MIGHT register your card IF you jump through hoops of their choosing & are prepared to face horrendous penalties if you do not keep them informed about changes in your personal circumstances - fuck right off cunts!) No, I merely cancelled the donation. So two charities that only want your money providing you conform to their rules. Two charities that I will never donate to again. Whose loss is that?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Lesson learned. Don't give to big charities.

Because they're not charities, they are fucking businesses with chief executives earning a six figure salary!

K McEgan-Steed said...

Thank you all for your warm Christmas greetings. Let me remind you I am the nations only hope. I am Spartacus men rightly fear me I am the nations only hope. Support the the IRA free all political prisoners in British jails, and remember that the police want to shoot people like me who they see as a threat to their plans to silence the left. As for you knuckle dragging BNP morons and chavs you can all go fuck yourselves. Free Tibet. Man in a bag you are in my crosshairs vengance is a dish best served on the chilly side Ha ha ha .

Old Holborn said...

Except of course that Ron Broxted is not K McEgan, nor John Steed nor half a dozen other fake IDs. After 2 years Eaton Socons finest Old Harrovian queen has made no progress in uncovering the enigmatic blogger. He used to be in Visage years ago & has a twin brother.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn fake everybody knows you are really K McEgan aka Ron Broxted the deranged cunt on my telegraph. Why don't you take your left wing shit and rent boy antics back there and stop soiling this site with your retard comments. You should be pitied I know for being let out in the community to free up some former mental institution for sale as real estate. But do the world a big favour and jump off a multi -story car park roof you cunt of cunts.

Sigourd said...

Dear Anon 18.42 would you care to know that you are on a live link to the Torygraph? Oh Alamo how is yer Mummy? Kisses and tucked up in bed as a kiddy? Daddy at Harrow, I say was he bummed by anyone famous?

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