Sunday, 20 December 2009

MPs Brother wanted for Child Abuse.

What an impenetrably murky world politicians inhabit.

What layers of subterfuge, and incomprehensibly skewed morals, do they juggle as they haggle and negotiate their way to decisions allegedly for the good of us all?

How do they sleep at night, weighed down by the knowledge of the lives they have tossed into an abyss, whilst 'the hand of destiny was on their shoulder'?

Today the architects of the Northern Ireland peace process are under the spotlight, following the showing of an extraordinary documentary last night on Ulster TV.

The story is a sadly familiar one. A young girl comes forward, supported by her Mother, to detail the sexual abuse which her Father has inflicted on her since the age of four years old. It is the detail of how this information was handled by the authorities which have taken this from the realms of 'sad but not unheard of' to plumbing new depths of treachery, cynicism, and a desire for political power that surpasses all accepted boundaries of justice.

The young girl was Aine Tyrell, not a name that would make you sit up and pay attention, until you learn that she is Gerry Adams' niece. The abuser was her Father, Gerry Adams' brother, Liam. Gerry Adams has known of this abuse for many years, 20 in fact, and never doubted that it was true, but it was only last night, secure at his pinnacle of political power, that he felt able to speak out and support his niece.

How many other people knew of the horror endured by this young girl. Many. Despicably, treacherously, deceptively, duplicity, almost too many to name. I will do my best. They don't deserve to hide in the shadows.

Let us start with Gerry Adams - although we will move further up the troughing chain than that eventually. Mr Adams has now made a statement urging his brother to hand himself in to face the 23 charges that were laid in respect of this abuse over a year ago. A little tardy of him you might think, and the cynical of you will have noted that he made his statement, via his political press office, not personally, in the knowledge that a documentary billed as being about 'a strong republican family and allegations of sexual abuse' was going to be shown that very night. In the 'street of shame' it is known as 'spoiling the exclsuive'. Some might say that for such a pivotal figure to come out and publicly say that 'they support the victim and believe her' was a courageous stance. It might have been 20 years ago, today it could also be held as an attempt to influence justice. Long memories go back to Mary Harney's injudicious remarks at the time of the Haughey trial which effectively kept him out of jail

Liam Adams is reported to be living in the Donegal area; is it any coincidence that Gerry Adams appears to have lost control of the dissident IRA. If the information as to his probable whereabouts is available to me, then one presumes that the yobs of West Belfast or Kev 408 are similarly Internet savvy. Was this an attempt to get Liam safely ensconced in the arms of the Northern Ireland Police Serve before the 'boyos' caught up with him?

What had been Gerry Adams' actions prior to Aine waiving her right to anonymity?

Speaking exclusively to UTV's Insight special, Aine Tyrell claimed that Gerry Adams had known about the abuse for twenty years.
She has also talked about her need to go public with her story, and explained disillusionment and frustration at how she feels let down by the police, social services, the church and her uncle Gerry.
Eventually, Aine wrote her mother a letter telling her about the abuse. After informing social services and the police, she told her uncle, one of the most recognisable republicans in Northern Ireland, Gerry Adams.
Mr Adams attempted to make his brother answer for his alleged crimes, by trying to set up a meeting between Aine and her father so she could put the accusations to him directly.
Aine said she attended the "rushed" meetings with her uncle on her own, but said the tone changed as Mr Adams started to defend his brother.
"I got my eyes opened when I was going to the meetings. It was turning into Liam was the victim."
However, Aine believes she was let down by her uncle.
"I ended up saying look do you know what it is, you have failed me again, when twenty years later I've asked you to do one thing.", she said.

He expected this 14 year old girl to confront her Father in front of her other adult relatives, with all the emotional and psychological confusion and pain inherent in that - and how many of the IRA hierarchy were present? Asking a young rape victim to confront her rapist is going to help her precisely how?

Eileen Calder of the Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre in Belfst has been a strong supporter of the Republican movement, even though not a Republican herself, but she has been quoted in the Dail in the past about the IRAs 'internal' methods of justice.

a serious case in Northern Ireland where a woman was raped, then intimidated to the point that it was perfectly clear that she should not attempt to report this and that if she did report it, other things might happen. Other instances of intimidation including threats from the IRA against individuals were brought by representatives of Community Restorative Justice. This is appalling. In another case, Eileen Calder described how a woman who was raped was brought face to face with the rapist in a room, which the victim described as worse than the rape itself.

Given the traditional reaction in working class republican areas to crimes of this nature, it is curious that Liam Adams still had the physical ability to get himself to Donegal other than by stretcher - what deals were done behind closed doors that allowed him safe passage?

There is an allegation that the prominent Belfast priest Fr. Aidan Troy was brought in - by Liam Adams himself to 'mediate' on his behalf, rather than allow him to face criminal prosecution. Last night Fr Troy issued a statement denying claims he had attempted to persuade Ms Tyrell, aged 36, from proceeding with a case. Perhaps not, but how helpful would a Belfast priest be in encouraging a prosecution for child abuse? They have history in these matters.

One of the more worrying aspects of this affair is that Aine and her Mother did go to the RUC in 1987 - a time when this would have been seen as the ultimate betrayal of the family, and the party and how much courage must it have taken to walk through the RUC doors in those days of 'the troubles'. Did the RUC ever seek to arrest Liam Adams, question him, involve Social Services? It appears not. Not even a quiet but helpful word in the ear of Ian Paisley. What would have been the motive for the RUC to stay their hand? Quite extraordinary when you consider how many Northern Ireland Policemen have gone on to become experts in child abuse.

According to the programme, her mother said the RUC seemed “more interested in recruiting her as an informer than dealing with Aine’s abusing father”.

Medical tests were taken and social services were also informed and documentary evidence of these tests and contacts are still on file, according to Insight.

The programme also reported that at the time because so few in the local nationalist community recognised the legitimacy of the RUC that “under pressure” Ms Tyrell didn’t proceed with the case. The statements, however, are still on file and Ms Tyrell believes these can be used to prove her allegations against her father.

A peace process was underway. Arresting the brother of the Sein Fein leader would have been seen as 'dirty tricks' and possibly resulted in far more deaths on the troubled streets. Besides, the information gleaned on Liam Adams would have been very useful to the authorities on both sides of the border. A negotiating tool even. What pressure was brought to bear on Gerry Adams over this matter? Could the British Security Services have possibly not been aware of this? Inconceivable. Was Tony Blair told?

The final straw for Aine Tyrell was not the knowledge that her father subsequently got a job as a youth worker in the Muirhevamore Community Centre. A job working with impressionable children in one of the most deprived areas of Dundalk, a man known to be a senior henchman of the Provisional movement - if his own niece had not managed to take action against him, how many other children would have felt helpless to complain of his advances?

No, the final straw for Aine came 20 years ago with the knowledge that her father had remarried, and begun a new family.

She said: “When I realised that there was a new child in the house, a wee girl in the house, living there permanently, I was devastated, absolutely devastated.

“I couldn’t motivate myself to go to school. I couldn’t motivate myself for anything, youth clubs, I mean it all stopped. I didn’t go out, I didn’t eat, everything was a fight. I had the school board coming to the door to see why I wasn’t going, and my mummy was like: ‘She’s grieving over her Granny, she hasn’t ate in weeks. I had her to the doctors, she’s went down to six stone, she’s just loads of things’ and all that’.”

The situation came to a head after an argument between mother and daughter and it was at this stage that Mrs Tyrell spoke out for the first time.

Mrs Campbell said: “Next thing I heard somebody at my living room door and there was a wee letter, was an envelope pushed underneath the door, and I heard the wee feet running back up the stairs again.

“And I bent down and picked up the envelope. It says: ‘Dear mummy, and this is why I’m like this, my daddy made me sleep with him’. That’s the day my world sort of ended.”

Her daughter added: “That’s exactly what I says. That he was making me sleep with him.”

It is the politicians, the intelligence services, and the church, who have been conspiring to keep this quiet ever since.

They cared nothing for a young girl's distress.


Anonymous said...

There is also no truth in the rumour regarding, murder?.

lilith said...

That is just so gruesome.

Anonymous said...

And people actually wonder why the Protestants of Northern Ireland don't want to be rammed into the corrupt shithole of Irish Republicanism.

However shitty the UK gets, it'll never be as bad as Ireland where the paedophile priests, the paedophile politicians and the paedophile police conspire to rape children and hide their crimes.

The IRA: bravely fighting for the rights of Catholics to rape their daughters.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, with the publicity of this, Liam Adams will meet his Maker sooner rather than later. What does it say about Gerry Adams though? That he would let his brother go scotfree rather than cause a scandal that might harm his political career - I hope his career falls apart!
I'm Irish so I can understand in part the attempt to avoid publicity back then but why didn't Gerry just have his brother killed?

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it was about Jack Straw's brother.

bodsiog said...

Real politik. We are all disposable. All pawns. It is appalling, but does not surprise me.

Mr Mugabe was at Nohopenhagen last week too.

I recall the Clash lyric - if Adolph Hitler, flew in today, they'd send a limousine anyway.

Of course they advertised Levis in the end.

You are on your own in this world really. Don't let it get you down.

Anonymous said...

a bit like this, in fact.

john in cheshire said...

Does anyone ever get the justice that they deserve?

Ulster has a right to exist said...

What about that other non-event.The Omah Bombing.
No one charged, let alone doing time and the families of the victims having to take out a private prosecution to get 'Justice' and failing.
bigger things are swept under the carpet to appease the republican scum than ignoring the cries of this poor girl.
War on terror/climate. my arse Gordon you cunt.
You fill the country up with carbon using, potential terrorists on the mainland and roll over with your legs in the air to Pedo baby killing republicans in Ulster.

Anonymous said...

If Bliar is covering up paedophilia, you need only remember that he is (a) a Roman Catholic and (b) someone who ostentatiously plays up his and his family's connection to Irish Republicanism.

Labour is, in many ways, a party that embodies the ideals of Catholicism and Ireland: welfare-ism, ignorance, dependence, a powerful state, open corruption, backroom-dealing, reliance on bankrupt ideologies (whether the dogma of the Catholic Church, the outdated xenophobia of Irish Republicanism or the spiteful jealousies encapsulated in Marx - or, as with Sinn Fein-IRA, all three in one).

History said...

If the catholic church was a political movement like the Nazis,it would have been banned years ago.
Genocide,Regicide,torture,terror, Child abuse,corruption,cover ups,anti semetism,political interference,Actively blocked medical and scientific advancement for centuries.spreads ignorance and poverty wherever it goes.
Like a shapeshifting parasite the Vatican morphs its way through history.

trade plumbing supplies said...

It might have been 20 years ago, today it could also be held as an attempt to influence justice. Long memories go back to Mary Harney's injudicious remarks at the time of the Haughey trial which effectively kept him out of jail.

Nice discussion here.

- Herman Swan

Dick the Prick said...

Top post Anna. All too eerily believable.

Padraig O.Murchu said...

Adams now admits his Dad was a bacon too. You weren't at Divis in the late 80s when some poor bitch was raped in a feud (INLA v PIRA). Now Gerry is up the PSNI/RUC/B Specials hole so far he can be seen in the colon.

Ron Broxted said...

You have to look at this in the perspective that it is Catholic Ireland and incest amongst family members within the Catholic community has always been more accceptable that outside Ireland. My own parents are brother and sister and had to move to England to get married and have children without showing out. I have two sisters and a brother and yes I suppose we are all somewhat deformed, stunted and shall we say not exactly the full ticket. My sister Bridget now lives with my brother Brendan as man and wife and they have six children of their own now.
I have always supported Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness and the IRA, so I think this incest thing should be viewed in perspective, it is after all pretty much the norm in Ireland.

Man in a colostomy bag. said...

I saw you at the E.On debate. Small, scrofular, receding hair. Didn't look like an Old Harrovian to me. More like a doss cunt. Not too clever, 2 years in, wrong name, no address, no e-mail, no mobile. About as effective as a stalker as in your "career" prior. Looking forward to your Xmas present? Even The Torygraph had fucked you over.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Hey Anna, there are some twisted folk out there.
And quite a few have posted on here.

It's the way I tell em. said...

How do you 'sort the men from the boys' at a catholic seminary?

With a fucking crowbar.

the beast of clerkenwell said...

Especialy if she is your daughter.
Who wouuld have thought that Gerry would have turned out to be an evil man
The feckin gobshite

Samus said...

To Gerry Adams, a man with the blood of hundreds on his hands, the rape of a child, even by his brother, is very small beer.
But then all Great Leaders have blood on their hand, but none of it is real blood. It is just sybmolic and does that really count if you are a saviour of your country???
Look at Toad Bliar, he is almost a fast tracked saint.

Man In A Bag said...

Yes real shit for the full story go to not that I am thirsty I swallow all the cock juice I get from Wladislaw in Eaton Socon.

Anonymous said...

This blog keeps crashing firefox...latest ver with all the updates.Tried rebootin pc but no good came back with Chrome...seems ok.

RATM: better than the alternative said...

A BBC spokesperson said Radio 1 and Radio 6 would continue to play the clean edit of “Killing in the Name” which cuts out the 17 swearwords at the end of the song. Radio Two will not play the Rage track but will play McElderry.

Has anyone else actually listened to Joe "uphill battle" McElderry's 'song'?

Would that be an uphill battle against mental retardation, a crippling talent deficit, predatory sodomites, or, more likely, dingleberries?

Dick the Prick said...

Top post Anna. I guess real politik stops at err.. the bedroom edge.

Anonymous said...

Adams the fenian fucker, has never shown on speck of sympathy or compassion for the victims of his violence and he has never said sorry to the victims of his violence.

In fact he has carried the coffins of many of his Irish terrorist scum. Adams’s, Irish terrorist scum have killed many children, burned to death people at a kennel club dinner, kicked to death many a victim and took away a mother of 13. They tortured her, killed her, and disposed of her body in a bog in the Irish republic, never told her family what they had done or where their mother was dumped.

Adams is not to be pitied he is a compulsive lair and is trying to deflect the fact that he knew of his brothers incestuous sexual abuse of his daughter. And if it was not for the fact that Adams niece went to the media to out her father, Adams brother, he would still be letting his niece rot in her incestuous sexual abuse hell.
Adams said his niece now needs justice, this from a man who admitted he had knowledge of the incestuous sexual abuse for 20 years. What a sick sad individual Adams is, if the victim had not gone to the media she would still be waiting for the Adams endorsement of justice.
He is a compulsive lair and just can't help himself.
Like most of Adams adult life he can't remember.
He can't remember where he was when Jean McConville was murdered, or being part of the command structure of the Belfast brigade of the IRA at the time, he can't remember being the commander of the Belfast brigade of the IRA when they conducted the La Mon House bomb or the Bloody Friday bombings.
He can't remember if he was abused, the man even at this point in his lamentable life is in complete denial.
The electorate of west Belfast should be asking questions of Adams. If as he said he knew of his niece’s abuse for 20 years and did nothing, what would he do for his electorates children; nothing would be my opinion unless it was to his or Sinn Fein/IRA's advantage.

Ron Broxted said...

I didn't find out my ma and pa were brother and sister until one day I was going through an old box under their bed in our shity council flat whilst me ma was out visiting me filthy grandad in Brixton prison where he was on remand for raping my sister Bridget's baby son. Anyway I looked in this box which was full of dildo's and whips and chains and soiled underware. In amongst this I found me parents birth certificates which showed they were brother and sister.
Years later when I talked to my social worker about it she said being an inbreed would explain my mental illness and peculiar shapped and stunted body.

Bridget Broxted said...

I sorry but I cannot let what my brother Ron has just said about me grandad go unanswered. Sure me grandad raped my baby son, but what Ron has not said that it was me dads kid. Ron was no angel either he let Father Kelly shag him in return for sweets which he never shared. I think Ron was always destined to be an arse bandit. He only has one bollock and is a physical wreck and wanks himself off until he resemble a ghost some weeks.

Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted with politicians that I have come to the conclusion that any but the exemplary should be annihilated.

Bridget Stonham said...

Dear Briget thanks for sharing that with us. We can also read your shite on at least we could if we were desperate you jealous cocksucker. Now back on topic. Dear Mr O'Holborn Fermanagh Battalion PIRA planted the Enniskillen bomb in Nov '87. What you may not know (and your plod pals will take umbrage at) is that the device was discovered by SAS who rank it through to a Lance Jack of Signals at Thiepal, plenty of time to clear. HQ played the dice and decided bad publicity = good call, the dead weighed up against the "sickening" factor that Top Brass were after. It never turned the public (in the main) against PIRA. Fermanagh Bn was the only one stood down a year or so later when the O/C tortured a Jaffa to death in front of his girlfriend then slotted her.

Anonymous said...

Can you substantiate the SAS clam Bridge???

Anonymous said...

Wow, a taig turns out to be a evil bastard. Colour me shocked.

Bridget Stonham said...

Anon 21.30 A Sqn SAS were up the border then. You want the COs name? "It is Dutch".

Anonymous said...

Oldrightie said...

"It is the politicians, the intelligence services, and the church, who have been conspiring to keep this quiet ever since. They cared nothing for a young girl's distress.

Dunblane never goes away, does it?

Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy will be spinning in his gave at the shame this has brought on the Republican cause. Standards have definitely fallen since his departure.

subrosa said...

No Oldrightie, Dunblane never goes away.

The Hereford Gun Club said...

Bridget Stoneham aka K shit for brains McEgan. You know fuck all about Intelligence operations in Northern Ireland other than the shit propaganda handouts you read and believe from Amnesty International, along with other left wing shite you read on the net. You are a prize bullshitting cunt deserving of everything coming your way.

Ron Broxted said...

Arriving at a consensus towards Female Genital Modification.
Between Scylla and Charybdis, is it phallocentric oppression or the right to ones ethnic background? Feminazis decry the tradition (usually found in Somalia, Sudan and elsewhere in the region) to force girls to undergo "pharoahnic circumcision" (removing the clitorus with a rusty knive or sharp stone) Is it not Eurocentric for wimmin to use "mutilation" a pejorative term rather than modification? What of male circumcision? Female G.M is recomended and has Qu'ranic validity so don't blame Islam for this custom. Remember the female should not derive sexual pleasure from a good boneing, it should be soley to produce more good Muslims and followers of the Koran. Women who are allowed to keep their clits are more likely to become unfaithful and become cock hungry strumpets. There would be fewer honour killings if female genital modification was more widespread.
Remember ladies good Muslims do not wish to hear your moans of pleasure and ecstasy during coitus, just lay there and think of Allah. I do.
Finally, China must end it's illegal occupation of Tibet and guarantee freedom for Uighurs.
Peking delenda est.

Anonymous said...

BRIDGE; whw does: Anon 21.30 A Sqn SAS were up the border then. You want the COs name? "It is Dutch".

substantiate your clam that the SAS knew oh the Enniskillen bomb?

Ron Broxted-McEgan-Steed said...

I hope Santa brings you brain cancer for Christmas this year, McEgan.

You truly are a Righteous, cock-loving twat.

Happy Diwali !

North Pole delenda est.

Anonymous said...

Brain cancer Ron Broxted-McEgan-Steed? Surely a decease that you could never physically suffer from you arse bandit without a brain. As I said in an earlier comment, why don't you just fuck off back to the crap Indy live journal site and stick to writing your crap there. This site welcomes serious debate not your fucking rubbish you lying cunt.

Bridget Stonham said...

Anon 10.16 Talk of Old Warren at the time. (They are hardly going to publish a wee booklet now eh?) Faux Ron I see you have a lifetime ban on The Independent, quite an achievement (and you an Old Harrovian too). Oh finally a jiucy Xmas prezzie for Mr O'Holborn. Which Chief Constable likes to collect kiddie porn (little boy and little girl varieties?) Hint he ain't from Eaton Socon.

Robert Campbell said...

So K McEgan-John Steed-Wesley Groves-Ron Broxted-Shanghai7 is now also calling himself Bridget Stoneham. What a sad lonely cunt.

Barry Stonham said...

Silcott didn't do the Blakelock beheading.

The Bush Tucker Man said...

Barry Stonham-K McEgan-Ron Broxted-John Steed-Wesley Groves-Ciaran Rehill-Shanghai7, Well we know it wasn't you for sure as you wouldn't go within a mile of a scrap, just like your cowardly desserting relatives. Now fuck off and lick some more windows you mong.

Group-Capt Hicksley RAF said...

Read the real Ron Broxted daily in The Independent, covering over 170 nations his column is the envy of lesser writers.

J. Derek said...

He is - and always has been - a totally self-serving 'weapons-grade' cunt ...

I even ran into him once at the airport - a face you'd never tire of kicking - a more truly loathsome bastard would be hard to find ...

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