Monday, 14 December 2009

More Unparliamentary Language


Ashley said...

FFS, Tony Martin all over again:

Theres no justice in Britain, just the Law. Fucking wankers.

Roy G Davis said...

a point well made!

Is it me, or does his explanation seem "lost in translation"?

Anonymous said...

What on earth did the Hungarian woman say about the monkey in the tree?

Harvey Keitel. said...

Nearly as bad as the Ras Clart (Man with a can) on the Torygraph claiming his Dad & Grandad were at Harrow. Then that they were war heroes. (What age was your Dad TUG, was he the Little Drummer Boy in '39-45?). Poor MWAcan, he shuffled about the E.On meeting speading dandruff everywhere. His gay sex post about Brendano went unanswered, you're just another poor embittered old queer, eh TUG.

Ampers said...

Good old Nigel. Not as eloquent as Daniel but he gets the job done.

I loved the speed in which the "President" rushed to change the subject.


Ruth said...

Wow! That's the best political speech I've ever heard

banned said...

Check the comments, Hungarians don't seem impressed with their own Cafe Ashtray non spokeswoman.

Splendid speech by Nigel. He was later called into a meeting by the 'President' for a bollocking for this speech but told him to fuck off.

Hysteria said...

I just wish he would stop screeching - content is great - delivery, erm - not so much

The Boiling Frog said...

OT Old Holborn, but have you seen that Tesco's have banned a Christmas card because it's offensive to ginger people

Apparently the complainer is called Davinia Philips from Dringhouses in York

and a quick 192 search shows only one Davinia Philips in Dringhouses, York exists at:


I think we should all send her a Christmas card with that ginger kid on it.

EU? No democracy - NO PEACE. said...

Barroso was (?) a leading Portuguese Communist.

The whole EU is stuffed with reds.

deeznuts said...

oooh they dont like democracy and free speach over in't the EU do they now

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Boiling Frog you cunt, everyone else has their victim group in Marxist UK let the gingers have theirs.

Why not send copies of Razzle to every gay man and a gollywog to every immigrant. That will be a hoot.

It's not cool printing her address on the Internet when she has three young daughters, why not post yours so everyone can send dogshit parcels to your mother.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Well done Nigel - an eloquant point well made.

As for Hungarians, after fighting for so long under the communist tyranny, they finally break free to join....another tyranny.

A question: where do you think all the Hungarian commnist sympathisers went?

Well, I tell you.

Some hid away, some pretended they weren't supporters, and some, er, "disappeared".

The rest, ended up in the EU gravy train.

Well, I hope all of them, er, "disappear" very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Boiling Frog's post should be pulled old Holborn, you yourself got into a bit of a tiss about this sort of thing did n't you ?

Why don't you 'up' your address details right here and now ?

Because you're a selfish Libtard hypocrite perhaps ?

Old Holborn said...


No censorship, no moderation. Ever

I am not responsible for what people write on my white wall.

Take it up with the person that wrote the grafitti, not me.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Ooooh, stamp your feet. Tantrums.

Well, if you are stupid enough to have a sense of humour failure over a fucking christmas card, and decide to sell you story to a newspaper in exchange for a couple of under-taxed Mecca bingo cards or B&Hs, then you deserve all you get.

FFS, what is it with society that they INSIST on their 'uman rights and all that bollocks?

Remember: newspapers are there to sell, er, newspapers to make a profit. They couldn't give a shit. To the ignorant public.

So fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all.

And fuck you for your sycophantic bleating which is so repesentative of all the failings of our society.

Harvey Keitel. said...

Off topic I have just buffed up my baloney for the fourth time today whilst watching my Will Young DVD. Not bad eh for an ageing queen with only one gonad.

Anonymous said...

Harvey Keitel or should I say John Steed/Wesley Groves/K McEgan and all the other fucking stupid names you use here. Top-tip you Cocktrumpet, fuck off and leave this site to people with something worthwhile to say you arse bandit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Again, 15 December 2009 21:39

This is my last post

Today, a fellow Libertarian decided to post my name , address, email address . . ."
Sobbed the Old Feeble Libtard, 6 Dec 2009.

You did n't start blogging again until it had all been deleted, did you ?

I'll say it a second time for the Libtard, why don't you 'up' your home address, right here and now ?

Come on big mouth, you just sqeaked,


No censorship, no moderation. Ever"

Is that the New Labour meaning of the word ever ?

Or is this the great Libertarian version ?

'up' your deleted home address, or face the fact, come the crunch, you're as fake as any of them, once the blustering veneer is removed.

ONE RULE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE - ANOTHER FOR THE GREAT AND THE GOOD. Demonstrated by Old Holborn 15 December 2009.

moorlandhunter said...

They don't like it up 'em Mr Mainwaring, they don't like it at all.
Farage tore, for a short pleasing while, his EU detractors a new arsehole. Well done that man.

The Boiling Frog said...

@Anon It's not cool printing her address on the Internet when she has three young daughters, why not post yours so everyone can send dogshit parcels to your mother.

Grow up! Her address is already on the internet, that' I found it - it took me all of 5 seconds. If she has an objection then she should:

a) tick the box that says 'persons not wishing to appear on the edited Register' option on the electoral roll

b) Not sell her story to her local paper including personal details plus photos - with kids.

c) not get interviewed on national tv

d) not make stupid complaints

I've made plenty of complaints against Tescos over the treatment of my disabled wife, and no-one knows who I am because I didn't seek any publicity over it, despite the fact my complaints are far important than some stupid woman and a bloody Christmas card

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