Thursday, 10 December 2009

+++Miliband banned from Brussels+++

Ho ho.

David Miliband has become a fixture by Gordon Brown's side at EU summits.

But yesterday, to the surprise of his own officials, he told MPs that he had been banned from coming to Belgium today.

And so it transpires.

Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen, who is the last national leader to chair a summit before Van Rompuy takes over for good, has told national foreign ministers that they are no longer welcome because High Representative (and unelected) Ashton will represent them all when leaders gather.



Anonymous said...

just a trade agreement remember!

just a carbon tax remember!

the iron curtain has come down, but dont worry it only has the power of an asda security guard!

Anonymous said...

You know when you read something amusing and you almost laugh out loud, but don't quite get there and then a little snot bubble issues forth from one of your nostrils?

Well that just happened to me upon reading this story.

Talk about being put in one's place.

How d'you like those apples Dave?

Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Dictators don't waste any time, do they?


Shades Of Ansel said...

Home to roost.Millipede asked for it.It was given,so sayeth the Lord of Ashton

The communists are having the last laugh said...

"How d'you like those apples Dave?
Ha ha ha!"

Considering he is pro communist world goverment and that this signifies a major leap in that aim he is probably pissing himself at you and how they managed to pull it off.

He will soon find his place at the big table being a loyal communist.

Dave will be no different.

Important EU Statement said...

Look it is only right and proper, that only the important people should represent the EU and elected officials no longer serve any purpose.

The High Representative knows what is best and will carry out her tasks without the hinderance of tiresome public opinion or the shackles of democratic accountability.

In the modern and post democratic EU, it is only right and proper that distinguished representatives are able to carry out their new roles in this way, so as to prevent the busy and hard working citizens of our new country, from being distracted or having to concern themselves constantly with important matters of the state.

By leaving our professional and modern executives to get on with the important business of high level decision making, our citizens can quite rightly concentrate on their own valued tasks within our new country, for the benefit of themselves, their community and the region`s that make up our vibrant, diverse and multicultural, united new nation.

Vladimir said...

1800 is right, but it is still amusing to think that Miliband's fanatical support for Europe has effectively ended his job for the time being.

Why, it's almost as amusing as Tony Blair not getting to be EU President when he clearly wanted the job and the motorcades and the power so very, very badly.

Anonymous said...

If this is how the EU's rulers treat one of their own just think how they look at the rest of us.

microdave said...

Now all we need is to get the odious little twat banned from OUR country....

cornyborny said...

"He will soon find his place at the big table being a loyal communist," says a Communards fan above. But will he? Surely even the biggest table only has so many places around it.

That's the thing that baffles me most of all about supporters and enablers of evil regimes down the ages: they always seem to assume that they'll be the ones in control; that the structures they help create will never be used against them.

Haven't any of them ever read Frankenstein?

Katabasis said...

What is mildly concerning about this (or maybe its a good sign, because they're rattled?) is the fact it happened so fast.

I was expecting this reality to be seeped gradually to the public rather than such a bald "ah, fuck it, let's call a spade a spade" decision from the Swedish Prime Minister....

Anonymous said...


The time has nw come for us ALL to rise up and kick the shit out of this rotten govt.

We must march peacefully - 5 million of us - on London.The TV coverage globally would be enough to force them to call an election now,not 6 MONTHS time.

I can get about 100 people up - can you please use your good office to mobilise millions,along with Guido's blog?

Rogerborg said...


Me too, although I couldn't say why I expected that. With hindsight, there's no reason for them to delay. They (capital They) have got their puppets in place. Why wait to start the show?

The actual content of the Lisbon Treaty isn't as important as the plain fact that it's been ratified at all. That shows that the national governments and populaces have already surrendered. All that remains is a rush to get into the Politburo.

The war is over. The revolution happened without a shot being fired, and democracy lost. It was nice while it lasted.

caesars wife said...

Being as milli is a 1000th its sort of funny him being made a micro part of the NWO.Soon have a desk top toys , nodding duck , dancing sunflower . When you go to meet him , conversation will turn to soft furnishings and dining , wont be able to talk about policy making will he as it will be being done somewhere elses , hes just the rubber stamp man now .

They just dont understand , there is nothing wrong with running your own country , still have greece the musical .

"you better shape up cos I need a loan and my heart is set on the pound"

"the pounds what i want ohh ohh ohh"

Anonymous said...

Although I hate & abhor the EU, it is nice to hear of One of Their Own being put in his place. Particularly Banana Boy Millipede - hope Ed get's the same treatment, then maybe they'll begin to question their old man's teachings. Amusing to think that he considered himself to be one of the In people - only to have his misapprehension pointed out rather smartly.

banned said...

I used to worry about being ruled by a meritocracy but along comes Cafe Ashtray, selected for us by the Selectocracy. Goodness knows what Mr Obama will think when it is time to make that call to this dizzy individual.

Leg-iron said...

Wasn't it Mandelson's great ambition to be Foreign Secretary? He can't be too pleased to find the job no longer exists.

As for the Gorgon, well, his dreams of world domination have just been snatched by Rumpelstiltskin.

By the time the next election comes around, it's not going to matter at all unless UKIP or the like get in - and this country isn't likely to do that.

We live in interesting times, unfortunately.

late to the party but armed with booze and smokes said...

mili-banned ... geddit?

Amusing Bunni said...

Banned told me mili was Banned! Oh, the irony.

No need to call him Mr. Obama....out here we call him obugger, or Zero, or dear leader, or just plan fucktard.

And if obugger is making any calls, if he knows how to operate a phone, he'd feel right cozy with someone who is dizzy...all the crack he smoked up in his hood in Chicago made him very dizzy too.

The snubs just never stop, do they?

Anonymous said...

The British don't care who's in charge so long as she is pretty and has big tits. I wish my horse waas that pretty

Anonymous said...

Hi banned, I think being ruled by the meritocracy is one of the least of my worries. It's the thieves, liars, perverts, hypocrites & incompetents ruling us who worry me.

Gimp Masked Troll said...

I think an important point has been missed from Anonymous (10 December 2009 19:20).

We can sit here and talk as much as we like (it does let off a lot of steam, after all, and in conjunction with wine can work a treat). But perhaps the time has come to really get organised. The Authoritarian Left are constantly organising walks, marches and drum banging. Why can't we? *

* Not directed at OH, as he's already played his part in organising a walk.

The Hitch said...

He is both a fucking Yid and a Jaffa
How fucking apt
I dont have my own personal crematorium , or even a gas chamber, but that family are welcome to sit on my huge BBQ this Christmas day.
It was reserved for a bronze turkey, however,
I am prepared to wait until boxing day for the turkey

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