Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Let's not bother with the technicalities.

Why bother making laws? The police intend to make their own whilst waiting for parliament to catch up.....

People caught with “legal highs” like mephedrone face being arrested and having their homes searched.

Senior officers say the chemicals will be treated as illegal until tests show otherwise as they try to protect young people from using dangerous drugs which have not been banned.

Where people are found with drugs, police say they will be arrested on suspicion of possession controlled drugs until tests show the substances are not illegal.

Legal highs like mephedrone are not prohibited under the Misuse of Drugs Act - but it is illegal to sell them for human consumption. Shops get around this by labelling them for other uses. Mephedrone is sold as a plant food, costing as little as £7 a gram.

The Home Office said mephedrone is being reviewed by the independent Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

If experts recommend it should be banned, they could be made illegal by the end of next year.


I give up!


Angry Squaddie said...


I don't do drugs apart from nicotine and alcohol, but if I wanted to do legal highs and was in a job where I could, why the fuck shouldn't I?

This is a slippery fucking slope.

Words fucking fail me.

Anonymous said...

Just shows how much Plods have become a law unto themselves - as allowed & encouraged by the spineless scum in power. I thought Plods were there to carry out law - not make law?
I hope everyone whose house is 'turned over' makes an official complaint & gets as much publicity as possible.

strongholdbarricades said...

Should we advocate the approach from our colonial brethren down under?

Why should our government make the job easier for our police?

Marchamont Needham said...

ACPO again I presume - the sooner they're abolished the better.

Chris said...

Presumption of Innocence?

Or has that been deemed 'old-fashioned'?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I feel sorry for the decent plod, the ones wee see day to day. Led by serve serving, box ticking wanks.

Rogerborg said...

Ob Monty Python "Certain Substances" Sketch. Only the uniforms change.

Anonymous said...

Guilty until proved innocent.

And more DNA harvested for the database.

Goody, can't wait until we've got you all.

I don't suppose anyone has thought how easy it will be to flood a crime scene with other people's DNA. And when we can track and trace you all, we can stitch up whomsoever we please.


thelunaticarms said...

Fucking retarded cunts the lot of em.

Anything for another target reached.

I'll think I'll be carrying as many different non-descriptive pills (cheap paracetamol will do) as possible from now on. If the cunts want some work, I'll give em enough to keep their labs busy for a year.

Anonymous said...

There was a report in the Telegraph this week about how a group of scientists are 'inventing' an alcoholic drink that can get you drunk but without the ill-effects of alcohol. On further reading it turned out it was simply a drug from the benzodiazapem family (valium, nitrazopan, rhyponal - date rape drug, xanax, temazapam - jellies, etc.)

In other words, scientists have discovered that certain drugs give you much of the upsides of alcohol without much of the downsides - something recreational drug users have known for years.

Treble valiums all round?

formertory said...

Sorry, is this another wind-up story? If the drug /compound is legal (or at any rate not illegal) what are they going to charge you with? I understand that Plod can cause all sorts of inconvenience but if you decline to admit them to your premises without a warrant, decline to talk to them without a lawyer, decline to provide identification without a charge being made (which your lawyer will swat straight out of the air, the substance not being unlawful and all), what can they do? You threaten suit for wrongful arrest and harassment and it's history.

I suspect some over-reaction going on here, from all sides.

banned said...

Another case of plod making it up as they go along, just like harrassing photographers and doing those travelling towards a demo for 'obstruction'.

Anon 21:28 "scientists have discovered that certain drugs give you much of the upsides of alcohol without much of the downsides" Apart from lifelong addiction and increasing dependency, benzo babies and wotnot. Benzodiazapem is the reason why the blame for much of Britains drug culture can be laid firmly at the NHSs door.

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago on an ITV programme a female community cop confiscated a box of beer from 4 or 5 lads, even though they were taking it home to use. The beer hadn't been opened, they weren't drunk.

One of the lads told the female cop that they weren't causing trouble and they hadn't even opened the box of beers. She replied that they "probably would cause trouble", the beer was confiscated and one of the lads arrested for obstruction.

Later, charges were dropped and the beer returned to the decent lads who DID NO WRONG.

The bitch female cop was whinging about the outcome.

She should have been sacked.

The police are out of control. A bunch of good for nothings. Clowns.

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