Tuesday, 1 December 2009

LBC Breakfast Show

Old Holborn will be on LBC Radio with Nick Ferrari tomorrow at 7.05am discussing Minarets in Switzerland with some Professor and a Swiss Muslim. Should be fun.

Tune in here

OH Update:


So sorry to mess you around but am going to have to cancel tomorrow morning interview,

We’re doing a different story after all that.

Sorry and will certainly be in contact another time.



hangemall said...

I doubt if I can get it in my area. Will It be released on a podcast?

JD said...

TYes, podcast please, someone?

caesars wife said...

yeah recording , no swearing , it may be used by historians in 50yrs time to explain where the uprising began and how it came about corrupt polticians and NWO conspiritors were witch hunted and hanged !

Custard said...

I'm in Swindon. Typical! Give it some wellie OH

haddock said...

custard, listen online on the link OH gives.... it will work even in Swindon...

Moriarty said...

Ok i have to ask, why did they pick you?

Also don't expect much from Ferrari, when faced with a multi culti subject he won't say anything that will upset and jeopardise his connections amongst his leftie media friends.

GO OH GO said...

I have rung the odd phone in and found that having notes with all the bullet points written in advance helps a lot when making a case.
Remember when you are right it is hard for them to wrong foot you.
"Break a leg" as they say on stage.

Custard said...

Haddock, they still point at planes here...

Ampers said...


If you had clicked on the link OH supplied you will see that, later in the morning, you can listen to the podcast.

Nobody reads properly nowadays :-)

Ampers [who is glad he can sleep in until 8am as usual

Anonymous said...

I remember years ago on one of Nicky Campbell's all heat and no light shite discussion progs, Nick Ferarri appeared on the prog described as "a businessman". He was clearly there as a wind up merchant. This is before he started doing it on his own show. Perhaps that was his interview.

Old Holborn said...



Tuscan Tony said...

He read the blog and panicked, OH.

Old Holborn said...

He might have read my post at Guidos

"Old Holborn is on LBC Breakfast with Nick Ferrari tomorrow at 7.05 am discussing Swiss Minarets

I’m looking for swear words only you lot will understand to include for a laugh"


I was dreading getting up that early anyway. The kids are getting ready for school and are violent before breakfast

Rogerborg said...

I suspect by "Conversation" they meant "Get some racist mongtard to make a nonce of himself so as to make the Beard Stroker and Mat Thumper sound relatively reasonable."

I'm actually rather glad that you failed their acceptance criteria.

NO OH NO said...

'Climategate' that would have been a good swearword to slip in.
I have heard 'fucks' and even the odd 'cunt' more times than 'climatgate' on tv & radio.

adam said...

A father who brutally tormented his four children and kept them prisoners in their own home was jailed for five years today.

Terrence Eames subjected his young victims to 'appalling' sustained physical and psychological abuse for more than a decade, getting sadistic satisfaction from their suffering, a court heard.
He repeatedly tormented his two sons and two daughters over a 13-year period leading up 2000.
He dangled one of his sons, then five, over a staircase by his ankles as punishment for interrupting him while he was watching a Formula One race on television.
Two years later Eames, 53, burned the son's hand by pinning it to a scalding-hot radiator.
He kept all his children locked in their bedrooms for hours at a time, forcing the boys to urinate into a box, the court heard.

At a previous hearing he was described as a 'Jekyll and Hyde' character, liable to turn to violence at any moment.
He was found guilty of 16 counts of child cruelty and cleared of 10 counts and two assaults on his ex-wife.
Jailing him at Derby Crown Court, Judge Michael Fowler told him: 'It's clear that you did get satisfaction from controlling your family and the consequence of that was that they were effectively imprisoned.
'For years they were confined without adequate entertainment, adequate food and adequate sanitation. One spoke of having to urinate in a crack in a box.
'It sticks in my memory, hearing how they looked out the window as others passed by, wishing they were part of a world you were keeping them from.
'It paints a picture of abject pity. They were deprived of the opportunity of enjoying their childhood and interacting with their peers.

His former wife, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, described him as a 'control freak'. In court she confronted Eames, saying: 'You're evil.'
Today Eames, now of Hartshorne, Derbyshire, was banned from working with children for the rest of his life. He sat motionless throughout the proceedings.


Jack Straws idea of 'justice' triumphs again

Arnold H said...

He's an annoying luvvie anyway OH.

LBC is totally shite too. It's like the BBC, it has all the same bias. The presenters always make me fucking cringe, the way they try and make absolutely everybody happy at the same time, and that fucking faux reasonableness. They can shove it up their arses.

American radio stations are better. Have you ever heard a host in the UK call McBroon a "pill popping socialist jerk"?

Harri said...

Cancelled !

That is almost as dissapointing, as Nadine Dorries 'teasing' us all with ' MP's on suicide watch and all that !

To date, not even one of the mendacious corrupt insufferable oafs, has had the common decency to reach for the Service revolver and the whiskey bottle.

Life sure is somewhat a fucking ' letdown' at times ?

Not even one of the fuckers ?

Nick said...

As far as the suicidal MPs are concerned, surely a representative of the Court of Public Opinion could quietly help a few of them out?

Edgar said...

Pity. It's essential to get some of the important points over to the relatively uninformed people who are the major contribution to TV viewing figures.

hangemall said...

Pity. You might have been able to give an example of our own government's equivalent of this

Guthrum said...

Happens all the time- Producers get all excited and then somebody gets a phone call and it gets pulled.

Plus ca change

Volatile Barry said...

Ferrari used to be OK but has turned into a bit of a luvvie, bleating about racism, multi culti and female cosmetic surgery the whole time. Sounds more like Richard and Judy these days.

You can't turn on LBC these days without hearing about diversity and other such crap every 5 minutes. Probably because they get a good slice of their revenue from Government propaganda adverts. Guess who sets the agenda. Might as well listen to the BBC if you want to hear that sort of garbage.

Billy Blofeld said...

Balls........... that would have been worth listening to.

Anonymous said...

if you do get to do something like that at any point, and it's in the morning, obviously, please greet the audience with "morning slags", which was used in the comments of this very blog a long time ago .

i've never forgotten it.

caesars wife said...

I would like to point out that only the interview has been cancelled and not the need for flushing this corrupt labour government down the pan !!

invite nick ferrai to do a post on "is prison really suitable for liars who bankrupt the nation"

electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
electro-kevin said...

His researchers have obviously worked out that you ARE Mr Tourette - the sign writer. (See link below)

Stop trying to foment riots. Start telling everyone to abandon the Tory party; and for them to tell the Tory party they are doing so. They'll get the message soon enough.

Then you get your party back. THEN you get your country back.

Least amount of fuss. Trust me.


electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Radio no Gnome said...

The Nick Ferrari breakfast show. In between traffic updates and Mystic Meg,three minutes on the islamification of europe is at least a start. Real politik,huh. Still,Daniel Cohn Bendit got his big break on Drivetime with Herman.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with earlier comments. LBC and in particular Ferrari used to be a decent listen some time ago but its rapidly turned into a BBC type sham.
In fact I stopped listening some time ago when EVERY advert was Government propaganda.

Anonymous said...

LB who?

Never mind Holbers, you can alway arrest Hazel Blears again.

You DID arrest her the last time didn't you. No?

Oh fuck, another damp squib then.

Norton Folgate said...

LBC lied to you OH, they DID do the story.

Anonymous said...

well if you do get to appear I hope you do a better job than that useless Guido bore and his draper obsession.

country going down the tubes and the clown is obsessed with draper.

bread and circuses.

The beast of clerkenwell said...

7 am?
For free?
Fuck that

Pete said...

Anonymous @07:54am

To be fair to Guido he is now running with CRU email stories. Better late than never. He is behind the curve on this one.

Comment deleted said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Such comments as above can be faked, like this!

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Holbie - they still ran with the story...he put a reasonable case in, but you could have gone further.

The had a Douglas Murray from the "non-partisan" Social Cohesian QUANGO who are a limited company, registered at:

The Centre For Social Cohesion
Clutha House
10 Storey's Gate
London SW1P 3AY

So how do they get funded or make money? Advertising? No. Making products? No.

Media appearances? Yes!

Looking for the right type of soundbite? Call The Centre for Social Cohesion.

Whatever the fuck that means, but it don't make anything for a profit, I can guarantee that.

Guido is a fake said...

Pete said...
Anonymous @07:54am

To be fair to Guido he is now running with CRU email stories. Better late than never. He is behind the curve on this one.

02 December 2009 11:51

Only because the totalitarian censors cover would have otherwise been blown.

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