Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Last Act

Dear Sir,

I have no doubt that the Europhiles amongst the party apparatchiks would find it inconvenient before the forthcoming General Election if the subject matter of UK abandoning sterling and replacing it with the Euro were to come up once again. It would of course be embarrassing particularly to this Labour Government if this debate were to be reignited by the Eurosceptics.

Yet for all Gordon Brown’s posturing on the subject of currency conversion we are reminded that Article 2 para.4 of the Treaty of Lisbon ratified by the UK without the consent of its people in referendum provides quite clearly that all subscribing members will adopt the Euro now and makes no provision for dissent.

There at a stroke at the beginning of a document which on any reading has ended a thousand years of independence is the final nail in our coffin. We have lost our flag, our right to legislate for ourselves, to maintain the integrity of our own borders, to raise taxes and every other democratic right enjoyed by free countries and for which we have spilt our blood in two world wars. We now have a president not a prime minister.

Our embassies worldwide are at a stroke redundant. The spectre of a European Warrant rules our streets. We are ruled now by nameless, unelected Eurocrats who will increasingly and a rate far more frightening than that of the prolific law making of this present Government spew forth legislation and regulations and so rule from a foreign shore every aspect of our daily lives.

The reward of party failures will not be elevation to the House of Lords but rather a plum job with all perks in the European Commission. The Palace of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament will one day become a splendid tourist hotel no doubt reserving a suite or two for our European masters. We will think, speak and behave to the beat of a foreign drum and dream of glories past. In the words of Pastor Neimoller…is there any one out there who will speak up for us now?

David Kirwan

Prospective Independent MP for Wirral West

Endorsed by the LPUK North West


strict liability. Free Paul Clarke said...

Slightly off topic, but read

Why wasn't the poor sod who found the gun and handed it to police, arrested, banged up and prosecuted, like Paul Clarke, as reported on this blog before.


"Prosecuting, Brian Stalk, explained to the jury that possession of a firearm was a "strict liability" charge – therefore Mr Clarke's allegedly honest intent was irrelevant."

FFS, the police make their "rules" up depending on the direction of the wind.

AP said...

David Kirwan: What complete and utter bollocks. I suggest you read Article 2 D (not para 4 which doesn't exist). It says that special provisions apply to Euro members. Thats all. You just made the rest up, or worse someone else did and you swallowed it without checking. As you are to lazy to look, it is here for you.

Article 2 D
1. The Member States shall coordinate their economic policies within the Union. To this
end, the Council shall adopt measures, in particular broad guidelines for these policies.
Specific provisions shall apply to those Member States whose currency is the euro.
2. The Union shall take measures to ensure coordination of the employment policies of
the Member States, in particular by defining guidelines for these policies.
3. The Union may take initiatives to ensure coordination of Member States' social policies.

You should fuck off now, as a completely inept tosser you have NO chance of being elected. I can't believe I have had to defend this treaty but that only illustrates that lying to the public often provokes the opposite reaction from that intended.

Anonymous said...

Fuck em! I live by common law. cause no harm or loss to others.

The fuckers sold us down the river and I have now lost my sovereignty. They broke the law, commited treason. I am now entering into lawful rebellion.


I am Stan said...

The Palace of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament will one day become a splendid tourist hotel no doubt reserving a suite or two for our European masters. We will think, speak and behave to the beat of a foreign drum and dream of glories past

Yes its very sad how Britains elected leaders are allowing the erosion of the Mother of Parliaments..when the commons is a side show to the unelected Commission what are the people its supposed to represent.

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side! All those useless MPs in the useless parliament are now powerless. They gave away our independence but the other lot in Brussels are no worse, only the same, so how are we worse off? We didnt elect those MPs, we only approved their party's choice. Well over 70% of Westminster MPs are from rotten boroughs where mindless democrats vote in mindless MPs. They even voted in Blair/Brown on three occasions since 1994! How mindless is that? And what's so special about the pound, that currency debauched and raided by those same useless MPs in each and every government the poor unthinking population have ever voted in..

Dr Elizabeth Pewter-Stalin said...


Please call in to the surgery as soon as possible.

Your prescription is ready & I remind you that you are required by Law to take them.

Defending European wannabe dictators is a pre cursor sympton for a full on psychotic episode - possibly in French.

Please call in before the desire to put on a uniform & march into someone elses country takes a hold of your mind - you may be beyond help if you reach this critical stage of your Euro-Illness.

Best regards

Dr Pewter-Stalin

English Freedom Fighter Alliance said...

Imagine the underground freedom fighter organisation we English are getting together to free our country from the Euro Swine and their "British" collaborators?

Early days, but talk of sedition and revolt is all the rage down the pub, in the street, in the supermarket, at the garage......the English are quietly getting ready to shout at someone very loudly.

If things continue unabated, we are going to make Alky Aida look like the mere amateurs they so obviously are.

The Euro-Loons have lost the argument, they lose the vote whenever they are dragged kicking and screaming to the ballot and they have no support from the diverse peoples and cultures of Europe, in reality.

Remember - the political elite abandioned democracy and the ballot box first - they cannot grumble too much when the people do the same to rid ourselves of their tyranny.

And all those Euroloons out there - justice will be served directly to you for your treason, treachery and your anti democratic fascist values.

T England said...

I love these EU quotes

"I am sure the euro will oblige us to introduce a new set of economic policy instruments. It is politically impossible to propose that now. But some day there will be a crisis and new instruments will be created."

Romano Prodi, EU Commission President.

"European Monetary Union is a German racket designed to take over the whole of Europe ... if you are prepared to give up Sovereignty to the EU you might just as well give it to Adolf Hitler, frankly."

Nicholas Ridley (1929 - 1993) Secretary of State for Trade and Industry under Margaret Thatcher

"A European currency will lead to member-nations transferring their sovereignty over financial and wage policies as well as in monetary affairs... It is an illusion to think that States can hold on to their autonomy over taxation policies."

Hans Tietmeyer, Bundesbank President. Date uncertain.

"Any nation which gives up its freedom in pursuit of economic advantage deserves to lose both."

Thomas Jefferson, US President 1801-1809.

Animal Magic said...


Dunno what version of the treaty you are looking at, but my copy has an Article 2, Para 4 which reads:

4. The Union shall establish an economic and monetary union whose currecy is the euro.

Maybe I have an early draft and they backed off from forcing us in right now. That'll be a QMV addition then.

psychotrader said...

you argument is full of holes. all european state goverments ignore what bits of european law don't suit them, and we too will grow a pair and do the same one day. and then the whole thing will collapse. China has called the EU "unsustainable", which it is, and will prove to be in good time.

Anonymous said...


Hang on, The US has made it clear that they want Europe under 1 currency pretty damn quick, or they will take their trade elsewhere.

The EU may look unsustainable, but don't be fooled. This is a smoke and mirrors move by the world leaders (and I don't mean government).

English freedom fighters alliance..

If you go out on the streets and riot, this will be playing directly into the governments hands. They want this, it will give them the excuse they need to tighten control "for our own safety". Peacful rebellion is the only way. Follow Jacko's lead, just say "no", thats all we need to do, as a unified community.


Anonymous said...

Fuzzy wuzzies...

They don't like it up 'em.

It's all there in the Daily Mail...

Up yours Delors said...

I sincerely hope we don't join the euro at anything like this rate of exchange.

It'd be fuckin overnight impoverishment.

caesars wife said...

This will not do , I do not wish to be part of the european experiment , and its mangement democracy , its a cheap version of what we had, If I was born into a sovereign nation , then any goverment cannot and should not take that away from me without sound reasoning and some sort of decision made and scrutenised by this country , not some sort of fete acomplie imposed from outside .

There is clearly alot they didnt want us to know ,let alone make our minds up on.

Its a myth we will not become a lesser nation if we pull out of the EU , thats why its being opressively put through .

Anonymous said...


Edgar said...

Stable doors. Horses. Bolted.

Antipholus Papps said...

Stable doors. Horses. Bolted.

Not at all mate, not at all.

Anonymous said...

I say No and tell it as it is at every official and unofficial opportunity

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