Saturday, 5 December 2009

Keep on snooping

People will be routinely asked to answer sensitive questions about their sexuality so a Government quango can compile a massive 'equalities' database, it emerged last night.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is to take information given in confidence by millions and place it on a huge 'Lifestyle Database'. It will draw information from sources including visits to A&E departments, government surveys and the reporting of crimes to police.

In order for bureaucrats to measure whether gay or straight citizens are suffering greater 'inequality', the EHRC said everybody should be asked to provide information about their sexual identity. They will be asked if they are heterosexual/straight, gay/lesbian, bisexual or other.

Campaigners said the establishment of the 'Big Brother' database - which will be available on the quango's website - would alarm the public.

Alex Deane, Director of Big Brother Watch, said: 'This intrusive database is being built without even the smallest consideration for privacy. 'When people go to hospital, they don't think that information about their illness is going to be shared with the EHRC.

'What possible right does the EHRC have to build this database, and then share what they've gathered with other people on their website?'

Details of the plan emerged after the EHRC, led by chairman Trevor Phillips, began the tendering process for establishing the database. Freedom of Information requests, obtained by the Old Holborn blogger, then revealed what the scheme involved. Equalities bosses have decided they must work out whether citizens are suffering inequality based upon various different factors. These include age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion and belief, transgender status, ethnicity and social class. Citizens' characteristics will be checked through their answers to various government surveys and information on whether they need hospital care or have called the police.

It will allow bureaucrats to check different groups are not more likely to die young, be murdered, suffer illness, or violent crime. Checks will also be made of happiness, healthy living standards and educational attainment. Any minority groups considered to be losing out can then be targeted for Government help. It will not be possible to identify individuals from the information on the database. But what is alarming campaigners is the way the information will be compiled. Staff are planning to take data which is given to a list of 45 different sources by members of the public.

This includes their A&E records, the British Crime Survey, the British Election Study, the Census, Childcare and Early Years Parents' Survey and the Citizenship Survey. The information is not provided in the knowledge it will be handed over to an equality quango. But the EHRC's report on the way the database should be established says the sexual identity question should become a standard part of major surveys 'as soon as practicable'. An EHRC spokesman said: 'Crime rates, poor hospital treatment, lack of childcare places and inadequate housing are some of the things that British people are worried about. 'Looking at each of these problems in isolation doesn't tell the whole story, as these factors may combine together to have a bigger effect on our lives.

Link to Daily Mail article

Here is the data

Why would a quango want this data? Oh yes,

Equality watchdog 'is full of Labour stooges', finds independent report

Fill out your own FOI requests, people. They cost nothing. Break their system.


prackwd said...

Good work fella.

"Equalities bosses have decided they must work out whether citizens are suffering inequality based upon various different factors."

It is my data. They have not asked me for permission to grab it nor have the places holding my data asked me for permission to pass it on.

If we were suffering inequality we would say so. This is an obscene make work scheme. Still, we don't have to be truthful to the snoopers do we.

AnonyBNP said...

Wow ! What can I say ?

If enough of us keep kicking the whole 'House of Righteousness' is going to come tumbling down eventually.

Keep on kicking people !

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

But we ARE suffering inequality.

While those dimwits in power have their noses firmly in the trough and making themselves rich, we the beleaguered taxpayer are suffering financially. They don't seem to be doing much about it though.

Poderu said...

I routinely lie on 'equality' forms anyway. This has just given me a reason to be more creative in future.

Roue le Jour said...

Can't help noticing how warm it looks in that picture. That Orwell, bloody prophetic or what?

Shallow Arterial Wound said...

State Murder, not going well for Blair at the minute.

TheFatBigot said...

In order to treat people unequally because of some personal trait it is necessary for that trait to be known. If it is known already they don't need to ask, if it is not known it cannot be a ground for discrimination.

Either way the questions are irrelevant to anything.

Anonymous said...

IF, I decide to fill in their census form (sometimes I forget)...

I may well have just decided to become:

* a male crocodile buggerer (not for the faint hearted) by inclination.

* a non-drinker, for five minutes.

* a determined sky pixy believer of a covenient faction (the most amusing at the time).

* a zanulabia supporter (may be a step too far)

How are they going to check?

I can't lie about being a white male, can I (discriminated against, legally, by the state)?

Perhaps I truly believe (for 5 minutes) that I am a member of a lizard race of purple people, trapped in a white male body...

These people can FUCK OFF OUT OF MY LIFE

JD said...

Gtreat job!
I find myself putting down MYOB more and more on forms these days. 'Other" is quite common too.

Anonymous said...

As every public body has bought into this equality dream the sole purpose of the EHRC must exist soley to control the private citizen.People who otherwise cannot be controled by their public sector employer.
The aim will be to root out and exclude any person who does not conform. Certainly from any position of influence in the private sector.
This self serving construct needs to be destroyed.

mungle said...

So if I put that I like putting my cock in a vice will that feature on their website for all to see and marvel?

tris said...

Clearly anyone who is not an MP, a peer, a banker or a top civil servant is being discriminated against. They live comfortable lives. We live in hell.

I think we should all give them as much false information as possible.

How would Mr Brown feel if the statistics showed that since he became prime minister the population had turned 85% gay.

Some legacy brown... way to go!

subrosa said...

I can feel an FOI coming on OH.

Middle Seaxe said...

Gay or not, we're all taking one up the Gary, for sure.

Joe Public said...

Thanks for the idea.

Like "Working to Rule", the best way to completely fuck up a system is to do everything precisely as you're told, or entitled to.

AntiCitizenOne said...

I hope anyone who consents to hand over this info realises the risks if say the BNP Fascist or Islamofascists seize power.

Rogerborg said...

Tempting to answer: Other, Paedophile. And, I demand equal rights.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

The Daily Mail, eh?

Another one to chalk up to the interblog thingy.

Well done, OH. Keep rubber-dicking the bastards!!

Anonymous said...

How long before this information is bought by insurance companies and your premiums go up to to undisclosed information.

How long before before information is used to cut people out of certain parts of the market (it's already done illegaly but the state will by defacto make it legal)

bofl said...

more jobs for control freaks........

1million people work for the govt......and they get nuce salaries and pensions.........

and they want you and i to keep on paying for it.........

caesars wife said...

You just wonder some days what this lot hope to get away with , its mad marxism , and I dearly hope that power is taken away from these people soon .

The EHR is reducing this country to a plebacite moronic country that is heading towards EUSSR fit.

It isnt so much the data base its all the guff they then invent because the "erm computer says so" , its interesting they call it human rights , when in actual fact you are giving the most fundamental of them up , namely wether YOU think its right.

I keep trying to tell them waht sort of society this will create , craven and maligned people shuffling about like cattle , the solutions they will offer to "sooth" and enable "fit" are just too awful to contemplate , you will comply as there is no alternative supported .

They are democtrats by mind/mental deception and I cannot wait for the thing to be put on the bonfire of wonk ideas with hideous side effects. they have just taken one aspect of the human condition and made it our master , and a very depressing place it is too , we will be fighting for some real happiness as well as freedom !

eight rounds rapid said...

Anyone asked should give a convincing answer other that 'straight', to create the impression that a sexually diverse utopia has already been achieved.

e.g. 'gay man, trapped in a lesbian body', 'lesbian eco-separatists', 'awaiting gender reassignment surgery' etc.

Emphasise gender ambiguity, transexuality, asexuality, sodomy and the promiscuous/interracial nature of your 'partner' selection - if you have any.

Job done.

Ruth said...

Very well done OH! Thank you for getting this the publicity it deserves.

Old Holborn said...

A virtual bottle of champagne to Ruth. Thanks.

If anyone else has a story, I have the contacts.

Anonymous said...

Tell them that you are a one eyed jock fucking cunt or like sticking your cock up some males arse. The bunch of of fucking wankers.

Anonymous said...

Just refuse to answer their questions.

I went out to buy a tumble dryer recently, paying cash - at the checkout the conversation went something like this:

Numpty in Comet:

Can I have your postcode?




It's company policy


It's my policy not to give out personal information


i still need your postcode


Why? I'm just buying an appliance

NIC It's to do with the extended warranty


I dont want an extended warranty

NIC I can't process your order unless you give me a postcode


Fine, keep the fucking tumble dryer

Codgers other half

Don't make such a fuss


Fuck em, bastard data mining scumbags

Exit stage left to no applause

So remember - "just say no"

AntiCitizenOne said...

SW1A 1AA (Queen lives there)

eight rounds rapid said...

@Exit stage left to no applause

I'm applauding, well done!

bofl said...

just tell them to fuck off!!!!!!

troops ignore brown!!!!!!

about bloody time too!
bote this happened on sept 2nd.......
three months of covering up......what a lovely govt.

now the sas cam also tell him to fuck off instead of training the libyans-yes gorson we realyy believe you had nothing to do with al megrahis release.....

the way the system works is to make us feel powerless.just say no and they collapse........all useless turds that couldnt stand on their own two feet!

bofl said...

o/t ......a hint of the truth.the money ran out ages ago!

that is why they had to print £200 million.

hard times ahead thanks to the one eyed twat.

Kinderling said...

NuLabour: "from the ladle to the slave".

Leg-iron said...

Anon codger - I always give them a postcode, house number and name.

It's just never my own.

Buying a DVD player in Tesco with cash, they said they needed my address for 'tv licencing purposes'. I said I wasn't buying a TV. Ah, but the DVD player has to work with a TV, so they had to check I had a licence.

No, I said, it could work perfectly well with a monitor and sound system incapable of receiving transmissions.

That was a mistake. The poor checkout girl had never heard so many big words and new concepts all at once. Her head nearly blew.

I gave her the name and adress of the street snooper and all-round git.

I hope he doesn't have a licence.

As for sexuality, I could just give them a link to this.

banned said...

And they still expect us to trust NHS Connecting For Health ? That's the still failing Quango set up to mine all our health data to be securely available to just one million healthcare workers ( and, as widely predicted, any other state functionary who fancies taking a peek eg EHRC ). Yo ho ho.

Good work OH. I'll answer teetotal, non-smoking, communist, Climate Cooling Denier, left-handed, Jedi, gay gerontophile.

woman on a raft said...

If you are carrying out a tumble dryer then where you live is your own business.

If you want their van to deliver it, you will probably have to give them a clue as to where you want it delivered.

But I agree, too many shops think they can demand your details and then make up complete bollocks as to why. John Lewis tried to demand our details when we bought an expensive suitcase. A manager had to be called as the checkout operator thought she had to refuse a sale if we wouldn't do as she said. When we pointed out it was a shop, a place where you exchange money for goods to the benefit of both parties, he kinda got the idea.

Dr Evadne said...

I have been sent a GP patient experience survey from NHS Scotland asking me various questions specific to the surgery I am registered with. This is to be collated by something called 'Picker Institute Europe'. All the usual questions are asked; how helpful is the receptionist, is the doctor nice to you, can you understand WTF they are talking about, that sort of thing. Obviously I can ask for this questionnaire in 20 different languages some of which are clearly not of this galaxy. Anyway there's a bit at the end of this questionnaire asking for 'about you'. I thought here we much do I earn. Nope; are you Gay, bi, het., 'other', are you catholic, prod, muslim, sikh, etc, are you black/white, Indian, South Moluccan etc. Does anyone know what relevance this has to my GP experience being good/bad or indifferent? And where have they got the money from to fund this sort of bollocks?

Stronghold Barricades said...

That would explain the current Consultation on Medical Records being carried out by the Minister of Health which seeks to set up a computer database of demographics, conveniently hiding behind the aspiration of opening all medical records to the patient when it is nothing of the sort

Bangkok Blogger said...

The nanny state in the UK has to go. More and more people are being encouraged not to say the truth - because of what they do say is being recorded on a database and they do not want that.

If people are truly being given a bad lot they will complain.
The UK does not need another database of crap which really is only justifying the 'work' of more quangos and civil servants.

I live in Thailand and am glad I moved here. Thailand has its fauults but the UK has more.

Ron Broxted said...

Here's yet another example of the 'Religion of Peace' at work showing its usual 'tolerance'.

McEgan and his ilk had better watch out because once the Islamification of Britain is complete, it might not be such a cosy place for people like him...

Gay Pakistanis Flogged by Police on Street in Punjab

D.Nier said...

I hope that hypocritical cunt John Lennon is spinning in his grave every time someone watches this.

Imagine There's No Global Warming

Quality !

Anonymous said...

Dr Evadne, there used to be a page linked to that contained a template of a letter to give your doctor wherein you refused to have your health information uploaded to the Spine, however, I can't seem to find that link now. Connecting for Health is also meant to contain information of refusal - but again, I haven't found it.

Anonymous said...

OH, I know what goes on in Tavistock house. I manage their computers


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