Thursday, 17 December 2009

Just say NO

As some of my readers will know, I am becoming a Freeman on January 1st. I am reproducing a posting from TPUC (The Peoples United Community) to help you understand how powerful common law is and how corrupt Statute is.

I'll let you all know how it goes.


Article by: Rich Harrison and John Harris.

There are two simple tools of Lawful Rebellion: 1, the affidavits which basically tells the Boss of the Realm ‘No more nonsense’ and; 2, NO CONTRACT RETURN TO SENDER (NCRTS) which basically means that I have no wish to contract with you (to play along with the con)

Since April this year Rich joined me in using the process of NCRTS against the police, the courts (including the high court), credit card companies, the DVLA, councils and many others, in fact anyone who sends us ‘paper’ through the post we do not wish to receive. The objective is very clear; we do not want to or have to contract with anyone we wish not to contract with. After serving our affidavits on the queen we instructed Elizabeth that we no longer wish to play their game and this is all we needed to do. The NCRTS process is the action needed to show that we mean what we say, i.e. walking the walk rather that just talking the talk. We said ‘NO’ and we mean ‘NO’.

We have both seen over the last few months a number of people and groups who have started to dilute these simple processes which complicate the action of ‘lawful rebellion’ by adding far more complicated procedures that in essence are not necessary and can cause more problems. This is being done it seems by a certain number who wish to bring this into the political arena and are doing so because the only real form of control that can be asserted upon lawful rebellion has to emanate from a political foundation, as this is the only real mechanism they have at their disposal.

Anyone who goes against the political status quo, i.e. the policy of conformity it seems, has to be brought back into the political arena. This steers a movement back into a position they can control it from. Policies (contracts) are the only mechanism for this; they cannot do this without a policy to allow them to do it. Contained within this are all the legal processes they use to destroy a movement. To reject such allows for no form of control to be asserted, thus if you have a remedy that falls outside these parameters, attempts must be made to steer that remedy back into that political/legal arena. This also means that any attempts to change the system from within the political/legal arena are doomed from the start.

All corporations, such as courts, government depts. police, councils, banks etc, work under a political corporate structure, working under and directed by policy (contracts). Anything they do has to fall within this structure and cannot be outside of it. Anything they require you to do is only achieved by them getting you to agree to do it. They achieve your agreement by offering you documents (forms), by your acceptance of these documents it is seen by them that you have agreed to contract, usually upon their third application. Once you have agreed you are caught in the legal structure of such agreements, a consequence of this is that they only offer you a legal remedy and nothing else, even though it does exist i.e. the power to say ‘NO’.

On not accepting their documentation you have broken the process and maintain your original position and they cannot move forward. They have to get you to accept their forms (paperwork) for the process to be valid. Without validation all and any processes are halted, the con is simply not to tell you this fact.

This is where ‘NCRTS’ is very useful because when an offer is posted to you and you don’t wish to agree to their offer, you put their paperwork back in their envelope, re-seal it, and put a label over the address window and write on it “NO CONTRACT – RETURN TO SENDER”. Put the mail back into the post box and the postal service will have to send it back to the sender.

As Rich and myself maintain once you have said ‘NO’ stick by it, as ‘NO’ is non negotiable.

This would also be a great thing to do with junk mail which was recently suggested, anything that is put through our letter boxes coming from whatever means will be sent back and we will not pay for the privilege.

Visit TPUC


GCooper said...

Out of interest, how do you deal with suppliers like electricity and telephone companies?

Generally, these organisations will not deal with you in the a absence of a contract, so how do you get around that?

(WV I Ching - "copsent"!)

Old Holborn said...

I am happy to sign contracts I agree with.

I don't ever recall signing one that said the State can take 40% of my income for life or my local council can take my rubbish away in exchange for £2500 of my money per year.

No contract, no deal. It's the Law.

strongholdbarricades said...

I await further updates

Do they ever reply to this "No Contract"?

and does it involve disfranchising yourself?

Uncle Marvo said...

There are a couple of issues here ... how will you get a passport (assuming you want one)? Your "man" identity can't get one, you need the LEGAL ENTITY. Another is that the talk (which you will have seen, by John Harris) is largely rubbish. See for example, or look it up yourself. It IS an illusion but I, for one, am disillusioned.

Old Holborn said...


Have a good read through TPUC, it's (hopefully) life changing.

I am becoming a freeman because I detest authority. There is no human being who has more authority over me than me. I am the only example of me that will ever exist and I'm tired of others trying to assert their will over me.

It doesn't mean I am an anarchist, it doesn't mean I will not obey the law and it doesn't mean I will not pay my bills or debts. What it means is that I will live the rest of MY one life how I choose to live it, not how others want me to live it.

I expect many hurdles and many challenges from the Establishment. I am going to have to study hard and learn quickly. It doesn't matter. Only my life matters. I won't get another one.

"There are none so enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." - Goethe

eight rounds rapid said...

Hats off to you, Mr H. Walking the walk, where others, myself included, dare not.

Old Holborn said...


Passports are an artificial construct. Do migrating swallows need them? Or whales?

Interestingly, they are no longer required for travel within the EU.

Anonymous said...

The comment by OH at 1150 is one that I'm sure most can agree with, it sounds more Libertarian that Freeman(-ian?) in it's philosophy to me though. I fear that simply wishing to live in a Libertarian environment and using this Freeman concept to create it for your life won't really stand up under the pressure that the forces of oppression can bring to bear but kudos for making the leap.

The one thing I never understand about the whole Freeman thing is what is the position is on the 'good' things that the state provides. No one wants the 'bad' things (taxes, snooping, wanting to manage every aspect of our lives) but what happens if, for example, you fall and break your leg. When the ambulance comes do you state that you don't have a contract with the government and the associated government funded Health Service, don't pay taxes towards it and so they can bugger off and leave you in the ditch?

Same, with schools. Do Freeman children no longer attend stating that their parents no longer have a contract with the state, etc.

If you haven't (and you probably have) you should try and watch the film 'America: from Freedom to Fascism'. I know it's about USA but it makes for a decent couple of hours viewing.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with this OH. And do keep us all updated on the struggles & problems you have to deal with - and how you overcome them. You may get a load more Freemen joining up.

Uncle Stubborn Marvo said...

Dear OH

*I* know passports are an artificial construct.

I like going to Spain though. They won't let me in without one. In fact, you can't even get out of the UK without one.

Trust me, I have tried, and less than a month ago. Stubborn is my middle name.

And, on this issue, I dearly wish to be defeated. Dearly.

Ron Broxted-McEgan-Steed said...

Actually, I prefer to say YES - especially to well-hung black boys.

defender said...

I am following this closely OH, thanks for the information.
One thing that i have been using with god effect is when they telephone, bank, debt collectors, when they ask for your security details, do not do so. It stops the whole process dead. They refuse to accept who you are without this security info, there fore you do not exist and they cannot reveal why they called.
Please try doing that should you have such a call.
I would encourage those who are sceptical about these actions to hold your fire, you may be owned by the system and cannot rebel, but there are some of us who are willing to push back when we can.

Old Holborn said...

"you can't even get out of the UK without one"

It's an exit visa you mean? Only for UK citizens....nobody else in the EU has to show a passport to travel over EU borders.

As to the comments regarding the State and the NHS. It's called medical insurance and it is FAR superior and far cheaper than the NHS and National Insurance (which I neither requested nor need, no contract see?)

It isn't about a "contract" with the State. It is about choosing which contracts serve you best, signing them and rejecting those you have no need for.

I support an Army and am happy to pay for it. I support a Police Force and am happy to pay for it. I do not support the Urdu translation service of my local council, have not requested documents in Urdu, so will not pay for it. See?

Uncle Marvo said...

Dearest OH

"It's an exit visa you mean? Only for UK citizens....nobody else in the EU has to show a passport to travel over EU borders."

Yes, it's bollocks, as you suggest. However, you won't, without extreme violence, get out without a passport (unless you swim). And you will not get one as a man. The state issues them, and only to fully paid-up persons with fully paid-up capital letters and a contract to pay whatever they ask whenever they want it. Freemen are men, not persons.

The only reason I am being arsey about this is it is the only thing so far that stops me unsubscribing to this god-forsaken crock of statist trough-snouted chicanery that is the government (which I didn't vote for).

Marchamont Needham said...

Use that trick on your shotgun licence renewal and you'll be in hot water.

Suppose you could always try claiming your common law right to have arms for defence as that was never explicitly abolished.

Old Holborn said...

Get a world passport

I'm going to

Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

Article 13(2), Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Uncle Marvo said...

World Passport? There may be trouble ahead, but sod it, I'll get one anyway.

It would seem to me that the only way freedom will ever work is if everybody behaves properly.

I dream.

It is comforting to know that there are still people on the planet with big balls.

Anonymous said...

How does signing up to a world government explicitly based on a social contract model help you in any way? A world government would be worse.

This is a real objection OH and you aren't really addressing it with these rather flippant comments. If you try to leave the UK without a UK passport you will have real problems. You haven't put forward any real answer to these.

Wouldn't you be better declarintg your small patch of the UK independent and issuing your own passport?

Old Holborn said...

Who is signing up to World Government?

Feel free to call my answers flippant if you wish. I won't take offence because I couldn't care less.

I don't have the answers. No one does. But I'm going to push and pull until my world suits my life. I am not advocating anyone do the same unless they are prepared to push and pull for their lives.

I certainly have much to learn, most modern Statute law is built on Admiralty law, which doesn't apply on land.

No doubt it will see me in the "dock" for not having a "Port Pass" eh?

Uncle Marvo said...

I like the cut of your jib.

Armed with very little information, I have got by for many, many years on the principle that unless I am happy to pay for something that I actually ordered and that performs to specification, they can shove it up their arses.

It has worked thus far. One day the black helicopters may come, but until then ... cheers, Old (as you shall now be called).

They'll never take me alive, and if they have to have me dead then they shall have to answer before God, if not the taxpayer.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I have spent many hours trawling the TPUC site. It's totally fascinating stuff.

When I (eventually) get home, I'm going to have a little fun with a minor debt from some years ago which they have decided to chase me for.

I can easily pay, but I want them to jump through MY hoops for a change.

Revolution Harry said...

OH, you might enjoy this video.

Highlights include the Queen with a machine gun, the revelation that the USA is a corporation and as such is a British colony, the claim that we (Britain) are owned by the Vatican (via the Crown) and that a human being is actually a monster. Great soundtrack as well.

Anonymous said...

Gop for it dude. Couple questions tho, NHS treatment and if unfortunate enough to loose your job how do you pay your bills, ie do you expect to get sick pay or dole?

Old Holborn said...

Medical insurance and employment insurance are available at very competitive rates.

Do you expect free haircuts from the State? If not, why not?

.243 Win said...

Marchamont Needham : Have a good, close look at your Shotgun cert or FAC.

It's one of the few types of licence that actually constitute a genuine contract - you pay a consideration (the fee - it's not covered by the policing precept in your Council Tax) in return for being able to possess (not, for once a "registered keeper") the firearm - and associated ammunition - in question under clearly stated conditions of use (the relevant section of the firearms act).

Witness the fact that your shotgun cert and/or FAC has two "wet" signatures on it.

It's a perfectly valid contract that you between you and your local Police Authority. Have a really close look at the wording of the cert. : You, the man (or woman) are referred to throughout as "the holder", not, "the person" - you as a living, breathing entity hold your contract with the Police Authority and are to make sure that your weapon(s) are kept so as to reasonably prevent access by unauthorised (non-contracted) "persons".

Totally consistent with Common Law....

.243 Win said...

Marchamont Needham : Sorry - should have added that's why they're termed Shotgun Certificates or Firearms Certificates, not "Licences" as in "Driving Licence".....

Anonymous said...

Its all good until the Police come and arrest you, taking your kids into protective custody while they question you over a couple of days.

Suddenly, sending letters back doesnt seem so smart, as you worry about what the Police are doing with your kids or when youll see them again

I am Stan said...

Very interesting post Holby and it will be interesting to see how things turn out for you..people should be aware they are taking a big risk if they follow your lead..if they are not totally committed and fully preppered to face the fall out they could do themselves a lot of damage.

It appears the arch enemy of humanoid reptilians everywhere David Icke is a Freeman.

Uncle Marvo said...

The police come to arrest you? For what? The only thing I know of that they can just take the piss on is terrorism, and the fallout they will get PERSONALLY over the abuse of that one isn't worth the effort.

What makes anyone think that most of the police think in any way differently to most of us free men? (note the space). They're just taking the money and the early retirement.

banned said...

Ron Broxted-McEgan-Steed you are a very naughty boy, linking OH to MI5s website like that.

Old Holborn said...

My argument is "what do I have to lose?"

Sure, some material possessions if not properly hidden but I'm hardly taking them to my grave anyway am I?

What do I have to win? Well, everything really. My liberty, my freedom, my life to live as I see fit. Each of us only gets one. There is little point in having it if countless thousands of people can tell me not to smoke in front of children or drink more than 21 units of alcohol a week.

As I say, it is an experiment. It may fail, it may succeed but I certainly do not like the status quo.

hyerv said...

If you follow through with this bs, in very short order you will discover just how irrevocably a subject of the crown you are, and remain, lad.

tomsmith said...

is it anything to do with this:

Antonio Gramschi said...

No Banned merely a trolling non-entity whose empty life is filed by cyberstalking and posting gay porn. He goes by the name Man With A Can on the Torygraph where he lied about being a Harrovian, a war hero and a jet setter in Las Vegas (it was Dubai then he altered it). He lives in Eaton Socon on incapacity benefits. The real one is on the Independent.

Old Holborn said...

"If you follow through with this bs, in very short order you will discover just how irrevocably a subject of the crown you are, and remain, lad."

Perhaps you're right. I'll stop being silly immediately. That's me told.

.243 Win said...

Tomsmith : In a word : no, that's outright fraud. Aside from being a USA-specific thing, over here it would come under the heading of "unjust enrichment" (or enacting a contract "with mischief" in Common Law terms).

You can't offer a consideration (promissory notes) for something (goods or services) knowing full well that your consideration is un-usable by the recipient.

tomsmith said...

It is based on almost identical arguments though, isn't it? The only difference appears to be the financial aspect.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you say you will "become a freeman on Jan 1st"?

Old Holborn said...

On January 1st, I will explain to the Queen that I will no longer live under her juristiction and will live under Common Law instead.

Old Holborn said...

A better explanation is HERE

.243 Win said...

Tomsmith : You're right in that some aspects of the "Freeman" movement have been hi-jacked by by the extremist Right in the US as an excuse not to pay taxes and to enact blatant fraud based on the approach of "my fiat money is as good as the Government's" - but let's make it plain that I don't believe for a minute that's what OH is talking about here.

Simply put, you can contract for any service with whoever you like providing that the contract is equitable - you offer a redeemable consideration for goods and/or services and that offer is accepted by the supplier of those goods/services.

So; private heathcare, contracting-out of SERPS... sound familiar ? Those are accepted forms of contracting out of the state. Put very, very simply, there are ways under which you can contract out of other aspects of the state too.

But you have to do it lawfully, not fraudulently - "without mischief" as Common Law puts it...

I am Stan said...

So if I go private with health,waste disposal,police etc I can stop paying any or most that about it?

Old Holborn said...

Stan, do you have a contract with the dustman?

There are plenty of rubbish removal companies out there at a fraction of the price charged to you by your local council.

No signed contract, no deal. It's the law.

I am Stan said...

Ok..just as an example ..if I contract my rubbish collection out and then inform the council I will not be paying the percentage of my council tax that covers the bin men ..there is nothing they can do about it..right?

Old Holborn said...

No, they will summons you to appear in court and then send the bailiffs in.

The art is knowing how to deal with that and stop them by using common Law against them.

People are doing it and winning.

hyerv said...

"Perhaps you're right. I'll stop being silly immediately. That's me told."

I doubt that.

I also doubt that you will persevere. Too much to lose, all your bs aside.

Sober, do you really think the powers that run this sh1teh0le a) give a single f*ck about your prattish posturing, or b) would let you play your little game without sending teacher to tell you to keep it inside the playground ?

Fun fantasy for these dark winter nights though but.

Make sure you put that exercise book down your trousers' backside !

418 said...

Re junk mail: if you open it there is often a prepaid reply envelope inside. If you take your binbag and tie it up, place it in another binbag (to protect the postie) and tie it up, stick the prepaid reply envelope on the binbag, take it to the post office and leave it at the parcels window, the Royal Mail (bless them) will deliver your trash to the junk mailer! Simple as that but you'll probably be CCTV'd in the process and unless you wish to be identified by the junk mailer you should keep any material personally identifying you such as envelopes addressed to you and used condoms etc in a separate, non-mailable, bin. We used to do this all the time and sent tons of rubbish to the local ZaNuLabour Party using the prepaid envelopes they sent out with their promotional 'literature'; it was all such innocent fun.

Glos_chap said...

It seems a minefield.... how do you get on about accessing Health care, i.e Dental?

WIm self employed, but on WFTC (tax credits), and if I had to pay "full whack" for S**t, Id be skint!

BTW Good luck with your FREEEMAN status on Jan01st.

Old Holborn said...

Go to your dentist and tell him your private medical insurance is paying.

You will be seen in minutes, ahead of people paying three times as much on the NHS.

You are skint because of Government. Since when did Government look after your teeth? Do they look after your hair? Your nails? Your guttering?

You expect Whitehall beaurocrats to deliver the best solution for your teeth? Not dentists?

Who would you rather mows your lawn?

1. You
2. A gardener
3. the State

It's that simple

Mariachi said...

The junk mailer pays the postage on your bulging binliner!!!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Years of NHS have dulled some senses. It's health insurance (or used to be) much like any other. Merely baggy and wasteful with a lack of competition.

The NHS is also increasingly trying to withdraw service for cases it doesn't want to treat - just the type of accusation thrown at private health providers by lefties.

What's the difference?

fewqwer said...

So if the 'legal fiction' of which you are the corporeal representative is summonsed to court, and doesn't show up, then it gets slapped with contempt of court on top of everything else, right?

So if/when you eventually slip up, or they change the law, etc, and they finally catch up with you, there will be hell to pay, right?

I just can't believe it can be as simple as certain people are trying to make out, although it seems plausible as a tax dodge for the rich who can afford the lawyers etc.

And the obsession with crank etymology (all the maritime metaphor stuff) gives it an extra whiff of crackpot bullshit.

And John Harris comes across as a complete idiot with a severe case of illusory superiority.

Etc, etc.

I look forward to reading an authoritative account on the subject (i.e. not a crank's interpretation of his own experience).

I wish you the very best of luck with it though, and will follow your progress with interest.

Old Holborn said...

Thank you

I don't know what it will bring.

All that interests me at the moment is that human beings have survived for 1,999,989 years without Statue Law. And suddenly, for the last 120 years, they can't.

I am not John Harris. I am Old Holborn. This will be my story of my life. If there is hell to pay, well....charge it to my account.

Anonymous said...

tomsmith, 4:17pm:
The Southern Poverty Law Center doesn't like it when people start printing money on old rope?

Nigger please! How else are the hard-working victims supposed to pay for this chimpout?

Anonymous said...

Taking the NHS/benefits theme further. If one has on going medical problems NO private health carer is going to touch you with a barge pole, ie heart problems etc. Also private unemployment cover does not usually cover the 1st 28 days thats a bloody long time with no rent money, they very often dont cover more than your rent/mortgage and related insurances, Just a thought?
But I do wish you good luck.

Anonymous said...

This is doomed to failure. if you want to get out of the the system, then get rid of the system. bring the bastards down. One man posturing won't get you anywhere. They will bring you down. Alone.

Captain Ranty said...

Holby is not alone.

There are thousands of us.

Here is my response to OH's article:

Read it, confirm for yourself that it is accurate, then do something.


Rogerborg said...

@OH: The art is knowing how to deal with that and stop them by using common Law against them.

People are doing it and winning.

Citation needed. So easy to say it.

Good luck - really. You're going to need it, when your bizarre belief in this "common law" meet the cold reality of the Magistrates' court and their statutes.

Chris said...


Just a note to wish you luck and to share this little anecdote to underline the importance of "No Contract".

I have never once acknowledged North West Water - every item of correspondence has been binned. This has been the case since 1992 - I've moved home several times since then but never once bothered with the water.

Being a council tenant in Manchester, I know I am far from unique and until very recently, NWW (or United Utilities) have never pursued the issue, until recently.

About a year ago, I got a letter addressed to myself (as opposed to The Occupier or a previous tenant) - they had obviously checked the electoral register to find my name.

There then followed a pattern of automated letters - with various letterheads - some being from in-house solicitors and collection agencies, some from third parties. Some threatening, some nicey nicey - all after money, all ignored.

All the while, in a parallel universe in the block of flats next door, a friend with a similar lifestyle has been doing exactly the same as me - for even longer because he's 20 years older than me.

We compared notes as we got our letters stride for stride on the same day - we share the same postcode but for the last digit so it was scarcely a surprise that we got our letters on the same day.

The only difference between me and my friend is that he appears in the phone book, and I have always been ex-directory. Therefore my friend received a number of phone calls from NWW and the debt collectors.

He started off just fine, terminating the call as soon as the identity of the caller was established. "North West Water? Not interested, goodbye"

So far, so good until one fateful morning when he decided to engage. He bit - he contracted. He went off spouting a load of bollocks about the UK being a rich country, how he was happy to give money to water charidees im Africa yadda yadda yadda, firmly establishing himself as a PERSON who won't pay.

The upshot is that he received a county court summons for £2500, being six years water charges. After a couple of days holding my breath when the post arrives, I think I can safely say that they haven't issued one for me.

I suspect that the reason for the difference between me and my friend is that he contracted and I didn't. If I am wrong and I do get a summons I now know what to look out for - brown envelope, posted in Newcastle but with a Northampton return address. It will get a "NO CONTRACT - RTS" sticker.


Anonymous said...

Sorry OH ~ but this is a one way ticket to shitsville. Lets cut the crap, the bastards can pick you off anytime they so desire, and can imprision you until even your relatives forget what you look like.

Playing "games" with the state, will of course buy you some time... but not for long. If you got any decent money.. then Id advise you to fuck this country off, and goto someone less crap (if you can find such).

Believe it or not, Mexico looks promising - but probably only to the yanks!

Kryptonite said...

PS: Dont forget to surrender

1. Medical card
2. Passport
3. Driving License
4. Any bank credit/debit cards

Let us know when you're back on planet Earth.

WordVer: NOGIN

Old Holborn said...

I have Bupa
I will soon have a "Caribbean" passport, perfectly legal and have ordered a world passport
My driving licence is german and is valid until I die
I bank in Switzerland.

Nobody said it would be easy.

Anonymous said...

Ah the old WORLD PASSPORT, for the World Citzien no doubt.

Sounds like one of the passports from
the group LAIBACH and their "
NSK state"

Pugwashed_out said...

My driving licence is german and is valid until I die...I bank in Switzerland.

WTF are you banging on about the UK.
We that reside, work, bank here, know how s**t this place is. Most of all cannot afford to escape abroad - if there is any escape. All you have done so far is "contracted out of the UK" and signed up elsewhere in Europa. You've just swapped "masters".

I do hope you'll publish your 'Freeman' trials and tirbulations. Send us a "visiting order" when they decided to "pull" you for some weird offence on the Admiralty books.

This is very dangerous BS!
But you seem determined to 'go for it.'

Anonymous said...

Get a world passport

MICKEY MOUSE mean anything?

Have you seen the so-called "visa" stamps - Jesus H.Christ - my kids could produce better with a John Bull printing outfit and a rule!

You are serious taking the P*SS!

Anonymous said...

Chris @13:14

Sorry to say it Chris, but whenever the water company are ready, they'll contact the local council, check your Tenancy agreement, and then seek about collecting the debt.

The council may also seek to have you ejected from their property as a "nuisance tenant".

Please be carefully. Returning mail RTS, will only encourage them to check out who it is sending their items back. Hence the council check.

Im not convinced by this Freeman logic, alright many moons ago, not in todays world. A bit like dressing up as King Arthur like that nutter does in his Plymouth council flat! Very regal looking - but utter B.S

Anonymous said...

Ok I am following the advice of the Antiterrorist and that is I am using my Strawman wisely. I will accept those benefits and privallages from the state that I deem vital to keep body and soul together.
Everything else I will bin including all debt because now I know how the scam works.
The more of us who stand up and say enough is enough. The quicker we will being the whole evil system crashing down.

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