Monday, 14 December 2009

Irony anyone?

Mohammed Nasheed, the President of the Maldives, told The Times that defending his island nation against rising sea levels was a humanitarian challenge as critical as defending Poland against Nazi Germany in 1939.

“We feel that climate change is not an environmental issue, it’s a security issue, it’s a human rights issue,” the country’s first democratically elected leader said at the launch of The Times World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford.

“If you thought that defending Poland was important, defending the Maldives is important.


Followed shortly by:

A foreigner who had visited Thaa atoll Kinbidhoo was arrested on Friday on charges of trying to spread Christianity.

A resident of the island said that the man named David was from the UK and that Police had arrested him after entering the house where was staying. Some books on Christianity were also confiscated from his room during the arrest, the resident said. He further said that the man, who could speak fluently in Dhivehi, was a very friendly man who got along very well with the residents of the island and was held in high regard.


Meanwhile Africa storms out of Copenhagen


Ron Broxted said...

Soon the Righteous will up the ante and start getting really hysterical.

Mark my words, it won't be long before the Righteous start adding the phrase 'climate racists' to their lexicon of hysterical 'debate-enders'.

The Righteous logic will probably go something like this :

1. Climate change is affecting poor, brown-skinned people.

2. You are denying that 'climate change' exists.

3. You are clearly a 'RACIST !' who should be denounced in a loud and shrill shrieky voice.


Ed P said...

If spreading Christianity is illegal in a muslim country, WTF is going on vice versa?

Mark Wadsworth said...

@ Ron, the phrase "climate racist" has already been copyrighted as came into circulation a few weeks ago.

hermit said...

When the sea level doesn't rise, they will all be able to congratulate each other as having been successful. And of course that they were right all along.

Ethan said...

Sorry but people who use pissant language like that are lacking in some serious fist/face interface time.

Henry Crun said...

"1. Climate change is affecting poor, brown-skinned people."

Well, the poor, brown-skinned people have put paid to the Copenhagen summit. Probably because the price of Mercedes Benz limousines will go up once the climate change targets are put in place.

More money please Bwana!

Ron Broxted said...

Spreading Christianity is soon going to be illegal in the UK if the Righteous aren't stopped.

'Our faith is being targeted .... and we've been thrown to the lions'

Righteous Bitch Alert !

Anonymous said...

I think stopping the spread of christianity or any other religion is an admirable cause. As an atheist I'm also rather fed up with having religion thrust in my face at every occasion. Like churches. Some may be architecturally pleasing but their religious crackpot connotation is getting rather tiresome.

bofl said...

just a thought..dont build your homes on an atoll in the middle of the indian ocean!!!!!!!!!

as for all the money........

does anyone really think that money sent will ever reach the needy?

ask the pres of tanzania.........gordon cocksucker gave him £28 he went and bought a private jst with it!!!!!

ask the king of swaziland.......a very poor region we are told.......ask him about a similar priced jet??????????

ask he kenyan leaders how much they have stolen and deposited in swiss bank accounts??????????

the planet has tectonic plates.the sun affects the climate.
in the uk the sea is reclaiming the land in norfolk..........yet 100 miles along the coast in essex the sea has retreated over the last 1000 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how do we know this?

because oyster shells from banks are found 100 feet above current sea levels.........and hadleigh castle used to have the sea lapping at the face of its was started in 1215!!!!!!!!!!

Dick the Prick said...

If it's all about saving the chiiiilldwen then maybe stop shitting them out after having enough to start a fooking football team.

I am Stan said...

Interesting post Holby,

I am told the snorkeling is exceptional in the Maldives and the food..well you can imagine all that grilled fresh fish on the beach.

Apparently the Pres, Mohamed Nasheed promised the public¨300 million dollars from foreign sources¨ before his re-election but things are going badly and he has taken millions out of their banks reserves,many have deserted his party.

The big game fishing is some of the best in the world especially for sailfish.....oh he wants everyone to live in flats and not houses for some reason which is causing a bit of a stir.

Anonymous said...

What are they worried about? Allah controls everything,and if he wills that they drown like rats,who are they to question his wisdom?

woman on a raft said...

Further down that list of stories is this one:

Practice of female circumcision gaining momentum in Addu

microdave said...

But the Maldives AREN'T sinking:

@ Anon 14.17 - Don't talk crap. I'm not a believer either, but I don't have a problem with people going to church, if that's what they want to do. I DO have a problem when they try and shove their brand of religion down my throat.

There are some wonderful old churches in this country - they are part of our history and heritage, and I would much rather have them than a load of mosques.

Vladimir said...

Mr Atheist @ 1417

Problem is, if you stop Christianity you get something worse. That could be a "religion of peace", where "peace" means "absence of other religions". Or it could be even worse than that: a pseudo-religion backed by suspect "science" like socialism or climate change.

The absence of Christianity does not mean that we get a rational atheist population. Quite the opposite. We get a country full of people who believe things that are even weirder than the Jesus myth. Case in point: Britain after 1970.

What would Peter Tatchell say? "Some people are Christians. Get over it."

Anonymous said...

The issue here is not with people being of a certain religion, It is about a Muslim state, making it illegal to practice any other religion.

I hope the islands sink.

Ron Broxted said...

I would love to be able to afford to go to the Maldives to spread religion. Sadly because of my reduced circumstances and being a permanent dole monkey I can just about afford to have a long weekend in Blackpool spreading clap.

Anonymous said...

The accuser in the Christian innkeepers case - after losing the case

'She now thinks she has been a victim of a wider plot to discredit Islam. ‘Someone wanted this case to go to trial,’ she said. ‘Muslims cannot speak out now and I believe that was the object all along. I was just a pawn in a political game.’

Always the victim - not personally responsible for her actions of course. Having failed to get any damages from the innkeepers, I wonder if she'll now try & claim damages off the Police? The OIC sounds like a piece of work too.

Ron Broxted said...

"Practice of female circumcision gaining momentum in Addu."

Any vacancies or apprenticeships going I wonder to myself.

follow the money said...

"Ron Broxted said...
Soon the Righteous will up the ante and start getting really hysterical.

Mark my words, it won't be long before the Righteous start adding the phrase 'climate racists' to their lexicon of hysterical 'debate-enders'.

The Righteous logic will probably go something like this :

1. Climate change is affecting poor, brown-skinned people.

2. You are denying that 'climate change' exists.

3. You are clearly a 'RACIST !' who should be denounced in a loud and shrill shrieky voice.


ok now shall we deal with the facts,

the money will not go to third world countries, it will go tyo the global bankers who will make sure the third wold never developes,

the very same bankers who back tin pot dictators, in order to corrupt them in order to rape the same countries of their mineral wealth.

the very same bankers who lend money to the corrupt leaders that is unrepayable and keeps the countries in perpetual poverty, while keeping the dictators sweet.

the very same bankers and their royal investors who back the global warming fraud in order to build thier world goverment and its tax eating institutions, the same movement that has replaced cheap crops for the third world, with expensive and starvation inducing bio fuels, the price of cheap food is now even more out of reach to the poor and many are currently starving to death due to the nwo climate change scam.

so if you are looking for a undemocratic deadly, eugenics racist policy, the bankers `green` agenda is it.

follow the money said...

same people who deliberately collapsed the economy to expand thier wealth and power.

making your children in the west in the same position africans were in for decades - unrepayable debt=slavery.

while the political class piss themselfs laughing at the sheep who followed their propagada to self enslavement, voting for the duopoly - left and right bullshit.

if voting changed anything they would fix it or ban it or use terrorism (finacial or some false flag op) to sidestep it.

now who had a vote on the eu?

you are looking at nothing less than aglobal facist takover.

decenters will not be tolerated.

anyone for an orange boiler suite with a high tolerence of pain?

same peoople, who do this to others are the same people leading the climate change hoax in order to usher in a global fascist goverment.

the greenies and rightious are nothing less than their brainwashed brown shirts and hitler youth.
notice how the counter arguments are suppressed and democracy a cruel joke.

nazi germany or stalins russia or east germany is upon us.

our only hope is in fact the usa.

they have a constitution to fall back on and rally around.

obama will disarm them and will call upon his hitler youth conscripted and brainwashed new army, he has already called for along with dave and gordon and the scumbag in australia.

now you know why they are doing it!

the global banks and their fake money has to be scraped and real monry issued, backed 100% by gold and silver.

and all their fiat debt discarded.

until then you will be a slave

the usa is now talking of auditing the fed, keep your eye on the usa and the banking system as that is where your freedom will come from if it ever does.

the good news is people are slowly waking up in the states to the whole corrupt system.

unfortunately if the usa falls from the bankers grasp they will probably simply put all thier evil efforts into europe if the donimo effect does not bring them down.

Khaledibn Yosuf Al Jebel said...

As a devout follower of the Muslim faith I have to say I really like the company of young children.

defender said...

Why the Maldives aren't sinking
Nils-Axel Mörner 2:52pm

The President of the Maldives recently held a Cabinet meeting underwater, saying his islands may be submerged. In an open letter, taken from the climate change supplement in the latest issue of the The Spectator, Nils-Axel Mörner assures him his country is safe:

Dear Mr President,

You are obviously very concerned about the effect that sea level rises may have on the Maldives. Your Cabinet has been photographed meeting underwater, and you have even declared that ‘we are going to die’ if the climate change summit in Copenhagen fails. I am now writing with what I hope will be some good news. The scientific side of the situation is quite different to that which you imagine. You are, in fact, not going to die.

Before I continue, I should perhaps state my credentials. I have been a sea-level specialist for 40 years. I launched most of its new theories in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. I solved the problem of the gravitational potential surface, the theory that it changes with time; the rotation of the earth, how it affected the redistribution of the oceans’ masses — and so on. Last year, I was awarded a prize from Algarve university for my ‘irreverence and contribution to our understanding of sea level change’.

We both know that the 1,200 islands of the Maldives are all low-lying with the highest point only some 2.5m (8ft) above sea level. Hence, your nation is vulnerable to extreme storms, tsunamis — and, of course, any possible sea level rise.

The IPCC vision is a rise that by the year 2100 may amount to between 30cm and 50cm. This is based on model calculations. Our figure is a 5cm rise, plus or minus 15cm. In a newspaper article, you have suggested that sea levels may rise by between one and eight metres. Those figures, however, do not concur with the physics and known rates of ice melting. So those figures must be dismissed as impossible.

the rest here

what thief wouldn't want gordon brown in charge of the till? said...

Mohammed Nasheed? Now there's a man who really deserves to have his mouth shat into.

Cold said...

Whilst it's true to say that the Maldives are both gorgeous and decidedly Islamic think of it this way: when sea levels rise, how much COOL diving will there be there?

want to make easy money from the rightous fascists? said...

Cold said...
Whilst it's true to say that the Maldives are both gorgeous and decidedly Islamic think of it this way: when sea levels rise, how much COOL diving will there be there?

14 December 2009 17:01

global warming leads to a drop of sea levels,

dont believe me? the rightious wont so bet them as much as they can afford, money they will lose as well as debunking thier smug bulldust.

take a glass of warm water and fill it with ice where the ice sticks up floting in the glass and the water line is at the top - when that ice above the water line melts the water will overflow right?


the level drops, water expands when it freezes, melting it gives you LESS volume.

pass it on to any country dumb enough to buy into their corrupted leaderships lies and the rightious fascists.

Anonymous said...


The scientists will tell you that quite a lot of the ice is actually standing on land, rather than floating, so this argument doesn't work.

the tony blair sperm guzzling roadshow rumbles on said...

... so this argument doesn't work

I though that most it's over water, even in the antarctic.

Worth checking, though.

Anonymous said...

Always the victim - not personally responsible for her actions of course. Having failed to get any damages from the innkeepers, I wonder if she'll now try & claim damages off the Police? The OIC sounds like a piece of work too.

14 December 2009 16:13

I know, poor buggers always being victimised into slaughtering someone.

earlyes said...

Anon 1728hrs,

There is loads of ice on Greenland. In places it is getting thicker. Consider the name of the place though. Vikings farmed there so successfully there are written records of the grain harvests. If that ice melts it is returning to how it once was.

There is loads of ice on the continent of Antarctica too. There is evidence of vegitation having grown on the landmass at some point in the past so it too was once much warmer.

Antarctic temperatures on the main landmass are not rising. Temps on a small peninsula far away from the South Pole are, due to undersea volcanic activity. It is still bloody cold. We do not have long enough records to discern what is a melting trend and what is natural variability.

John Steed said...

Ron what has happened to you? Your usual form on left of centre Independent has been replaced by some cunt who has been thrown off the Torygraph. You aren't an impostor now eh? Not much of a following here, even the BNP have no time for you!

woman on a raft said...

Good article outlining the history and geography of the Maldives with particular reference to Addu Atoll, which the Brits previously used:

"The Maldives is a country quite bereft of land. Stretching 470 miles north and south on the Lakshadweep-Chagos Plateau south of India, the Maldives has no single piece of land more than five square miles or 2 meters high.
It is comprised of about 1,200 islands situated in 26 atolls.

The recently ousted ex-President Gayoom (who ruled for more than 30 years) forged a policy promoting high-end tourism at dozens of resorts situated carefully on uninhabited islands to minimize the contact between his Muslim citizens and the decadent, heretical Western visitors."

To give you an idea of how tiny these coral islands are, this bloke took informative holiday snaps, or you can see if the atolls show up on Google Earth. There's also a map of the chain of islands on that page. (Scroll down past the gubbins at the top. The pictures are half-way down).

If the photos are representative, what it shows is that they have capped the island with tarmac so the coral can't adjust. It is not an accident that a coral atoll is just about sea-level. If the water rises, the coral grows up to use the space and resources in the rising sea. If the water falls, the coral dies back to sea level.

So it's not so much that the atolls are sinking as the atolls have been sealed and prevented from adjusting.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it is if the Maldives are full of Muslims and they are disappearing beneath the ocean waves let's all club together and send ours there on a free holiday.

Ron Broxted said...

Anonymous I'm with you on that my friend. I would love a free holiday. The last free holiday I had was when two RC Monks took me to Brighton for a long weekend in a caravan when I was fourteen and abused me.

John Steed said...


Two monks ? That's nothing. I was once taken by surprise by an Arch-Bishop when I was a fresh-faced young altar boy.

Between you and me though, it was rather a pleasant little interlude which had a lasting effect on my adult life....

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