Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Interesting Quote

Apparently, the Danish Government has been providing accomodation for "Climate Change Activists" in NoHopenhagen for the Ecoloon Summit

Danish police last night raided a climate campaigners' accommodation centre in Copenhagen, detaining 200 activists and seizing items including paint bombs and shields which they claimed could be used for acts of civil disobedience.

the Danish government has provided this accommodation for activists and now the police are acting unnecessarily.

I wonder why they would do that?



Anonymous said...

Liked that! Hope someone has sent a link to Al Gore - wherever he's hiding out.

Rogerborg said...

Marvellous! State sponsored riots? That's pretty blatant even for the NWO, isn't it?

In case you didn't know, Denmark bleed their citizens for a full 50% of their GDP, the highest percentage of any 'proper' country, including dear old Bob Mugabe's Zimbabwe (and absent figures for North Korea).

If you want to know how socialist a country is, the amount of sweat that the State steals from your brow is a pretty good indicator. Even Soviet UKistan only manages 39%, although it's just as likely that we're fiddling the figures and vastly over-inflating the value of our few remaining "products".

Old Holborn said...


Except if you have something to contribute

See that?

Bugger said...

Why would they do that?

So they know where to find the anarchists, that's why.

The young anarchs are all very stupid.

Imagine bunking up where the Fuzz want to find you?

Naive or what?

Phoebe said...

Copenhagen now resembles Pyongyang:

Uncle Albert said...

O/T Meanwhile, take a look at this post over at the Spectator's Coffee House .

Just who do these cunts think we are?

Climategate said...

These eternal student hippys better be careful what they wish for.
There is not enough rare earths on the planet to produce all the hybrid cars and wind turbines needed to deliver the cuts in carbon these arseholes want.
To reach the targets proposed would mean massive cuts in the standard of living for every person in the west.
A poor hungry country will not tolerate freeloading single mums,gangsta rappers and fucking art students for long.
Bring it on Swampy.

Climategate said...

Saudi delegate brings up 'Climategate' at COP15

Anonymous said...

All passion and no brains.
Its a shame, I would put good money on the fact that the majority of these activists are so wet behind the ears, they really don't have a clue what they are fighting for.

It is simple.. fight, or riot and you will play directly into their hands.. they want this. So that the police state, martial law can become a reality "for our own protection"


Anonymous said...

I'll just leave this here :


Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot - the above comes 'courtesy of' Brussels & Lisbon.

Rogerborg said...

@Bugger:Why would they do that?

So they know where to find the anarchists, that's why.

That's part of it. The other part is that they want protests, so that they can "bow to the will of the people" and stitch us all up at the behest of some shiftless brainwashed hippies.

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