Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Got an iPhone?

Here's the perfect Stasi App.


EcoSnoop.- Sustainability through Activism

EcoSnoop for iPhone is an activism tool that allows green-aware users to assist and encourage corporate green initiatives.

What’s the big deal?

It has been estimated that as much as 30% of the energy consumed in office buildings is wasted.
This suggests a significant opportunity for energy use reduction, cost savings, and the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions through cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities.

To help identify the best opportunities, both from the perspective of the building owner and the utility, it is important to examine how, where, and when energy is used and the savings are likely to occur. (Excerpt taken from the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency Sector Collaborative on Energy Efficiency Office Building Energy Use Profile)

Q: How can I help using my iPhone?
A: Users locate and report on eco-offenders by submitting pictures and descriptions of blatant abuse and misuse issues.

Q: What happens with my pictures?
A:The EcoSnoop website and iPhone applications are a centralized repository of environmental awareness and a tool for actively promoting energy conservancy and green awareness. By using the EcoSnoop iPhone application, the user becomes an important link in the chain of helping to report and mediate green waste (energy, pollution, etc.). Additionally, by going yourself and encouraging friends to utilize the website to add as much information as possible about the picture (address information, responsible party information, etc.) you are giving the EcoSnoop community the tools to encourage positive change!

EcoSnoop: We need your help saving the world…1 picture at a time.

Online: EcoSnoop.com
Twitter: @EcoSnoop


Dick the Prick said...

Being a sad yet utter cunt - got an app for that too.

Happy new year OH and peeps.

Anonymous said...

What fun.

Everyone get this app and send them a picture isn't what they want (ie a cock) and let them drown in useless information !

Anonymous said...

One could report people who are an utter waste of space with it.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I'm not normally given to leaving pointless abuse on such a high traffic site for the sake of it, but these guys deserve a good hard kick in the face. Bloody eco-fanatics.

Ampers said...

Stupidity to the nth degree.

And people who buy anything from a company who overcharge and lock you in at every opportunity are stupid enough to go for this app.

At least my super smart Hero is open source.

And now, I suspect, the councils will be having apps made to make it easy for the Stasi army to snoop on fellow citizens.


K McEgan said...

The launch today of a party campaigning under the slogan "Lonesome no more" heralds the arrival of a new era in British, Gay world politics. To be called either "Revolutionary Proletariat Party" or "Independent Mind the gap and ban dromedaries party" it's leader Ron Broxted a complete cunt made the following announcement. "My manifesto will usher in a time of peace and prosperity". Here are the outlines.
Health, "There should be more of it" Defence "Bring troops back". Economy "Abolish the monarchy, it will reflate the economy, especially M1 and M2" Education "Universities to be limited to 100. Good ones, Russell group. Less straights more benders. Environment "Recycle more condoms". Crime "Everyone will be imprisoned on an alphabetical basis thus ensuring plod get a 100%clear up rate for the first time ever". Also "Blair to be given a fair trial then executed.Jerremy Clarkson, I am his greatest fan to be made to suck me off, Oooh matron. Foreign policy "Fuck Tibet. Burma, and execute Leonard Peltier. Poland with a free and secure access to the sea. (Offstage...It's been done). Oh, Macedonia with a free and secure access to the sea. Graham Norton to be made Minsiter for Babeosity. " Housing and welfare. Legalise Cottaging. Lower the age for homosexual acts to twelve.Increase the size of my little worm like prick. Deputy Prime Minister that guy from "The Avengers". Vote for me, I can't be worse than the shower you've been lumbered with, and if you are gay I will make your day.

Rogerborg said...

Send them loads of pictures of taps left running in Starbucks. That'll make their latte-gargling heads explode.

Screech said...

How about someone taking a picture of and reporting the house of commons, must be at least 100% waste of hot air going on there.

Atheist Ranter said...

I hope these cunts aren't government funded too!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...


Taking pictures in public is a thought crime, is it not?

Johnny Thunderpants BA flight 1478 said...

I'm pissing meself laughing, you cunts.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Johnny - but you cooked your cock didn't you? What are you pissing with?

More important - what are you going to wank with for the rest of your life in a Yank cage?

Shithole Britain said...

Nice concept, OH.
When a body such as the State operates through LIES and FALSEHOODS, it's all the more open to being tripped up and exposed through its own BULLSHIT!
Nice work, M8. :-)

Spogul said...

It's rather reassuring that they've only had six eco-reports since last February.

Anonymous said...

With regard to the poster "K MacEgan" you ought to try for voluntary admittance to a secure unit at a psychiatric hospital. Your fake rubbish clutters up this site which though wedded to free speech is being misused by you. Are you in the police perhaps? No, of course not, thick as they are your narrow remit and preoccupation with "pink issues" a days work would kill you. It is the level of the site that you continue and though ignored persist. With luck you will be hit by a bus or summat.

Anonymous said...

I think I have only one thing to say to EcoLoon, sorry, EcoSnoop - fuck off cunts!
Bombard them with shitloads of absolutely irrelevent piccies.

DB said...

The old woman who lives across from me was burning TWO candles to read her Bible by last night when one would clearly suffice. And she was putting spoonfuls of what appeared to be heroin into her tea.

caesars wife said...

It no doubt was to become goverment policy post copenhagen , spy on bankers office blocks.

It is abit creepy isnt it and doesnt really relate to how uk electricity consumption works .

what next send photos in of kids crying , neighbours parking , people reading wrong newspaper .

its the sort of soft stasi weve been fed on for years .

William Hague out gunning Cathy Ashton !!

Ruin to be fair !! Ha Ha Ha Ha

Day of triifids prt 2 was not as good as prt one ,if you could suspend belief that eddie izzard could survive a pilotless 747 crash in the toilet with life vests !! Still not to worry survivors !! will be making everyones new year happy .

Anonymous said...

death camps can't be too far away when you have this level of state sponcered tyranny fed by constant propaganda.

So who do the NWO want first in the gas chambers?

Johnny Thunderpants BA flight 1478 said...

Sir Henry Morgan,
The rest of my life? I thought it was going to be a downer over Detroit. However, my brothers in Britistan will soon be entrancing the ladies on public transport with our "Lunchboxes"

Ray Stybrow said...

There's nothing like telephone banking.

wv clout

Mitch said...

Are you an eco loon? there's a trap for that.

banned said...

Anyone could take a picture of an office block at 5pm with all its lights blazing and don't these eco-loons realise tht some of us in the private sector actually work long into the night; in any case buildings have to be cleaned and maintained out of office hours.

I prefer an "official NHS iPhone application designed to alert revellers when they go over their limits is actually encouraging binge drinking, users claimed.

The "app", which measures drinks in alcoholic units, has sparked something of a craze among drinkers to get the highest score.
But within days of the tracker being released it was being described on the internet as an “awesome game” and users were boasting about trying to beat their “top score”. "

Ha Ha Ha

DT 26/12/09

Ron Broxted said...

If you want sympathy you will find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. A nasty disease I would not recommend catching again, along with crabs and HIV. Balancing mental illness however with drug smuggling one still finds the Peking regime lacking in it's response to pleas of clemency for Akmal Shaikh. Is there what Sartre called a "special pleading" for stupidity? For plainly crossing into China carrying a suitcase, contents unknown, in hope of gaining a record contract for a dire 2 minutes ditty entitled "Come little rabbit" is a unique defence and probably a lot better than I have tried to use when up before the beak for cottaging. Many organisations such as Amnesty and Reprieve are just a total fucking waste of time, attracting screwballs and lovers of lost causes and tossers that generally work in the area of getting capital punishment abolished.
Miliband et al preach on human rights. Whilst Peking is no worse than Westminster and there is no British equivalent to Tibet except for Wales and Scotland along with Northern Ireland and Southhall. It is the pinnacle of hypocrisy to for the U.K with its' cctv cameras, secret police hit squads, retention of my DNA for all these years over what was only a missunderstanding. Well I thought he said yes, and then internment without trial to lead any condemnation. One can see this hypocrisy magnified in the current spat with Iran. When we have a protest is is "rioting" but lo and behold in Iran it is "freedom". I am now off to the Mosque as I have been banned from the gym for spending too long in the changing rooms.

Anonymous said...

This creates a beautiful paradox ... when threatened with arrest for photographing 'sensitive' buildings, how will the average plod respond to the defence of being an 'eco-warrior' ? In these PC times, such behaviour is beyond question ... their head will likely explode !

Ron Broxted said...

I had another nasty nose bleed last night. I feel rather weak this morning and my little ding-a-ling is reluctant to stir.

I am Stan said...

Worried about a friends,workers,or neighbours behaviour,iphone has the answer.....

A rather curious application
for the iPhone, called SMS Trap, is now available. If you’re into spying on people, then this one is certainly for you!

Does your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse ever receive SMS messages in the middle of the night? Does he or she say it’s “just a friend” when you ask who wrote and what it’s all about? If you’ll use SMS Trap you can stop guessing: once installed on an iPhone, this application forwards all incoming and outgoing SMS messages to you, without the owner of the device ever suspecting a thing, after which you can check them at any time online.

The full list of features is:
- Simple two-button installation process
- The ability to read all sent and incoming SMS messages from your partner’s cell phone
- A function allowing you to view the name of the sender/receiver of the message (as written in the Contacts Book of the cell phone
that the software is installed onto)
- Complete stealth regime – no signs of software activity
- Complete privacy – no one will ever be able to learn who is the person that installed this software onto his/her cell phone
- Roaming mode

sickofit said...

What's ab iphone?

Anonymous said...

Ive signed up for their newsletter so that when I get it I can reply to them....somthing along the lines of "fuck off facist cunt"

Furor Teutonicus said...

Users locate and report on eco-offenders by submitting pictures and descriptions of blatant abuse and misuse issues.

Oooohhh! I HOPE they try it on me!

I do not leave the house without turning all the heating on full, leaving both T.V computer and radio switched on, and at LEAST two rooms lit (with REAL bulbs!).

Why? Because it is winter, and I want to come home to a warm house. Leaving lights on confuses potential burglars, T.V and radio (in seperate rooms) the same.

Computer? Pain in the arse to start up 15 times per day, and as we ALL know STARTING an appliance uses SO much more energy than letting it run.

PLUS, I could no longer give a FUCK about the "global warming" twats.

Let the bastards fry. I can sit in my walk in fridhge, which is switched to HIGH 24/7/365.25, and watch the bastards squirm.

Furor Teutonicus said...

What they goin' to do about it?

Send me a "stiff letter"?


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