Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Get your story straight, Met Office....


Old Holborn Quote of the Day

If stupid fucking Bangladeshis want to live on known flood plains because the land is cheap, or the Umbongo tribe decide to live 20 miles away from the nearest water because they hate the Mfufu tribe next door, that’s their look out, not mine. Idiots.

I’m off to roast a dolphin.


Zack said...

My suggestion for a BBC HYS:

Why are only English Universitys solely carrying the fiscal reduction in budgets?

Is this more evidence of Labours anti English group think & agenda?

Is this a systematic example of how divisive Devolution has become?

Are we a three tier country now - with the English being the underclass?

Has the BBC contributed to this new reality by not allowing a "BBC England" to exist?

Could the £110 million pounds alocated to MPS expenses in 2010 be re-diverted to save Universitys in England?

No need to tell you - rejected.

Same old anti English BBC - the stooges & stasi of the Jock Junta in Westminster.

I never used to hate the Scots - now I would not piss on their "country" if it was on fire.

9mm said...

And now the BBC hoons have posted a new topic on legal drugs being banned - of course, the English students dont matter at all - but drugs for the metrosexual elite at the BBC? Obviously needs a new topic on its own.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Zack you are a tedious cunt!
Now, on to business
Mr OH , get some peanuts and then sprinkle them around the garden, break out the Weirauch and shoot a few squirrels when the little bastards turn up.
They taste great, I live in London and shoot the twats all the time
Urban field sports
It also makes me laugh thinking about all those wankers who feed them for me thus providing plenty of very cheap and tasty protein chez Beast.
Merry Christmas you cock holster (+:

Anonymous said...

"The Beast of Clerkenwell, 23 December 2009 10:50

Zack you are a tedious cunt!"

No, I don't think he is. In fact I think he's got a valid point.

Zanu-Labour and the BBC *are* dominated by skawtish queers who hate the English.

Now, in principle, I've got no problem with someone wanting to setup a TV station which is run by skawtish faggots with an anti-English bias.

However, I *have* got a problem with being told that I have to pay for their shite to be broadcast.

WV: 'conned' - fucking genius !

I am Stan said...

I reckon its gonna be a white xmas which will be great...the first time I saw snow I was amazed.

@Zack-Are we a three tier country now - with the English being the underclass?

Oh dear are you feeling a bit left out? your not an cleaners English and I treat her very well...

I shall try that squirrel thing..sounds fun.

I am Stan said...

I went to Scottyland once...I thought Haggis was a real animal..imagine my surprise when I found out it was a pigs bladder stuffed with offal and heather and deep face was a picture hahahaha....very friendly lasses and I wore one of them man skirts!..happy days.

I am Zack - Fuck You said...

""Oh dear are you feeling a bit left out? your not an cleaners English and I treat her very well...""

No, just second class in my own country thanks tosser.

And you dont have English cleaners - in fact the hostel you live in for three nights a week does not get cleaned.

Now, let the old lady behind you have a go on the internet - its her library too you know.

BOFL - me a tedious cunt?

You have not said anything remotely witty or thoughtful for 15.2 months & counting.


The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

If you have monitored me for
"15.2 months" that makes you an autistic tedious cunt.

ullage said...

Beast, stop flirting.

I am fed up with bring told by the Bee Bee Cee that any pleasant memory I have of the late 1950s and early 60s is the product of nostalgic fantasy and that life in Britain was always as chaotic, expensive and dangerous as it is now. Well, I was there and No it bloody wasn't.

nick.kennerley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The beast of Clerkenwell said...

Just another comment you thick cunt.
The plural of "University" does not end with "YS"
You are (not your or youre) probably a special needs child.
So fuck off

hangemall said...

@ Ullage, your second para. I agree. I was 8 years old in 1960 and the diagram shows what I remember about Christmas in those days. Happy family gatherings at my Grandmother's house, thick snow on the ground muffling the sound of the much sparser traffic, the gas lamps in the street quietly hissing.


We all need magic in our lives when we are children.

hangemall said...

PS I mean that the diagram shows a lot of snow in the 60's.

Anonymous said...

Funny how only two weeks ago the BBC was broadcasting lies about how the floods were caused by global warming, the excess rain was caused by global warming etc etc yet they haven't once mentioned global warming with the current excessively cold spat. The cold weather is just , well, weather.

I wish the gullible fucks would apply the same criteria to every storm, squall or dry spell that happens the rest of the year without blaming it on the Carbon-pixies.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous, 24 December 2009 09:00

Funny how only two weeks ago the BBC was broadcasting lies about how the floods were caused by global warming..."

They're still at it. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that the BBC are working to a very clear and biased agenda. Oh wait, hang on...

Floods in Venice

WV: demonst - scary !

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