Sunday, 13 December 2009

Fear and Loathing in Whitehall.

"In a nation run by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely."

Hunter S Thompson

Hunter S Thompson could have written his best selling novel around the current situation in Downing Street. Fear and loathing stalk every corridor of power. Gordon has put his faith in the bully boy team of Charlie Whelan – excellent conduit to Union funds to fight the election, and Ed Balls – nothing if not a dirty fighter. Alistair Campbell is believed to be behind the latest spate of hypocritical class war rhetoric.

An early election is on the cards. March 25th being the suggested date. This has a number of advantages. There will be no time to fully debate and see through the reforms on MPs expenses, thus will be popular with many troubled MPs. The campaign can only last three months, so will be cheaper for the cash strapped party to fight. Best of all, the election would avoid the embarrassment of persuading a reluctant and recalcitrant Chancellor to make another pre-election budget statement – they might not be able to keep him muzzled a second time.

For Darling is no longer in the Prime Minister’s camp. He has followed Gordon’s backbone, Peter Mandelson, into the opposing corner. The smaller players will be lined up behind them, and the in fighting can only be to the Conservatives advantage. Not since the days of Blair/Brown has there been such animosity between a Prime Minister and his Chancellor.

Gordon has played his ‘house’ card and won out on the ‘negative strategy’ that will see the election fought out on the basis of ‘never mind what we’ve done, just look how much worse they will be’. It is a return to the days of scoring political points by appealing to the ‘anti’ camp, anti-toffs, anti-fox hunting, anti-global warning, with Old Labour diehards to the fore. They were unelectable in 2001 and I think they will be unelectable again.

Mandelson and Darling would have preferred to take the Conservative’s policies and make them their own, Blair style. Presentation, presentation, presentation.

Harsh words have been exchanged, and it is said that the rift will never be healed. Good, that means the die is cast.

92 days to go, hope for us all. Time to put aside our childish squabbles, and see these piglets off.


Thoughtmantle said...

Piglets? More like Gadarene Swine!

Anonymous said...

For those that have been truly desperately weary of the political farce for years, the BNP site seems to have got a numerical exclusive on what the conservative policy on immigration is.

OMG a BNP Link.

The numerical relevant bit extracted for those who refuse to go there :

"Mr Grayling said his party wants to bring in a “cap” on immigration levels into Britain. According to his figures, more than 150,000 migrants entered Britain last year under the “tiers one and two” category for “skilled migrants.” (As other figures have shown, a majority of these “skilled” migrants end up working in kitchens and other menial tasks, but Mr Grayling ignored that issue.)

Referring to the 150,000 figure, Mr Grayling told the debate audience that a “Conservative government would seek to bring this number down to the tens of thousands, not the hundreds of thousands.”

Rogerborg said...

Hope? Are you serious? In what quantifiable way will Call-Me-Dave's Tories be any better? A quarter of a percent here, a different peerage there, it'll all work out the same.

If you think he'll actually cancel the ID database, for example, then you're utterly deluded. Too many vested interests are already lined up to get their snouts in that trough for it to be killed off now.

Public spending? It'll be the same handouts, just issued via different middlemen.

Resolute Cyclopath Cameron's already cast his lot in with the ecomentals, so don't expect to see any return to sanity there.

Immigration? The tories and zanu both answer to the same masters, and they want that 15+ million pool of illegals kept on hand as cheap disposable goons, rather than having to deal with uppity lazy natives.

Can anyone name one thing that they expect to be better under Dave's tories? Anything at all? It used to be that tories at least gave us nice saucy secretary-shagging scandals, but zanu have even hijacked that as well.

chearde said...

"There will be no time to fully debate and see through the reforms on MPs expenses ..."

On this issue: Reforms on MPs expenses are not neccessary if we the people demand an agreeable settlement from our local candidates at election time and then hold them to it. Get it in writing. Ask them each what they will do about this issue. It does not need a Party or even a Parliamentary level solution they each can come up with their own plan and see if voters buy it.

There is nothing to stop MPs already being completely transparent about their expense claims.(A small number already are IIRC) They are simply hiding behind needing an official set of rules which they can then bend behind closed doors. These are wholly institutionalised men and women and Parliament would be better off without them.

Parliament nor any quango should be the arbiter of probity - we should be. All the time not just once every 5 years.

Biffo said...

I actually attended a 'Cameron Direct' meeting locally & CMD came across very well. He promised to cancel ID cards immediately & to look at all the intertwined DBs behind them & get rid of any unneccessary ones. As far as the economy goes - every Party is fucked - including Labour. At least if Brown & Labour go there may be an end to any additional borrowing. Personally, I'm prepared to put up with 4 - 5 years of fiscal shit if we have a healthy, well-governed country at the end of it - which we won't have with Brown as he'll still be intent on handing over our money to developing countries in an attempt to pretend he's an international statesman like Obama Beach instead of the thick, deluded 3rd rate commie thug, without class or manners that he really is.

Anonymous said...

Berlusconi has had his teeth punched in :o)

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Oh then again.......

Guthrum said...

Putting the Champagne on ice now, and getting the claws sharpened for Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Statement of the bleeding obvious:
"Not since the days of Blair/Brown has there been such animosity between a Prime Minister and his Chancellor."

Unless there's been another nuliebore govt between Bliar and Bogeyman!!!

Rogerborg said...

@Biffo: >"[CallMeDave] promised to cancel ID cards immediately & to look at all the intertwined DBs behind them & get rid of any unneccessary ones."

Oh, he promised, did he? Well, that's all right then.

Note 1: I did not say "ID cards", I said "ID database". The database is what matters. Once it exists, the cards will become a technicality.

Note 2: the salient parts of CallMeDave's "promise" are: "look at" and "unnecessary". The moment he gets his feet under the table, it'll suddenly turn out that they're all "necessary", to save us from terrorists, immigrants, harmful global climate change, bug eyed monsters from Mars, or whatever the threat of the week is.

It's a big issue though, so he'll likely sacrifice a big name over it by giving them the Home Secretary brief for long enough for them to produce a classified report explaining why absolutely must have the ID database, then he'll pension them off to the Lords. Paging Ken Clarke, soon-to-be Lord Clarke please report to Number 10.

Anonymous said...

was that one of CMD's iron-clad promises?
all three leaders could change parties and in a couple of months nobody would notice any difference. The liblabcon is just one party.

GCooper said...

However convincing Cameron may have seemed, why should anyone ever again believe a word the man says? He lied about a referendum, he will lie again.

And on that point, if 'Dave' won't address the EU then anything else he says or does is meaningless. He'll simply be an elected janitor, running around, doing whatever the real, unelected, government tells him to.

chearde said...

RE: Berlusconi getting a bunch of fives.

No politician is untouchable. They must not be allowed to forget that.

Old Holborn said...

Try and sack Mandelson. Or Blair. Or Baroness Ashton. Or Barroso

You can't. I can't. We can't.

Welcome to the revolution

John Bellingham 1812 said...

thats the way to do it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, re. the smacking of Berlusconi...
What would be the legality of promising a donation, say £10, to anyone (or their fave charity) who smacks a member of the British Cabinet?

Anonymous said...

Or alternatively:
I'll make a donation of £20 to charity, if a member of cabinet is slapped.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Anon 22.56

I know someone who has smacked a cabinet minister full in the middle of his face. He wasn't a cabinet minister at the time, but if he reads this he will remember the incident. Hahahahahahahahaha ... I am soooo envious of my mate ...

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Mr Orange, in a pub in London, if you really must know. I mean, he's the next biggest joy to punch after Mangledbum himself.

Fuck I'd like to whack him one. Worth getting sent down for that one.

Just another pissed off cunt said...

"92 days to go, hope for us all. Time to put aside our childish squabbles, and see these piglets off."

See them off to where? The Lords? Seats on quangos and boards of multinationals? Don't forget the parachute payments and pensions. The idea of ex MPs signing on the dole is laughable. Westminster is just a stepping stone to further career options.
And where is the hope for us all? Cameron? You're having a fucking larf. Any real opposition in Britain has been splintered into factions who are at each others throats rather than at the piggies. The whole of the blogosphere represents how many? 100,000? Just a drop in the ocean,when 10 million have no internet access,and most of those that do,rarely get past facebook and you tube. The electorate will vote LibLabCon,because that's all they know,and that's all they expect.
Unless you coalesse around a single opponent,the piggies will continue to have us by the balls. Think of Griffin not as a potential PM,but as an enema that would bring an irritable bowel syndrome to parliament. Fifty to one hundred BNP MPs,could mean the difference between business as usual,or bedpans on the backbenches. Insurrection doesn't frighten the fuckers in westminster. They have the forces to deal with you. Only one thing puts the fear of God into them,and it's the only viable weapon you have.
Mine enemy's enemy, and all that.

banned said...

But Mr Brown keeps promising to give me more nice things and tax your children for the privelege; what's wrong with that ?

caesars wife said...

So crash and green saviour is looking a bit more fortunate for some than we first realised . Blair has net name "low carbon investments" not that new world order politics was for cashing in on then or anything??

Dave said...

I see that Liverpool is once again leading the revolution. They're refusing to so-operate with the government on ID cards.
Story here

LabourReallyAreVeryEvil said...

I'll make a donation of £20 to charity, if a member of cabinet is slapped

I will add £50 to that

I will make it £1000 if it is Brown

Captain Ranty said...

***Shameless plug alert***

I know that hundreds of Holby's readers nipped over to my gaff to read, or comment on, my mournful (some say melodramatic) rant on our subsumation into the EU.

I have a follow up here:

Dissect at will.


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