Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Fancy a fun day out?

Join Vince Cable, Sadiq Khan MP, Jess Asato, Matthew Taylor of the RSA, Polly Toynbee, Kerry McCarthy MP, Jackie Ashley, Gaby Hinsliff, Nadine Dorries MP, Peter Kellner, Nick Anstead, Ellie Gellard, James Forsyth, Will Straw, David Babbs, John Denham MP, Will Hutton, Ben Summerskill, Ken Livingstone and many more at the Fabian Society New Year Conference on Saturday 16th January 2010.

'Causes To Fight For' will take place at the Queens Town Room, Imperial College London on Saturday 16th January. You can purchase tickets to Fabian Society 'Causes to Fight For' conference here.

Details of how to get up very close to those who rule over every minutae of your life. Tell them what you think of 12 years of Fabianism. I most certainly will.


Anonymous said...

The Islington chattering elite. All in one room.

Ummm, can anyone sell be a couple of sacks of fertiliser and an alarm clock?

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

If a plane happened to crash into the building I do not see one person on that list who would be missed in any way shape or form other than possibly Vince Cable

Newgates Knocker said...

Don't bother with eggs, can't you get hold of a statue of St Pauls Cathedral to hurl at them. I'm told church sculptures cause far more damage to smug faces. Just ask Silvio

Old Holborn said...

Ebay sell them. I suggest sellotaping to a housebrick for more authenticity

Uncle Marvo said...

Lady Virgina: He's the only one I've ever heard of, and I'm not entirely sure who he is.

Crap said...

What's Nadine and that guy from the Speccy doing there?

Fabian Scum Are Traitors said...

I hate those Fabian bastards.

Traitors and country wreckers.

They should be put up against the wall and shot.

No shit, the Fabians are a menace to democracy and to the individual.

These collectivist internationalist nutters and their BBC conspirators will get the justce they so richly deserve.

The Death of the Labour Party is Months Away. said...

if alky aida blew this lot to hell i would cheer and cheer and cheer.

but alky aida wont blow these fuckwits up because fabian fuckwits are on the islamofascists side.

they really would side with the devil if he was wearing an anti capitalist teeshirt - made from fair trade cotton of course.

Anonymous said...


wish we had more like this.

The Lancastrian Oik said...

Here's one of the shibbolleths of Fabianism- quote this at the cunts.


"Sir or Madam- would you be kind enough to justify your existence?"

Fascism is a phenomenon of the Left, and Jonah Goldberg explains it beautifully.

eight rounds rapid said...

how about SuperSoakers, loaded with a urine/excrement suspension?

Gobshite said...

I think that we should enroll a few hungry Tigers to the conference, and lock the doors.

Surviving the first morning would be a good 'cause to fight for'.

bofl said...

take a recording device of some sort.cam or phone etc..........

i want to see you give kerry such a roasting!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr T said...

Bofl said:

"i want to see you give kerry such a roasting!!!!!!!!!!!"

A roasting? I think you'll have to have to search far and wide before you find anyone willing to stick their John Thomas in *either* end of the honourable member for Mogadishu East...

Anonymous said...

"i want to see you give kerry such a roasting!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wont you also need to take two premiership footballers for that?

I am Stan said...

Holby...If your not suicidal by 4pm, 10 mins in this den of fools and you will be eating your own mask!

16.00-17.30: Democracy Den: The winning idea to beat the right

Join David Lammy, Ken Livinstone, Mehdi Hassan and Deborah Mattison in the Democracy Den!

Rebel Saint said...

Here's an interesting part of the itinary: "5. Faith and Secularism: Speakers include Sadiq Khan MP, Ben Summerskill and Melehia Malik."

So to discuss the place of faith in Britain they have 2 Muslims and a Christian-hating shirt lifter. Wonder what conclusions they'll come to.

Why is Ben Summerskill there at all?

Edgar said...

"Causes to Fight For"? Sounds like they are already resigned to defeat.

And, in any case, why should it always have to be a fight? Isn't aggression a 'bad thing'? Shouldn't we at least try to negotiate with opponents first?

Sounds to me like Fabianism is a heap of self-contradictory, steaming dogshit.

bofl said...

ok lads..i didnt realize that 'roasting' had a different meaning/ so...how about i want you (o/h)to give kerry such a grilling that she bursts into tears!!!!!!!

it will be so funny..i mean -fancy the little people being impertinent?

a bullshit detector and a peg for your nose would be advisable......

sick bucket optional.........

good luck holborn..........the stench will be unbearable.

adam said...

Set up to destroy britain, it was
Spread communism, it did
And the lies of old

learn these facts, young one.

Interesting that Nadine Dorries is there. Another fake politician, in the game only for herself.

Catflap said...

Stink Bombs.Remember them?
Small and very smelly.
Make a small hole in your trouser pocket to drop them through,crunch underfoot and walk away.
Non metalic and small enough to get through security.
Oh happy days in the school assembly.

Vladimir said...

Lancastrian Oik (@1213) contributes a very interesting clip about the Fabians which you should all see.

How do modern-day Fabians distance themselves from this? Answer: They don't. They just pretend it never happened. Compare and contrast this article in Conservapedia with this article in Wikipedia. The differences are striking.

caesars wife said...

causes to fight for and never put to a free and fair vote is perhaps a better description of this maligned group .

"beyond asking the proles"

Hope it goes well CW will be giving "whats that smell" points !

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

£30 a ticket! Do you get a glass of warm liebfraumilch and a cheese straw for that?

Anonymous said...

Off topic. Poor CUNTS

Peers expressed outrage at proposed reforms to the Upper Chamber which are being suggested following a series of expenses scandals.
In a debate on the plans, leaders of the three main parties urged the House to accept the "architecture and principles" of a review of Lords' expenses carried out by the Senior Salaries Review Board and announced last month,.

But the proposals came under a barrage of criticism from backbenchers, with the vast majority from all parties speaking out against the plans, which would see peers accept a £34 cut in maximum overnight allowances in return for a £38.50 rise in other expenses.
Peers described as “mean” and “crackers” plans to bar them from claiming for mortgage interest and first class travel when not working, and limiting hotel stays to £140-a-night.
Lord Palmer, a cross bench hereditary peer, described the £200 payment as “derisory” and an “utter insult” given that senior accountants can earn up to £600 an hour.

He added that capping hotel bills at £140 a night would force them to take taxis to the outskirts of London, which he described as a “scary experience” for elderly female peers.
Criticising the review’s proposals for limits on travel costs, Lord Palmer said: “Members of the SSRB have no idea what a working peer does. I have dedicated 19 years of my life to this House.
“The idea of having to share a [sleeping] compartment with a complete stranger or indeed another noble lord is completely unthinkable.”
Labour’s Lord Peston of Mile End, a former economist, said that he had worked in the Lords at “great personal cost” to his own bank balance, adding that in his “glory days” he had earned as much as £1,000 a day.
He added: “I do not think if I was the same age again I would think it was my personal duty.”
There were also complaints that plans to stop peers’ wives and husbands from travelling first class would force them to sit in the “guard’s van”.
Baroness Shepherd, the former Education Secretary, told the House: “Likely the public is alerted to spot a lord and see if the lord is working in first class.
“It could be most embarrassing when we see what is happening in sleepers. What is certain is that they won’t be with their spouses – your spouse is going to be in the guard’s van.”
Earl Ferrers, a Conservative hereditary peer, suggested that peers could take a tabloid newspaper into first class and look at the topless photographs in order to qualify for the working requirement.
Criticising the Daily Telegraph’s disclosures of widespread abuses of the expenses system, and the reforms which have followed on from them, he added: “I think that people have gone off their heads.”
Plans to stop peers from claiming for mortgage interest were described as “crackers” by Lord Greaves, a Liberal Democrat.
Opening the debate, Lord Brabazon of Tara, the head of the Lords Administration Committee, said: "We have much work ahead of us, but the House committee has taken the clear view that we must seize this opportunity to accept the principles of external independent review and get on with implementing them."
The proposals will now be passed to an “ad hoc” group of peers who will review the plans in detail. A number of lords urged the committee to consider their complaints when scrutinising the review.

Rogerborg said...

Mind you take some bacon to the "Faith and Secularism" brainwashing, to go with the eggs.

Rogerborg said...

Actually, while we're rapping, did we all spot this gem? Identity minister (sic) forgets ID card.

Alternative title: "MiniSec bimbo giggles at her total failure to carry out one single idiotically simple task"

You know, if I did something that abjectly, breathtakingly, mind bogglingly stupid and incompetent while representing my employer in public, I'd be sacked for gross negligence. This grinning simpleton? She'll bill us for making the trip.

Ron Broxted said...

When we the killers of Blair Peach be brought to justice? It is easier to build a social network on twitter than dismantle a police state.

Anonymous said...

The speakers' names may give a subtle clue to 'Challenging Extremism: what's fuelling the rise of the far right?
Strange isn't it? Unless you're a right on leftie Greenpeace supporter you're classed as extremist. Can I bring a couple of hand grenades?

Ron Broxted said...

It is not that the people are held in contempt of court, but that the court is held in contempt by the people. It can now be disclosed that the identity of the member of the erstwhile SPG (now rebranded as TSG who murdered Tomlinson) is not that of the suspected Sergeant (now retired) but of a constable who subsequently left England to run a taverna in Corfu. His collar number was PC49CO and his name is Arthur Peachbasher. It has been passed by me to my sister who will tell her friends in the 9th Lesbian Parachute Gay Commando Activist Group at Hackney Town Hall. As with Austin Powers the inactivity of the British police in calling to account their own raises many questions. What does one do to avail of justice? The C.P.S are under orders not to stir up too much aggravation in light of de Menezes and Tomlinson (amongst others). One can only wonder that it takes a mere three decades in Britain to have a case heard. That is unless it happens to be a case of Outraging Public Decency in a public park or Importuning in a mens lav, then the boys in blue are only too keen to lock you up. I know I speak from experience. One rule for them and another for us.

K McEgan said...

Ron Broxted. Was Blair Peach related to Tony Blair by any chance? I once witnessed my friend Blair Banana get a kicking from the filth because he had turned black.

Harvey Keitel. said...

Ron Broxted it is interesting to read your comments on the unexplained death of Blair Peach. I am currently looking into the possibility that Humpty Dumpty was pushed of the wall by a TSG Sergeant and freemason, and did not as previously thought, accidently fall.

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