Sunday, 20 December 2009

Elite Politique

A guest post.

In his presentations on global warming Al Gore likes to use a graph similar to the one below from Vostok, Antarctica, ice cores to show apparent correlations between temperature and carbon dioxide. When pressed about cause and effect, Gore says the relationship is “complex.”

The scientists working on the Vostok ice core report that temperature changes PRECEDE changes in CO2 concentration by about 800- to 1,300 years. This should not be surprising because temperature has great influence on CO2 solubility in the ocean. Notice that the temperature cycles occur in approximately 100,000 (±20,000)-year intervals. This coincides with the variation in the precession of the Earth’s elliptical orbit around the Sun. Can you think of anything that would make CO2 cycle this way if it were the driver rather than temperature? And what would stop the rise of CO2 if it were the controlling variable?

You may have heard climate alarmists say something like this: “There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any time during the past 650,000 years, based on analyses of the chemical composition of air bubbles entrapped in Antarctic ice over that time.”

That contention relies on an unproven assumption. The assumption is that entrapped bubbles are an accurate measure of the ancient atmosphere. In fact, there is good evidence that, with increasing pressure and time, the bubbles undergo chemical and physical changes which deplete CO2, so it is unlikely that they contain true ancient atmospheric compositions. Furthermore, reconstructions based on ice core bubble composition data disagree with reconstructions from most other proxies.


Jaworowski,Z., Segalstad,T.V. andHisdal,V.,1992, Atmospheric CO2 and global warming: A critical review., Meddelelser 119, Norsk Ploarinstitutt, Oslo.

Mudelsee, M, 2001. The phase relations among atmospheric CO2 content, temperature and global ice volume over the past 420 ka, Quaternary Science Reviews 20:583-589.

Petit, J.R., et al., 1999. Climate and atmospheric history of the past 420,000 years from the Vostok ice core, Antarctica. Nature 399: 429-436.

Siegenthaler, U. Et al., 2005. Stable carbon cycle-climate relationship during the late Pleistocene. Science 310: 1313-1317.

Fig 1 shows that the climate is always changing. However the last 10,000 year period has been fairly stable.

If we separate out the various curves superimposed on each other in Fig 1 we get Fig.2.

Fig 2 shows a very dominant and regular cycle of temperature variation with a peak every 100,000 years. These peaks coincide with the nearest position of the earth to the sun due to its elliptical precession.

It also clearly illustrates that the CO2 level in the atmosphere lags the temperature by some 800 – 1300 years.

There is nothing mankind can do about this whatsoever.

This graph illustrates that CO2 cannot be the cause of the rise in temperature, it is probably the temperature change that somehow causes the CO2 level to change. This is possibly due to the seas warming up and releasing large quantities of CO2 and many other causes only indirectly related to temperature.

Fig 2 also indicates that we are very near to, or at, the historic maximum earth temperature due to the earth’s precession. We can reasonably expect a further minor rise in temperature before we start moving into a new Ice Age in a couple of thousand years time. It will take the next 60,000 – 70,000 years before the earth begins rapidly heating up again.

Fig 3 illustrates a random effect of many influences on temperature, none of which are anything like as significant as the earth’s relationship to the sun. There is a possibility we can reduce some of this if we can isolate a particular cause. Any man made CO2 effect on temperature is also well within this minor range. The effect on the gross changes will be minor.

We cannot predict anything from this random variation as we just do not understand all the causes in any detail but they are clearly minor when compared to Fig 1.

12,000 years ago there was a glacier some 1 ½ miles thick over Britain and North Europe. This melted in less than 50 years raising the sea level by 300+ feet. There were no 4 x 4s then nor budget jet holidays for the masses.

Why are so many ‘scientists’ and the Political Elite, or the Elite Politique, adamant that Global Warming is due to the activities of Industrialised Man - ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ (AGW)?

By ‘industrial man’ they mean ordinary citizens not, of course, the Elite Politique.

There is a circular cause and effect here. The Political Elite will only give out research grants to ‘scientists’ who will demonstrate that AGW is the major cause of Global Warming. Thus the ‘scientists’ will only structure experiments and produce reports that confirm that opinion in order to get more grants. They are even ‘massaging’ their results to give the desired conclusion. This then gives the Political Elite more ammunition to increase tax, enforce more sanctions on the public and remove many of our democratic freedoms ’to save the planet’.

It has many features of a cynical cod science scam.

There has to be a very significant reason indeed why the Elite Politique is so dogmatic about AGW.

A bit of history

When transistors suddenly reduced the cost of TV sets ordinary people were able to buy them. For some reason this induced intense fury in the self acclaimed ‘Elite’ who seemed to believe that TV sets and programmes should be exclusively for them. A ‘scientific notion’ appeared declaring that radiation from the screen would damage the brains and eyesight of children. A small industry sprang up to provide radiation filters to fit in front of the screen. However as those who didn’t use such filters didn’t grow two heads this ‘scientific notion’ was quietly dropped.

We have a similar situation now with Mobile phones. They are so cheap that every supermarket checkout girl and spotty schoolboy has one to send ‘utterly pointless’ texts and phone calls - to the fury of the self acclaimed Elite. A ‘scientific notion’ has appeared claiming that the radiation from mobiles will fry the brains of those who use them – but curiously the Elite Politique seems to be remarkably immune from this possibility.

Again a similar situation is occurring with car ownership and jetting off on holiday. The widespread use of cars and overseas holidays by the ordinary public is again causing the Elite considerable annoyance and inconvenience. This is now claimed to be the major cause of AGW. Presumably cars and overseas holidays should also be exclusively for the Elite Politique and their acolytes.

The latest two generated panics are Global Warming and the oceans becoming acidic due to CO2 becoming Carbonic Acid in water. (It seems, however, that as the sea warms up their ability to take in dissolved CO2 reduces???)

It could be that the Anthropogenic Global Warming (now called Climate Change) scam is just another excuse to try to restrict the activities and personal freedoms of ordinary people.

AGW is being deliberately muddled up with Natural Global Warming, loss of natural ecology, pollution and waste. The last three can, and should, be reduced considerably.

There is, however, a rapidly growing body of opinion that considers there to be a rather more sinister reason.

The European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was a six-nation international organisation serving to unify and control Western European coal and steel production and prevent Germany secretely re-arming.

It was the first organisation to be based on the principles of supranationism (above national sovereignty and free from control by elected politicians).

Its creator, French Foreign Minister Schulman, hoped it would eventually lead to the establishment of a State of Europe. The present undemocratic European Union traces its roots directly back to the ECSC. It crept forward in a series of very minor and almost unnoticed changes that eventually led to the EU by stealth, subtefuge and downright lies


It is suggested that the transformation of the ECSC to the EU could be being used as a model to gain control of the worlds’s energy resourses. The generated panic over Global Warming is being used as a springboard to set up a new unelected and undemocratic World Order run by the Elite Politique.

There is, without doubt, an ‘elephant in the room’ that really is a major threat to our world – it is the uncontrolled increase in population. The resources of the earth can cope comfortably with perhaps a population of 2-3 billion. We have now some 6 billion and heading rapidly for 10 billion and we are running out of safe land to live on, to grow food on, to maintain the natural ecology, fresh water etc.

Potential release of very large volumes of methane is also a major cause for concern.

Who will decide how the population, and which group, will be reduced – now there’s a question.

Who are the Elite Politique? A look at an organisation called The Bilderberg Group may be of interest.

Mick Greenhough


opsimath said...

An excellent, well-presented piece of genuine (not neo-religious) research and comment.

Thank you.

the beast of clerkenwell said...

Heres another thing
Buy a c02 powered air pistol , rapid fire it and see what happens
The cunt freezes up

Anonymous said...

Far too many words. Any chance of a précis please?

Some of us out here have lives beyond the interweb.

I shall have a guess and suggest it said all this MMGW stuff is bollocks.


Anonymous said...

What's as worrying as overpopulation is the sudden interest in one's DNA by various dubious groups.

Henry Crun said...

I now refer to ecoloons, global warmenistas and greens as Climate Scientologists....I think it may catch on.

Not a Mason said...

Reading and writing was controled by the elite once.
The origins of the Freemasons goes back to the time when an educated serf was considered dangerous.
The elite needed cathedrals and churches built but resented the blokes who built them.
Without a recognised qualification given by the elite, the only way a serf could prove his ability on the building site was to adopt a secret code.
When you hear anti masonic views please look at the critics.
You will often find the usual suspects from the Liberal elite.

Joe Public said...

Superb piece, and, so plausible.

No wonder there's not been much made of it in "scientific" journals & the press.

Climate Scientologist said...

Oh My God ! What's *wrong* with you lot ?!?!

Can't you see that the climate is changing ?!?! Look, the evidence is all around you....

Eurostar trains suspended as cold weather continues

Five dead as snowstorm engulfs US East Coast

Airport closed after heavy snow

Can't you see ?!?! Its so obvious if you just open your eyes, look and believe.

OK, I'll spell it out. Man Made Global Warming is actually making the earth *colder* - don't you see ?

And the only solution to this is for you lot to pay more taxes so that we can encourage the Third World countries to have more and more children to counter this disastrous and unprecedented cooling we are witnessing.

Anonymous said...

Sometime after my 65th birthday, last Spring, I was invited by my local Doctors' Surgery to attend to get a 'special' shot for OAPs. When I went, the Nurse explained that it was a special one off shot against chest infections etc - which older people do tend to suffer from, although I had been OK apart from colds for a number of years. However, better safe than sorry so, foolishly, I had it. The last 10 days I've been like a mucus fountain - so bad that at times I've had trouble breathing. Now I'm on antibiotics, feeling like shit & still snotting for England. Injection or happenstance? I've now been invited along for my Swine Flu vaccine - like fuck!

Brew Wales said...

A well-constructed argument that uses facts not superstition. I remember at uni finding out that the biggest emitters of CO2 were volcanoes. Now if we could only placate the god Vulcan by throwing the commie climate change tax raisers into the mouths of volcanoes the world would be a better place.

bofl said...

the copenhagen backslapping event was organised so that twats like Brown could pretend to be 'someone'...

the universe is an ever evolving and changing will never control it.

whatever happens you can bet your life savings that it will not be done to help any of us.we are just a resource to be mined like any other.

richard said...

excellent article, except the "elephant in the room" of over-population is another canard.
there is mismanagement of populations, whether deliberately or as a result of incompetence, which leads to starvation and loss of ecosystems. however, space and resources on the planet are limitless. most of the land area on earth is uninhabited. the human population is a resource which creates habitable land areas and food, and the more people there are, the more habitation and food there are.
the termite nest is an analogy - when it starts out the queen and a few offspring are shoulder-to-shoulder in a small hole. as the population runs into billions, the food and space increases exponentially, so that the mightiest termite nest is mostly empty space, and contains more stored food than a small group could ever hope to see.
likewise, the more of us there are, the more habitable space and food we have, because there are more shoulders to the wheel.
cities seem jam-packed because people like to live there, but even in crowded England, a flight from Leeds to Belfast for example, involves a quarter of an hour, flying at mach 0.8, over the Yorkshire moors; a vast tract of bugger-all, empty, like most of the world.

richard said...

oops, typo - "billions" should read "millions" for termites

Anonymous said...

think `trade` get fascist eu, slice by slice.

think `global warming` get an expanded more totalitarian worldwide eu - nwo

now remember it is all based on a lie and enforced undemocratically - how will they keep the truth and freedom seekers in line, when they are the supreme unaccountable leaders?

now watch this short clip

Anonymous said...

Anon: "I've now been invited along for my Swine Flu vaccine - like fuck!"

GPs today are all on performance related metrics, they are not interested in the health of the patient, rather how many of the governments check boxes they can tick.

Stay away from the fuckers if you can.

mungle said...

If population control is the ultimate aim of the "elite" why can't this aim be discussed openly? Why resort to a massively contrived scam such as AGM? Is birth control such a taboo subject that it can't be talked about? Or is it that the elite want to engineer the survival of some groups rather than others, is that what makes it such a James Bond villain scheme?

Rogerborg said...

@Climate Scientologist:

Great name, but didn't you get the memo? It's not "Global Warming", it's "Climate Change".

That way even if the temperature goes down, the NWO will scream that it's because atmospheric pollution is balancing out the greenhouse effect.

Then they have two sticks to beat the developing world with.

it's about perpetual total power and domination - there is NO other agenda said...

mungle said...
If population control is the ultimate aim of the "elite" why can't this aim be discussed openly? Why resort to a massively contrived scam such as AGM? Is birth control such a taboo subject that it can't be talked about? Or is it that the elite want to engineer the survival of some groups rather than others, is that what makes it such a James Bond villain scheme?

20 December 2009 14:51

No because it is not only population control that drives them, it is TOTAL power over EVERYONES lives.

Just discussing and implimenting population control in a mild manner would not give them the perpetual power the elites(the banking elite and their royal backers)seek, democracy in a questioning public threatens them and could dismiss them at any point should the farce be exposed, hence they seek total power rather than `near` total power.

if they have to murder you to seek their agenda they will, and they have.

to them you are disposable said...

chances are they will use your iindoctrinated chilred (the peoples army - already in the works) to do it.

remember the gift betty gave obumma when he visited?

the book 1984

yes she gave him the book 1984!

just after she signed us away to the EUSSR

It's all a big laugh to them on the inside!

oh yes betty is a key player - notice old big ears at the NWO goverment oops `climate` change disguised as a green!

unaccountable and unelected is the new way of treason -

and this is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

for those seeking more proof that betty and the clan are in on it -

it's about an hour or so long but unless you really wish to remain a sheeple them you will watch it if only for your childrens sake.

also a certain racist member of the family is a member of the trilateral commision, and also heads another NWO world governing body and wishes to destroy 85% or something close to that figure of the population.

all documented.

now stand to attention and sing with all your heart - god save the totalitarian dictators hiding behind the curtains pulling the strings.

but dont worry every 25 years you are presented a mug!

rather fitting eh!

Anonymous said...

Now I can pretty much assume going by the ignorance of most of the posters (i dont blame you, you have been indoctrinated to be that way from birth) here that most of you will not watch the video about the bankers and how they control the world.

do yourself and your children a favour and ALL will become clear.

one hour is all it takes or just the first 15 mins may be enough to grasp the picture, or you could go on forever wandering around like a fool in the dark, making ignorant posts when someone has offered before you the truth, the reasons and the agenda.

so before you wander off in your capes and masks etc, pointlessly screaming about something you don't understand - use the best weapon you can get - the truth!

Your choice!

licater said...

Excellent ...

... collection of window-lickers you snaggled with this p-o-s, OH.

Not sayin' it wuz all dross, like. The bit up to the hand-drawn graph was almost (but not quite) credible, but the paranoia-fest thereafter was just a doozy.

Keep on lickin' ...

fewqwer said...

Presenting a weak argument for the sceptics is the sort of thing Gore would do isn't it?

Gareth said...


One of the things that world leaders plainly want is maintaining the status quo. Rich West, poor Africa with Asia making everything somewhere in the middle. They want poor developing nations reliant on handouts because they will do as their richer benefactors say. They want productive developing nations making cheap shit and ruining their own environments to keep voters quiet in developed nations. They want to direct vast gobs of tax money into the pockets of their carbon offsetting and eco technology chums.

Actually no. It's probably all bollocks. What you definitely have is a large bunch of idiots and a large bunch of clever business men. The idiots are convinced they are right because businessmen have told them so - just like the Emperor in the Emperor's New Clothes. The businessmen are fully signed up to the political message of eco-wibble but that is only until the money making opportunities disappear - just like the tailors in The Emperor's New Clothes.

Why is so much of the favoured solution to climate change not about free trade allowing nations to afford their own climate change abatement programs? If emissions are the problem why is it not about reducing emissions nor even paying a fair price for the unproven consequences of those emissions? It's about putting in place a global market for emissions trading that the bankers can manage. It is a long term bank bailout in all but name.

Perhaps the recent cockups in the banking sector and the boldness of the global warming camp are directly related - the more banks and businesses have sunk the more they have piled in with politicians and watermelons. A perfectly natural state of affairs driven by a survival instinct but one politicians and watermelons are too blinkered to spot. They think banks and businesses have been won over when all they have actually done is wave loadsamoney (ours) in their faces.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 20 December 2009 16:11

Thank you for the link very insightful,1 thing i question, was diana's mother a rothschild? her name on wiki comes up as spencer nee Roche? does anyone know different?
well worth watching IMHO.

Igor said...

Ice age ended by cavemen lighting campfires. This has been scientifically proven
and all other theories debunked by Al Gore a.k.a. Bullwinkle

Cavemen start Global Warming!

I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at

Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama Care vs Igor Care

Nick said...

There aren't many research councils in the UK

They are subject to the FOI act.

So, what's a good form of words to ask for all research proposals to see if they are issued to people to prove AGW, disprove AGW or are properly structered as open research.

In my experience, they will wriggle and not answer the question

Nick said...

The second point relates to the elephant in the room. For some countries it might be population. However, China has it under control. Indonesia has moved from 10 to 2-3 in a generation. Even Iran promotes condoms heavily. Italy's has gone negative.

I don't think its population.

No, the real issue is government debt. I don't mean bond borrowing. I mean the whole kit kaboddle.

For the UK it is in the trillions. 7-8 trillion. 14-16 times government earnings. It's not going to work.

Hence the need to tax, tax and tax more. CC is the excuse.


Tomrat said...

Good post; agree with everything but the final few statements - the Bilderberg group's conspiracy could just as easily be happenstance and the natural collective mindset bourne by enough likeminded buffoons with a faulty world view and layers of insecurity.

As for the "overpopulation" scare are people not tired of this yet? As a species the quality of life wholesale has gone up massively in the 20th and 21st centuries as a result of the free market. Collectively we could all live in an area the size of the Czeque Republic at a population density similar to New York leaving the rest of the land to support the means of feeding everyone, which it is more than capable of doing with care and consideration.

Overall a good point, and one which needs to be made more often about AGW and the entire elites crap; the Internet provides a comforting respite to it and will eventually be the means to our freedom.

banned said...

Rogerborg, get with the programme mate. Climate Change has been history since Al Gores new bok. "Our Choice: A Plan To Solve The Climate Crisis ", so it's officially no longer climate change but Climate Crisis, got that ?
( Out Nov. 4th just in time for all those at the Copenhagen wankfest to buy it on expenses even though Gore bottled out of appearing.)

Dave said...

When in doubt follow the money. Who gains from all the alarmist bullshit?

Surprise surprise! carbon trading!
Check this out

Fuck. It's gone. Bastards

Addanc said...

Sounds like the data yet again confirms Milankovitch cycles

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