Friday, 18 December 2009

Does it get any better?

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John R said...

With a bit of luck by the time they get up enough momentum to try to tax us all into the ground the whole Climategate ton of bricks will have landed on their collective heads!!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

If a bomb had gone off and wiped all the thieving bastards out, it would have been a lot better.

View from the Solent said...

And just below the picture of Omaha,
"Heavy snowfall causes disruption"

Martin Wellbourne said...

Keep up, keep up - more precipitation is a predicted effect of climate change and this, virtually unprecedented, level of snowfall is a confirmation of the need to do more, faster.

You think I jest. Come know better than that. That really IS what they're saying now! Stone me - I'm only forty-six and this is nothing like an unusually heavy snow "event". My aged relatives have many tales to tell of snow that drifted deep and lasted for weeks and months - they'd know, they were out working in it, not sitting in some effing lecture hall being harrangued into becoming a useless, ignorant cunt.

This really is about a load of gobshite students being led by some acid-addled old ponces who just luuuurve all the adulation.

amigauser said...

what surprise,

theirs no way all these heads of state get together, and not reach an agreement, I would not be surprised if this was already agreed in principle amoungst the major powers and the only thing in doubt was the amount of bribe needed for the rest

The agreement still has to be agreed by the Senate, but its allready a done deal here in UK - TAX rises here we come - maybe Al Gore will be the first carbon billionaire

Oldrightie said...

There is no deal, rusty St. Obama had to dash off before his Boeing got stranded in the snow!

Vladimir said...

If a loony tells you that it's "unprecedented snowfall" because of climate change or similar bollocks, you can look really smug and say to them: "I thought that climate wasn't the same as weather".

For that is what they say whenever it's suggested that since weather forecasts aren't completely accurate for the next few days, maybe climate forecasts for the next few centuries aren't that accurate either.

Fausty said...

amigauser, Obama said he'd use his handy executive powers to ram it through if the Senate oppose it.

thelunaticarms said...

Sounded like bullshit to me. That or the only details they've sorted is where the next meet is. Not good but not exactly a Eco-Nazi Triumph.

I say BS cos Barry Obama's voice was all over the place and only our media seems to praising this as a breakthrough. Shit, if Barry farted the Beeb would be reporting it as an inspiration for a vegetarian diet.

Still, if the Bastards that Be came this far after the email expose, a deal was most probably done the same time as the decision to "sex-up" the data.

Gobshite said...

The snow we are having now is nowhere near the magnitude of weather we had not so long ago.

Now THAT is a fucking snow storm.

Rogerborg said...

Hello, now it's Four Eurostar trains have broken down in the Channel Tunnel due to cold weather.

While we're on about voodoo "science", look what else just got flushed down the Friday news latrine: "the suggestion of a reduced risk with increased fruit and vegetable intake once you take out all the other factors is much harder to prove. We are pretty much drawing a blank".

Just as with the "climate change" scam, that's State science in action: pick the desired behaviour, promote whichever "Scienticians" are prepared to advocate it, start publishing the Official Guidelines, and demonising the "deniers".

Nice to see some of those "deniers" standing up at last:

"Indeed for one doctor at least, it is the constant parade of government health exhortations which may be making us ill.

"Health messages have taken over - it seems to be an area where politicians feel they can stamp their authority," says Dr Mike Fitzpatrick, a London GP and author of the Tyranny of Health.

"But people know about the dangers of smoking and being overweight - they don't need all these initiatives, many of which are incredibly patronising and paternalistic.

"This mounting preoccupation with health issues is making many people anxious and incredibly inward looking - and that doesn't seem to me a particularly healthy basis for a society as it enters a new decade."

I'd buy that chap a steak dinner followed by brandy and cigar any day.

banned said...

Spent many of my childhood winters more or less snowed in from the rest of the world, didn't stop me going to school or the grown-ups going to work. It was normal.

So, how much have we agreed to borrow from China to bribe China to pretend to reduce her carbon emissions ?

Paul B said...

I reccomend everyone turn up thir thermostats at least 3 degrees in this cold weather and go for frequent 5 mile pleasure drives. Together we can fuck up their plans.

sofalover said...

Carconhargon summit, wow that worth worth a billion. Couldn't they have used email to achieve the same 'result' that being 'we agree that we need to agree'.

Thank you China, don't let the cunts drag you into their mass delusion.

Comes to something when I rely on China representing the truth and reality.

Anonymous said...

The science is settled, deniers!

Now make with the taxes.

eight rounds rapid said...

For all his supposed metropolitan savvy, Obummer is an bankster owned, autocue zombie.

ullage said...

What swung it for me was being harangued by Hugo Chavez and Robert Mugabe.

eight rounds rapid said...

Four Eurostar trains have broken down in the Channel Tunnel due to cold weather.

Nicely timed to weight on the minds of the Great and Good at Copenhagen.

Joe Bloggs left trapped and freezing; it doesn't get any more 'on message' than that, does it; other than if all the passengers had been robbed during the ordeal, or maybe killed, yes, that'd show the skeptics, wouldn't it.

Wonder how Phil(th) Jones is getting on?

Also, "CRU is in fact a business."

wv: statchi (& statchi?)

Anonymous said...

Apologies all, I left my fridge open last whilst pissed as a fart. No doubt the Channel Tunnel fiasco is my fault.

Gareth said...

Martin Wellbourne said: "You think I jest. Come know better than that. That really IS what they're saying now! Stone me - I'm only forty-six and this is nothing like an unusually heavy snow "event". My aged relatives have many tales to tell of snow that drifted deep and lasted for weeks and months - they'd know, they were out working in it, not sitting in some effing lecture hall being harrangued into becoming a useless, ignorant cunt."

Even one of the CRU people agree with you on that.

> >Phil
> >
> >Strictly very much in confidence, this was submitted to Nature
> >Geosciences just before Xmas after discussion with them.
> >
> >Night-time temperatures seem to have been rather underestimated here
> >as well since the cold spell started. Daytime forecasts have been
> >better, allowing for 1000 feet of elevation. Real cold would shock all under 30!
> >
> >Chris

To put it plainly, they don't know why it is warmer nor are they absolutely sure it is. There is natural variation in the climate but we don't have long enough reliable records to know the bounds of that variability. They can't account for all the energy coming in from the sun and going out through re-radiation. The instrument record has been fudged and appears very corrupted by the urban heat island effect.

They don't want us to be taxed into poverty to 'solve' the potential problem. If they did Copenhagen would have been a doddle as they all would have agreed. It is financial interest in setting up a vast market in trading carbon credits that the major players wanted, and control of the climate change fund that we will be contributing billions of pounds into.

Anonymous said...

Sing praise unto the email whistleblower and now let us prosecute the scoundrels and scumbags masquerading as "scientists" who fiddled the figures and massaged the graphs. There should be no place to hide for science pseuds and scare mongers. Jail them, confiscate their ill-gotten funding.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I've got to go to hospital for surgery in the new year.

Need to get this soaf shaped sofa sized tumour removed from my back.

Other than that - fit as a fiddle.

Ron Broxted said...

Have I got this right, we give £65 billion to a load of HIV ridden lazy stone age bastards in Africa so they don't produce too much CO2. The lazy cunts don't produce fuck all as it is they just sit around in mud huts fucking each other all year until Lenny Henry wearing a red nose comes round with another sack of our kids pocket money. You couldn't make this crap up.

microdave said...

That's the first sensible thing Ron Broxted has said....

Ron Broxted-McEgan-Steed said...

"Have I got this right, we give £65 billion to a load of HIV ridden lazy stone age bastards in Africa...."

That's not entirely accurate. Some of them also come and enrich this country with their culture.

And some of them have the most wonderful cocks, I can tell you. You should see the state of my sphincter!

Dave said...

What pissed me off was Jonah Brown promising to give away squillions of our money to Third World dictatorships in order to combat the effects of climate change. Which translates as us paying for their new learjets and limos while their population fucks themselves to death.

Then the ungrateful bastards complain that we never gave them enough money.

And the eco-loons complaining that we never spent enough of our money on their hare brained wheezes and scams.

Spend your own money you bastards and stop spending mine! That's socialism for you, a bunch of deluded muggers.

At least the Chinese (an officially socialist state) saw through the fiasco and refused to play along.

c'est la vie said...

Frankie Boyle: "And remember, 20% of everything you give goes directly to a grinning warlord, wearing a necklace of human finger bones." ...

Prince Eddy said...

Ron Broxted-McEgan-Steed-Ciaran Rehill-Robert Napier-Shanghai7. We can all guess what state your queer rent-boy arsehole must be in. I am guessing that I could kick a football up it and it wouldn't touch the sides.

Katabasis said...


Thanks for that link!

I had no idea the "models" were so goddamned tenuous. FFS.

I've thought for a few years now that probably the two best habits one can pick up to avoid or mitigate disease is i) learn how to release emotions and don't let them build up into semi-permanent tension in your body and ii) make sure your bases are covered with the micronutrients.

As the article says, the fruit and veg aren't much help for minerals so that leaves nuts, seeds, grains and maybe sprouts - maybe. Its difficult to know which scientists to trust these days. FFS.

da cheeeldrun said...

But what we want to know is

Does this mean our wabbit is going to die?

JD said...


The Henley Hooker said...

Off topic business is very slow here in Goring due to the heavy snow. My girls are sitting around scratching their parts due to the lack of gentlemen callers. I have told my odd job man Broxted to go out and stick some more cards round the minicab offices, but the lazy bastard refuses to leave the cellar where he has been watching gay porn all day and wanking himself dry.

What is a madam to do? I have just taken an old wooden Thames launch in lieu of an outstanding account for services supplied to a retired judge. I have been told it will cost a small fortune to get it afloat again. If I do I think I will rename it Bilge Rats.

Legover Len said...

Having just read your comment your ladyship might I inquire if you are still employing that ugly girl that does all the specials? She had a aussie twang to her voice when her mouth was not full. I think her name was Bilby or something odd like that.

Ron Broxted said...

Just time for a quick rant before I get into my sleeping bag. I fucking hate the Germans for what they did to my dad and my uncle in the last war. Twice they were passed over for promotion in the SS despite having good service records.

Harvey Keitel. said...

Ron you are right to feel aggrieved. Does your father still look all dreamy when you mention ethnic cleansing?

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