Saturday, 26 December 2009

A decade past

From the Torygraph...

It astonishes me to look back on these 10 years and reflect on just how much of our freedom we have lost, and how utterly needlessly. This is nothing to do with the “war on terror”: it is to do with the socialist state’s inevitable compulsion to control. How can it have come about that we live in a country where anti-terrorism laws are used to prosecute people who put their wheelie-bins in the wrong place, or who take pictures of cathedrals? Why have we let it become illegal to make rational objections to, or fun of, aspects of other cultures? Why should religious people be compelled to endorse sexual practices that they find morally repellent? Why can’t we just, any longer, be ourselves?

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Anonymous said...

'Why can’t we just, any longer, be ourselves?'

I still am, trouble is everything is changing around me.

Anonymous said...

'Why can’t we just, any longer, be ourselves?'

It would require a safety assessment and wo be in infringement of various H+S decrees.

Dark Lochnagar said...

The revolution can't be far away.

Harri said...

Dark Lochnagar said...
The revolution can't be far away.

26 December 2009 12:09

And neither is the Civil contingencies act.

Then, we really are up shit ceek without a paddle.

Climategate said...

The bastard leftwing wankjobs are in power thats why.
The Police and schools and so on.
We are reaping the whirlwind of the lonny left idiology that only used to be the preserve of inner London councils in the 70/80s.
It's gone fucking global now.

Gimp Masked Troll said...


Can't help but think you're right. They've been desperate to bring the act in what with "Summer of Rage" predictions and all that. We'll have a few martyrs though (who don't mind getting locked up, classified as "insane" or repeatedly tasered), who have nothing left to lose, who may get the ball rolling until we're able to outnumber the bastards.

Well, live in hope. May be misplaced but can't bring myself to give up just yet!

Anonymous said...

Just heard Labour's Great New Idea on the news - campaign to stop the repeal of anti-hunting legislation. FFS! The country is bankrupt, we're inviting shedloads of wouldbe terrorists to come over here & misuse our benefits system, Christianity is being mandated against, white men are all officially in the govt view, rapists and/or peadophiles & that delusional wankstain Brown wants us to campaign about hunting. What a complete & utter uber-cunt he is! said...

it's not over till the fat lady sings

Anonymous said...

Harri Said...
Dark Lochnagar said...
The revolution can't be far away.

26 December 2009 12:09

And neither is the Civil contingencies act.

Then, we really are up shit ceek without a paddle.

If the government use the civil contingencies act, it becomes the duty of every citizen to summarily execute every member of the cabinet, as that would be the only route back to democracy.

bofl said...

more of gordons great ideas.......

still looking forward to next year when things REALLY srart to get tough!

Gobshite said...

Why repeal hunting, when you can change it?

I would love to spend Boxing Day hunting MPs' with a pack of Fila Brasiliero and Pitbull dogs.

Drug dealers and Chavs have been studiously keeping the breed standards high for just such a sport. Without any pay! What public spiritedness.

So, in summary:

1. Hunting with hounds becomes more popular.

2. Dangerous dogs are put to good use.

3. Chavs and drug-dealers can be put to work breeding ever more fierce dogs.

Tally ho!


Anonymous said...

sadly, i think pitbulls and the like have a taste for juicy babies, so they are unlikely to want to eat our putrid politicians.

Better to starve about 200 pigs for a week or so, then lock them in the two houses (commons and lords) with their respective groups of troughers and let nature take its course. Now that has a certain poetry to it.

Shithole Britain said...

It's unfortunate but true that things in this country have to reach rock-bottom before the great British public will get off their knees and do anything about it. That crisis is coming ever closer, however. It's like watching the early stages of a slow motion car crash.
Just a quick piece of advice: buy yourselves a class 3B or 4 laser off Ebay whilst you still can. They've been banned in Australia and the USA so it won't be long before they're banned here to. Try to find a green one of at least 25mW output power. They're good for blinding attackers from several kilometers away.

strongholdbarricades said...

You maudlin tw*t

Whilst you are wondering, they are "taking"

and who invented the slogan "sleep walking to catastrophe"?

Hopefully your ambitions for 2010 aren't all buried in Christmas Sherry

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