Friday, 4 December 2009

Climate heretics.

Ooo, those climate heretics. I'll scratch their eyes out.

(Picture scientifically extrapolated from here)

'Climate denier' turns out to be insufficient insult to shut us up now that the cat is not only out of the bag but has grabbed the bag and shredded it. Stronger terms must be used to silence dissent.

Therefore we are now 'climate saboteurs' according to Ed Moribund, and that pinnacle of pecuniary perfection, the Brown Gorgon himself, has decried us in terms that sound as if he really believes we actually still care what he thinks:

"With only days to go before Copenhagen we mustn't be distracted by the behind-the-times, anti-science, flat-earth climate sceptics," Brown told the Guardian. "We know the science. We know what we must do. We must now act and close the 5bn-tonne gap. That will seal the deal."

If you question this aspect of science, you are no longer following established scientific procedures, you are of the flat earth persuasion, you are behind the times, and most of all, by following established scientific procedure you are anti-science. What a clever little Prime Monster we have. He knows science almost as if it were a religious doctrine. He even has a new way to say 'getting on with the job'.

This is ridiculous. If the science is 'settled', why does it need to be defended as if it were some new religion based on the worship of a fifteen foot anchovy constructed from wheat and turkey gizzards? Why not just show us the science?

It is no different - at all - to the methods used by Righteous down the ages. The opponent's view cannot be considered. That view cannot be challenged using reality, therefore the opponent must be discredited. Cry 'heretic' and let slip the dogs of control.

None of this will work now. Not even the next stage, 'climate racist'. It's too late. People are sick of having their opinions simply dismissed and sick of being told not only that they are wrong, but they are evilly wrong, they are stupidly wrong, they are heretically wrong. Not because there is a real argument to prove them wrong but 'because we say so and we know best'.

Moribund and the Gorgon present no scientific argument at all. They don't even try. All they have are insults and accusations.

It's all they have left.


Dixie Dean said...

Sorry too busy to reply, am partying like is 999 AD.

Drinking mead, wenching and wearing nothing but me undies... And still warm. Them emperors cloths just ain't needed- and an hoping for another few hundred years of warming!!!

Have survived Anthrax, Sars, bird flu, swine flu and now catastrophic climate change and international terrorism- only thing left to get me is the big bad wolf.
And seriously... Who's afraid?
Nothing to fear except fear itself!!! Hahaha
it's REALLY falling apart for them and once the Wizards curtain is pulled away even the munchkins stop fearing the Wizard. Well done all. :0).

formertory said...

Climate racist? I'm betting on "climate Jew" and a nice yellow star, just like in the photo somewhere on here............ :-)

Cooler, eight veeks. And look out for the 2010 Kristallnacht.

Vladimir Putin said...

Regarding the Guardian article. This might not simply be the old trick of calling you a racist if you disagree with them. The subtext of the article is even darker: "if you don't get on board with our plans, your country will be flooded with 200 million Bangladeshis, and you won't like that, will you, Mr Right Wing? So what's it to be? You going to carry on denying our 'science' and displace all those forruns that you hate so much, so they come over here and take your jobs and your white wimmin? Maybe you'd prefer to shut up and let us make our deals at Copenhagen."

Sounds to me like they're using what they call racism as a tool to further their political agenda. Racist politics - how very 1930s.

Then again, I may be reading too much into it.

Road_Hog said...

We've got these fuckers on the run. Make sure you post a comment on every article that you read.

They're scared shitless and we out number them 10-1 on all the online MSM comments.

GCooper said...

Just what I've always wanted. To be lectured on 'climate science' by a mad Scotchman whose academic (ha!) discipline is the study of an obscure sect of porridge-eating communists.

Spartan said...

that's it Gordon ... insult the majority of the UK ... what a fucking idiot!

Anonymous said...

And where are all these Bangladeshi refugees going to live when they get here? In shoe boxes built on flood plains? This is a cynical misuse of the fear of yet more immigration, and an empty threat in Britain's case.

NWO - you aint seen nothing yet said...


They will flood the country with immigrants anyway.

In fact ramping it up is one of the first things they have planned and the climate change tax/global goverment/EUSSR will only speed the process beyond belief in the next two years to make sure no country can ever claim its national independence again due to the framented nature of society that it will bring even more than it is now.

vote lib lab con and you are voting for fascist enslavement.

There is only two cvurrent alternatives, the BNP or UKIP all else will simply speed the process of global enslavement.

Displacement of the indigenous people is their KEY tool to a global fascist state.

Yet so many goons here like to scream `racist` at anyone who saw the problem from the begining and tried to stop it.


eight rounds rapid said...

Not that they would, and therein lies a large slice of what is colloquially referred to as "the rub", but eco-Dave's scrofulous, piratical outfit could monster Scat Gordon by turning on the whole scam and calling it out for the shitpile it is.

Trouble is, they're up to their eyeballs in it as well.

Does it really fall to Nick Griffin to stand up for 100+ years of industrialisation against year-zero Communism?

sheeple vote for their own destruction said...

Do you know why the west is being destroyed, it's manufacturing base and wealth and power destroyed?

Because it stops any national group from rising up against the NWO before the mass invasion is complete.

The last thing they want is an independantly powerfull country with an identity that could overthrow the NWO global bankers and their shills.

The destruction of the west is deliberate, as long as the NWO can pool their resouces they are keen to destroy the wealth and identity of the west.

you must remember that the people that control this do not need seek money alone they seek eternal power for them and their dynasties.

caesars wife said...

Met office to now review data !!

Perhaps a better question is if the science is so certain , why dont they just get on and do it , rather than invent some sort of complex international tax system !!

That really does whiff of NWO marxism.

But then we come back to Millband , governemnt minister for climate change no less , calling everyone flat earthers , is simply not good enough (CW is a pro eco campaigner), because he keeps quoting the very figures that are now in question .

Again the hypocracy of the government is unbeleivable , we must make 80% cuts but then green lights runway 3 which is destined to increase the number of air flights by 40%.

As a an eco campaigner CW thinks being as this government has funded so much re search , Ed millibands weak information is alarming , the government have made it a key interbational topic , so why does he seem to know so little about it .

I watched Fraser Nelson and Bob Ward , and it didnt say anything at all , fraser asked a relevant question , and CW noted bobs answer was "we know that CO2 affects climate to some degree"
Well if after 10 years of study Bob Ward can only say that , most people will read it as a bit lite .

Yet there are pollution problems which dont need any work at all , saving rain forest is perfectly sensible , we should not be heading towards an earth that isnt mostly just nature with humans plundering every inch of it.

The government is making a case on the wrong grounds and the tax that comes out of it is therefore unjust .

zoomraker said...

The BNP are claiming Bob Ainsworth has said Blair Lied over Iraq.

Tom said...

Wahoogah - klaxon - dive, dive, dive

THE WAVE is on it's way TEOTWAWKI

McDoom doesn't deliver "yair all dumed, dumed I say" quite as well as Corporal Frazer (OK, I promoted him - crime?)

This is getting better by the day.

I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning.

Large helpings available soon - roll up, roll up.

On a mildly more serious note. I re-read "The Nottingham Declaration" and given the revelations about political "policy based evidence" in the leaked CRU stuff the calibrated language in that document is a smoking gun - It's obvious that somebody in Gubmint decided not to stick their necks out on AGW 2 years ago......

check it out:

Anonymous said...

It will even effect what you are allowed to eat:

VotR said...

Gordo's plan A: Green tax the world.
Gordo's plan B: There is no plan B.
Gordo's plan C: See plan B.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown is the very definition of Cuntitude.

He is a Globalist... nuff said.

The Paragnostic said...

A neologism for you - psefitomorphic

"created by liars"

So what we really have is not AGW but PGW, and the liars are desperate now that they have been found out.

Having screwed the British people with his inept handling of the financial sector, McMental is now intent on beggaring us all with totally unnecessary and unjustifiable carbon taxes and carbon trading schemes that will only make the bankers richer.

Interested readers may find informative - it shows how scientists are unduly influenced by the prevailing orthodoxy, often to the extent of distorting reality to fit their theories.

banned said...

Double whammy own goal by Brown and Miliband since no-one gives a shit about what either of them says, Sir Nicholas Stern.
Piss off to CO2penhagen Gordon and let the Jonah Effect do its worst.

( Sadly Al Whore won't be there since he's chickened out through fear of confronting Deniist flat-earth types. )

subrosa said...

Aye, I heard oor Ed on the TV last night calling me a flat-earth climate sceptic. Actually that's one of the more pleasant compliments have had this week from the MSM.

How did you get here LI? I hope OH paid your train fare!

bofl said...

gordon brown and truth do not fit in the same sentence.

there were 6 ice ages before we invented the internal combustion engine. the earth heats up and cools down.might have something to do with the big yellow thing in th sky!

meanwhile.......talking of liars..........

Mitch said...

If the snot eating mentalist really believed this horse shit why can you still get planning permission to build on low lying areas? why are plans not being made to rebuild west minster on a hill?
Cos they really know what we know....its all bollox!!

Anonymous said...

You are all missing the point. The one eyed fucking cunt is actually gesturing with his left hand the size of his ring piece after a night of sex with Mandy.

Volatile Barry said...

Newsnight was worth watching last night. They had on some swivel eyed loon from the University of East Anglia and a Yank denier. Said loon was v obnoxious and ended up calling the Yank an arsehole. The presenter apologised for that later. The more these people can be persuaded to get on the box the better, they can be seen for the rather sinister automatons they are. They never do their cause any good whatsoever which is excellent news.

Anonymous said...

Appearing ‘Green’ is nothing but an excuse for Western governments to impose ever more repressive taxation and control over the citizenry. And less face it, keeping a lid on their balkanised shithole welfare states is going to require plenty of both from now on.

When the BBC can announce government plans to build millions more new homes in Britain (wonder why we need them!), all without a murmur of the environmental impact they will cause, you know you are being conned.

the beast of clerkenwell said...

Walking along the Edgeware Rd yesterday i saw Blairs motorcade speeding along the wrong side of the rd (They shut the trafic signals down) two BMW out riders, A BMW police car , Blairs armoured v12 7 series BMW, a BMW X5, and a BMW 5 series
Just incase any body is interested a certain whistle opens and shuts certain traffic lights

Dick the Prick said...

Not wanting to go completely off track but if the dinosaurs hadn't been wiped out by catastrophy then we'd still be burrowing in fucking ditches. Why should it be that the arrogance of humans gives us the ability to control nature? It's all bollox. Too many people anyway - fuck em. We're supposed to care about people (which, to be fair I do) as long as they're not Iraquis or Afghans - oh no, they're terrorists on the move to Bradford dontcha know?

bofl said...

every single word is a lie!!!!!!

if we are so worried about emissions then why are we importing another 15 million people?

none of them will want cars?
heating?food-which travels thousands of miles to get here (of course that doesnt burn fuel)?

we are purposely being devastated by brown +cohorts........just look at their backgrounds.......

Brown+scottish+thinks he is a genius.
darling+public school lawyer from a family of

milipede.son of immigrant communist.
peter mandleson.communist(except for £20,000 watches+sports cars+luxury pads)family of communists.twice throw out of office.appointed with no election.

jack straw.communist.immigrant background.famously said that the british were not worth saving......

still think they have OUR interests at heart?

ps why the fuck is Blair being treated like a deity?

beast: i hope you laughed at the hoon?

Roue le Jour said...

I think the plan goes like this:

1, convince mugs sky is falling
2, take money off mugs to prevent sky falling
3, claim credit for sky not falling
4, Piss off to Caribbean in private jet for huge post scam party with Al Gore.

St Paul said...

It is quite unreasonable of the Climate Saboteurs to keep talking. An inquiry into UEA has been promised and they should be satisfied and silent until the report, which is due when Hell freezes over.
Herman van Rumpy Pumpy and Baroness Turtleneck Ashtray need this votive income stream and are being deprived of the popular acclaim befitting their offices.

Ron Broxted said...

Personally I would welcome millions more immigrants into the country.

I simply *love* Diversity and Equality, not to mention the thought of all that delicious Muslim cock...

Anonymous said...

fucking "experts". 60/70 years ago doctors used to recommend asthma and bronchitis sufferers go out and buy a pack of 5 woodbine to "clear the airways".
Bunch of know-nothing cunts most of them.

Ed P said...

Wonderful news! Now the accursed one eyed son of the manse has spoken, that's it, debate over, we've won, etc, etc.
Mann-made nonsense, Gore too cowardly to speak at Copenhagen, "things can only get better", Middle Ages data nails the lie - what a brilliant result for you bloggers - you've exposed this global tax scam for what it is.

Roue le Jour said...

Photo of climate protesters shortly after someone said "everybody who doesn't work for the government put your hand up."

Anonymous said...

I suggested a couple of years ago that skeptics who threatened to get in the way of the scam would be refered to as "eco barbarians". So wasn't that far out.
Who knows scepticism may be a criminal offence in a year or two?

Ed P said...

There were two facts that seemed significant when the CRU emails first emerged:
1. The file was labelled FOI2009, suggesting this was their grudging and reluctant response to the FOI request. So, despite resisting the release of the (incriminating) data, it seems they had been preparing for the inevitable release of it. Just why they would have included so many damaging emails is fascinating.
2. The mole. This data was not hacked from the CRU, but uploaded to the Russian server by an insider.
Neither of these two are mentioned now. Why's that?

Anonymous said...

Largish protests in some large towns and cities about AGW. Why aren't they chanting-What do we want? More taxation!What do we want? More taxation!. Millibrand is there of course saying that you can't underestimate "people power" something you may have confirmed in a couple of months ED.

T England said...

I have to wonder why it is that many religious people, who obviously totally believe the science behind climate change, won’t believe the same scientists & except that there is no God!
Science tells us we are made up from elements created from hydrogen & helium & not as religious people like to think, but will they accept that, of course not, I reckon they either believe in science totally, absolutley & without question, like how they are with climate change science, or they believe their God will send down a message in time to build an ark before the floods come!

Dave H said...

“I’m pretty sure that there was no such fudging of the fundamental data. There has been a little bit of manipulation of the presentation of a few diagrams.”

Professor A. Watson, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia on PM 4 Dec 2009.

That’s alright then. The data is ok, we’ve just been fiddling with the graphs used to present it. Jolly hockey sticks.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Dave H.

Same was said on Radio 4 just now.

"Just a blip. Nothing untoward. GW still exists as it did two weeks ago. All deniers and skeptics are cunts. Move along now before I report you".

The usual claptrap from the rabid lentil-munching nutters.

eight rounds rapid said...

Those Miliband brothers (of the genus dispora residuum troglodytes) really are the diseased underpant skids of UK politics.

Neither of them with a single competent deduction to their name.

As for Broon ...

Anonymous said...

T England said...
I have to wonder why it is that many religious people, who obviously totally believe the science behind climate change, won’t believe the same scientists & except that there is no God!

The same people will support the AGW agenda yet will not say a word about mass immigration. The two can not be seperated

Anonymous said...

'All they have are insults and accusations' - that's because they're a pair of ignorant cunts who wouldn't understand the scientific calculations if they were led by the hand through them, with explanations at every step. Thick as pig-shit the pair of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Has it struck anyone that Son of the Manse's endorsement of AGW may well be the kiss of death to it, based on Curse of Jonah?

mungle said...

Vladimir says,
even darker: "if you don't get on board with our plans, your country will be flooded with 200 million Bangladeshis, and you won't like that, will you, Mr Right Wing? So what's it to be? You going to carry on denying our 'science' and displace all those forruns that you hate so much, so they come over here and take your jobs and your white wimmin? Maybe you'd prefer to shut up and let us make our deals at Copenhagen."

I think you are spot on Vladimir, that was the sub text of what Brown was saying on Sky today

secter said...

Vladimir, Mungle,

An interesting point of view.

Paying foreigners to stay where they are in preference to paying them when they come here misses the obvious solution - don't pay them at all. Obviously, for equality and human rights reasons we would have to stop paying our indiginous lazy bastards as well.

The issue at the heart of that is that our politicians do not give a fig for where the money comes from so spend it like they have won the lottery. They have largely escape any consequences of their profligacy with our money and their abuse of our good nature. That has got to change. To rescue banks that deserved to go under they dared not tax us more - instead they taxed our grandchildren.

calamity climate said...

Re London ActonCO2 demo
Sunday Telegraph.
"Ashok Sinha, the director of the Stop Climate Change coalition, said he estimated that more than 40,000 people had joined the protest, although the Metropolitan Police put the figure at around 20,000.
He added: “We’ve got so many people coming together. We’ve got faith-based groups, anti-poverty campaigners, green groups, students, community groups, women’s groups and unions. "

Big Deal or No Deal ?

Anonymous said...

How can all you Antis be so sure that you are right?

Science with all its rigour is not sure that it is right in the detail, although it it is pretty confident with the principle and the general direction. So how can you lot with nothing more than the media output and no facts be so sure that the science is wrong ?

Come on, lets have some supporting evidence from you to support your mania.

After all, you might be right, so lets see some proof.

ROTiree said...

Clearly not a scientist, then, if you are complaining about the "Antis" lack of scientific rigour. It is precisely because of the lack of rigour in the AGW argument that the Antis are complaining.

1. The data comes from thermometers placed all around the world which have been monitored and the readings recorded for many years. However, recently, thermometers have been moved from country areas to urban areas. Urban areas have grown up around existing thermometers. Some were moved down from mountains into urban areas, because it made it easier to get readings, rather than traipsing up and down hills every day. Oh, yes... concrete/tarmac/buildings tend to be hotter than grassland, etc. Sadly, few, if any, controlled experiments were set up to monitor both sets to come up with a correlation factor. They just made up an eye-pleasing fudge-factor and called it science. This is called "bad science".

2. They use tree-ring data to read back through the fossil record to determine annual temperatures for the period before thermometers were invented. All except the last 40 years, that is... apparently tree-rings in the last 40 years don't fit with their "hockey-stick" model at all well. Their answer was not to apply scientific rigour and examine their hypothesis to find out why there is a discrepancy. Instead, they chose to just ignore it, despite using it as the basis for ratifying all the other data. This is called "having your cake and eating it" and is also bad science.

These points, together with many other glaring instances of failure to apply scientific rigour (altering data, ignoring so-called "blips", etc), are all in the UEA emails. There's your supporting evidence. Oops.

Don't come in here with yer knickers in yer handbag and complain about scientific rigour until the eco-mentalists can get their data and hypothesis sorted out, OK?

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