Monday, 7 December 2009

Can A Libertarian Be A Conservative ?

Dan Hannan poses this question whilst giving a potted history of the amalgamation of disparate political philosohies in the current Conservative Party.

He also gives mention to Chris Mounsey Leader of The Libertarian Party, who apart from the issue of legalising drugs he has very little difference. As the Libertarian Party constantly has the refrain you will only ever get 80% of what you want if you join the LPUK, my compromise issue is Republicanism.

As to Dan's question 'Can a Libertarian be a Conservative'? in our opinion no, and Cameron in his last but one Conservative speech, stated that the Conservative Party is not a Libertarian Party, thus swinging his party in the direction of the Authoritarian Social Democrats, the same mush that the Liberal Democrats is in.

Dan is clearly in the wrong party. I listened to him on R4 a few weeks ago just after we all 'signed up' to Lisbon. He admitted that politically the last twenty years has been a failure for him. The EU has just steam rollered through democratically accountable Government, ignoring Referenda, and the same is going to happen in Copenhagen.

A minority political class is going to enact costly authoritarian measures without a shred of legitimacy or scientific proof that Global Warming is caused by man (Global warming is happening but it is part of a very natural cycle)

I admire Dan a lot, and his humilation of Brown in the Halls of the EU, which became one of the biggest youtube political hits of recent times, put Libertarianism right at the top of the agenda for a while. I know this to be a truth because the BBC ignored it for two whole days, until it was forced to show it, or be exposed as the mouthpiece of Government it has become.

By sharing a bed with the Authoritarians of the Conservative Party, he will be continually sidelined and sacrificed like David Davies, to keep the tribal Tories onside and happy. Thus reducing the Conservative Party to a Hydra. Where the voice of Libertarianism is lost on the wind of Tax & Spend Toryism.

Just as we now have a Conservative Party MK II in UKIP in terms of Authoritarian policies, I also believe that Nigel Farage is in the wrong party.

The realignment is slowly happening, this next election is not the important one, that will be a Tory 'Landslide' with 38% of the vote, it will be the one after that.

Libertarians cannot be Conservatives, because it is deeply at odds with the whole Philosophy of Freedom from the Power of the State.

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The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Look cunt
Why add a fucking sound track?
Or why alllow that foreign bints voice

Anonymous said...

We live under a rotating dictatorship. We have the liblabcon,and a small but growing opposition, The BNP. The BNP is the only party the liblabcon fear. They make their feelings quite obvious. UKIP is a false flag party,a vote splitter,sort of a BNP lite. Anyone who wants to break out from under the dictatorship should consider supporting the BNP. Time is not on our side.

T England said...

"The realignment is slowly happening, this next election is not the important one, that will be a Tory 'Landslide' with 38% of the vote, it will be the one after that"

I said pretty much the same a few weeks back on conservativehome.

I believe the Tories will win the upcoming election with a majority but when in power won't do as we expect/want them to do with things like the EU, then I believe people will start to turn to smaller parties like never before.

I for one am looking to the Liberterian party when the Tories let me down as I believe they are more in tune than ever with how I see things.

I'm looking forward to getting rid of Labour but even more looking forward to seeing the polictical landscape change from the same old same old of the three main parties.

More power to the Liberterians :o)

Oldrightie said...

The trick here is some "real politik" by voting overwhelmingly Tory next year to destroy Labour. Then you have a yawning gap available for landfill.
Such a move would terrify The Tories because they would be next in the firing line.

Anonymous said...

Can see the point about voting tory - however, I'll be voting BNP after CMD's letdown over the EU Referendum.

Dave said...

I would class myself as a Libertarian but I won't be joining any political party any time soon.

Surely the idea of being libertarian is to reject any organisation that moulds and defines ones views into the consensus?

I agree with the concept, but by forming a political party do we not fall into the trap we trying to get out of?

I would prefer the total abolition of political parties, and make voting compulsory. Anyone who could raise 500 signatures and say, £5000 could stand for election as an independent. There would of course be the opportunity to vote for "None of the above".

There's more but I can't be arsed.
wordver= arstso

hannan talks the talk but won't walk the walk said...

Considering that the Torys are owned by the banking elite nothing will change under the Tories.

The march to totalitarianism will continue faster than ever.

their is only one alternative

the BNP

This is the only party that the state do not currently control.

Even if you don't want the BNP to win as you may not like all their policies, they are the only method to fragment the current revolving dictatorship and totalitarian enslavement.

They do not need to win just become a big enough threat to open public debate on our enslavement to the global bankers.

There is NO other viable alternative - NONE.

Once the BNP gain enough power to threaten the main parties other smaller parties will then have a chance to rise as the puppet parties start to infight with their controllers.

I would have also recomended UKIP but I don't trust them, their is something `state` about them, their are many good people in UKIP only their party seems to be a state controlled sham.

Such as them standing against griffin in Barking, they know they cannot win their but they hope to damage another anti European party!

and why has Farage been hobbled of late, stepping down - who's got to him?

As for the Libertarians - forget it, they have left it too late to gain speed.

What I want to know is why hannan doesnt join ukip?

ukip is far closer to his ideology than the current Tories.

Their is currently no such thing as a libertarian in the Tory party.

Thge Tories are Pro EU and all the while hannan stays with the tories he exposes himself as nothing more than the political class with his snout in the trough. If he had any integrity he would have joined UKIP years ago.

Hannan is a joke and a fraud, certainly no libertarian.

He talks the talk but won't walk the walk

Anonymous said...

Running with the fox and eating with the hounds (or should that be swine).

An having been part of UKIP for a short time, I can confirm that it is nothing more than an EU construct to trap those who want to leave into a party with a mouthpiece and zero effect. Every attempt to make a real change was crushed from within.

Anonymous said...

Dave - I agree with a lot of what you say, but in order to bring about the kind of change you suggest, we need to play their game and setup a political party in order to achieve the goals of libertarianism. LPUK is a good start. Now we just need to win a few seats and get the momentum rolling...

Kingbingo said...

"Libertarians cannot be Conservatives"

What your saying is that libertarians cannot ever be in power. And that the libertarians in the Tories should not even attempt to become the mainstream in their party, they should just leave.

Let me tell you where I'm coming from, I'm a Tory card carrier, a libertarian, and a fan of this site. But for me this article sums up why OH is condemning himself to the fringes. Which I get the impression he prefers. Its might make you feel better to rant from the fringes, but it changes nothing and will never change anything. Not until you join one of the two parties that will form a government in the next 30 years and probably next 130.

If you want to actually change something, do it from within. Violent social uprising is sheer escapism.

Kingbingo said...

"Now we just need to win a few seats and get the momentum rolling..."

You clearly have a very different definition of the word 'just'

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a Britain where the 2 main parties was the more authoritarian version of the Tories and a libertarian version of the Tories. But that is just fantasy. There are too many lefties. Those who are not lefties need to have the strength of unity and argue between themselves on delivery.

Well not unless you can wipe out all the lefties, which is escapism again, albeit one I find myself fantasising about from time to time.

Dave said...

General Elections are just a bidding war to see who will run GBUK.
One party says "we can run it for this much" while the others all try to match or counter bid.
The appeal to the electorate in a way that akin to bribery.
have you noticed that the best trunk roads are in labour heartlands? The A19 through Teesside for example.

Next election will see both parties trying not to win the poison chalice.
Labour will hang on, just. And then it's lights out for ever.

Guthrum said...

If you want to actually change something, do it from within.

Even Hannan has admitted that his membership of the Conservative Party has been one of failure for the last twenty years.

So how long do you give it twenty years,thirty years,forty years fifty years ?

The Tories will scoop this one, then the realignment states when they prove just as big State as Labour.

Vladimir said...

@ oldrightie...
"The trick here is some "real politik" by voting overwhelmingly Tory next year to destroy Labour. Then you have a yawning gap available for landfill."

Nooooo! Don't vote for either of them. We've already got one Labour Party, and if Cameron "wins", then we will have two. Better for Cameron to lose the election, be "no confidenced" by his own party, and then replaced by someone who isn't the "heir to Blair" and won't give us a repeat of the last decade.

Anonymous said...

"The realignment is slowly happening, this next election is not the important one, that will be a Tory 'Landslide' with 38% of the vote"

You JEST sir....
Maybe Hung yet

Rogerborg said...

Well, duh. Call-Me-Dave's Tories will be just a change of Nanny.

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