Thursday, 31 December 2009

Brown's New Year Speech

PS. Please do go and have a look at Tim Worstall's list of idiots


Billy The Fish said...

Last day of the year, cartoon of the year. Marvellous!
Anyway, unlikely as it will probably be, a very Happy New Year to you, OH, and to all the regulars on this fine site.
Yes, even Stan...

Anonymous said...

Nice cartoon!
On a more serious note, however, this is quite something:

Oldrightie said...

Brilliant cartoon, brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Very funny, but it fails to address the scandalous under-representation of Jews in Parliament.

El-Kevo said...

Fantastic ! Articulates my feelings about what he said presactly.

Happy New Year, y'all.

El-Kevo said...

On second thoughts ... the cartoon fails to address the subtlety of what Brown has done by saying, "Don't jeapordise the recovery."

- He knows there isn't going to be a recovery.

- He knows he's handing the Tories a time bomb which will go off in their hands.

- He's managed to delay an economic depression so that it takes place outside his term in office.

When the depression finally strikes (most people have not been hit in the pocket yet) the Tories will be in office and will then be accused of wrecking the 'recovery' which was well on track when New Labour left office.

The Tories would be fools to take power. There isn't a Thatcher among them to rescue us now - all that awaits them is failure and ignomy.

Britain is finished whatever the result of the next election.

Vote Labour. Let them take the poisoned chalice they have created.

bofl said...

i read some of his message.......
the man needs to be lala land everything is perfect and he is sitting at gods right hand saving the universe.........loved by all.

i wonder how often he actually goes out in his kon stit yew wen cy and sees the kebab wrappers,syringes,black eyes? or speaks to the unemployed whose jobs have been offshored and now have to borrow from money lenders?

does he look at his picures in the press and think he looks like a hero instaed of an escapee from broadmoor?

send him to spain-they know how to dispatch bulls........

best wishes to all.keep up the good work o/h

Old Holborn said...


That is akin to saying "let Hitler kill the Jews, then people will really hate him".

We need to completely disassemble the last 200 years of Westminster and start again. We are in cul de sac. The sooner we start, the better.

Angry Fucker said...

EK's is a popular view in some quarters though, OH. Peter Hitchens has come and and told people not to bother voting Conservative and that a complete collapse is needed before people will finally wake up to what's been going on.

Old Holborn said...

My advice, for what it is worth, is simply not to vote. Don't play their game anymore.

I am Stan said...

Billy The Fish said...

Last day of the year, cartoon of the year. Marvellous!
Anyway, unlikely as it will probably be, a very Happy New Year to you, OH, and to all the regulars on this fine site.
Yes, even Stan...

31 December 2009 12:01

And a happy new year to you Billy....cheeky boy!..and to all my

I am Stan said...

Holby..will the Libertarians not be fielding candidates at the next election?..the time is ripe surely!

Old Holborn said...

I am sure they will be, Stan.

I'm no longer on the electoral roll so couldn't vote anyway.

Anonymous said...

Same here and it hasn't affected my credit rating so far as I can tell. I Don't pay the licence fee, either. My conscience wouldn't permit it. Council tax? Bit too expensive so had to ditch that, too. Non-essential spending had to be cut. :)

El-Kevo said...

Of not voting Tory.

It has two functions:

- another term of office will destroy Labour for good.

- cause the Tory party to restructure and become real Tories again.

I know this carries the risk of destroying our country, but I can't see how the Tories in their present guise are going to stop that happening anyway.

Anonymous said...

However, if Labour get in again ID cards & all sorts of further cutbacks in our personal libery will occur. Also, I want to see all those troughing Labour cunts down at the Job Centre - and failing to get interviews for even menial jobs. Nothing wrong with menial jobs per se I hasten to add but can you really see one of those blood sucking cunts going 'Is that with fries, Sir'?

the beast of clerkenwell said...

Dont vote
Dont co operate
And when the uniformed thugs come,
fight back (with guile).

banned said...

Wonderful cartoon OH

anon 12:19
The suggestion that the Detroit bomber was let on board in dubious circumstances has also been aired on Russia Today who, natch, suggest a CIA link.

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