Tuesday, 8 December 2009

As if by magic...

I warned you this would happen. I told you WHY Copenhagen was taking place.

The UN Copenhagen climate talks are in disarray today after developing countries reacted furiously to leaked documents that show world leaders will next week be asked to sign an agreement that hands more power to rich countries and sidelines the UN's role in all future climate change negotiations.
Nohopenhagen was never about saving a few idiot Bangladeshis who keep building their huts on stilts in river deltas. It was never about polar bears. It was never even about climate change.

The so-called Danish text, a secret draft agreement worked on by a group of individuals known as "the circle of commitment" – but understood to include the UK, US and Denmark – has only been shown to a handful of countries since it was finalised this week.
Keep billions of the world's poor in abject poverty and taxing the very air we breathe. Aren't our masters wonderful? No wonder so many of them were queueing up to get into Denmark. Hundreds of trillions of OUR dollars are up for grabs.



British Insurgent said...

From red to green - how the failed & recycled marxists are using the lie of AGW to control not only free markets, but also free individuals.

The left wing are not the oppositie end of the democratic political spectrum - they are the enemy & must be utterly destroyed.

deeznuts said...

and also "is if by magic" teeside to get 60 millionin aid, to help the 1700 made redundant......fuck me, i was made redundant last year, and the "hoops" i had to jump through just to "claim" 64 fucking quid a week.........! , well thats a load of votes bought for labour !!!

Oldrightie said...

The Devil's pact is that between lefie politicos and The Bilderbergers. Guess who gets to pull the strings.

Ampers said...

The verb of Assassination is to assassinate - Gordon Brown is our Prime Minister.

Two questions

1. Do these two phrases have anything in common.
2. Will GCHQ be tuning into this thread?

Lucky I put the hyphen in, or they could have me for mischief-making.

Catosays said...

This would be the secret text that the Danish Woman was questioned about and denied that it existed.

adam said...

this is probably bollux.
beware anything in the Guardian

the real purpose of copenhagen is to take power away from nation states.

The Labour losers who run our country wouldnt dream of hurting the developing world

I am Stan said...

Forgive me Holby but I do`nt understand..were is the money going? who benefits?,what was the point of all this?

Archer Karcher said...

You are surprised because?

Ampers said...

In a more serious vein, have you all noticed, over the last year, how much wiser the comments to news articles are, throughout the spectrum?

I wonder if the politicians have noticed. I would think not as, if they had, they wouldn't still be "at it" with their expenses.

I have a feeling we are going to get quite unusual results at the next General Election. Yes, of course may will vote the sale way as their fathers, grand fathers, and great grand fathers have, but I think we will see a trend, far greater than in the past, of people actually giving careful thought of how they will vote.

"Careful thought" must equate to much unease amongst our political classes.

I am not going to begin to make up my mind untill I see who will be on my ballot list for Finchley. Will the Libertarians be there, will the Jury Team be there, will UKIP be there?

I do know I shan't vote for the three largest parties of wankers, thieves, spivs and lying bastards.

I wish I was Scottish...... said...

جوردون براون هو الشرج

Anonymous said...

Whilst the piggies are inside enjoying their gold-plated swill, trying to work out ways of extracting more from everyone else... how about we lock them in.

Build a big sarcophagus around the conference centre, and give them some windmills as their sole power source.

I'd love to see something happen where this whole thing implodes - like a president's child they've got in for the photo op is caught on camera saying "but daddy, you told me you paid all those scientists to lie so you could foreigners"
Bet it won't happen though, they'll end up taxing us more and calling it a success.

The Underdoug said...

@Ampers - Well in Finchley, the Tory candidate is Michael Witney Freer, currently leader of Barnet Council and still refusing to take any responsibility for £27m lost in Iceland.

Anyone got any good ways of getting the message across to the proles that a vote for any of the failed threesome is the wasted vote?

fmwatkins said...

Anonymous, 08 December 2009 16:46

That ambush scene in Braveheart springs to mind...

Anonymous said...

Lying, conniving CUNTS. What the fuck are Alky Ada & Friends up to next week? Shouldn't they visit Copenhagen?

Anonymous said...

"Hundreds of trillions of OUR dollars are up for grabs."
Goldman Sachs are suggested to be first in line for the grabbing, which would be hilarious.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

From a Glasgow based newspaper today in the 'they said it' section. Cherie Blair- It's good to be comfortable but I never stop worrying if I have enough.

Ampers said...

@ Underdoug

Actually Freer has done a good job in Barnet as leader of the council, and his expenses average around £550 a year - nothing to complain about there.

If he were an independent, a member of the Jury Team, or one of the smaller parties candidate (except that one) he'd definitely get my vote. But not as a conservative!

But I wish him well.

Call me Infidel said...

Nohopenhagen was never about saving a few idiot Bangladeshis who keep building their huts on stilts in river deltas. It was never about polar bears. It was never even about climate change.
Last night BBC had a clip on Bangladesh and all those estuary dwelling Bangladeshi morons that have ten kids. One thing that did crack me up was the shiny brand new border India is building to keep these deadbeats out. Then the Telegraph chimes in with a bullshit report about Polar Bear cannibalism http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/wildlife/6760103/Starving-polar-bears-turn-to-cannibalism.html because of course this never happened before the world warmed up. They really take us for morons.

Anonymous said...

Carbon Dioxide.


Anonymous said...

It's a power grab just like the start of last Century and look how that ended.
We never learn and we still keep paying the price. We don't need them, they need us.

defender said...

Weather forecast for copenhagen thru next week.
Fucking cold, snow maybe blizzards.


Lancashire Lunatic said...

Maybe I should speak to my Bangladeshi neighbours about climate change and its importance to their Country ?
I`m not too fussed about them to be honest but maybe I was hoping they would get rid of one of their 5 cars so I could park outside my house once in a while.
Gotta be worth a go I suppose.

thelunaticarms said...

With 192 Nations and many more Special Interest Groups, I'm sure each have one or a dozen 'suggestions' to put forward.

The main problem with this malarkey is any deal done will be done to benefit those at the event, us plebs will just expected to pay for it.

2000 years ago, JC (allegedly for all you atheists out there) died for all men's sins.

Today, the few powerful families plan to sacrifice most of us for their sins.

Mitch said...

Imagine this.....all CO2 emissions are stopped and in 50 years all the trees die followed by food crops and then the entire biosphere of the planet collapses.
I have evidence to back this up but I cant show it to you, you just have to trust me I`m a Carbon engineer.

Ron Broxted said...

"Maybe I should speak to my Bangladeshi neighbours about climate change and its importance to their Country ?
I`m not too fussed about them to be honest but maybe I was hoping they would get rid of one of their 5 cars so I could park outside my house once in a while."

That's the kind of disgusting racism that I've been seeing on this blog lately.

If you give me your neighbours' address I'll pop round and suck their cocks. I simply *adore* the taste of Bangladeshi jizz...

WV: facier - ooo-er missus !

Ron Broxted said...

I am so sorry. I feel so ashamed. My previous comment was neither inclusive nor diverse since it wasn't translated for those sections of our community who do not speak english (and why should they ?)

What I meant to say is :

أنا مطلقة يعبدون الديوك من المسلمين الذكور

Happy Diwali

robrobby said...

if ever there was a time that you actually wished a suicide bomber to appear...it would be now....while they're all together......

Rogerborg said...

Nice thought, but the people who jetted in to Copenhagen are just the puppets. Their masters will have plenty of spares ready to step in and continue the play if the strings get cut.

banned said...

Since The Guardian is the daily bible for the eco-loon, ban the bomb, treehugger, save the whale, Socialist middle classes to find The Guardian leading on this subject is astounding.
The comments are good for a laugh, over half have been modded out; loony-left getting their knickers in a twist.
"here's hoping that the climate change deniers are right. cos if not, it looks like we're all f*cked".

Why would the mystery leaker ( Lord Moncton seemingly ) leak it to them of all people ?

T England said...

Gary Clail knew they wanted to privatise The Air back in 1989!

RavingMad said...

I got up early and tuned into the news, wanting to hear all about the latest missives from CopingNotHagen and guess what?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. In fact you would not know such an important for the good of the planet meeting was actually happeneing at all, at all. CopingNotHagen wasn't even mentioned in the sports results!!

Get Smart said...

Its a New World Order takeover.
150 private jets and they talk about pollution. But putting it simply its all about controlling people.

Anonymous said...

The torygraph only got online with this story @06:30 this morning, slack fuckers.

Amusing Bunni said...

You were right OH:
I did a post on this which Banned so graciously linked.
Lord Monckton is talking to Alex Jones, live from Copenhagen. Very Interesting stuff.
I hope obama gets his head handed to him on a platter when he shows up the last day 12/18.
Pray it goes the same way when he tried to foist the Olympics on Chicago.

Anonymous said...


Taking a look at this brainwashing rubbish, nothing short of child abuse.

Watch out for 2:27 - 2:39.

Please help the world - COP15 opening film


Because we're young said...

Antonio Hill, climate policy adviser for Oxfam International, said: "This is only a draft but it highlights the risk that when the big countries come together, the small ones get hurting. On every count the emission cuts need to be scaled up. It allows too many loopholes and does not suggest anything like the 40% cuts that science is saying is needed."

Who the cunting fuck is "science". Is it this twat from Big Brother http://tinyurl.com/ydjw8be? If so, it might explain some of the climate change policies.

Rogerborg said...

"Science" in this context is the voodoo priest who's saying what you want to believe.

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