Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Quasimodo in Number 10, hunched, scowling over his desk, has devised yet another plan to police, to increase surveillance, to indulge his obsession with extending his short-lived control over as many people as possible. Gordon Brown, who now seems to have lost his last tenuous grip on reality, wants the European Union to police the carbon emissions of the whole world. That is the leitmotif of New Labour – and, by extension, all Westminster – government: control, bans, observation, intrusion, diktat.

Balked of a legal agreement on imaginary manmade global warming at Copenhagen, Quasimodo and Nicolas Sarkozy are working on plans to create a “European monitoring organisation” to oversee different countries’ actions on carbon emissions. Barack Obama – the leading control freak in the liberal pantheon – has suggested spy satellites could be used.

Quasimodo told reporters: “We’re in favour of transparency; we’re in favour of looking at what’s happening not just in our country and our own continent, but around the world.” That isn’t transparency: that is snooping. “We’re in favour of transparency” – from a New Labour Prime Minister! Goebbels, who always favoured the Big Lie, would have loved it.

Were Quasimodo and his colleagues in favour of transparency about weapons of mass destruction? Even now, are they in favour of transparency at the Iraq inquiry, where Tony Blair will give evidence in secret? Were they in favour of transparency when they voted to keep MPs’ expenses under wraps, until the courts overruled them?

The one fear the enforcers entertain is that their spy-in-the-sky snooping on carbon emissions might antagonise China, which resists surveillance (all those covert coal mines and other eco-naughties). When Red China begins to seem like an apostle of laissez-faire, relaxed freedom, we know that the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Meanwhile, unheeding of the coming tsunami of electoral extinction, Quasimodo lopes around his bell-tower (courtesy of Quentin Davies) and plans ever tighter restrictions on everybody else’s liberties. What a filthy regime this has been. Even now the Harridan is planning legislation effectively to outlaw Christianity. Who do they think they are?

When they crawled out from under that stone in 1997 they had just one ambition: to impose their will, their prejudices, their squalid vision of the world on the entire nation. That is always the badge of the inadequate, the owners of inferiority complexes, epitomised by the nail-biting, grimacing weirdo in Number 10. It is a pity that Scottish kirks do not go in for much in the way of ornamentation; otherwise, Gordon/Quasimodo could have built a secure career for himself as a gargoyle on a church tower, scowlingly overlooking the rest of humanity.



Anonymous said...

things will be much worse under cameron,

as cameron will get 6 months to do what the nwo want him too, which is rachet up our enslavement and pick up where gordon left off.

the left right switcheroo is just a cover, an illusion of democracy, it leaves us blaining the past leader and the process simply repeats.

while the blame must be laid at gordon as he has the power to end the sham, we must never see him as anything but a puppet and know that dave will 100% be the next puppet.

the first thing the country has to do is withdraw from the eu and back all money with gold silver etc.

build a new constitution.

then open the treason trials.

then we are free

the only parties calling for this action that is needed are demonised and sidelined by the corrupt media.

not for their ideology, but brecause they other the people freedom and would remove power from the elites.

the internet is freedoms biggest weapon, expect it to be gutted of freedom within 5 years.

you better think about who you vote for at this election comming as it may be the last that could count.

Captain Haddock said...

"Gordon/Quasimodo could have built a secure career for himself as a gargoyle on a church tower, scowlingly overlooking the rest of humanity"...

That's a bit harsh on Gargoyles OH ..

Even they have pride & standards & I doubt they'd lower them so as to allow that cunt into their hallowed ranks ..

Its hard to imagine in what capacity the nasty, overbearing, mental fuckwit would actually serve some useful purpose ..

Perhaps it ought to be ritually slaughtered, preserved & put on public display as a warning to future generations of the dire & disastrous effects of Socialism ..

Climategate said...

Anon Is bang on about cameron.
I will not vote Liblabcon next election.
I know the tactical voting stuff and yes It may mean Labour win again but the whole political Cabal need destroying and we have to start somewhere. So why not here?
As a party Labour is almost dead, but not quite, 5 more years in Government would kill them for good.
5 more years in opposition would kill the New Conservative project as well.
5 years of shit is about as long as our relatives had to put up with in WWII.
Our sacrifice for freedom would be as long but less dangerous (I hope)we have to do it or die trying.

Climategate said...

6 years of shit in WWII I meant.
Hey, we are already ahead one year.

i'm talking, of course, about manbearpig said...

some nice comments by 'pondy' in the telegraph comments section.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to save the world again at Copenhagen but they wouldn't let me so I will just go ahead on my own with some help from Mr Sarkosy. Look, you know I am always right. Just look at my record.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I saw this in the paper and it really got to me.

See how they can make spying for the 'authorities' seem like a good thing

Click on the link and go to the vote at the bottom of the page. Vote NO if you are not a socialist cunt.

VotR said...

The whole government is a crock of dog-shite. Elect them out however you want, just elect them out.

banned said...

Traitor-In-Waiting Cameron will do no better.

Adrian P said...

Cameron is NWO, difficulty is, either main party gets an automatic 5 million votes from the terminally Mercury Vaccinated Brain dead.

Not the BBC News

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