Monday, 28 December 2009

2 fat ladies

More astute readers wiull know that Sudbury council has banned a bingo caller from using the phrase "two fat ladies" in case two fat ladies get offended.

Mr Sayers, a serving councillor, told the BBC: "The concern was that if there might be two large ladies in the audience when I said 'two fat ladies 88' or someone might think I was looking at their legs when I said 'legs 11'.

"I was advised that someone might take offence and we could end up being taken to court."

Firstly, there is no law against taking offence. You CHOOSE to be offended and no one can legislate against it.

Secondly, this is where the enemies of free speech all live.

Stop reading this blog, pick up the phone and tell them what you think. If they choose to be offended, that's their choice.

What councillors get away with today, Paliament will get away with tomorrow and the EU on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

This happened in Gala Bingo about 2 - 3 years ago - not anyone being offended but those phrases being banned. So it was a great relief to go to Bingo in the Orkeneys after that & find that 'two fat ladies 88' were still alive & kicking there!
Got to make sure to tell a non-PC joke or make a non-PC comment every day. Also to throw a bit of litter around. Grind the bastards down.

Anonymous said...

OT - But the exploding Nigerian merits your attention OH!

And the solution lies in Airplane Apartheid - rigorous, enforced separation at check-in and segregated arrival and departure terminals.

As under apartheid, identities of potential virgin-botherers are easily determined. With separate travel facilities sorted, we then separate the transport with aircraft for us and Halal planes for them.

The camel riders can blow up their fellow travellers and the rest of us can get back to normal life.

Volatile Barry said...

It is definately worth ringing up these sort of cunts and giving them some abuse. I met someone who used to work in the Congestion Charge call centre and he reckoned 75% of the calls were abusive. He jacked his job in because of it and said that many others have done the same.

It's a good form of sport if you're falling asleep on the motorway, helps to keep you awake. Ring up any of these cunts and give them a bit of stick, it definately demoralises them and can be quite entertaining into the bargain.

Shithole Britain said...

Well what about calls like three-oh blind 30? Must callers avoid those with zero endings for fear of offending the blind?

Would it not just be simpler to shoot any fucker that gets offended?

Shamus said...

Interesting. I did not know Pam Ayres mother was on Sudbury Council.

caesars wife said...

darlings debt no11

fraudlent mps and peers no9

geoff hoon no2

all the 6s mark of the ruin 666

tiger woods lucky no13

days to freedom 150

knockin on the door ed and yvetee no 11

no of snow leapords left less than 200

no of customers for endangered species medicinal uses 3bn

Atheist Ranter said...

I've just emailed the twat. Tried to be as polite as I can and put it as follows:

I've just read an article in which it states that you have banned or somehow stopped using phrases such as 'two fat ladies' and 'legs 11' during bingo calling, in case 'someone takes offence'.

To be honest, I really don't care how you call the numbers but what I do care about is the fact that people should have to take into consideration the possibility that someone, anyone, out there somewhere, may take it upon themselves to find a reason to take offence about something that someone, somewhere has said.

It is THEIR choice to take offence, not yours. Please just leave these people (if they exist?) to their miniscule lives and please let the rest of us live our lives as normal intelligent adults.

bofl said...

this sort of thing shows how moronic the people of the uk have become.

instead of getting on with life they sit around dreaming up the most stupid things...........

so lets help them out a little........i suggest banning the following words or phrases.........

brown ale
yellow river
pink gin
red herring(fish-ist)
fat chance (upsets lard arses)
thin ice...(upsets anorexics)...........

if we were to see some 'evil' in words then we could find a different meaning in almost anything!!!!!!!!!

talk about being programmed!

bofl said...

i used to work with a gujarati bloke.......he told me that the name 'linda' in gujarati meant 'shit'........

so ne day in came a woman for a meeting..............

'linda smith'.......

we both fell about like schoolboys......

so lets not upset the 'lindas' too.......

Anonymous said...

Are local people in Sudbury satisfied that other more important things have been sorted to the extent that these people feel able to devote time to the diplomatic aspects of bingo calling?

Un Hombre said...

Linda in Spanish, curiously enough, means "pretty".

I am Stan said...

Linda in Zulu means to Guard or watch over.Their is no Bingo though there is bongo..

Anonymous said...

Did you see the picture of Susan Brotherwood the town clerk who was 'offended' - the fat bitch is one of the eights....

Edgar said...

'Linda' in Samoan means 'Please explain to me once again, just for the sake of clarity, why do we have to put up with this crap when we have the means, not to mention the will, to contrive such useful objects as branding irons and razor-pointed scourges?'

Very concise language, Samoan.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Who says that they can 'ban' things anyway?

Empty the fucking bins, sweep the fucking streets, etc etc.

And shut the cunting fuck up.

Rogerborg said...

@Rab: "Who says that they can 'ban' things anyway?"

The BBC. If you read the text though, it's "advice", and it's because he's doing it in the town hall, which is the one place that you might reasonably expect a town council to have a say.

Still a bunch of mongers though.

Ron Broxted said...

Off topic I shall share this with you from my regular Indy blog which regularly attractsthe odd comment from my boyfriend.

Al Qui'da should not focus on transport nodes but on High Court judges, members of ACPO and those politicians found guilty of being too greedy with public funds. Success on their U.K operations depends on public sympathy, "like a fish swimming in water". Thus far it had eluded them, with innocent members of the travelling public being inconvenienced yet the war in Afghanistan (and elsewhere) continues. Compare Dutch and British foreign policies. The Lagos-Amsterdam flight was not targetted merely the U.K-U.S one. Finally Al Qui'da must take a look at cutting the head off the enemy, not just jabbing it in the tail. Symbols such as the royal family in Britain are one way of doing this.

Rogerborg said...

Oh noes, not our Dear Leaders! Please, please don't deprive us of Their beneficent wisdom!

Unfortunately, the only group more institutionally incompetent than the British State are the Stone Age chumps of the Religion of Peace. A bit less headbutting the prayer mat, a bit more taking notes from Mythbusters, please.

bofl said...

kelly's ...........

i really hope that offends gordon brown!

too fat, bastards said...

@ron broxted

defo, m8.

defender said...

then there is this

So who was the woman in black?
Created: Tuesday, 29 December 2009 08:34 Author: Green Arrow |
Who is the woman in black?
In the following video of the Christmas demonstration by moslems in Newport, South Wales an unidentified woman "instructs" a police officer to stop our patriotic cameraman filming. Who is she?
I have had calls to say that:
a) She is the daughter of the local Iman and
b) That she is Natasha Asghar, the dutiful daughter of the turncoat Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, Mohammad Ashgar, who along with his daughter defected to the conservative party because they would not allow him to put her on the government payroll. He was also angry that Natasha had been placed as the fourth candidate on the European Union Regional list.

Equally angry I should imagine, are the three Plaid Cymru researchers who lost their jobs when Ashgar defected.
Does it also mean that the Tories have agreed to allow Ashgar to put his daughter on the public payroll despite the coming rule change to prevent this kind of nepotism?

However, forget that for now and watch the video again carefully from around 2 minutes and 10 seconds in as it raises some interesting questions.

1. How many orthodox, traditionally black clad, Muslim women have you seen wearing high heels?
2. How many orthodox Muslim women would approach the police without first getting the permission of their husband, father, brother etc?
3. As regards the dialogue between the Muslim woman and the "plastic cop" (community support officer?): You would expect the Muslim woman to be explaining her concern at some length - with the female "cop" questioning her to fully understand her point of view - even to argue with her as regards the law. None of this occurs! What you see is the Muslim woman apparently giving instructions to the "cop", which she instantly obeys.
4. Having been given her instructions out of the blue, the "cop" is incapable of justify her position from a legal point of view to the cameraman. This would be entirely consistent with someone being given an order and mindlessly following it through.
5. Notice how the Muslim woman hides her face whilst getting as close to the cameraman/cop as possible as she passes.
6. The Muslim woman is the ONLY female in the entire parade to cover her face as she passes the camera. If you watch the video clip no other Muslim female covers her face - even whilst being filmed!
7. The Muslim woman actually covers her face as she passes through the column to speak to the female community support officer! Then she keeps her face covered as she passes the camera. This cannot be for religious reasons as the other Muslim women don't bother. It's clearly because she does not want to be recognised - why, is she undercover police or is she a future conservative candidate?
8. Also notice how she emerges from the very back of the procession where the uniformed police officers are. Coincidence?

I am Stan said...

I enjoyed a delicious Steak n Ale pie at
the Brook Inn , in the stour valley, 2 miles from Sudbury,

a traditional country pub ,2 open fires, Home Cooked Food, a beer garden with pets corner to the rear of the premise would you believe,but I didnt have my dog at the time,shame...the lasses were friendly but there was no bingo thankfully..there is a quiz night..Mondays I think.

AngryDave said...

Nobody has the right to not be offended! It is not illegal to offend anyone, and what you find offensive is individual to you.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Just sent Sayers an E-Mail;

Mr Sayers, a serving councillor, told the BBC: "The concern was that if there might be two large ladies in the audience when I said 'two fat ladies 88' or someone might think I was looking at their legs when I said 'legs 11'. "I was advised that someone might take offence and we could end up being taken to court."

You total fucked up wanking PRATT.

Have you had a lobotomy or something cunt?

HOW fucking STUPID do you think the British people ARE?

If the fat bastards are offended then maybe the cunts should consider loosing weight.

"offended" my fucking arse.

YOU offend ME, AND the intelligence of the British public you totaly imbicilic spastic twat.

Hope the twat has a VERY "offended" 2010.

Craig Lynch said... for all the shit of the day. He thinks it is normal to keep files on bloggers and is a Munchhausen candidate. Quite hypocritical when it comes to the BNP cunts here.

SO17 said...

Brilliant OH.
I have sent a mail and txt to John Sayers asking who 'Advised' him on this course of action.
These days councillors are just patsies.
In the past, a bunch of crusty old cunts would have been adequate to keep an eye on a council,not now though.
Cllr Hilda Cakemaker of a local, let alone regional council, will be overawed by some unelected official who earns a six figure sum.

Old Holborn said...

I suspect that Mr Sayers, the "ex" mayor but still on the Council is flexing a little political muscle and trying to stitch up a fellow councillor.

strongholdbarricades said...

Much more to do with the current Government fear

Apparently more women are now gambling than ever before, and bingo falls into one of those areas where Women love to Gamble...even though the Bingo halls are closing rapidly

Just been on al jebeeba's Women's Hour with Jane Garvey, so must be right

I am Stan said...

Pantomime - Alice in Wonderland
Date: 29 December 2009 00:00 to 13 January 2010 00:00

Sudbury Dramatic Society Presents - Alice in Wonderland

A Family Pantomime

Matinees 11am and 3pm.

Evening 7.30pm

The Quay Theatre, Sudbury.

Box Office - 01787 374745

Alice in Wonderland indeed! still room to offend somewhere...(mad hatter)..

Nicolas said...

I saw a clip of the new Ian Drury film and they dont sing the words 'two fat ladies' its been replaced by something else. Serious

PC49 said...

Craig Lynch? You are that lying arsehole bandit K McEgan. You don't fool me or anyone else, now fuck off you little left wing shit.

Lord Snooty said...

Certainly not K.MacEgan, Wesley Groves. A.B Gordon nor any other false ID you were given. What a dismal failure you are Alamo. or always off topic. One would think that if O'H or his lot wanted to read the Independent theywould do so. You simply take Rons blogs add a bit of gay porn (you poor repressed queer) and voila. As epitaphs go it isn't great. Poor TUG you never did anything but troll ineffectively.

Anonymous said...

Lord Snooty aka Craig Lynch, aka K McEgan,aka Robert Napier,aka Wesley Groves,aka Shanghai7,aka John Steed, aka Ron Broxted, why don't you just fuck off you slimey fucking arse plugging left-wing apologist for for the nations nonces. Surely you must have some cocks to suck or are the public bogs shut?

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