Friday, 20 November 2009

Where Its All Coming From 2008-2009, Every Picture Tells A Story

If we cut government spending to what it was twelve
years ago, you could scrap Income Tax (that temporary tax brought in to
fight the French), switch National Insurance to a basic medical
insurance that does not require mountains of bureaucrats and
accountants to play with, and you have dealt with near 50% of public

Yet with all this they are still borrowing money like it is going out of fashion.



Britain's deficit will remain higher than any other major country, including even
Iceland and Ireland, unless the Government takes far more drastic action to repair it, said theOECD's acting chief economist Jørgen Elmeskov.

It is just not going to happen the Fuhrerbunker is still promising more spending on 'our people'.


bofl said...

take out govt. spending and we have been in recession since 2002!!!!!!!

in the world of gordon,peter and mandy economics are a fantasy.they do not really understand that we have to go to work and pay our bills-

they just see us as a resource to be mined.......we are enslaved by taxes.think about it.every day you go to work to give money to them.too kill people in iraq/afghanistan-to give to india and china to send rockets to the moon...etc etc.......

why arent people awake????

we are all being used by weird phuqwits who steal our money and the vast majority snooze on!

perhaps people like being slaves?

if the uk doesnt stop pissing money away then we will surely descend into chaos.

The Survivalist said...

I think that chaos is the only way to put a stop to this insanity.

The key to what will happen afterwards is whether the military side with the government, and the EU, or with The Crown.

Without the means to control us at gunpoint, we will be free.

Even your average couch-surfing moron will be more of a handful once you take away his government job / benefits / electricity .

Somehow I think that if we have a 1930's style clusterfuck, people will not be as compliant, and accepting of their lot as they might have been then.

Consumerism, and the drive to break community ties has created a monster that is much more concerned with instant gratification and bling much more than any allusions to the Bulldog Spirit.

It was always said of gold that an ounce of it could by a good suit, and a good rifle. Might be something to bare in mind when the wheels come off.

Arms dealers abhor a vacuum, and will make a killing seeing as that an AK47 will become the fashion accessory to have when our infrastructure and food distribution channels go to shit.

Ron Broxted said...

I must protest at any attempt to cut my state benefits, I admit that my employment record in the last thirty years has been shall we say non-existent, but if they can fork out money to asylum seekers along with other non British nationals I believe I am more than entitled to my state handouts.
I rest my case your lud!

Anonymous said...


WOW. What-a-Shocka.

Liberals allowed to keep proceeds of crime.

Lib Dems can keep £2.4m donation, rules watchdog

Under the Westway said...

TBH, I'd rather get rid of all the piddling top left hand quadrant taxes, up to and including fuel duty. That would simplify accounting, reduce collection costs and lower prices at a stroke. We could sort out the biggies afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Kick out the mussies and there's a big cut in defence spending.

George Monsoon said...

the survivalist said..

The key to what will happen afterwards is whether the military side with the government, and the EU, or with The Crown..

good question, to which I don't have the answer, but ... here is some food for thought.. what is the best way to train your armed forces in preparation for civil unrest? Send them abroad to fight in one of the dirtiest guerilla wars on earth?

beness said...

The military will back the crown.

If it came down to the police against the military My moneys on the military every time.

Anonymous said...

What are the OECD talking about. How do they expect Gordon to "repair it" when the priority is for him to bribe his way to re-election?

caesars wife said...

mmmm interesting OH , the ruins thinking is that big state stabilises defeciet , an awful lot of money has exited the country and we have centralised consumerism , the figures tell us somthing but little about the decimation of manufacturing for cheap imports to give ruins paper figure succesess .

we musnt forget the ruin has been fixing the figures via centralised consumerism and hiding the state expansion and control plan .

its high noon for the ruins ecnomics hes depleted just about every other measure of wealth to hide the debt .

bofl said...

what the stupid focker doesnt seem to realise is that the uk will be paying out so much in interest that ALL of his madcap schemes will have to be stopped......

whenever the imf get involved they always impose tough rules.......
so goride just printed the money......

he is a twat of the highest calibre..

a country doesnt prosper by making EVRYONE POOR!!!!!!!

why cant he see this? still mired in some crusade against 'the rich'?

what a shower of shite we have in the hoc.......nobody will do the decent thing and get rid of him.....

maybe in a couple of years when there is nothing in the shops and the power goes off then the proles will cotton on?

Ron Barker said...

I am getting a job as a swimming coach in Cumbria. Pass the doughnuts, Bill!

sickofit said...

Never mind a stupiid little Belgian has given Nigeria a billion dollars from EU funds to promote peace and human rights reforms!

I so wish I was joking.

BritainIsFuckedGordonShouldHang said...

Looking at this graph, and then harking back to your "what are we going to do about it" debate a few nights ago, I see a way we can fight them. Stop drinking beer. If we all did it it would cost them billions.

Of course it would save them billions in health care costs, police overtime, council workers washing puke from the streets and disposing of all those cans and bottles. But they would surely notice!

Well what if we just drank beer we bought in France then as a plan B?

Ron Broxted said...

I must disagree once more with you all. Peter Mandleson really pushes all the right buttons as far as I am concerned. The picture of him as a Euro Nazi as given me a massive boner and I have printed it off and enlarged it and it now has pride of place on the ceiling above my bed. Ooooh matron.

The Paragnostic said...

I notice that the BBC poll tax isn't included in the figures.

Chalk up another 3 billion or so...

but fuck all from me until they start paying realistic salaries to their executives and to what is laughably called 'talent'.

Rogerborg said...

Cutting government spending to that extent means, in practice, prising millions of low grade paper shufflers off of the State's teat and casting them out, mewling and wriggling, into the cold hard world of the private sector.

Since most of them lack the life and professional skills to compete with the monger who mops up in Burger King, then they'd all just go on benefits indefinitely, with much the same cost to us working types.

Yes, me and thee might end up with more money in our pockets, which we could in theory spend on employing them, but what possible service could some career beancounter from the DVLA or DWP provide that you'd actually choose to pay for?

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