Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Wall

Whilst our masters quaff Champagne in Berlin to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of East Germany, may I remind you of a country where:

Ballot Boxes are interfered with
Voting registers go missing
The Police can kill innocent people and get away with it
You can be put in prison for 42 days on pure suspicion
You can be put in prison indefinitely without charge on the word of a politician
The State can torture people
Your children are monitored at School by Political Officers
Their behaviour is logged on a State database for their entire lives
Your innocent fingerprints, iris scans and biometrics are held by the State
You do not have the right to remain silent
You are watched on 4 million CCTV cameras
You may not photograph the Police
The media is controlled by the State
You do not have the right to protest peacefully
Curfews exist for entire communities
Your travel movements are logged and monitored
Who you vote for is logged and monitored
Your shopping habits are studied and logged by the State
Your emails and telephone conversations are recorded by the State
Your passport can be withdrawn at the whim of the State
Government agencies can use lie detector tests on you.
166 "Authorities" can now legally enter your home.

The Soviet Bloc was not defeated when the wall fell. They have just moved the HQ to Brussels. London is just Hohenschönhausen

Bastards. John Ward has a good post on the subject


Gordon Brown said...

Fuck me ,I was blind to all of this.

Now I will join the Libertarain Party

Neather Forget! said...

'The Lives of Others' - a How-to video for NuLabour/Fabian activists.

BTS said...

It's less a case of tearing down the wall so much as moving the goalposts..

political oppression is alive and well and can only get worse said...

You forgot one fundermental OH.

If you are a member of a party proscribed by the state(BNP at this time, UKIP later if it cannot be controlled by the state) you will be denied work and will face intimidation and state funded violence(UAF).

Hang your head in shame all those who do not speak up.

Anonymous said...

it is not illegal to film or photograph the police.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Anon 12.52

True - unless they decide otherwise at the time. Can you PROVE they deleted all the photies in your camera?

Then broke it.


It's a bit like proving they murder electricians on the Tube.

Mary Whitehouse said...

Why the f***ing f*** do the state think that they can keep EVERYONES phone, e-mail, and surfing habits for A YEAR and get away with it.

Not people on a 'watch list'.



F*** you Zanulab, and the politically-correct Horse you rode in on!

What does 'call me Dave' have to say about this totalitarian bulls****?

Can you imagine the stuff MI5 are going to find and use against people to do their bidding?

And let's not forget the Little Hitler's in councils' up and down the country.

Socialism go to hell!!!!!!

Hairy Shitehouse said...

People that take photos of The Police should be shot.

If I see another photo of that smug bastard Sting, i'll scream!

Same for Boner, and Gob Beldorf.

Old Holborn said...


Yes. We had to protest outside Scotland Yard to get them to drop it.




I was there. Were you?

Anonymous said...

Been trying to get sources for that list and others:


Comment/Edit it if you have some.

No-one can say it's just made up then!

English Dissident said...

You will be reported to the state by the Stasi for not decorating your house:-


Road_Hog said...

Of course none of these powers of snoop and search would be used against a mother grieving for the loss/death of her son in the army, who had made mincemeat of the PM, oh no, not all.

GCooper said...

Good point, Road_Hog.

If ZaNu is playing to form, expect the Daily Mirror or the Guardian to reveal she secretly fathered Nick Griffin's lovechild, any day now.

(wv: sties - uncanny, isn't it?)

Joe Public said...

Oh the irony of reading Gorgon's letter & listening to his excuses.

As Mr Mastercard would say - priceless

defender said...

here is another for the list

Councils warned of far-right risk
By Dominic Casciani
BBC News

Muslim prayers
The LGA fears alienating some members of Muslim communities

Town halls are being warned they risk missing the rise of the far-right if they just focus on Islamist extremists.

The Local Government Association says attempts to prevent violent extremism must not leave Muslims marginalised.

The warning comes amid continuing concerns from councils over the impact of the government's extremism strategy.

Communities secretary John Denham signalled in August that the strategy was developing following "constructive criticism" from some local authorities.

In a speech to council chiefs on Tuesday, Councillor Les Lawrence, of the LGA, is expected to warn that strategies to prevent violent extremism could backfire.

"It is vital to make sure that our efforts to counter extremist beliefs do not leave members of the Muslim community feeling alienated and unfairly targeted," the Birmingham councillor will say.

"Focusing solely on one part of society, or being perceived to be, can only store up resentment and problems for the future.

"Many councils have expressed deep concerns that simply focusing on Muslim communities is unfair and could lead to widespread alienation.

"There remains a very real and present danger from violent extremists, but it is vital that we focus on working with young Muslim men and women rather than creating the impression that they are all part of the problem."

Demetrius said...

Why is anyone so surprised? Many of the left in the early 1980's were affiliates and admirers of East Germany, never mind on close terms with contacts of the KGB etc.

There is no left or right - just NWO and control said...

It has nothing to do with the left you f****** imbecils.

Most of this comes from Europe - databases etc, and Dave and the Tories gave it the thumbs up.

The NWO Media is currently trying to destroy Brown so they can get a NWO EUSSR vetted Tory party in place with a majority.

The Scum `newspaper` does not give two shits for any soldiers, it is simply playing the red and blue, red herring game so the NWO do not close down the Scums media empire through regulation.

Otherwise he may have to go for another meet on a boat with the global bankers eho control our puppet politicians.

caesars wife said...

My how this country has morphed into a police stae but with benefits when ever labour have got into power , seems a familiar pattern .

Shanghai7 said...

I am regulary followed to and from the gym and the benefits office by the filth M15. They have started using small radio controlled pigeons to sit outside my window and listen to what I am saying to myself. They even shit like real pigeons. It is easier to build a police state than dismantle it. Scotland Yard delenda.

Ron Broxted said...

Shanghai I guess you are a serious threat to the states plans to tamper with our brains and make us compliant. I recently returned to my room to find that my favourite teddybear had been moved from my bed and some of the stuffing had been removed from the hole I had made in his botty to fix his growler. I think he now spying on me so I have put an old pair of pants on his head.

The Henley Slapper said...

Too fucking true we are being spied upon daily. I run a small gentlemens club in Henley on Thames where well heeled male captains of industry and the judiciary come to let their hair and trousers down after a stressful day, and brush up on their east european languages with the help of my regularly medically inspected young ladies. I was informed yesterday by my resident gimp Shaggers that he had seen two men spying on my residence from a white van parked outside.
Have these people got nothing better to do than harass small businesses such as mine?

Policestate UK said...

Add this to this list


Thanks Old Holborn for being here.

Ron Broxted said...

Henley Slapper I don't suppose you cater at your establishment for zoophiles like myself. I was once in a long term relationship with a large male lab chimpanzee and got the sack when our relationship was discovered. Now I really fancy a large white fluffy rabbit, or perhaps a completely shaved bush baby now. Do you supply animals and if so how much?

The Henley Slapper said...

Ron there I was thinking that I was aware of every form of deviant behaviour known to man and you come along and surprise me with the general depth of your depravity. I think I will have to go and lie down as I feel an attack of the vapours coming on.

Anonymous said...

John Steed and his commie scum sidekick AKA imaginary friend, have a trowel and cement in hand ready to help build the new wall!

In 20 years time WE will be the ones trying to escape to the former soviet bloc!

I am Stan said...


Oh the people could be so free and joyful..if only we could have a BNP guvmint...in fact it would spark a golden age of freedom and cultural expression as Griffo toured his realm releasing the people from their bondage..

So long as you can trace your ancestry back to the stone age in England, with no funny colours polluting your genes, are middleclass,are male ,employed,a card carrying BNP member etc.

and are NOT gay,disabled,a funny colour,a hippie,a leftie,a goth or in any way different from the BNP standardised model....then you will be free..

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