Monday, 9 November 2009

The Vote on Free Speech

In a letter to the Times today, Lord Waddington and a Labour backbencher (David Taylor) are appealing to the 646 to maintain the right to free speech.

Sir, Today the Government looks set to ask the Commons to repeal an important protection for free speech. It was inserted by the Lords into the new homophobic hatred offence in May 2008 and, after twice trying and failing to remove this free speech protection, the Government reluctantly accepted the position and allowed it to go on the statute book. But then, in a move for which there seems to be no precedent, it introduced a clause in another Bill in the very next session to repeal what they had enacted. The repealing clause came before the Lords in July and the House rejected the measure by a large majority.

The free speech clause is supported across the political spectrum. Liberty, the Church of England, Matthew Parris and Rowan Atkinson have also joined the ranks of those who back it. It says: “For the avoidance of doubt, the discussion or criticism of sexual conduct or practices or the urging of persons to refrain from or modify such conduct or practices shall not be taken of itself to be threatening or intended to stir up hatred.”

Some might say it is so moderate that it merely states the obvious and is therefore unnecessary. But those who say that are closing their eyes to what is happening. Police officers, pressurised by diversity training and furnished with guidance from the Home Office and the Crown Prosecution Service, seem to feel duty bound to come down like a ton of bricks on people who express disagreement with the behaviour of some gay rights activists, and members of the public are left feeling harassed and frightened. The recent case of the Christian grandmother interrogated in her living room about a letter she wrote to her local council is just the latest example. The politically motivated trampling of free speech is something that should concern us all. It is the duty of Parliament to try to prevent this from continuing to happen.

Lord Waddington

David Taylor, MP

Westminster, SW1

This is the clause they are voting to remove

For the avoidance of doubt, the discussion or criticism of sexual conduct or practices or the urging of persons to refrain from or modify such conduct or practices shall not be taken of itself to be threatening or intended to stir up hatred.

WTF? I won't be allowed to discuss sexual conduct without it being used as evidence against me?

Firstly, I am amazed that this argument still rages. I am trying to work out exactly who it is designed to protect (that is the role of Parliament, right?). My shortlist so far consists of Poofs and Muslims.


You now have the right to do whatever you wish. Whilst you only represent 10% of the adult population, you have ensured quotas, the same rights as anyone else (except if we have sex in Bristol toilets, we will be arrested, you won't), a voice, and a legal status on a par with marriage and public funding from us, the majority, for your "actions". You have legal protection under law higher than say, people with ginger hair or the Welsh. I maintain the RIGHT to call Iain Dale a fat poof and he maintains the right to be offended. What he doesn't have is the right NOT to be offended. Neither do I. None of us do. So shut the fuck up now.


You have the right to worship whatever you wish. Whilst you only represent 4% of the adult population, you have ensured quotas, MORE rights than anyone else , a voice, a mock Parliament, a mock Council of Great Britain, the right to be represented everywhere and public funding from us, the majority, for your "beliefs". You have legal protection under law higher than say, people with ginger hair or the Welsh. I maintain the RIGHT to call Islamists demented fucktards and you maintain the right to be offended. What you do not have is the right NOT to be offended and threaten me if I disagree with you. Neither do I. None of us do. So shut the fuck up now.

Poofs and Muslims. Both unable to seamlessly integrate, unlike Sikhs, Jews, Chinese, BDSM, wife swappers and Fetishists. Both demanding more and more, until each inch represents a mile and we, the majority of more than 90% are held to fucking ransom and have to give up OUR freedoms so that you can have more than us. Want you really want is to force us to like what you like, think like you think and do as you do.

You have your equal rights. Don't you fucking DARE try to take away mine.

Stands back and waits for Fatwahs/handbag slaps


Quiet_Man said...

It really does stink that in today's UK some people have more rights than others. Seems Labour have taken Animal farm to heart after all, though sadly not as a warning.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for equality but not for preferential treatment which is what we get day in, day out from the cunts at Labour Central - black is good, white is bad - Muslim is good, Christian is bad - gay is good, straight is bad. FRO!

dickiebo said...

Nothing like a bit of truth - something quite alien to this rotten government.

SO17 said...

All Laws Brought in on behalf of minority groups should be scrapped.
As long as the state does not persecute minoritys with laws then that should be enough.
The road we are on can only logicaly end with 'Education' camps for all and any who fail to conform are excluded.
Unofficialy this now happens in the public sector.
Try getting promotion in the police without singing the PC tune.

Anonymous said...

More politics from another planet.

I look forward to the imminent prosecution of all Muslims who demand Sharia law: the very definition of "hate speech" if ever I heard it. Homophobia, sexism, advocating fascism, racism against non-Muslims, etc. One set of rules should apply to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my MP did something good. Better be careful, he might make a habit of it

TheBigYin said...

That picture makes me want to laugh and cry in equal measure OH. These cunts get the freedom to express themselves and their religion and culture and want to deny anybody elses.

I'm living in a paralelled world...surely???

Has tollerence been hung by the neck?

TheBigYin said...

PS, sorry for the missuse of words.


Dick Puddlecote said...

... once all ingredients are added, stir to boiling point. ;-)

I am Stan said...

¨Don`t you fucking DARE try to take away mine¨

I think passed evidence proves ¨they¨ do dare and more,without hesitation...because its in our best interests see!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hey Stan - that avatar is a Zulu. You a Zulu?

I am Stan said...

Yea from Zulu stock...

Mitch said...

Surely equality means removing laws against not creating law for?.

Anonymous said...

So if I see a couple who are real mingers I can't say to them- the thought of you two copulating turns my stomach?

Pikey Pete said...

Does shagging your sister count?

I think I'm exempt, but thought I'd ask.

Psst. Wanna bid a tarmac?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Well Stan - just like you to know I'm Welsh.

That being the case, I have more time for Zulus than any other black nation. We know not to mess about with them unnecesarily... but experience says we can beat yuh if we have to.


Ron Broxted said...

Since I reverted to the Islamic faith my whole life has changed. Allah be praised. Even the previously hard faced cow at the job centre smiles sweetly now when I walk in to sign on.

Ron Broxted said...

Sir Henry Mogan, my mother has always had a soft spot for Zulu's, despite her grandfather nearly winning a VC at Rourks Drift. I say nearly because he legged it the night before, but I'm sure he would have done had he not deserted.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Her granddad had more sense than the rest of the Company then.

Wouldn't mind betting they all shat their pants ... but we don't mention that bit do we.

Ron Broxted said...

Too true Sir Henry another of my ancestors jumped ship from HMS Victory the night before she set sail for the battle of Trafalgar. Cowardice means not having your jacobs shot off in my family. No medals but loads of saucepan lids.

John Steed said...

Hey false Ron howya doing? Still being a total cunt on The Torygraph telling all & sundry you are jet-setting in Dubai? (Actually signs on at Beech Avenue DSS in Peterborough!) What a curious little cyber stalker you are! Didn't learn your lesson last time getting all that gay porn redirected. Now, tell all the boyz n gals here about your "Cambridge degree" (less prosaically a cert in hotel management). Will Mr O'H be happy to get a letter from David Price Q.C about your shite?

Sir Henry Morgan said...


It's you, isn't it Flashman?

I claim my £5

Anonymous said...

John Steed this is a serious political blog so take your torygraph and gay shite elsewhere. You were a complete cunt when you posted comments here as K McEgan. So crawl off and post your cockwaffle shite on the Guardian.

I am Stan said...

Sir Henry.....yes the Welsh and the Zulu have crossed paths before..

If the stories i was told as a child are true..those that ran away were captured and despatched very slowly...cowards being shown no mercy by the Zulu..

However towards the end of the battle of Roukes Drift mercy was shown to the few survivors for the courage they had shown and also what with guns v spears meaning many warriors were lost it was the sensible option.

Great films M Caine was at his best..

Adrian Peirson said...

Catch it before ZanuLav Bans it.


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