Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Turnip Taliban And The Rotten Parliament

Personally I do not care how many prospective parliamentary candidates have had affairs in previous lives, it is nothing to do with me.

However when 'the Turnip Taliban' of South West Norfolk Conservative Association start railing against the Rotten Parliament you know there is is something deep seated and wrong with our political system.

The Conservatives now have a system that gives a small coterie of the political classes a whiphand over the independence of the local Conservative Association whose main power lies in selecting its candidate. Once deprived of that power, they a just the drones of the elite and the Queen Bee Cameron in particular.

With so many MP's being drummed out of Parliament, the Rotten Parliament is going to be replaced by the Stepford Parliament. All looking the same, all acting the same all winning sweeping victories with 16% and 14% of the available vote a la Norwich North and the recent Glasgow election, and all very compliant.

This is not democracy, it is certainly not representative Democracy, its just buggins turn, and we are just expected to pay taxes to this political class.

The English Revolution of the seventeenth century has been stood on its head, the slow polluting oil slick Revolution since 1945 has now reached its high water mark, it needs to be turned back or it will overwhelm and choke us as a nation.

Never more has the cry 'No Taxation Without Representation' been so valid again


Anonymous said...

Oh, well said.

I know people on here go on about revolution, others slate those who talk about revolution, saying that the masses read the sun and are not interested, but when the Government gets so totalitarian that farting out of tune becomes a crime, even those in the lower IQ bracket wake up.

I am all for revolution and personally, I value freedom so much I am willing to die in the name of it.

George Monsoon

The Last Of The Few said...

I must apologise, that photo gave me the horn

I am Stan said...

I`m not sure about revolution but a few more fit birds in parliament might be a good thing...we could charm them instead of hang them...

Anyway Conservatives for Israel will get there first...and yes The Last Of The Few ...Jade Goody looks well shagable.

Anna Raccoon said...

Excellent post Guthrum.

I would have liked to see them refuse to endorse any candidate forced on them, and let the metro elite do their own fund raising and their own doorstepping if they are that keen on their 'chosen one'.

Anonymous said...

The epithet "Shagger Truss" does not seem a useful cornerstone to a rural political career. On the other hand it could advance her prospects in the Westminster village.

wonderfulforhisage said...

One wonders how the Heir to Blair squares GCHQ's control freakery with his big idea - Localism.

GCooper said...

We've already suffered the Bliar babes - what now? Cameron's Cronies?

Pathetic. Just pathetic. They should all hang.

Revolution Harry said...

Guthrum, OH and anyone else who might be interested. John Harris made a speech entitled 'Undermining Democracy' at the recent 'Lawful Rebellion' conference organised by the British Constitution Group. In it he claims to have the evidence that our Parliament is little short of a dictatorship. He also has some suggestions as to what we can do about it.

Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

we could charm them instead of hang them.." Never heard it called that before.

Kinderling said...

"Personally I do not care how many prospective parliamentary candidates have had affairs in previous lives, it is nothing to do with me."

It's John Major and Edwina Curry all over again... a gutless and morally weak parliament coming to you soon.

"It's nothing to do with me..."

Anonymous said...

Bring on the Kirk-Bride.

Anonymous said...

The Lib-Lab-Con trick (no 'tin-foil hats' here)... in full swing.

Wakey, Wakey?

Time to do something about it... not respond to blogs about it.

Hope this helps?

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