Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Try Spinning That, Voldemort!

Working On His Heart Attack

It will be extremely interesting to see how the Dark Lord Voldemort, aka Darth Mandleson puts a sympathetic gloss on the Prime Mentalist's latest fuck-up.

I refer to the telephone "apology" to the bereaved mother of Jamie Janes about McCavity's crass letter of condolenc. (sic)

Unluckily for Gordoom, she recorded it and has given the recording to the Sun, where you can listen to it in full.

So you can make up your own mind without it being filtered through Lord Sleaze of Hartlepool's rose tinted view of Broon's inability to connect to the human race.

The Penguin


Guthrum said...

They are a truly loathesome pair

Jon said...

She is spot on!

Thanks again OH for a good posting.

Let's just see if the police raid her house and see if they charge her with telephone tapping/illegal recording (without the other parties permission) or some other trumped up charge.

Thanks Old Holburn/The Sun/Mrs James!

It's 12 mins 44 secs long.

No thanks Mr Brown. Your assurances are worthless. You are only sad that you are being made such a fool of, by this wonderful mother!

Mrs James gets my vote.

Gordon Brown said...


Jon said...


I should have written

Mrs Janes

NOT Mrs James

Doh! Call me Gordon

thelunaticarms said...

Snakes the lot of em. Where is Saint Patrick when we need him?

gordon brown denier said...

"The aide said of Jacqui: "Clearly there are things in the letter that she misinterpreted."

Mis-interpreted ! Cheeky cunt. He/she needs dragging out and shooting too.

Anonymous said...

I heard a spokesperson for Gordo on the radio news yesterday lunchtime. The article started by saying Gordo had handwritten a letter, and that others including The Prince Of Wales had also sent letters.

The spokesperson on more than one occasion pointed out that Gordo had hand written his, rather than signed a dictated or prewritten standard letter. As that was repeated I took it to be an attack on HRH.

I just wish they'd do the honourable thing and go ask for a dissolution.

Anonymous said...

Hope McRuined-us-all has now finally buried himself and his despicable marxist government for ever, a shameful and pathetic man, a failed leader, a failed person, a failed freak show. Go. Go. For the dead lad's sake just Go.

Newgates Knocker said...

For a creature who lives in a fantasy world, full of yes men and carefully selected members of the public to fawn over him, that phonecall into reality must have had Brown shitting himself.Her justified anger and facts at her fingertips meant there was no opportunity for his rambling spin to get him off the hook!

Anonymous (for how long?) said...

Yes, his name is Gordon.
Gordon is a moron.

In other news:


What the fuck is this shit??!!

Anonymous (for how long?) said...


Proper link.

Stasi cunts!

haratc said...

Anonymouse (for how long),

If the state can do it then the Sun can too!

The picture to go with this post - why is a man who was recently said to be close to losing his sight and having previously suffered from detached retinas, taking up jogging? Wouldn't that a) be a risk due to his poor eyesight and b) risk detaching his good retina?

The Penguin said...

It's because Voldemort is advising him....

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

If only the 9mm in the bum bag sported by Gordooms' baldy headed glorified bouncer could have a 'negligent discharge' to the left...

Sweet dreams.

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