Tuesday, 3 November 2009



It Will Come to Me said...

Too deep for me.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


You have to have seen the film - download the orginal film and watch it.

AntiCitizenOne said...

The full film is available online HERE


forget the propaganda - follow the money said...

The video is perfect!

Unfortunately to get it you have to be aware of the manipulation systems that you are exposed to everyday, if you are not aware of the constant mainpulation you won't get it.

Let me put it this way, if the EU declared it's true intensions from the start it would have been rejected outright, there would have been an uprising, same for mass immigration.

However, the NWO and their puppets in goverment use every propaganda tool they can spend your taxes on to manipulate you, even over generations to the point where up is down right is wrong and evil is good.

If you watch the news, you do not get ANY news, what you get is propaganda and a false reality, the reality they want you to see.

By controlling your souces of infomation, evven to the point of re writing history the average person will sleepwalk to their own doom or genocide.

This is why the Internet is so important to see at least `some` reality, if you care to look.

Most people are too lazy to look, these are the people ` the masses` the goverment relies on, these are the people who will willingly aid in their own destruction - for the pre programmed `greater good`.

The rightious usefull idiots.

99% of the people that read this blog are goverment zombies already.

Question everything!

Anonymous said...

"They Live" is the only Marxist propaganda film I can stand to watch. It's great.

AntiCitizenOne said...

More Anti Rent-Seeker than Marxist IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Have to disagree with your there Dr Freeman. It's right out of the Communist Manifesto. The humans (workers) are being exploited by a small number of aliens (capitalists) who own all the corporations on Earth with the assistance of a few human traitors (bourgeois). They are interested only in raping the planet for its resources.

The glasses are an analogy for Marx's work because they reveal the truth. The alien capitalists hide their nature from the workers using constant propaganda, and they turn man against man in order to prevent their being recognised as the true enemy.

When the hypnotic rays from the roof of the TV station are stopped, the flood of pro-capitalist propaganda is halted, allowing the workers to see the world through Marx's eyes. Vive le revolution!

But hey, it's still a good movie.

AntiCitizenOne said...

All the best sci-fi movies are paranoid fantasies

Follow the money said...

"Anonymous said...
04 November 2009 20:55"

One of the better and more concise explainations, 10/10.

Unfortunately it still appears several still don't get it, and wouldn't get it even if they ratified an undemocratic superstate made up of corporate placemen, against the wishes of the people!

Perhaps Eastenders and MPs expenses really are more important than their childrens freedom?

Follow the money said...

Interesting Marx angle and while I do not follow Communist ideology I do see the perfect parallel with the corporatocracy/the corrupt NWO.

The interesting thing is that it is the marxists that are aiding and have aided the fascist corporatocracy the most!

The corporatocracy replaced Left wing financial ideology with PC global corporate bulldust - sacrificing true left wing ideology along the way.

The lefties all sold their souls to the corporates in exchange for a bunch of substitute PC claptrap that has no real place in left wing politics.

The controlled and manipulated `left` wing reactionaries did bring in a revolution, not a communist one but rather everything their ideology hates - a fascist corporatocracy and centralisation of power.

talk about useful idiots!

Anonymous said...

"a fascist corporatocracy and centralisation of power"

Some might even suggest that there is very little practical difference between a global totalitarian fascist corporocracy and a totalitarian psedo `communist` goverment such as the USSR in practice.

They could well be right, though it still bears little resemblence to Marx and his goals.

The left who supported the EU have made the richest people even richer, the poorest poorer and the middleclasses to be thrown to the dogs.

Do the left `Labour activists` ever consider what it is they are aiding in their actions or are they really all thick as shit!

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