Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sticker Time!

Those good people over at the Taxpayer's Alliance have a rather good competition going.

Find the best example of the surveillance state, whack a sticker on it and take a quick photo.

It can be anything, a building, a poster telling you to shut up and behave, a CCTV camera guarding a hedgehog, whatever.

It's free! Send an email to info@bigbrotherwatch.org.uk, let them know how many stickers you want and they'll send you them free of charge. Then it's time to become an urban guerilla.


Spartan said...

Sounds fun .... done!

Pity you didn't have them on the 5th OH ... or did you? ;-)

Shibby said...

Thanks for telling me about this. Already thinking of places to put the stickers ;)

Billy Blofeld said...

I bagsie the sticker on Jack Straw's forehead.

Joe Public said...

Appropriately, the symbol looks like a stylised turd.

wv "lothe" (from Gorgon's spellchecker?)

bofl said...

o/t but this is the real result of the fuck-up in shitstan-

real grief-real lives ruined........

no phone call from a cretinous traitor will ever justify what is being done in our name.......

how many more?


as for the msm-why are they still in bed with the govt?

sounding like a troll i state that i do not support thr bnp -but all of a sudden nick g is a bad man for doing what no other courageous govt. traitor has done.......

how much do these 'journos' pay to suck the establishments collective cock?

Anonymous said...

And I should give my name and address to these people why?

Anonymous said...

tweet tweet.


Devilsadvocate said...

'And I should give my name and address to these people why?'

Give us a minute and it'll come to me, unlike your stickers. :-)

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

An MP was in bed with his partner when there was a massive thunderstorm and a bolt of lightning hit nearby with a massive flash.

MP sat bolt up right and shouted “I’ll buy the negatives, I’ll buy the negatives!”

Anonymous said...

Have sent for the stickers - went to visit the site but had to exit quickly as what I was reading was threatening to bring on a stroke. What utter, utter cunts all Labour politicians & their supporters are. I used to have the belief that there were many good decent Labour MPs & supporters - however, to stand by while the country is sold down the river & filthy draconian laws are passed does rahter dispell the idea of either 'good' or 'decent'.

Anonymous said...

Looks like O.H. has been nominated for an award.

C & P the link and click the + under the O.H. nomination.


Gordon Brown Remembrance Day said...


You have to read

"How charming to pillory disabled Gordon Brown
No one deserves the vindictiveness being directed towards an accident-prone Prime Minister

Forget, for a minute, that he’s the Prime Minister. Set his job aside. Let’s imagine instead that he’s G. Brown, an ordinary, partially sighted bloke a bit down on his luck who makes a mess of filling in one of his benefit forms."

Go on force yourselves to read it. I have to force myself to read it to the end.

Anyone would think the 11th November 2009 is "Gordon Brown Remembrance Day".

If this is what the UK public really think and agree with then there is absolutely NO future hope for the UK.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Lisbon treaty (what a treat) makes common law null and void in the UK?

adam said...

Times comment is full of commies, marshaled by euro commie Aaronovitch

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