Monday, 16 November 2009

The State Is Amoral

I am not a one who believes in 'historical apologies' because they are usually done for the basest of political reasons to pander and secure votes from minorities.

However the apology from Kevin Rudd this morning in Australia was timely as the
practice of child trafficking by the State was going on as late as 1970, and its victims are still alive. We are not going to get the same apology from Brown until nearer the Election to show how 'compassionate' he is. A joint apology by both Australia and Britain would have been more appropriate.

It has taken the Child Migration Trust twenty two years to force this situation. The Churches,Orphanages and the State were all complicit in this crime. If you ever need an example of the State being amoral and never to be trusted, this is one.


I am Stan said...

Fair play to him for having some integrity...personally I think ¨historical apologies¨ are far too rare whoever they are directed at,an injustice is an injustice old or new minority or not,why are only the mainstream deserving of an apology? fact the state ,church etc should be doing a damn site more groveling.

The sooner guvmints and institutions are held to account for what they inflict on less powerful people works for me,after all IT COULD BE YOU NEXT!

In fact they should go further and name and shame those responsible for these policies.

Anonymous said...

As some of the victims are still alive,they might just get some comfort (I expect they'd rather have a few grand). However,why is it that politicians never apoligise for stuff they actually do,but are falling over themselves to apoligise for events they had nothing to do with? Silly question!

Angry Exile said...

Since Rudd's apology last year to the Aborigines for the Stolen Generation went down so well here in Oz and since he announced a couple or three months ago that he'd be apologising for something else that probably nobody around today is responsible for [face/palm] I think this is just Gordon Brown nicking another's ideas again. For what it's worth plenty here think this is pure gesture politics on Rudd's part. As for the campaigners who've been after an apology, they don't hide the fact that the apology is just the opener as far as they're concerned. The next thing they want to talk about is dollars, and a spokeswoman said as much on TV this evening. That's why they've gone after the federal government - it can tax as much money as they want out of the rest of us, who were also not responsible in any way for what they went through.

Anonymous said...

Which drongo complained?

DZ said...

Can I apologise for cutting down a tree? Oops, that was a porkie! I cut down three. Bloody great alders. I mean ... carbon dioxide gulpers whose marvellous straight grain red wood is fantastic for making clogs. But I chopped them up and burnt them a year later in a wood burning stove. Sigh. But still, as an oceanographer I know a little bit about the sea, and the Carbon Cycle, and where the white cliffs of Dover came from, and read the background to the Milankovic Cycles and the Vostok ice-core in the Antarctic. So I am not too bothered about reducing the population of adult alder trees. Good grief, think of all the timber that used to come into Poole Quay. Better apologise for that as well. Sorreee! That OK now?

caesars wife said...

Disagree on this one story isnt quite what you think , the Uk had variety of family problems and unwanted children after WW2 , namely because we got bombed to bits and had a lot of widows and lonely women .

In its time it was probebely better than what we could afford at home .Dont forget in those days you took baby to adoption place and that was it .

Homes issue perhaps does need an appology , but post ww2 they probebely had a better life in a country that was growing.

just sucks of incomplete story for politival purposes .

I am Stan said...

@ DZ-Sorreee! That OK now?

I accept your takes a big man to accept he was wrong and apologise.

Dixie Dean said...

During Labour conference(I live in Brighton) met a journo who attended the wrong meeting in error. The talk amongst the attendees was where the cabinet members were buying homes to live post election Armageddon.

Oz seemed a popular choice( as well as Canada) if these gobshites turn up there- then that seems a much better and timely thing to apologise for.

But remember you country trashing twats- you can run but you can hide from yourselves and hopefully the Hague. Your nightmares will still keep you awake- hey Gordon

Anonymous said...

These apologies will not really be complete without the Catholic Church and complicit charities such as Barnardo's including themselves. They seem to be keeping their heads down.

SO17 said...

So ethnic minority groups don't have the monopoly on being shat upon after all.
Any working class pensioner could have told them that, if they had bothered to listen.

Rolf Harris said...

I fucking wish I had been shipped to Australia, then I would not have to live in this cunthole of a country

Dave Cameron said...

I have no intention of fucking well apologising for anything.And that is a fucking cast iron guarantee.I will step on anyone who gets in way of being Prime Minister of this shit awful country.
I was at Eton for crying out fucking loud, born to be Prime Minister.
Fuck off the lot of you plebs

DZ said...

May I apologise to Neanderthal Man and Woman for the indignity of being hunted, killed and consumed by our Cro Magnon ancestors without a single tear or mention of compensation. I would also like to propose that May 1st be henceforward known as the "Day of the Neanderthalers" to atone for the indignities heaped on these unfortunate but lovable people as they went about their innocent occupations in the Garden of Eden.

Anonymous said...

Personally, while I don't doubt the pain this practice brought, I think surely it was better to grow up in a free country where there were opportunities than to remain in Britain & be regarded as a 'bastard'? What about child abuse both then & in present day Britain? However, it still shouldn't have happened.

Nick Griffin said...

DZ May I apologise to Neanderthal Man and Woman for the indignity of being hunted, killed and consumed by our Cro Magnon ancestors without a single tear or mention of compensation


Anonymous said...

Two words: Clement Attlee.

What a cunt.

Ron Broxted said...

I was taken to Australia when I was a small boy by my pig ignorant Irish father and mother. They said it would be a fresh start following my father giving evidence against the Kray twins who had for years used him as a button man. Sadly things did not work out and he was unable to find a job due to being pissed most of the time. When they returned they left me with my german Uncle Raindeer in Sydney. He turned out to be an appalling predatory arse bandit who abused me day in and day out. I eventually managed to get my mother to have me returned to the UK. There is no doubt in my mind had I not been taken down under, I might now be a succesful professional with a wife and family, instead of being a ageing old queen trying to live on miserly state benefits and the odd bit of cash obtained cottaging.
I demand an apology.

Gordon.Broon said...

Sorry Ray

OverHere said...

Is Brown's delayed apology because he wants to get the words correct this time?

What a useless bastard he is.

All those involved in this trafficking crime should be named, after all, the charities involved would still want our donations wouldn't they - but we need to know who was involved - no names - no donations - simple!!!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Rolf Harris said...

I fucking wish I had been shipped to Australia, then I would not have to live in this cunthole of a country

Rolf - you wouldn't wish it if you had ended up in the Australian Catholic hellhole one of my grandfathers ended up in.

Used as slave labour all day (building work and digging - it gets fkn hot in Oz. Didn't you all know that?), frequently beaten within an inch of his life, not fed properly, not educated at all, and used as a priestly spunkbag on a regular basis.

How do I know? I asked my grandmother about him onetime, so she gave me the lot both barrels. She had wanted to know how come he was such an animal as an adult and had researched his life. Finding it all out stopped her hating him - she now understood what led him to be what he turned out to be - he didn't know any better.

And a fat lot of good an apology does for him, my grandmother, and my mother and her two brothers.

They can stick that apology as far into a dark place as it'll go after first writing it out on a telegraph pole. Howsabout a few apologies for what's being done to all of us now?

It's not true to say ALL the Empire boys were abused though - those who were sent to Rhodesia generally had a good deal, most of those sent to Canada had a good deal. Or did you all think the Empire boys were sent only to Australia?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Mind you, those that were sent to Rhodesia ar having a shitty time of it now.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Can't we have a one-off national day and just say one big sorry for every-fucking-thing, and be done with it?

Magna Carta
A couple of world wars
Landing on Obama's Beach
The Empire
Tony Blair
The Windrush thing
Slavery - D'oh! We've done that one.
British Leyland
Arthur Scargill
Whatsisname? That homosexual Irish bloke who thinks he's funny. Not Dale Winton. What's his fucking name?


Mea maxima fucking cupla.

Now fuck off.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

...or culpa, even.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with the magna carta?

Get Smart said...

Brown wont be left out but cannot be upstaged by Aussie PM so when the time is right for maximum political capital he will apologies.
Maybe during his next New World Order speech.

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