Thursday, 12 November 2009

Red Balloon


The Penguin said...
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Anonymous said...


The Paragnostic said...

Powerful stuff OH - well matched images for the lyrics, and had me in tears of rage against the lying warmonger Stasi scum.

blame red blame blue - NWO stay in power said...

Nothing to do with Labour you twats, it is NWO.

Why do you think war criminal is now about to become head of their undemocratic European wing?

Because he is Labour or because he is NWO?

Dave and his NWO pals will get the same rewards.

black hole sunset said...

Yes, v. sad.

... it is NWO.

It's NWO alright but there's fuck all we can do about. We just get to watch heavily medicated NWO stooge-puppets like Blair, Brown and - sadly - Dave do their increasingly spastic dance for the cameras while the MSM felch-swallows all comers.

At *best* one of them will unravel on camera and we can all have a good old laugh at their gibbering, fucked-up, moonbat expense - meanwhile, the cattle train pulls out of the station with us loaded on it.

Still, 'could be worse.

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