Saturday, 21 November 2009

Quote of the Day.

''Even the perception that the police service of this country - a British style of policing which is so important - is under any political influence, I think that suggests you cannot argue that you are a proper democratic society. It's as simple and as stark as that.

- Sir Hugh, the former Northern Ireland chief constable who took over as president of the private Association of Chief Police Officers earlier this year, insisting that there should be no perception of 'political influence' in policing.

The 'political infuence' that he is arguing is undemocratic, is the notion that communities should be able to chose who they pay to run their local police force and what their local priorities are.

The 'British style of policing' he believes is democratic is the £18 million pound a year tax payer funded ACPO which has 280 key members, who together comprise a powerful unelected body of people who by training and inclination are so right-wing that they can be described as fascists (small 'f'). They are unelected and answer to no-one apart from their own Police Committeees.

Sir Hugh is on record as saying that this suggestion could end up 'with a lunatic' in charge.

I assume he trained at Bramshill. We should be enquiring into the background and beliefs of those who teach at Bramshill; we appear to be turning out a generation of senior police officers with radical extremist beliefs as to what constitutes democracy that would disgrace a Madrasah.


Rastus said...

In my youth it was quite commonplace to actually talk to a policeman, as he wandered about his patch, about football or cricket or what he was growing in his garden, or where he had been for his holidays etc etc.
They were somehow the same race as everyone else.
There are still some traces of this link if one looks carefully, but generally speaking it has been fairky well eradicated.
Some serious action is needed before it is gone altogether, for then it will never come back. Until it does there will always be a big problem.

Rogerborg said...

Didn't you get your Newspeak booklet?

"Democratic" is just a synonym for good. It carries no meaning any longer.

So, let me translate:

"Even the thoughtcrime that the police service of this country - a good style of policing which is so good - is under any ungood influence, I think that suggests is it thoughtcrime to argue that you are a plus good society. It's as blackwhite as that."

Clearer now? If not, don't worry about it. Clarity isn't the goal. As long as you bellyfeel that change, any change is ungood, then you have goodthink.

Anonymous said...

What is so outrageous in the suggestion that police chiefs be accountable to locally elected representatives?
It could be argued that it would make their task easier in that they could focus on issues that are a problem for the area (getting speedy feedback) rather than on issues dictated by central or regional government

Captain Ranty said...

I just wrote the following over at Mark Wadworths place.

It kind of works here too. At least, it may give you an idea of why things are so fucked up today.

Here it is:

Of course, back in Sir Robert's day, the "Peelers" were trained to uphold Common Law. It's right there in the Oath they swore when putting on the blue serge for the first time. The same Oath is taken today, but they are no respecters of Common Law.

What changed?

Hundreds of thousands of Statutes and Statutory Instruments appeared. In recent years, all police forces transmogrified into Limited companies. Even ACPO is a Ltd company. All magistrates courts are limited companies.

The single most important reason for converting to a limited company (liability issues aside for now) is to turn a profit.

Over the centuries, Peel's men changed from Peace Keepers to Police Constables and finally to Police Officers. Today they are reduced to collection agents, hence the spot fines (summary judgement-about as far from Common Law as you can get) and vicious thugs in uniform.

We need to return, not to old fashioned policing, but to proper policing, where Peace Keepers know the difference between Statute and Common Law.

It's all about money. The police and the courts no longer dispense justice.

A court is not for arbitration. It is for generating revenue.


formertory said...

Small "f" or large "F", fascists are not right-wing. They're socialists, every last one of them. That's why they believe that the State must run or control everything. Why Mandelson is a fascist. Why Brown is a fascist.

Orde and his ilk are also unrepentant, unreformed National Socialists, well on their way to becoming the modern version of the SA of 1930s Germany. Brown and Mandelson are suitably pictured in the comment about Nominet today. Excellent picture, in fact.

Professor Useless said...

Frankly, Holborn, I'm amazed. We all know that the police do a magnificent job of looking after us all. Why, in my town they've even started tucking us up in bed at night. These people are the salt of the earth. Who else in this wretched nation would volunteer to do their work? Come on, who? No one.

They are brave and seek no publicity. They are brilliant at getting out of the way when the shit hits the fan over abuse or misconduct. They kill people and get away with it. Brilliant. I'm not saying it's a cushy job, cos it isn't. I know because my brother -in-law, who is regularly up before his seniors for being too aggressive, has had his job for 30 years now and has not lost a days pay. Loyalty. That's what it is. They're all loyal to each other and the job. Of protecting themselves and erm .... Oh fuck it. Yes, they are all fascists!

wv - ciacunts - what a give away

Rogerborg said...

Nods to formertory. "Right" and "left" wing aren't useful definitions any more.

The only meaningful distinctions are Big Government, i.e. socialist/fascists (there's no useful distinction) like nuLabour, most of Call me Dave's Conservatives and t'other chap's LibDems, plus the SNP, BNP, Plaid Cymru and other riff raff; versus Small Government - some of UKIP and the LibDems, Libertarians and not much of anybody else.

All Big Government parties are essentially socialists and fascists. Saint Winston Churchill, for example; individuality was plus ungood under his regime.

Unfortunately, all of the serious parties are socialist/fascists. It's kind of hard to herd individuals into unified resistance, after all.

.243 Win said...

Hat-tips to all of the above here but IMHO there's one other thing that needs to be said :

I agree with Ranty - Policing was - and should be - about upholding Common Law. There's a world of difference between "Unlawful" and "Illegal".

But I also think that Peel's concept of "Policing by consent" (totally consistent with Common Law) was something of a myth. Plod has always been susceptible to political interference, particularly now where there's career progression to be had from being an establishment 'yes' man.

The question is, why is this now more relevant than on previous occasions ? My slant would be that we're closer to a National, paramilitary police force than we ever have been before - it it hasn't happened already.

Greater -national - visibility, greater career prospects, closer ties to Government and greater separation from the local population require less accountability, less democratic input and greater secrecy.

Anonymous said...

Has that revolution started yet?

No? I thought not.

Rogerborg said...

Spot on. We'll see a single national police force within our lifetimes.

The only real question is whether it will concern itself with activities even remotely recognisable to Peel.

Going by current trends, what it'll become is a remote centralised "intelligence-led" Stasi concerned mostly with funding its own enlargement, that only interacts with us to collect taxes or punish badthink. Local "policing" will be reduced to sending a "P"CSO or similar cheap mock-copper round to victims# domiciles to take statements and determine whether they can punish them instead of the perpetrators.

And that's the best case scenario that I can see.

Ron Broxted said...

I started dating a Special Police Constable two years ago mainly because I like a man with a big helmet. Imagine how I felt when he pepper sprayed me and stuck his extending baton right up my money maker. Just because he caught me flirting. The bitch, I reported him to his boss who told me to fuck off, and when I protested he arrested me for having bushy eyebrows, and made me give him a DNA sample and I am not talking (A milk moustache). We are living in a police state.

AngryDave said...

The modern police forces of this country are not a place for those who wish to do a honest worthwhile job anymore. They are places for career minded 'managers' who dont want to worry about job security. Political correctness and risk managment are the name of the game, and they are taken to the extreme. It is about getting ahead by any means, and silencing the dissenters who are trying to do a good job.

Anonymous said...

Angrydave, agree with you 100%.

Guthrum said...

Good one Anna

Norman Spack M.D. said...

James "howlin at the moon" Anderton was a proper lunatic but it didn't stop him being in charge of Greater Manchester Police.

SO17 said...

Bramshill is an indoctrination factory in politicaly correct corporate speak.
Graduate coppers getting fast tracked promotion having never done the'Job'for real.
police forces obsessed with quotas and employing WPCs who rarely get more than ten years service in without throwing a sicky and leaving with a lump sum and pension...shit shit shit.

The fucking police are now shit.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Ms Raccoon.

The Paragnostic said...

To be fair to Sir Hugh, in his old stamping ground of the Six Counties there would be a fair chance of a lunatic being elected.

Imagine a swivel-eyed Orangeman being in charge of the police in NI?

It's 1968 all over again!

He's still a prize cunt though.

Ron Broxted said...

It is easier to create a police state than to dismantle one. The police are the uniform wing of the BNP. Descriminating against homosexuals on grounds of interior decoration is illegal

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