Monday, 9 November 2009

Quote of the Day

Animal Farm:The Cows

Their milk is stolen by the pigs, who learn to milk them, and is stirred into the pigs' mashed potato every day while the other animals are not given any such luxuries.

"I think I feel that Parliament is going to change to a very great extent and I am not sure if I am able or willing to make the change.

Labour MP for Scouseshite, throwing in the towel today. More please.


SO17 said...

Missing you already.

Delphius1 said...

I'm pretty sure we'll see more leaving as the next election is the last chance to get the golden handshake.

MPs will always find a way of maximising the money they can grasp from the taxpayer.

caesars wife said...

Being as labour made it into the crooked thing and our country with it , this is not near enough the sweeping appology (correction) that I hope will be visited upon the decievers and theives come may or march , preferbly sooner !

Demetrius said...

In recent years Liverpool has been a place where there has been major property shenanigans involving many interesting people who have done very well out of it. One area was in leaseholds falling due where the Council was the freeholder. The takings of course have gone offshire.

Anonymous said...

as she is so dis-heartened will she be forgoing the £60,000+ pay off?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

She thinks that when the insurrection comes she'll be out of it, and free and clear, so no lamp post.

She thinks. :)haha

We're not goldfish ...

wv rorednos

It's not her nose she should worry about.

JD said...

Seeing as these MPs have been stealing our money, would it be a crime to take it back? I rather think not.

subrosa said...

If that's her attitude then it's best she goes. We want people who put us first not themselves. We have another few million to choose from so no worries.

VW: splut (honesty!)

mungle said...

Good. Now fuck off and get a job where you can earn the same money and one which will employ your partner as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful, fuck off and good riddance...I hope there is dancing in the streets of the pool tonight.

"Her expenses claims came under the spotlight after it emerged that she regularly claimed the same amounts for items such as utilities and maintenance without receipts, as well as the maximum £400-a-month for food."

Another piggie off to the slaughter house. You will not find life as easy in the real world and you really will be tired at the end of a day!!!

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