Saturday, 14 November 2009

Quite An Achievement

Mrs Sally Bercow Taking Her Dildo For A Walk

Congratulations to the Pipsqueaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow!

To actually be worse than the previous incumbent, the porridge wog trougher now known as Lord Martin of Pigs Swill, is really quite an achievement.
Good to know that the little squeakers will have a nice big television and a shiny new DVD bought for them by the taxpayer, we wouldn't want the fucker to have to pay for anything out of his fucking inflated fucking salary, now would we?

The Penguin


Road_Hog said...

What does she see in him.

Anonymous said...

is the answer

GCooper said...

She simply enjoys the company of a fellow troughing socialist.

Anonymous said...

Plus they'll be able to enjoy watching the TV & other home entertainment kits in a newly refurbished apartment. And this is the cunt who was elected as a 'reform' candidate! Fuck knows how much a 'non-reform' one would have cost. MPs motto 'Carry on troughing'.

denverthen said...

lol@ GCooper :D

Anonymous said...

Is that really a dildo?
Is doesn`t look big enough..

defender said...

News alert

Just in. The voting members have passed a resolution to amend the constitution to allow ethnic minorities to become members of the British National Party.

Amendments suggested by Party Publicity Director Mark Collet were rejected.

Amendments put forth by Party Leader Nick Griffin were passed with only 4 voting members against the proposals.

The legal team will work on the fine print within the coming weeks, up until the amendments are formerly ratified.

Basic proposal is to create sub-groups within the party. More to follow.

Anonymous said...

Oily little spiv.

How the FUCK was he ever selected for a safe Tory seat?

Oy vey!

His missus looks like a bit of a slapper to me, but I'd kick her back doors in if she wanted a slow dance with a non-midget first.

I'd break her nose afterwards, of course, as she's a dirty Labour apparatchik.

Edgar said...

Strange fruit.

Oldrightie said...

I doubt she finds the little runt as satisfying as her dildo.

Fidothedog said...

A smug git with a face one could never tire of punching.

mungle said...

Fidothedog said...
A smug git with a face one could never tire of punching.

14 November 2009 18:00

Indeed. If I was a manufacturer of sports equipment I would put that face on all kit used for punching /kicking practise. We would have several world class boxers within 6 months.

Norton Folgate said...

I'd say he was more of a butt plug than a dildo.

Uranus, the Magician. said...

I would give her one if I was up to it!

black hole sunset said...

Is there enough firewood to go around, that's the question.

thelunaticarms said...

He be gone after the next election if even 1 BNP gets in. He broke the impartiality rules and will... oh forgot, rules only apply to those who oppose NuGov & Co.

Don't you just love democracy.

If we ever gain freedom, we will need to reopen the Tower of London and Tower Bridge for their original purposes. Hanging, drawing, quartering and the piece de la resistance, traitor's heads on a pike overlooking Father Thames.

I think I'm having a Hovis moment.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, at least his smile is always utterly, completely and unmistakeably sincere.


Dave H.

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