Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A picture paints a thousand words

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It really is that simple. And until you address it, we will lose every time we set foot in Islamic countries. If you want to defeat Islam, then say so. Nothing is simpler. You simply withdraw evey ounce of Infidel technology, from hyperdermic needles to telephones, from brake discs to light bulbs. From power stations to air traffic control. Then, and only then, will you force Islam into a reformation, just as we had. And let them progress away from a Medieval Middle East. Until you show them that Islam will never feed them, clothe them, house them or protect them above subsitance level, they will not change it.

Instead, my tax money has installed and is defending a government in Afghanistan that is corrupt, murderous, oppresive and cruel.

Get our troops out now. Take out the mobile phone masts and the electricity cables, take back the spare parts, medicine and the computers, guard the borders and let nothing western through and let's see how long the Taliban can survive on Hadiths and goat meat.


electro-kevin said...

This distracts from the previous post which all visitors should have a chance to view as a headline to your blog - remaining for at least a day. Let the comments build up.

The recording must be heard by as many people as possible.

The Penguin said...

I think they should use the fucking place to dispose of some past-the-sell-by-date nukes. It's save money, and be one hell of a deterrent to any other uppity rag-heads. It'd still be possible to run pipelines across the black glass finish, or even drill through it if geologist thought there was any oil.

The Penguin

sickofit said...

Islam and western democracy as it exists today are converging on the same point.
Islam subjugates the individual and raises the state and modern western democracy does exactly the same. It's only the method that's different. We are stuffed unless the Digital switchover goes tits up.

Newgates Knocker said...

Ah, but according to Labour history books Muslims invented or discovered everything. A superior race, advanced beyond all others. They should have no problems on thier own. Could be entertaining watching them crumble.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone in authority believe them?
I do.

richard said...

a teensy problem or two with this post, and it's not often you get it wrong, OH. as a long-standing admirer i respectfully suggest that you may be barking up the wrong tree on this one. or more specifically, at a spectre deliberately made to loom large by the current regime as an excuse for repressive security legislation and an erosion of civil liberties in general.
firstly, the Arab nations have, between them, enough oil money to buy the trappings of civilisation. they won't go short of lightbulbs or anything else.
secondly, "democracy" as applied here in Christendom has led to de facto tyranny, and unpaybackable debt through interest on a personal and national level. "democracy" as applied in the west is a legitimate target for frustrated protest, from us AND them, because it doesn't exist in any way helpful to the majority.
thirdly, re: "instead, my tax money has installed and is defending a government in Afghanistan that is corrupt, murderous, oppresive and cruel."
our tax money has been stolen by THIS government, not by islam, and has (you are correct of course) been wasted - along with human life - in Afghanistan. not by the Taliban or islam, but by our "democratically elected" war-mongering oafs. (in fact the Prime minister wasn't even elected as we all know)
fifthly the point that we will lose "every time we set foot in Islamic countries" begs the question, why set foot (or military boot, to be more precise) in their backward world at all? equitable trade is one thing, unwarranted invasion is quite another.
of course, i agree, pull out of Afghanistan and take our trappings with us. however, perhaps goat's meat stew and hadith will be sustaining a simpler people long after the west has collapsed. don't forget these simple mediaeval fools kicked the shite out of the Red Army. Religious fanaticism is not to be underestimated.
lastly. the picture represents men displaying a religious opinion; the fools are entitled to have an opinion and say it in public, in my opinion. but not to be pandered to, to threaten westerners, to be unchallenged by the law if they don't subscribe to our rules, or to be fed and housed as immigrants at my expense. if the muslims don't like it here, they can fuck off. but then, how many brits really DO like it here, due to our version of democratic government and what they allow to happen?
at least the muslims have the balls to protest and demonstrate with energy and resolve. there seems to be a lot more of the bastards than were at your 5th november march to parliament, a fact which shames me, and anyone else who wasn't there.

richard said...

i left out "fourthly" and went from the third to fifth point, sorry.

Funambulist said...

Moslem fundamentalists can survive for the longest time on just the the Koran, the Hadith and goat meat. Hundreds of years in fact.

The problem is not that it's their favoured lifestyle, but that they desire to inflect it on the rest of us as well.

I am Stan said...

Richard...an interesting perspective which is thought provoking..

Are you suggesting that Holby is adding to the climate of fear with regular posts such as this.. which makes it easier for civil liberties to be taken away and repressive security legislation to be enacted.

DARE i ask is it by design {sharp intake of breath in horror} or the fall out from exposing what he {Holby} believes or has been led to believe is the truth..

Smoke and mirrors..wheels within wheels.
Is their a cunning dark master at work here?...seducing and playin us with lies..

Just wondered....

Ali Babba said...

If you ever visit the middle east and talk to the locals you will realise that most of them will be perfectly happy to go back to goatherding and generally pottering about. The last 50 years have been a buzz for them with the oil money etc but in their heart of hearts they don't need it and don't give a fuck about fast cars and air con. Good weather, good diet (dates and camels milk) and a generally slower pace of life gave them a relatively longer lifespan than they have now with diabetes and heart disease and incessant wars with westerners slavering over their oil.
Apart from the corrupt leaders who have most of the money they haven't benefited from the oil money. Go one street back from the main drag and it's shanty towns and chickens and old exhaust repair shops. Nothing has changed for joe public.
I think we constantly overestimate our lifestyle against theirs and that is our major downfall.

GCooper said...

To use an an appropriate metaphor, the genie is out of the bottle. It's simply to late to build a wall around the Moslem world.

And never forget - Pakistan has been allowed to have nuclear weapons. When (if) these fall into (even more) fundamentalist hands, we are in even deeper trouble than we are already in - and heaven knows that's pretty bad.

richard said...

mr Stan, OH is doing a good job of pointing out wrongs in our midst, but he perhaps concentrating on a result(ie muslims swarming everywhere and complaining about us) rather than the reason they're here. i am of the opinion that the influx of muslims into Europe is a deliberate policy to distract us wage-slaves. the ruling class are hoping we won't notice the taste of our shit sandwich if we are made to believe it's OUR shit sandwich, and someone (the muslims in this case) is planning to take it away and force us to eat a much more rancid one.
mr Ali Babba, you have a point. maybe a peaceful life as a goat-herder is better for the human condition than to be pestered with bills, taxes, overdrafts, non-essentials, to have children waste their time on x-box crap, and all the other money-traps portrayed as beneficial if not essential. but who in Britain could possibly do a Tom and Barbara these days? - ffs the council forced a guy to SELL HIS BOAT because it was parked on his own driveway, so imagine trying to raise livestock at home and be self-sufficient. possibly we COULD all do it, Britain could be much more of an agrarian and self-sufficient society, more ate ease with ourselves and not hankering after the next bright and shiny thing. but we wouldn't be allowed to. we are under siege, not by muslims, but by our overlords.
as far as "wheels within wheels" goes, i am always mindful of Stanislaw Lem's book, "The Futurological Congress" in which a proposed design for a modern mega-city has purpose-built catacombs for subversive groups to meet. is the Blogsphere such a purpose-built catacomb? maybe it is - maybe if we were really achieving anything, there wouldn't be one.

Old Holborn said...

@ richard

"i am always mindful of Stanislaw Lem's book, "The Futurological Congress""

Yeah. Me too.

I am Stan said...


How is it possible to beleive anything,especially if presented as fact on the blogsphere without doing hours of personal research...and even then does that research lead you to the truth....

Busy googling The Future thingy...

Old Holborn said...

You wouldn't believe the amount of research I do.

The Paragnostic said...

Futurological Congress?

I prefer His Master's Voice, but anyone who has read Lem at all gets extra points for taste.

The issue with Islamism and democracy is just as important in this country as it is for the various Stans - maybe more so as the Islamists tend to support Nu Liebour, and their experience with corrupting voting systems will skew the vote wherever they congregate.

But if we can't change what's past, we can at least make sure we don't let any more in.

I like The Penguin's suggestion for using up out of date nukes, though :P

richard said...

it's a great book, isn't it? Lem foresaw a chemically-induced version of the matrix, artifical insemination, incredible airport security, and above all the massive amount of control of people based on the supposed population explosion. he even has the Americans calculating that, without forced sterilisation, humanity would be a sphere growing out from the earth with a radius growing at the speed of light.
it's a very entertaining book too.

I am Stan said...

From Stanislaw Lem to nuking ¨uppity rag heads¨ 12;05 ...ie innocent women and children in their own country which has already been invaded by the ¨coalition of the willing¨...all in a heart beat..

Perhaps The Penguin and The Paragnostic should show some courage and sign up with the TA and put their bodies where there comments are.

Hatred, bitterness and delusions of grandeur run deep no matter how many enlightened books some people claim to read..

Busy googling Libertarians and Nukes..

The Penguin said...

Look up bleeding hearted liberals while you're at it.

The Penguin

I am Stan said...

Look up bleeding hearted liberals while you're at it.

The usual glib response from the callous and bitter towards anyone who shows any kind of empathy or sees the world beyond petty predudice and personal insecurities..

I think the TA hot line is open late on tuesdays..if your inclined to show how tough you are.. but probably not.

richard said...

i was in the TA. there was no racial prejudice or sectarianism, so it doesn't suit everyone.

The Penguin said...

As I recall from my time in the Army, why don't you just fuck off and do one?

The Penguin

Paul Weston said...


Very well put. Simple, yet world (western) changing.

richard said...

the comradeship, don't forget the comradeship.

I am Stan said...

As I recall from my time in the Army, why don't you just fuck off and do one?


Oh an i was in the SAS and SBS and Paras...all at the same time..

The depth of your debating skills are awe inspiring as usual Penguin...

Savonarola said...

For those interested in the pernicious effects of Islam and why it remains a brake on progress, may I recommend the cruel(but perceptive) eye of VS Naipaul's "Among the Believers".

Vidia saw it comming 30 years before the rest of the West.

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