Thursday, 19 November 2009

Parliament And Government Have Not A Clue How Many People Are Listed As 'Domestic Extremists' By The Police

National Public Order Intelligence Unit

Mr. Plaskitt: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what definition of extremist is used in respect of compiling data on the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU); what forms of evidence gathered by forward intelligence teams are retained by the NPOIU; how many individuals are identifiable by spotter cards on the NPOIU database; and how many individual names are recorded on the NPOIU database. [298339]

12 Nov 2009 : Column 954W

Mr. Hanson: Domestic extremism refers to the crime and disorder committed by the small number of individuals and organised groups who are prepared to break the law in support of single-issue causes. It does not refer to views or opinions.

The National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) collects information and intelligence so that the police can carry out threat and risk assessments to safeguard public safety, the right to peaceful protest, and to prevent crime and disorder. The data is also used to support the investigation of crimes that are carried out in furtherance of causes linked to protest activity.

The collection of intelligence by NPOIU is carried out in compliance with the relevant legislation which sets out the method and purpose for its collection, retention and dissemination.

Decisions to retain or dispose of information by the police service are carried out on a case by case basis, based on their assessment of the type and amount of information held on an individual and whether this is proportionate for policing purposes, and on risk-based decisions about public protection.

The use of spotter cards by local forces is a matter for local Chief Officers. Owing to the manner in which data is stored on the NPOIU database, which includes, for example, open source material such as newspaper articles, it is not possible for the police to provide an exact figure on how many names are referenced on the database. Information kept on any individuals would be dealt with under a Subject Access Request made under the Data Protection Act.

So the unelected Chief Constables and ACPO (a Private Limited Company)are unable to account for the amount of people they have on their lists to Parliament, they are using public money to do this.

Is the definition of 'Domestic Extremist' the same as a potential ' Terrorist ' ? Therefore any opposition can be dealt with under our draconian anti-terrorism Laws ?

H/T Ian Parker-Joseph


JPT said...

They don't know and they don't REALLY care either.

bong with the wind said...

ACPO are just another link in the Blairite fisting daisy chain.

Uranus, tha Magician - and pedant, said...

"So the unelected Chief Constables and ACPO (a Private Limited Company)are unable to account for the amount of people they have on their lists to Parliament, they are using public money to do this."
Oh, dear - when referring to physically countable units you should use the word "number", NOT "amount" The latter refers to a quantity - you would not, for example, say "add this number of flour to the recipe".
Neither would you properly say, "the amount of people in a Rugby Union team is 15".

piombo said...

The Home Office definition of domestic extremism is:

"unlawful and/or anti-social acts motivated by an intention to disrupt lawful activity or to intimidate in pursuit of ideological goals. It does not include international terrorism."

Since the UK definition of terrorism (TACT 2000) doesn't require an international element, the answer to your final question would seem to be yes.

Ethan said...

I'm a domestic extremist. I feckin would unload a massive dump on Brown bigtime.

Vote for the Judean Peoples Front...better than most of the feckwits in politcis today.

FTAC Watch said...

I bet I'm on the list.

However, in my case it probably is well deserved. When the government steals everything from you, you’re left with nothing left to lose by your actions.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was well known that local paper letter pages are scanned for extreme comments?stasi bastards.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


You too?

So it's not just me then.

They are too stupid to realise that if you want someone to behave then you must let him have something he values.

Everything I value was removed 11 years ago. I have nothing that I couldn't care a toss about losing - and I deliberately keep myself destitute.

I can walk away from this life and start another in 30 seconds. Have done so once, can easily do it again.

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