Wednesday, 4 November 2009

November 5th. Remember, remember.

Final details

We will meet tomorrow in the Chandos Pub at 11.30 (29, St. Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4ER) (£1.90 a pint), get togged up as pigs in suits and Guy Fawkes and saunter down Whitehall, past 10 Drowning St where I shall give Gordon a Carson Rose as a token of my appreciation for him.

We will then link up with others (and GuyTV) in the Westminster Arms (9 Storey's Gate, SW1P 3AT) at Noon. Then it's over to the Public Gallery of YOUR House of Commons. No tickets required.

Then it's back to the pub for some serious drinking.

The Police can and probably will search you under Section 44 of the Prevention of Terrorism Act. It is harmless. They cannot demand ID, your name, your address or any details. You are perfectly entitled to decline to give them any info at all. I just carry cash and a camera.

You cannot be searched or arrested by a PCSO.

You do not have to remove your mask or Burqa if asked.

You are commiting no offence and have every right to walk in the sunshine, dressed as you please.

See you all there. I promise surprises. And remember

"Cameras. We need cameras"


mc_nebula said...

See you there OH, I'm looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

I was all set to join in tomorrow but there's a bit of a work problem & now I can't get away. However, will be with you in spirit & looking forward to the photos. Be safe all of you.
P.S - putting some greenfly on the rose for Gordon?

Dick Puddlecote said...

There's quite a lot going on tomorrow. Here is another collection of disgruntled souls (F/B link).

See you there, OH.

Dave Cameron said...

I only wish I could I was able to give a cast iron guarantee that I will walk with you.

Sadly my guarantee will be plywood

scunnert said...

Over here across the pond they don't even know who Guy Fawkes was. I look forward to viewing the pics and vids.

Gie thum laldy as they say in Scotland.

WV = hobugar

Anonymous said...


Must get a mask....BOLLOCKS!

ToryCupboard said...

"Cameras. We need cameras"

Try pull some off the street posts as you pass! Theres plenty to go around dont you know.


Ampers said...

Decided to reach a wider audience with my comments, so have left it on youtube - under ampersandtay

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Have a productive and fun day out you lot.

If it is required again next year, I plan to be there.

defender said...

OH, dont forget to sort your barrel out, fertiliser and mobile.
Let them look like cunts if you get a chance.
Have a pleasant stroll mate.

they really are cunts said...

more woolas form phil cunt:

Kevin Boatang said...

Enjoy yourselves. And remember you are actually dressing up as a catholic fundamentalist that wished for an absolute monarch.

JuliaM said...

Good luck tomorrow. Work intercedes, but I'll be following you in VR.

Clare said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Billy Blofeld said...

I've got loads on at work......... but this is more important.

See you tomorrow.

FTAC Watch said...

I would have loved to have joined you, but I dare not (I don’t have any money to dress up and get there anyway). I don’t want to give them any excuse to lock me up again; not just yet.

Quiet_Man said...

All the best, will be working, but my thoughts go with you.

caesars wife said...

have a good day OH , sorry I cannot be there , carson rose , nice touch !!

Shades Of Ansel said...

Good luck OH and crew.I look forward to seeing you on News At Ten,with Gordoom's head in your left hand,and a blood-stained sword of justice in your right.

Cylon said...

I still say the movie is retarded. What's the point of blowing up the building of the fascists without the fascists actually being inside? Hollyweird, nothing ever makes sense, typical.

But anyway.

Good luck tomorrow folks. I hope there'll be a big turnout.

Dick Puddlecote, neither you British, nor the rest of Europe, will get a referendum. We won't get to vote. Our governments tell us that our vote is not necessary. They claim that they want to make the EU more democratic, and how are they doing this? By spitting on democracy. Come December our countries will cease to exist as sovereign nations.

subrosa said...

I'll be thinking of you all. No staggering though - don't want any of you whisked off to the nearest A & E as a drunk.:)

Be safe all of you.

ractmort said...

"You do not have to remove your mask or Burqa if asked."

You absolutely, as in legally, sure of that ?

Old Holborn said...


killemallletgodsortemout said...

Good luck, OH and all.

I dare not be there, but wish you a safe walk.

John Steed said...

They can demand your ID and search you. Happened to me in Belfast last week. Sincere good luck tomorrow. Give your name as "Viktor Berzhins" from Riga...all of you.

Simon said...

I'm in that area tomorrow and will try to come along. No costume I'm afraid but I've got an ace little camera that does HD video. See you there.

Old Holborn said...


There is no law in the UK that says you must carry ID. Demand all you want copper.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I cannot join you, as I'm being a good scrubber. But I'll be with you in spirit, or rather bleach.

wv: flued

Hope that doesn't mean you're all going to come down with it!

Demetrius said...

Enjoy yourself. I was there yesterday (no not for the sex workers demonstration) and it was all a bit sad. The place does need livening up.

Insp. Innis said...

John Steed I think the police can search you in Belfast if you are loitering in a public toilet and smiling at other male users as well as looking over the partition at them when they are in the stalls. Just be gratefull you got a fixed penalty notice and not a kicking.

Rogerborg said...

This is strange. I thought this was just a casual walk in the sun. It almost sounds like you're taking responsibility for organising a public assembly.

Surely not. Remember, remember: they can't do you for assembling per se, but they can do you for failing to comply with limitations imposed on your assembly.

Note carefully: the controlling legislation is worded so that PC Grunt can make up ad hoc conditions on the hoof, and failing to obey ze orders is 3 months in clink.

I'd advise you all to take individual responsibility for familiarising yourselves with the laws on public assembly and search, and not take anyone else's word on what Plod can and can't do.

Stay safe out there.

Rogerborg said...

>OH: You do not have to remove your mask or Burqa if asked.
>You absolutely, as in legally, sure of that ?
>OH: Yes

Uh huh. Unless, of course, section 94 of the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 is invoked, based on a bogus Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

Plod can and will create section 60s post hoc when necessary to justify section 94 seizures. If you're going to get cute and argue the toss, tell your family not to expect you home until Saturday.

Markoff said...

Can't make the beano aulde bean.

Going to Brighton (for Anthony J. Hilder, not bum boy beach parade.)

God bless and all who sail with you.

FTAC Watch said...

"Plod can and will create section 60s post hoc when necessary to justify section 94 seizures. " - Rogerborg.

I can verify that the police will fabricate any details they require to justify or legalise their detention of someone; it happened to me.

Don’t go complaining to the IPCC either. They will accept what the police say as the truth even if it is logically inconsistent with anything else they say or does not stand up to rational consideration.

Anonymous said...

See you there tomorrow.

Last year was great sport. Unfortunately I cannot wear a disguise, but I'm ugly enough to frighten them without one.

Joe Public said...

Just ensure your Rose has no thorns. (So avoiding accusation of carrying an offensive weapon)

Weston Bay said...

More fancy dress charades in Parliament Square OH? Why don't you turn up in stockings and suspenders? That'll have people taking you seriously in, oooh, so many ways. Or maybe a clown outfit, assuming Obo doesn't get there before you!


Old Holborn said...

Weston Darling

A man wearing a loin cloth, sandals and wire rim glasses threw down the British Empire.

Run along now. You do your bit to end this shite and I'll do mine.

Rogerborg said...

To be fair, he had a political party and talked a few million followers into getting coshed on his behalf.

Best of British luck though. I'd wear socks as well as that loin cloth - it looks like being a bit nippy tomorrow.

Simon said...

Had a long talk with someone who has had a lot of experience of being arrested tonight. He said the Police must supply you with a copy of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act to read in your cell. Apparently this Act is full of things which they must do and can provide an excellent source of irritation to plod. For example they must give you a hot meal after 4 hrs.

He told them he was a alcoholic once and demanded half a bottle of vodka (you are quite entitled to do this under the drug section but you must administer it yourself). They got a Doctor who was almost persuaded to come up with the Smirnoff but eventually prescribed some anti depressants which cheered him up anyway.

He emphasised that you must demand this document and make good use of it. Sounds good to me.

Weston Bay said...

OH, you got me on Gandhi so I'll let you have that one. Bitch.

But Rogerborg is right- he would never have thrown down the British Empire without millions of supporters, some of whom paid the ultimate price...

Where are your millions of supporters OH? They are after all the only thing that makes any political project worth a damn.

And I for one will be doing my bit to "end this shite" on a (hopefully) warm sunny morning in May at the local polling station.

stevie said...

Good luck,have fun - and beer.

Anonymous said...

Gandhi Hero of the Left was a race supremacist, a racist and a colonist.

Some left wing hero! shame LIberal fascists (they only pretend to be lefties, they are all middleclass clowns)are so blinkerd that they will buy into any NWO bulldust labled `rightious` as they need to feel superior and stoke their egos at every opportunity. It helps thyem cope with their middleclass guilt while trapping the working classes in perpetual poverty for their own gain, no longer do they support the working class as that may mean they may have to give up their priviledge, so now they look towards the third world for their self rightious ego booster fix.

As for african poverty, look to the NWO bankers and despots supported by the NWO and backed by the Lib Lab cons and their EUSSR fascist NWO state.

According to them any goverment that helps the people but not the NWO has to be overthrown you know!

adam said...

law is irrelevant Holborn.
Everything is justified under terrorism

men in this country are such girls they wet themselves at the mention of an islamist.

Nobody with balls believes the government is anti islam or even terrorism. they are happy to deal with the IRA. Or Lockerbie bombers.

Anonymous said...

this should be a main event for next year . give more time to advertise this event so more people will know about this in a years time .

adam said...

The Empire planned to give up India long before Ghandi was born.
The Intention of empire was always to raise the 'savages' up to European standards so they could govern themselves. The left excludes this history from the universities.

The indian national congress was set up by the empire.
The so called indian peoples leaders were the products of western education.

The empire was destroyed from within by the left. The left isnt anti empire but anti capitalism.
If the workers of the world unite and there is global communism the left will have achieved its goals.
They support the EU and UN dont they.

Of course they dont call it communism anymore because thats now a negative label, but its the same ideology as always.

Leader of the EU is a maoist
Leader of the UN a communist
You will never hear the media elite complain about this.

Summer_Breeze said...

Good luck to you all. I shall be with you in spirit.
Hope the weather stays fine.

Anonymous said...


For fuck's sake.

Last year when I showed up, even though there were very few of us, it made me realise that I'm not the only person who's aggrieved, likes to smoke and drinks.

Regrettably, there won't be any kangaroo courts, nor summary executions. However, it's an opportunity to see the spectrum (or is that speculum?) of OH's adherents.

It might give the fat old bastard some wood to push through the gates with his rose!

John Steed said...

Simon 22.55 that sounds like a leg pull. All you are entitled to is a small A4 bit of paper. Phone call at Duty Sgts discretion. If you are lifted in Wales the back page is yn Gymraeg. After many hours it becomes interesting. If you can find a police Doctor to give alcohol (or anything) let me know. They are in the plods back pocket. Who pays their wages? Uh huh. The only thing you an do is take the war to the enemy. If nicked/captured tie up their resources & be the biggest bastard they've ever seen. Bon chance.

Ian said...

Good luck everyone - sorry I cant make it myself today, but look forward to the pictures.

God Save England.

Anonymous said...

bugger and bollocks.. Why do I have to live so far away and be working on this day! I will add a token gesture, maybe piss in the doorway of my local council on my way home from the pub tonight.. . good luck!

I am Stan said...


Albion's Last Stand said...

Wish i were there.
Nice to see an Englishman exercising his freedom of mind and body.
I salute your spirit,Sir.

defender said...

Is there any news yet?
I havent heard any news that parliament is in flames yet. Did he remember to take matches with him?

Hilary Clinton'Cards said...

John Steed can you be arrested for being a stupid cunt? If so I suspect your rap sheet is longer than War and Peace.

Anonymous said...

My photos from today.

The Economic Voice said...

I regret I am unable to attend today due to my wife working a night shift....hope you all cause as much trouble as possible and get up the noses of the appropriate people.

troll alert said...

I am Stan said...

05 November 2009 11:31

Not sure why a subversive Liberal fascist and all round Labour lacky, would wish OH good luck.

He is your worst nightmare!

Now get back under your bridge you trolling parasite.

uaf troll alert said...

John Steed said...
sod all as usual.

Hey John, why are you here?

You are about as popular as a headache and about as much use to the Libertarian cause as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Your politics represents everything we hate, you are wonk totalitarian socialist.

Take a hint and do one.

I am Stan said...

troll alert-i am waiting with bated breath for you to give some examples of how i am a "liberal fashist"

I think i will be waiting a long time.

Snowolf said...

Just back.

No stopping and searching.

Friendly and very good natured debate with a load of armed forces vets in Wessie Arms, one of whom put me in mind of a cross between Lord Flasheart and Leslie Phillips, but with one arm and the military cross.

Protracted debate with plod at the entrance to Parliament before entering the building.

Regret to inform no explosions, but we did sit through 15 minutes of turgid arse gravy from phantom mortgage Morley before deciding that Simon Hughes was more than we could bear.

Made it outside to see Bob Spink (UKIP MP) seemingly happy to have a chat and photo-session.

Stan the Liberal fascist troll said...

I am Stan said...
troll alert-i am waiting with bated breath for you to give some examples of how i am a "liberal fashist"

I think i will be waiting a long time.

05 November 2009 15:57

The very fact that you love the race card and PC, you utter twat.

The very fact that you wine over people who use their freedom of speech in ways that make you cry, just like a Liberal nazi.

If you don't like what people say -tough shit.

we don't need no bed wetting race card playing Liberal fascist round here thank you very much.

How you are always the first along with your girlferiend whats his name to come to the rescue of all things Liberal,PC fascism.

The way that you scream Nazi at anyone who doesn't share your views on the effects of immigration.

Now, you didn't have to wait long did you troll!

Run along now, or perhaps it's time to change your name again, seeing as you are as transparent as a UAF Nazi!

Anonymous said...

Made it outside to see Bob Spink (UKIP MP) seemingly happy to have a chat and photo-session.

05 November 2009 16:43

Last I heard they disowned him.
UKIP have no MPs.

But thanks for the report!

Anonymous said...

John Steed and I am Stan are like two dirty old piss soaked Labour scumbags trying to get into a boys dormatory. They think they won't stand out as the filth that they clearly are if they wear Libertarian ties and pretend to be on side.

You've been rumbled guys.

Now sod off back under your rocks.

Anonymous said...

a few more photos.

John Steed said...

Obviously I support I AM STAN, as he doesn't judge someones worth on their skin colour you silly neo-nazi cunt. I think O'H has elements of greatness but is let down by wankers from the BNP like yourself. Glad the day went well. Next time will be better, with a few constables re-enacting Blakelocks last stand. Now that WAS fun!

I am Stan said...

I am still waiting for you blowhards to give me any examples where i have prevented anyones free speech or played the race card or showed any support for Labour or the UAF

Your starting to bore me and i am a patient man, so intead of bleating like frightened lambs give me some examples or i will just ignore you because your obviously just brain dead cunts.

John Steed said...

Well said I Am Stan, I don't support ZaNuLabour either but some brain dead odious cunts here think standing up against neo-nazis equates to being a Broonite! As for U.A.F yes I support them (tacitly) many of them are not "fit for purpose" and will fare badly when "the balloon goes up". Fuck the BNP, New Scotland Yard delenda est.

bofl said...


strolling pics

Anonymous said...

So, in essence, fuck all happened.

A bit like last year.

Look forward to fuck all happening next year too.

wv: trovia. Trivia would be more apt methinks.

Anonymous said...

U.A.F are state funded thugs used to silence opposition.

As the chaos in diversity Britain grows, they will be used more and more to silence protest from the indigenous population.

Snowolf said...

So, in essence, fuck all happened.

Well, yes. But that wasn't the point, well, not for me, anyhow.

send the PC bores packing! said...

I am Stan said...
I am still waiting for you blowhards to give me any examples where i have prevented anyones free speech or played the race card or showed any support for Labour or the UAF

Your starting to bore me and i am a patient man, so intead of bleating like frightened lambs give me some examples or i will just ignore you because your obviously just brain dead cunts.

05 November 2009 17:54

Listen shit for brains go back a few posts and look at your bleating about your colour and whether you would be welcome on the walk of if you would get your head kicked in.

Implying that contributers here would kick your head in due to your colour. You have no grounds to make any such accusations and you are clearly playing the race card.

You sir are the bore, you sir are the oppologist for derange Labour immigration policy and it's deadly effects as it suites YOUR racist needs and John steed has
admited he is a UAF fascist.

Nothing more need be said, now off you trot to read your very own post you destructive PC gobshite.

John Steed said...

UAF "funded"? Wish to fuck I was! Straight over to Costa del chav & fuck your syphilis ridden daughters/wives/concubines! Nah, no wages, the hours are shite but we get to flob on plod! Oh and the BNP, much the same thing eh? Fascist? Dozy cunt, UAF is contra-fascist. Disappointed to see no heads on sticks a la Braodwater!

John Steed the fascist UAF clown said...

John Steed said...
Obviously I support I AM STAN, as he doesn't judge someones worth on their skin colour you silly neo-nazi cunt. I think O'H has elements of greatness but is let down by wankers from the BNP like yourself. Glad the day went well. Next time will be better, with a few constables re-enacting Blakelocks last stand. Now that WAS fun!

05 November 2009 17:32

There you go John, proving that anyone who remarks on the destruction that is mass immigration is regarded instantly as a Nazi.

Your pavlov dog shite is transparent and no longer works, save it for your scrapbook of failed plastic communism for the middleclasses.

This is the pathetic level of the UAF window lickers and trustafarians, the REAL fascists.

You seem to forget that many established immigrants are up in arms regarding mass immigration - especially when it is recent white immigration, while others welcome and encourage further mass immigration of their `own` kind as they feel it will strenthen their cultural and racial hand in the political power play that is demographics.

Or do you suppose that certain communities import almost all their wifes because it is easier?

Why not a local westernised woman?

Why do we now have no go areas, for people in their former ancient hometowns?

If you want a debate on immigration john and its disturbing effects then let's go, but if you are simply going to scream Nazi anytime anyone dissagrees with you then it's time for you and your fascist UAF buddies to fuck off.

And if you are wondering who created and fuled the BNP - take a look in the mirror!

John Steeds Britain said...

Mr Yexley's report shows that in 2008/09 eight per cent of groups of gang rape suspects were white, 32 per cent were black, and 24 per cent contained members of different ethnicities. The make-up for the rest was unknown.

The proportion of white victims fell from 69 per cent in 1998/99 to 50 per cent last year, while the number of black victims doubled from 17 per cent to 34 per cent.

I am Stan said...

Due to your and your fellow annonymouse commentors obvious obsessions with a persons race I asked a perfectly reasonable question ie would i be out of place or in danger..You seem to have a problem with difficult questions being asked even if they are not directed at you or when they are not a question you would ask..what are you so scared of?

And from your aggressive attitude towards my comments even a simple "good luck" has you making all kinds of unfounded accusations and squealing like a stuck pig at christmas i decided you and your type are best avoided although that is probably grossly unfair to the people who where there and if so I apologise to them...I would personaly be horrified to be associated with you and your hate and anger.

Asking difficult questions called freedom of expresion, I understand under your beloved leader the boy Griffo freedom for many would be limited.

You have not read all my comments on the subject of immigration and im not going to repeat them now for your benefit as your obsessions have obviously totaly consumed you and turned you into a frothing, jabbering,paranoid blinded by hate and terrified of your own advice...get some help..or a least get a life..

The comments on this site are not the exclusive domain of Nazi apoplogists and promoters so stop crying like a baby when i or anyone else doesnt agree with you

Im going out now to pull some more randy white women ta ta..

Anonymous said...

John Steed. Interesting statistic for you. 8% of gang rapists in the UK are white. That leaves 92%.I've done the maths for you. Can you draw any conclusions
(apart from denial and hurling abuse)

White slaves - the untold story said...

White slaves - read and learn Liberal fascists!

Zardoz said...

I wsa detained by police because I placed my hat on my head at the wrong time. The officer infomed me that upon entering the House of Commons one surrenders their rights completely and the House Regulations Act gives them absolute authority over you.

Here are the hat rules:
Men not allowed any hats.
Women, hats are just fine.
People with government approved irrational religious beliefs about hats may wear a hat.

I can find to reference to a House Regulations Act.

John Steed said...

Before siging off just a couple of points. Firstly, as I said before I agree with Zero Immigration. Place a Full Up sign at Dover & Heathrow. The BNP are one trick ponies, as I said Zero Immigration. Secondly "No Go areas" of our "ancient homeland" Fucking hell that is the funniest I've heard this month! Perhaps if you didn't kick the shit out of black kids they wouldn't "have a go" at you. Just a thought!

John Steed is a fascist troll! said...

"John Steed said...
Secondly "No Go areas" of our "ancient homeland" Fucking hell that is the funniest I've heard this month! Perhaps if you didn't kick the shit out of black kids they wouldn't "have a go" at you. Just a thought!"

Does that include rape John?

no comment on gang rape John?

How enriched those girls with their lifes destroyed thanks to you and your kind must feel?

As for kicking the shit, you are now an appologist for race hate!

But what you fail to grasp here John is a natural situation that happens when two cultures clash.

whites are not the only people who are not allowed into these no go areas, are you not aware of the race and culture battles between non whites and other none whites John?

and who created this inevitable and warned against shit John, YOU and your bedwetter liberal fascist bollocks.

Dear oh dear, you really need to study harder before you write your complete drivel spoon fed to you by the fascists in power.

In the meantime you live in a dreamworld that has resulted in race hate, rape, displacement and misery.

How proud you must be, Now while you get back to your dreamworld another girl gets gang raped thanks to you.

I will also remind you at this point that I used to debate on youtube with a prominant UAF activist.

Always calling people Nazis he was, acting as if he were some kind of liberal and that we were all fascists if we did not share his point.

Funny thing is, he turned out to be an anti white race hater who despised white women and called them all sluts, and dreamed of the day when sharia law would be implimented and when white men cower in their houses.

You know John, you remind me of him!

John Steed supports BNP immigration policy! said...

"John Steed said...
Before siging off just a couple of points. Firstly, as I said before I agree with Zero Immigration. Place a Full Up sign at Dover & Heathrow."

So you agree with one KEY aspect of BNP policy John. almost no other party and no mainstreme party supports such a policy other than the BNP John, UKIP stole it strait off the BNP just recently, yet here you are screaming Nazi at everyone who agrees with `some` of the BNPs policies while agreeing with their key policy!!

Perhaps we should all scream `Nazi` at john and his backing of BNP immigration policy!

You couldn't make it up.

John Steed said...

Firstly, one would have to be asinine in extremis to "blame me for gang rape". Secondly "key point"? Its the only fucking point you dimwit and if/when the Tories steal Zero Immigration from you what then? No more fucking BNP he he he!

Anonymous said...

Tories steal zero immigration policy! Fuckwit! If any tory broke ranks iron-clad would have them thrown out in a heartbeat.
Here's some more BNP policies.
Pull out of the EU
Pull out of Afghanistan/Iraq and any other shithole that isn't about to attack us.
Restore law and order.
End the welfare dependance culture
There are dozens more. Go over to their website and see for yourself. It's still THE most visited political website by a country mile.
There's another policy. Restore imperial weights and measures.

I am Stan said...

Here`s a few more ¨policies¨ of the neo-nazis.

¨indiginous Britons¨who they claim can only be white, would be given priority hein the job market. “Non-whites” would instantly become second class citizens in Britain.

Well thats a tad devisive..better check your geneology before the BNP do.

Any black person who commits a crime would also be thrown out of the country, even those who were born here.

Parking ticket...out you go laddie!

Mixed race relationships would be outlawed.

The great Griffo will decide who you fall in love with...mmm

BNP leaders have continued to air their real political views. “All black people will be repatriated, even if they were born here”, BNP leader Nick Griffin told Wales on Sunday.

“We must preserve the white race, because it has been responsible for all the good things in civilisation”.

Griffo saviour of the white tribe.

According to party number two, Tony Lecomber, the preservation of the white race can be done through a racial eugenic programme.

Here come the gas chambers

The BNP says they have no truck with “race hate”.

The jokes, caricatures, cartoons and articles depict black people as stupid, criminally minded and ugly. Time and again, BNP publications talk about the genetic superiority of the white race.

Gosh if Griffo says so it must be true!

Former National Organiser Richard Edmonds was convicted for his part in a vicious bottle attack on a mixed race couple in a pub in East London 1993

Start as you mean to go on.

BNP supporter Stuart Kerr was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for firebombing an Asian shop in Chichester, Sussex

BNP leader Nick Griffin was convicted of incitement to racial hatred in April 1998

London nail bomber: David Copeland
The BNP organiser for Waltham Forest, Alan Gould, was convicted of racially abusing people in a pub in 2000

Former BNP member David Copeland was sentenced to six life sentences after planting bombs in London. He wanted to start a race war.

I think you get the theme of the BNP and thats just for starters,who would be next on their list..gays,socialists,the French,the mentally ill,the disabled,witches,Catholics,ginger people,emos,goths,anyone who eats currys who knows..IT COULD BE YOU!...Traitors to this great country.... ...they should hang.

Anonymous said...

‘indiginous Britons’

Ah, the righteous really don’t like the idea that white people can actually be the indigenous population somewhere, do they?

No problem with the word indigenous when applied to Africa, Asia, the Americas or Australia of course. Only when it comes to Europe and do the scare quotes come out.

Well I suppose from their point of view it makes sense. If you can de-legitimise the indigenous population, it will make the task of importing millions of people into the country without consent that much easier.

First they tried guilt as a weapon to bludgeon the indigenous Britons (no scare quotes), which worked for the middles classes, but not so well for lower orders. But hell, there’s only so much guilt you can dump on a person before it starts wearing off.

Then came Political Correctness and self-censorship, which I must admit has worked pretty well for them, that is until the advent of the Internet thank God.

Now comes their latest desperate tactic, the complete Stalinesque rewriting of our History to justify their demented social engineering policies. Well, if you have to lie, lie big.

I am Stan said...

More self pity and fear from the anonymouse BNP Publicty Dept...

What is the classification of ¨indiginouse¨ and who gets to decide what it is Griffo? im curious to know..not that i give a fuck just curious..,and once that is decided its ok for everyone else to be second class citizens is it.

Have you checked your geneology anonymouse you never know you may have a bit of mediteranian in your genes would that make you second class..and if so you would be happy about that would you because Griffo says so.

I have no problem with white people considering themselves the origionals but i will not be forced to be second class because of Griffo and friends insecurities and i have a life to get on with..

Im BRITISH and proud to be so and proud of MY country ..maybe you need to rediscover your pride and sense of self worth..until you do stop whining like a spoilt girl with no sweeties and blaming others for your own failures.

As usual you are focused on race, what about the other points i have raised like terrorism,deciding who can love who and the others on the BNP hit list ,which by the way you better consider in case you or your loved ones are on it.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

You are dense.Truly. Right now we have positive descrimination in favour of ethnics when applying for state jobs.Applications for the fire service from whites are routinely rejected if there are ethnic applicants. They even held a jobs fair in Manchester recently spefically for ethnics. Whole areas of the country have been colonized and are now white no go areas. Muslims milk the welfare system. Grow up.

I am Stan said...

¨You are truly dense¨ non taken

I personaly do not agree with ¨positive discrimination¨..or discrimination of any kind,best man for the job and all that,or is that best person hahahaha..
Thats an issue you should take up with your MP and the fire service ,not me ..

Good grief,all them darkies living next door to each other..the outrage!
I myself don`t know of any no go areas for whites but i know a few where i would not go due to probably getting a i guess that works both ways and no that does not make it right.

And as far as i can see there is milking of the system by all races...and yes even the ¨indiginous¨ go figure

Whats this Urban 11 is it some kind of militia or think tank or 11 friends who live in the city,what is it?

¨Grow up¨i`ll do my best! just for you.

Anonymous said...

I am Stan

I am not a BNP member, and hardly ever likely to become one on this earth. Griffin with his past is a Nazi, whatever way you look at it, and what ever weasel words he uses.

But that doesn’t mean there are very serious and real concerns about the consequences of mass immigration, the spread of Islam, loss of identity and yes, the ethnic replacement of the indigenous population of this country.

A racist will object to the single outsider in the town. But only a fool DOESN’T object to the wholesale replacement of his culture and ethnicity.

And what is happening now in the big towns and cities is looking very like wholesale replacement.

As you say, you rightly don’t want to become a second-class citizen in this country. But neither do the indigenous population of this country either.

I am Stan said...


I have seen and experienced myself the problems that Mass Immigration brings,and i appreciate the legitimate concerns of some of the ¨indigenous¨population,the guvmint is responsible for that policy.

However my comments have been directed at the BNP and their supporters who never tire of blaming ¨non whites¨for every problem the country has.And have policies that are Evil.

Perhaps you know who Urban 11 are?.

Old Holborn said...

Will you two give it a fucking rest?

Anonymous said...

Okey Dokey.

I am Stan said...

Ok Holby ....but I still don`t know who Urban 11 are!

Anonymous said...

but I still don`t know who Urban 11 are

Try the See of Rome c. 1095 AD

John Steed said...

Perhaps the means Pope Urban the Second?

I am Stan said...

Does he think he is the Pope? ...good grief!

Anonymous said...

Just called myself that in honour of the Pope who called for the 1st crusade. Not even a Catholic,no delusions of grandure,just think that Urban11 had those muslims sussed.
P.S. I'm sure OH doesn't think he's a packet of baccy

I am Stan said...

¨I`m sure OH does`nt think he`s a packet of baccy¨

Hahahahahaha ....point taken..just joshin offence!

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