Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Not a good start to the day

Nearly there now, Gordon


We won't keep innocent peoples DNA and fingerpints forever, just for six years. How kind. Let me remind you all of a little device that the Police can now use to "capture" anyones fingerprints they want. All they have to do is stop you in the street.

Mobile fingerprint scanners introduced

Then of course, if you use the word "fucking" in the context of telling a council official, on YOUR property, to mind his own business as in " 'Don't you tell me what I can and can't do in my own ****ing place.' will see you dragged off to the cells at after a dawn raid by Police, fingerprinted, DNA'ed and fined. No. Really


JerryD said...

So OH - when is the next protest - every day is getting worse - there won't be a Nov 5 'walk' in 2010 as they will have banned it by then! Why not make a Nov 5 walk every week?? Make it a Friday stroll if you like, there will be enough shit to complain about.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or are things moving very fast in politics at the moment. I hear about not just one new law, but 5 or 6 every week. Each designed to remove my capacity to use common sense, and take away my liberty.

The way things are going, we will all be in concentration camps come Easter.

John Steed said...

What a day to bury bad news. Land fit for heroes? As to the F word a Scots judge threw out a case a few years ago when a man swore at police, the judge said it fell within the orbit of "ordinary parlance".

Captain Ranty said...

The Westminster mongs would like you to think it is all horribly complex.

We can undo it all by simply saying "No".

Go here:

and listen to The Lawful Rebellion Guide 1 & 2.

You would be amazed at the power you have. You will also be amazed at how little power they have.

The change starts with you.


wv = ingso. I shit you not.

.243 Win said...

Not long before we hear a new version of :

"Staatspolizei: Ihre Papiere bitte"

richard said...

Captain Ranty, thanks for that link. the only disadvantage that i can see is that the State has a trump card in the form of guns and force. you can't say "no" to a baton, gun or taser. we have been disarmed under the pretext of public safety, but the truth is thatall "great" men are frightened of guns in the hands of the people.
now, as OH points out in "the wall" 166 authorities can enter your home. but what can we do? saying "no" only works if most people say it, otherwise you are just an interesting diversion to the minions of the state.

JerryD said...

"but what can we do?"

Come on Richard, you've had a good hour now to mull this one over - what are we to do....?

Captain Ranty has his ideas, whats yours....?

Marchamont Needham said...

or they can just take your money.....

Anonymous said...

We need unity in order to have any effect at all.

Peaceful resistancs is all well and good, but there will come a time when this is challenged.

First step, educate as many people as we can. I have setup several groups on facebook in an effort to get the facts out there.

Captain Ranty said...


You are thinking exactly what they want you to think.

If just saying "No" is too much trouble, we are truly fucked.

Give it a try, why don't you?

When your next Council Tax bill lands on your doormat, simply write on the envelope "No Contract-Return To Sender" and send it back.

They will get all confused and tell you that you MUST pay the bill. Must (in legal parlance) is synonymous with may. It is an offer. It is an invitation to pay. Tell them thanks, but no thanks. Legally, and lawfully, there is nothing they can do about it.

If they get snotty, ask them to provide the contract. Lawfully, a contract has to contain two wet signatures: yours, and the party you allegedly contracted with. In this case, your local council. No such contract exists.

If you don't want prolonged exchanges with these "terrifying" people, just accept the bill for value. When you send off the giro portion with a cheque, they get paid twice. Accepting for value is lawful, they get paid, everyone is happy. Google the term and get learning.

Do the same for income tax bills, fixed penalty fines, speeding tickets, parking tickets, in fact, anything that the gubmint generates can be accepted for value.

They should have taught us this stuff in school, but they, erm, forgot to.

Lawful Rebellion is a ton of fun. And it ensures that your fiat money stays where it should: in your pocket. You worked hard for it. Why just give it away?

Guns? Bullets? Tasers? Do you really, honestly, believe that our policemen and women want to harm us? They are human as well. Ghandi ended an empire by bending down and picking up a grain of salt. You don't even have to bend down. Stand still, upright and proud, and say "No". Say it politely, and with respect, and you will come to no harm.

They are thousands. We are millions. Don't let the fear (induced by them) control your actions. Shrug it off and make history.

Your children, and your grandchildren will call you a hero. And rightfully so.


richard said...

jerryD - i'm sorry and ashamed to say that i have no ideas. what are we to do in the face of Statist might? we have seen a scottish couple about to be extradited for trial in the US for selling firework ingredients; not a crime here but it is in the US. the next UK census is to be carried out by Lockheed Martin, the inference being that the US government will know where we all live and therefore everything else about us. with her extradition powers, she could remove anyone from the UK without trial and (thanks to Labour) can do so at will. being a freeman on the land is all very well, but all the US needs to do is make it illegal to render yourself voluntarily stateless and then come and get you.
sorry to sound defeatist, but our rights have been destroyed by our "own" government. they don't care about us.
there will be no unity in resistance here, unless and until the food runs out. there will be no armed resistance because we are not allowed to bear arms, despite what it says in the 1689 Bill of Rights.
if the State wants you dead, then dead you will become - it's all they have, but it's plenty to get most people to keep their heads down and hope it all goes away.

John Steed said...

When just one slave says No the state Rome starts to fear, and the beauty of it was that tens of thousnads sid No - Spartacus.

GCooper said...

The wonderful irony here is that these Stalinist laws have been imposed on us by a bunch of former unwashed student activists (notably that unspeakable shit, Jack Straw) who used to prance around in the 1970's, posing as defenders of freedom against 'the man'.

It's a damned shame the government of the time didn't have them all shot. They are immeasurably worse than the people against whom they once demonstrated.

Newgates Knocker said...

At least the one thing we can still do is educate our children against the onslaught of brainwashing they face daily in school and on television I watched Animal Farm with a very perceptive seven year old, explaining the concept. Orwell is buried in my local churchyard, the schools never visit his grave,they don't study his books, I bet he is pissed off no one listened!

JerryD said...

Come on Richard, its bad - but not that bad, yet. Lawful Resistance should be tried at least. Bovine obedience is not the answer. Check out this series:

It will answer your fear about making it illegal to be a freeman - How can anyone declare something illegal if you are not part of their jurisdiction.

Interestingly - what do you mean, When the food runs out? As policy? Or through natural cycles....?

Old Holborn said...

I can only add to the above.

Simply learn to say no.

When the police ask you if you "understand" your rights, they actually mean do you "stand under" your rights. In other words, do you surrender your rights.

Just say no. Nothing they can do if you don't surrender.

The Freeman movement is going to be huge.

Old Holborn said...

Richard, you do have the right to arm yourself

Get a shotgun. Here's how

richard said...

i've looked at robert menard, stef molyneaux, tpuc and the antiterrorist (great man on youtube) and understand the concept of the freeman and the person vs. the human being. it's a very liberating concept. unfortunately, our former peace officers (or revenue collection agents of private companies as they are now) don't carry weapons to aim at the straw man, but at the human being. and they (the police) will do as they're told.
i am using "freeman" techniques at present to try to clear some debt. there is wisdom there, i admit. but i fear that resistance could end up like Soylent Green rather than Spartacus - the scene with the "scoops".
NB food running out - probably will be due to massive monetary inflation. i'm making a modest stockplie of dried produce.
JerryD, we aren't technically part of the United States jurisdiction, but yet they can extradite us under treaty, by force.

JerryD said...

they can extradite us under treaty, by force

Richard, come on now - whose Treaty again?

They can only extradite legal persons under you see it? Your giving jurisdiction to a Treaty...your giving it legal authority - whereas there is non - only force.

Show them this, shout it. There is no Treaty.

Captain Ranty said...


Thank you for posting the YT link to the Its an Illusion talk by John Harris. I had seen them before but to be proficient at this, revision is important. You really have to live and breathe this stuff before you launch.

You are, of course, entirely correct about treaties, statutes, Acts, Bills and policies. You can walk away from them all.

I did. And I am golden. Forever. I do not fear them anymore. They have no control over me. Quite the reverse, in fact.

It took a lot of studying but if I can do it, (I have the IQ of a clubbed seal), anyone can.


Marchamont Needham said...

get a shotgun

No, get two - one breech loading and one muzzle loading. Think about it!

Old Holborn said...

It works too

Just last week outside Parliament, I was told by a Police Officer I was not going into the public gallery.

"I am the public, it is my right"

WPC: I say you're not going in.

"On whose authority?"

WPC: Mine. I'm a police constable

"No, you are an employee in a costume. Just like me in fact. You have no authority over me"

And in we went.

richard said...

OH - i used to have a shotgun but sold it. the problem is that to get one you need to register, and we know what that means.
my method of home defence is below the radar; a dog, peevish towards strangers, and a crossbow. i hope to remain peaceful but it's better to have a means of defence and not need them etc.
Captain Ranty, the theory is fine, but saying you are not a legal person won't stop you being dragged by the balls and chucked into a van. i will have a look at this again, maybe i'm missing the obvious. it's a pity that there isn't a clear mechanism. it's a pity that the Freeman movement doesn't have a DIY pack, something like a do-it-yourself will that you can get in a post office, and by which you can, as the man says, shed your strawman like a coat and walk away. a list of numbered instructions, or something. i find it to be a complex matter.

Old Holborn said...

If they drag you off in a van, use THEIR laws against them.

I am seriously considering meeting with TPUC to put a DIY pack together.

But first, you have to start talking back to the "teachers". It takes courage and self confidence but the look on their faces is priceless.

Another example from last week. We created a fuss in the public gallery of the Commons and finally left of our own accord. On the way out, I was stopped by two uniformed Police who said they would "like a word" with me.

"I bet you would. I'm going down the pub now. Bye"

They could do nothing.

John Steed said...

There are 2 types of folks in this world, those who can be tortured/threatened/browbreaten and those who cannot. O'H is correct in that if one stands up to a bully they go to a weaker (more compliant) target. The Executioner is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

As usual, you have completely missed the point here as these persons arrested were fully breaking the law and justice was within proscription. Unless law breakers are met with their just dues of arrest and punishment then what is to stop them or anyone else for that matter from escalating to the point of future criminal violence against the people. These proper arrests for willfully breaking the laws stand as deterrence to others and ignorance of the law is a sad excuse. Why at this rate, next you will be insinuating that criminal smokers breaking the ban in full view or dropping fag ends on our clean streets should escape full arrest and punishment as this is also a crime that administration and justice system must put to an end. I fully enjoy the way our nation has grown and matured this last 14 years and fully intend to vote Labour across the board come the next general election. I believe Labour are a sign of progress in which one can believe.

Captain Ranty said...


I'll try and package this nicely for you.

You are a dickhead.

Anyone who intends to vote Labour is a dickhead.

Anyone who thinks smoking in an enclosed space is a "crime" is a dickhead. Even the Health Act 2006 does not describe smoking indoors as a crime. Why do you? Do you even know the difference between civil and criminal offences?

Anyone who thinks dropping a fag end is a "crime" is a dickhead.

Anyone who thinks statutes are laws is a dickhead.

A crime, dickhead, is when someone is harmed, suffers loss, or is the victim of fraud.

Everything else, and I really do mean everything else, is merely corporate policy. They are meaningless unless you consent to them.

I have withdrawn my consent. I am free.

You are a dickhead. I suspect you were born a dickhead. I am almost certain that you will die a dickhead.

Now fuck off. And when you get there, fuck off again.


richard said...

OH i hope you do put together such a "freeman kit". it seems that the legal documents such as affidavits and notarised statements are being arrived at independantly by various freemen, as they seem to differ, and are confusing. we need a "write this, print it out, sign it and post it there; say this to a constable, that to a magistrate, never say this to anyone" and so on.
you are right - courage and self-confidence are the key. it is easy (i have done it, but admit that i wouldn't now) to fall into the trap of instinctively obeying a "uniform" even if it surrounds a knobend who is in the wrong.
but here's an example of pure badness, the kind of thing we are up against. there was an Act of Parliament passed today which allows for a round-Britain coastal path. this path will cross people's private property. i am a great believer in the right of property, but putting up "private property, keep out" or acting like an extra from "28 days later" will just get you fined, if not arrested. what do you suggest, minefields? saying "no" won't stop the path and unwanted guests intruding into your private property, if you are lucky enough to have a place by the seaside.
Captain Ranty, i think Anon was joking. i can't see anyone manifesting so much wankshaftery and fuckwittism all in one go.

richard said...

further to my last comment - i get the point that a Freeman, not standing under the statute system of fines for non-common law offences, can in theory avoid a fine. but again, as you point out OH, 166 agencies can enter your house, with (no doubt) armed police support, to seize assets in lieu of unpaid fines. again, the right of property is trampled upon, like you, but with real boots, if you attempt physical resistance.
the Freeman principle, please correct me because i hope to God i'm wrong, can only work if the State doesn't start killing or imprisoning Freemen just because they're Freemen. and why can the state not?

Rogerborg said...

For the record: never open your door to the police without seeing a warrant.

Say nothing to them, except "Fetch the duty solicitor and a copy of your Standards of Professional Behaviour". Nothing else. Do not give or confirm your name and address. Do not attempt to "give your side of the story".


gamefan12 said...

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Anonymous said...

'ello me 'olcocksparra's. I live in a rather nice caravan on equally nice very private land at the 'end-of-a single track lane somehwere in the south of Englandcestershire. I rented out my house and got meself a Mailbox address. I have all the mod cons via satellite, gas , electric etc etc.. NO one..and I mean no one knows my 'home addy'....simple. I have never regarded myself as a freeman as such but seem to have been practising the ideals of such
for the past ten years. This seems , to me, to be the first step in realising your 'FREEDOM'.......get out of your house !! lol.....register your car in some fictitious their game...the numbers game....I have had no problems at all since doing this. I truly have nothing to hide and have never been in trouble with plod...however, I LIKE MY PRIVACY....simple as that.

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