Thursday, 12 November 2009

No laughing now...

Meanwhile, Met Police send fat pigs to fat club

Pssst: Tom Harris MP doesn't understand voting. I've set him straight


Henry North London said...

The Sinclair C5 has been resurrected? Aaarrrgghh

I am Stan said...

oooooooh...ah..ah.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaha haaaa...haaaaaaaaha.... .....ahaaaaahahaha
oooooooh dear!.

Gordon Brown said...

The British version of the movie "Mall Cop"

This is a blinder still it proves the old saying

"English Policemen for English Cop films"

BTS said...

I'm just dying to hear someone shout "Look out, it's the filth! Sidle away insouciantly!"

Spartan said...

Saw these things in Montreal Airport last month ... l laughed then too! They can only travel over flat surfaces.

God knows how much the ridiculous thing costs!

Joe Public said...

I like those three Taser Guns at the front.

John Steed said...

Rather like "The Fast Show" with the two constables unable to run and only moving for kebabs or chips.

BTS said...

I've just realised - this is the first step towards turning the rozzers into Daleks..

Dead Eye said...


IanPJ said...

MkII will have a Tazer platform and loudspeakers mounted on each site blaring out Ride of the Valkyries.

nemo_sum said...


C*nts on wheels - whatever next - SO19 on skateboards?

Anonymous said...

Should't the fat ones be jogging every where? Not riding on one of these.

Po said...

Scoota! Po Scoota

microdave said...

"this is the first step towards turning the rozzers into Daleks.."

When the process is complete all you will have to do is sneak up on them from behind, and tip them over. They will then be helpless - just like the Daleks...

John Steed said...

I see Dick Feodorico (good English name) is now targetting bloggers. Anti-police bloggers that is, not Der Herrenvolk. £360,000 today from Brussels. Should buy a lot of Bull Terriers!

I am Stan said...

Can you be arrested for laughing at a you can!

Edgar said...

Hmm. Is this real?

This puts the Police in a league all of their own. Dear God ....

Scrobs... said...

Absolutely; BTS and Microdave, just wait until they get to the foot of the stairs...

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Sandwell Council fined a mother for feeding ducks.

link here:

Mark said...


NWO end game said...

The New World Order came into being at 4:25 Tuesday afternoon.

The One World Government has specific requirements, Ban added, namely a "legally binding" commitment to "25 to 40 percent greenhouse gas reduction . . . as recommended by the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change."

Old Holborn said...

OK Guys, can we give the NWO bit a rest?

The NWO have as much power over me as ASDA security guards.

All you have to do is say NO an it fails. As always. No dictatorship has EVER lasted because eventually, enough people say NO

Just say NO

sickofit said...

Cop a load of this Lancashire style Stasi head gear.
Traffic wardens to be fitted with head-cams to deter assaults!!!!!!!

Spartan said...

Please please just laugh and point when you see a battery operated policeman.

You know it makes sense!

Man on the Clapham Omnibus said...

Back in the days when I used to do criminal cases, and back in the day when Middlesex Guildhall was the Crown Court for Westminster, as opposed to the Supreme Court, it used to have an annual welter of assault on traffic warden prosecutions.

It was virtually impossible to secure a conviction...

Dog bless juries.

Oleuanna said...

It is never going to happen....even the piggy demonstrating with a smile knows that won't last any police ego......Brixton alone will eat them for midnight munchies...FFS


Fidothedog said...

OH, I remember that it used to be -not sure if it still is- an offence for an officer to be unfit for duty and that could mean anything as pissed off superior officer wanted it to from not being tidy enough in their appearance to being over weight.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

O/T, but on my way home from the pub I passed a place called the ‘Noodle King’ in the Bethnal Green Road. Outside were three police cars from the dog patrol. All were empty of humans. All had their engine ticking over. One had the sound of a dog barking as if it was in distress.

Inside the noodle king were shit loads of police ordering a take-away.

I’ve seen them there before; I’m going to start taking my camera out with me so I can gather more evidence.

Leg-iron said...

Hairy Arse - if the engines are ticking over, take some friends and nick the cars. Park them a few streets away then call the RSPCA and leave an anonymous tip regarding distressed dogs in locked cars.

Watch you don't get overtaken by Officer Davros from the picture. Although that's not so much 'zoom-zoom' as 'trundle-trundle' and all you need do is go over a speed bump and he's done for.

Anonymous said...

"Old Holborn said...
OK Guys, can we give the NWO bit a rest?

A) NO it's what drives the EU moron, The EU is a wing of the trilateral commission which is an extension of the builderburge group.

"The NWO have as much power over me as ASDA security guards."

Is that right?
So when the EU pushed for the database that records your emails and phonecalls, it has no more effect on you than Asda - what is the point of OH other than to call people chavs and look for the nearest scapegoat.

A)You are clearly a cretin living in a goldfish bowl, no wonder even the moron that is Guido was taking the piss out off your walk!

If you had listened to the people warning you about the NWO rather than dismissing them then perhaps you could have done something while there was still a chance.

"All you have to do is say NO an it fails. As always. No dictatorship has EVER lasted because eventually, enough people say NO"

A) Yes perhaps, but how many millions are killed first?
But don't let me stop you talking shit!

I think it is you who should give it a rest with your ignorant claptrap OH, do some research and get yourself educated to the real driver of the EU and the power behind our political puppets.

Start by researching the trilateral commission - let me know what you find.

Tell me if you find the links with the global bankers, the bilderburgers, the boards they sit on and our prime ministers and pro EU ministers not forgetting OH puts his fingers in his ears when Gordoom and his USA chums scream NWO in several speeches, also not forgetting that the people that run the federal reserve have stated several times on record their aim for a NWO.

He also ignores the fact that the NWO have already expressed their desire for a compulsery Hitler youth movement as announced by Obaaaama, Gordoom, Dave and the Australian PM.

He also believes Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and we can win Afghanistan and that we are there to free and liberate the people!

OH still believes the EU is a trade agreement and that it is not driven centrally by global bankers - in spite of the evidence - if only the prat looked rather than blamed everything on socialists and chavs!

You are a joke OH.

Your only saving grace is your freedom of speech.

That's it!

don't try and cripple the ONLY assett you have.

Now OH back to the trilateral commission and it's aims - let me know what you find, seeing as it has no more influence on you, let me remind you Mandy is a member, and he has no more influence on you than Asda, Phoney also a meber of one of these groups as is many key players within the Tories, but again they have no more influence on you than Asda.

Ignorance OH as you will find is NOT bliss!

BNP third Glasgow said...

BNP said to come third in Glasgow.


Main parties shaken up, democracy in action.

Jury team knowhere!

DBA (Database administrator) said...

Thanks OH. As usual you are so spot on.

I just tried to post this on tomharris web site. It may not make it past him and so may not be posted.

Here it is below for all to see:

Funny Take @10:24pm

You wrote "... took my card, proceeded to go down a list of names – this list of names had what looked like a number written against my name – that number was then written on the top of my ballot paper.

At that time I thought it strange, but as I was not astute enough to carry an eraser with me, there was nothing I could do about it."

Had you used your eraser (even if it removed ink) to remove the unique identifying ID/number then your ballot would have been counted as a SPOILT BALLOT paper and your vote could NOT be counted. Yes that is a trap for those people wishing to try and keep their votes anonymous.

To make it possible for computer systems to more easily read the completed ballot papers then YES, bar codes can be used as well. Such bar codes are harder to alter, since of course human readable unique IDs/numbers can be altered (e.g. a 1 is made a 6) by persons who don't wish their vote to be "tracked". However again I should state that such altered ballot papers will be counted in the SPOILT BALLOTS pile.

Cost to process ballot papers so that voters are "tracked" as to who they voted for, is not much as you may think, especially since it is widely known that the infrastructure exists anyhow, namely that the UK government has several sites for opening postal mail, scanning it in and then resealing the envelopes for final delivery to the addressee. Matter of fact. Ask the civil servants who work at such places. A FOI request might flush it all out and perhaps even before the coming UK general election.

Last night I watched the 2006 film called Man of the Year staring Robin Williams. It's about an election electronic voting system which has a software fault such that the results are incorrect.

It's worth watching. It is so true of software and databases. Rubbish in, then rubbish out. Votes cast, votes electronically counted with ease..... Anyone doubt me. Check out portable paper ballot counting machines. You know, then ones used to check the number of votes cast for candidates. Neat for such machines to also be able to process unique identification numbers and bar codes.

Think about it.


Labour vote fixing said...

Quick google turned up following on

Someone with the moniker of ‘Rob Roy’ posted that “Rumours up here of “interesting” news from Glasgow North East, especially given the Glenrothes lost register. 
Official figures show 4000 extra voters have been added to the electoral register in last month. Postal vote registrations are up almost 50% since campaign started, including 1200 in last 4 weeks. 600 postal votes supposedly delivered by Labour at last minute. 
Even seasoned by-election campaigners are amazed by these numbers.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Imagine the scene

Its 1977 and Reagan and Carter come flying around a corner on an electric spac chariot whilst wearing HiViz vests

"We're the Sweeney and you're nicked"
What a pile of wank

Anonymous said...

BNP third,

Looks like Gweedo's blog of trivia and censorship just became a little less relevant.

caesars wife said...

hot dogs , hot dogs get yer lurvely hot dogs !!

Mind you I bet tazer is impressive, more harpoon .

Birth of the new world order cartel said...

The birth of the NWO cartel - OH please don't watch this, it may educate you!

the NWO links said...

The people behind the NWO

NWO Hitler youth (Cameron has stated much the same)

Trilateral commission membership

trilateral and builderberg links

rockafella meets Saddam

The links, trilateral, bilderberg, CFR, obaaaama mentor.

global bankers direct connection with the global warming lie

Stop Climate Change. WTF?! said...

"the NWO links said..." @02:35am

Those links are rubbish.
I wasted about 15 mins watching a few.

What rubbish.

The last link featuring David de Rothschild is a pile of poo. His presentation is pointless, long and such waffle about nothing. Shows a few slides of Google Earth.

So what?!

Stop Climate Change. WTF?!
The Stop Climate will always change! Has and always will. Amen.

They have to call it Climate Change now rather than Global Warming since "Warming" isn't going according to their statements!!! ha ha ha

WTF???? Stop Climate Change. Stop Sea Tides. Stop Rain. Stop Storms. Stop people thinking for themselves more like.

Roger Thornhill said...

Is that Lofty from It Ain't Half Hot Mum?

I am wondering what gross insubordination or misconduct that policeman would have had to have done to be made to stand on that thing and have his pic taken.

If I saw it in the street my first reaction would be to find where you put in the 10p so a kid could ride on it. I wonder what tune it plays?

JuliaM said...

This is the result of a government IT contract to build Judge Dredd's 'Lawgiver' motorbike, obviously...

Dave H said...

A new skin-care treatment clinically-proven to reduce wrinkles. 'You're worth it' says Davros.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the fat cunt riding on this piece of crap did a bit more walking & a little less riding round in his 'cripple cart' he wouldn't be so fucking overweight?

sickofit - traffic warden head cams - remember, when you're kicking in the warden's head, kick in his webcam too - or steal it?

If asked your name, address etc by a Stasi Park Keeper - lie & also say you have no id on you.

HAB - Re cops packed into takaway, a few photos, a complaint to the RSPCA & photos & details sent to ALL the national papers should do the trick. Fucking cunts.
Glasgow - the news I just saw said Torys were 3rd at Glasgow B-E. Isn't the new Labour MP a smarmy little cunt? Saw him marching across the platform in very self important mode. Wonder how many fake postal votes that needed? Just hope one of the other Partys demands to see the register.

Renata and Julian said...

my god, the dutch police in schipol airport use segways and we have to give them a 3 wheeler


Gene Hunt said...

I can't imagine Gene Hunt on one of these.

I am sure that it will stop criminals in their tracks though. From laughter.

microdave said...

Hairy Arsed Bloke - It's an offence to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine running.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Came past the place a bit too late tonight and it had the ‘closed’ sign up. However, tucked in a side street just down from it was a police car with its blue lights flashing and nobody in it. Then I spotted two policemen walking from the said take away to the car. I was too far away to get any details, but I reckon I’ll have the cunts before too long.

Piss-taking, lying, labour collaborating shits – I’m gonna have ya. Petty, I know.

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