Monday, 2 November 2009

MP's Forced Into Ghettos, Shipped Across Europe in Cattle Trucks Shocker

Is this man totally mad ? He has now got the victim mentality describing his condition to that of a Jew in the Warsaw Ghetto. He does not look to hungry to me !

This Tory has been caught thieving from the public purse, there are some who would advocate pianowire and lampposts, but until some of these bastards start appearing in front of the Courts this situation is not going to change. The 'Rotten' Parliament is staggering from one crisis to another because it will not let go.

I think that Alan Johnson has effectively ruled himself out of the running, by his hysterical performance over the weekend.

Never mind objective, scientific truth, Government policy supercedes the Truth, just like this global warming bollocks.

Where is Colonel Pride when you need him ?

OH Update: If anyone cares to join me on my walk on Thursday dressed in Auschwitz Pyjamas, feel free.


Herr Hilter said...

Force all M.P.'s to wear armbands with "trougher" embossed and visible to members of the public

jailhouselawyer said...

I think he is full of gas.

Tarquin said...

“The witch hunt against MPs in general will undermine democracy."

If what we have is democracy then I'm happy to undermine it

Oldrightie said...

Cattle truck?

The Strasbourg Express will leave Brussels for the first time at 9.57am on Monday, July 7. Each return journey will cost the taxpayer about £158,000, but the fare-paying public will be banned. MEPs will pay £170 for a return ticket, but will then be reimbursed.

Dungeekin said...

Disgusting, deluded little MPiggie, just like so many of the rest.



John Steed said...

Colonel Pride is with Colonel Saunders eating KFC.

.243 Win said...

And the bloated trougher used HoC pre-paid envelopes to "explain" himself to his constituents.

More of our money pissed away.

But it's OK because - according to him - “It is in accord with the rules.”

Still don't get it, do they ? Either that or they don't give a shit.


insert-coin-here said...

If MP's were treated like WW2 era Jews then the UK populace would be a damn sight happier.

A witchhunt that undermines democracy?

Perhaps if this bastards ilk did not thieve and lie at every given oppotunity then there would be no need for witchhunts?

Yet again we see the guardians of our so called democracy refusing to accept responsability for their actions.

Its little wonder with the political elite setting such a bad example that the rest of society has gone so far down the shitter.

Send this cunt to the gas chambers on a one way fact finding mission.

Captain Haddock said...

I have relatives who, unfortunately live in this Hoon's constituency ..

They tell me that this smug, arrogant Clown has been a Gas-bag & a waste of space for years ..

If he has a "clear conscience" he obviously doesn't even begin to understand the concept ..

He got caught & hasn't the backbone to either apologise to those he stole from or to even admit his guilt to himself ..

Scipio Africanus said...

This twat bleats on about being treated like the Jews in Nazi Germany. Then, in the next sentence, he justifies using pre-paid envelopes for his rant because it's within the rules, which to me is one step away from "just following orders". These troughers are fascist scum one and all, they just don't get it. Make 'em all wear a fucking armband, big pic of a pig with a crosshair on its snout should do the trick, then see how he feels about persecution. Tosser.

JuliaM said...

Let's see Call-Me-Dave show some backbone an censure him.

I won't, however, hold my breath...

thelunaticarms said...

General Election NOW!!!

When this fat cock resigns AT the next election, he'll still be paid by us for a fucking year afterwards!!!

What the fuck is going on?

These parasites deserve the noose. I'd even hang up their fucking family with them, just in case it is in the genes. Fucking degenerates the lot of em!

Anonymous said...

put our tax money on their heads, lets see how much they want to be worth then.

they do not deserve to live, the so called innocent stood by and watched it happen whilst saying nothing. the ones the realy didn't know what was going on now know, and they say nothing.

they do as they are told in the interests of the parties and the unelected (not just from within brussels)
war is what they have started and war is what they should be given, no mercy shown and no quarter given.
give them the trials that they wish the people to be judged by, no jurys, no justice, just deliverance.

Stephen Fry said...

John Steed is your unabashed stupidity a genetic condition? Or was what little brain you have starved of oxygen at birth.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there with you on the 5th, unfortunately am laid up after an accident. Will be with you in spirit though, hope you get lots of support. Won`t hold my breath though people are all winge and whine and no action
Good luck

Anonymous said...

If I had lost relatives in the holocaust I would be ripping! Look at the fat bastard. A few months in a camp would do him a world of good.

Rogerborg said...

Leave the guy alone. He can't help being born a corrupt, thieving MP, can he?

Hannibal said...

Scipio Africanus

At last, something we could be on the same side about.

wv: mandet

Yes, fkn him too.

Rogerborg said...

Oh, here we go. Apparently we simply misunderstood the fat lying thieving waste of oxygen.

They really do live in a bizarre world of their own, don't they?

adam said...

a tory politician said the same thing on his blog a number of months back. he compared the expenses scandal to living in soviet Russia, thereby demonstrating not an iota of understanding about how communist russia worked.

i sent him copious abuse over it and was the only one to do so.
He censored my post.

I assume it was this guy.
clearly he learned nothing

Roger Dodger said...

I don't wish to get in the way of a chance to express vitriol however examine what he actually said.

He was complaining about the lumping of all MPs into one group and treating them all like the worst of their membership. He then suggested that it was a similar type of thinking that brought about the final solution.

He certainly did not suggest his hardship was comparable to victims of the holocaust.

Jump on this too hard and you are no different to all the rabid lefty thought police who misconstrue any issue around race to call people racist.

The Penguin said...

Fat cunt has no taste despite all his troughing. Look at that fucking tie!! Then there's the picture of his with the "girl friend" - fucking mail order bride arrives with second class post, she's like a squat cane toad with glasses. There's not enough beer in the world, or maybe only if you can get it cheap in the Parliament subsidised bars....

The Penguin

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