Friday, 20 November 2009

Mandelson Grabs Nominet and Control of ISP's

The unelected one has grabbed himself some more power

"Officials said they believed it is unlikely the powers will be used"

...and said they were safely stored deep inside a gingerbread castle built on a cloud floating over Neverland.


And you can never ever ever vote Mandelson out in his unatural lifespan. He is there for good. Unless.....................


Beast said...

Just another faggot
Like all poofs he is weak, insane and lower that something that most of us wipe off our shoes.
Have no fear, that is the only power that they have.
Lose the fear of physical death (There is another life)
They are OZ
Small and laughable when you meet them, point and laugh,they cant handle it
You dont need a gun, just mock them


caesars wife said...

good photo OH look closely folks !

I cant wait until they try it , can you imagine the retalliation

Edgar said...

This is Fabianism at its most insidious. Slowly, slowly, the tentacles reach out in all directions, pulling everything together, towards the centre.

Anonymous said...

Move blogs out of UK domains? Then the cunt is fucked.

Scrobs... said...

And the Arsehole known as the prime minister, chooses to have a photo shoot about a dead policeman in Workington.

The depths of the scum we employ are drilling even deeper.

Oldrightie said...

Then the cunt is fucked.

Well he used to be both, now I doubt either?

Dungeekin said...

Given that the (ig)Noble Lord was holidaying with David Geffen back in August, this was to be expected.

No doubt he's signed a record deal too.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Spread the word people, a Scots blogger has been forced to shut down by allegations from the fucking "News" of the World FFS.

Opinionated Beyond shutting everyone down said...

Old Holborn:

I see that the Socialist trolls whom inhabit the Biased BBC website, who are constantly demanding that it be closed down are now Gunning for you..

Tumescent Brazilian Boys Anus said...

I reckon he has arse AIDS after the mysterious hospital visit, and thin visage, 5 years tops.

VotR said...

I hope the web collapses around Mandy. And he gets all the blame.

That does not sound too nasty, but the immensity of the Internet could crush him into a bloodied pulp if things go wrong... so very sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

Superb PhotoShop job on Mandle-kiddy-basher/Gordo-the-fucking-dead-man-walking!

- Rocket launcher engaged - CHECK
- Chinese Assault Rifle engaged - CHECK
- Gatling Laser Assault Cannon ready - CHECK.

... did I miss anything by taking the NWO on my (fucking) own???

Thought not... if a job needs doing... do it your fucking self.

Join the party fuckers... bring your own booze/weapons/ammo you tight twats.

Have a lovely day... it's time to kick off.

The Paragnostic said...

This doesn't just go back to Gaylord's meeting with Geffen (another notorious bum bandit) in the Summer.

Mandlebum's been floating this idea for at least 18 months - he can't bear the idea that there is something outside the control of government, unless his queer/jewish/maffiya friends own it.


Anonymous said...

Has that revolution started yet?

No? I thought not.

Maturecheese said...

Surely the 'Unless' is going to happen sooner or later to that Queer Nazi, a Count von Stauffenberg perhaps, but with fortune on their side.

Rogerborg said...

I need to fart. To which Ministry should I apply for permission?

Ron Broxted said...

I must disagree once more with you all. Peter Mandleson really pushes all the right buttons as far as I am concerned. The picture of him as a Euro Nazi as given me a massive boner and I have printed it off and enlarged it and it now has pride of place on the ceiling above my bed. Ooooh matron.
By the way I am submitting my imaginative CV for a dream job. A lavatory attendants job in a Gent's toilet down the road from my hostel. Fingers crossed girls!

microdave said...

Rogerborg - by the time you get permission you will probably resemble the Michelin Man.....

Ron Broxted said...

So his real name is Henry Rohan? This should be easy. Enjoyable too. did I tell you I almost had a major book and Hollywood film deal lined up? Sadly the Stephen Spielberg i was corresponding with on the net, turned out to be a sixty-eight year old ex science teacher who thought I was twelve and was trying to groom me. Colin you are a pig.

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