Sunday, 22 November 2009

Unleash the dogs of CHAOS

I asked earlier in the week what we could do to stop what in my opinion has become a fast tack to total control. Since then, Peter Mandelson, an unelected Politician has seized total control of the Internet in the UK, an unelected man has become "President" of half a billion people in Europe and a scheme to actually steal unimaginable amounts of money from next three generations of the worlds people has been made public.

That's just last week.

Captian Ranty has responded to my challenge and I re post in full.

This then, is my response. There are some fine suggestions in the 90 comments so far. Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that I favour Lawful Rebellion. It is simple. It is peaceful. It clogs up the government machine. It is effective. No blood is shed. No need to mass march on anywhere or anyone in particular. This is an Armchair Warrior's dream come true.

From the comfort of your favourite chair you can unleash chaos. Using ancient law you can, and will, reclaim the high ground. Any soldier knows that once you have the high ground you have won. No-one is asking you to dash through the streets, Molotov Cocktail clutched in a sweaty hand. No-one is asking you to risk life and limb in an unfair battle against uniformed thugs who are trained to believe that the people they are meant to protect are, in fact, their enemy. Old school coppers know that the vast majority of us are good people, law-abiding people, but the new recruits are trained using neurolinguistic programming. They are a new beast entirely. They have some serious kit that can hurt, maim, or even kill us.

Before I set out on Freedom Road I carried out a risk assessment. I investigated the pro's and the con's and it became a no-brainer for me. Is there a risk in what I do? Certainly. But I find the risks acceptable. The worst they can do is kill me, and what I am doing, or intend to do, is definitely worth an "accident" when I am out walking my dogs. But here's the kicker: far too many people are doing the same thing. More and more join us every day of the week. I hear that over 200 affidavits a day are being delivered to government, and/or Queen Lizzie the 2nd. Lawful Rebellion is the new black.

I ask you this: what have you got to lose? If you are angry, if you are beyond that and regularly see a big purple vein standing out near your temples, it really is time to get a grip. I too was outraged, and when I started reading OH's blog, or DK's blog, or Leg-Irons blog, and a huge number of others, I found that my rage did not go away. It merely accelerated to new, life-threatening levels. I knew it wasn't healthy, I knew I just had to find another road to travel. And so, as you are all now aware, I became a Freeman.

Now, (as you also know), it is not all beer and skittles. It is a serious responsibility. Taking my destiny back from a bunch of scumbags in government was an easy choice. Retaking control, and I do not pretend that I am there yet, feels....amazing. Awesome. Fantastic. Pick any superlative you want. That's how I feel. What has it cost me? A few quid in stamps and registered letters. Just a few quid to remove a rabid, mindless monkey from my back. It was money well spent.

OH wants ideas? You could do worse than to start with this. A few simple letters to those money-grabbing bastards saying, (nicely), "No. Not anymore. You keep taking my money, and you give nothing in return. It stops now. I offer conditional payment. All I ask is that you show me a contract with two wet signatures, yours and mine, and I will happily pay you the money you say I owe you". Mr Council Tax Collector and Mr Inland Revenue can do no such thing. No such contract exists. Question their demands. Every single time.

How much risk are you exposing yourself to there? Is it frightening to contest a bill or a demand for your hard-earned cash?

Of course not.

What terrifies you is stepping away from the norm. What scares the bejesus out of you is what your friends and family may think. You need to start behaving like Billy in Midnight Express. Start going around the column in the opposite direction. Just like the nutters in the film who didn't like what Billy was doing, so the nutters in Westmonster will start shitting bricks. They want obedient cash cows. Without a compliant population they are fucked. Being compliant and complacent has just encouraged them to take more. Kill their money supply and you kill a government. It could not be any simpler. Conform and die. That is all your government requires of you. I prefer non-conformity. It is good for me, and it is good for the people I hold dear. It is my duty to rebel. I owe it to myself. I owe it to my family. I owe it to my country. I owe it to the countless unborn.

The power you gave to them can be taken away. Let's get started. Let's withdraw our consent to them robbing us and wasting our money.

The Powers That Were have used fear to control you since you were a child. You are a child no longer. You are an adult, a thinking, feeling, sentient being, and you know as well as I do that the system is corrupt and that fear has no place in a democratic society. "Control" was the domain of Joe Stalin, Idi Amin Dada, Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler, Julius Caesar and Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Now that we are fully subsumed into that EU monster, the control, the fear, and the corruption will erupt exponentially.

What is the answer?

Lawful Rebellion.

Or, you can sit there whining.

Be the fucking change. Make a difference. Make history. Restore your pride and your sense of self.

Break the chains.


Right OH here again. I will be discussing with lawyers and TPUC the best way that I can make 61 million people aware that all they have to do is say NO. There is nothing to be frightened of. The machine is not built to cope with us when we say NO.


Gordon Brown said...

Hear Hear

And that is precisely why the most recent opinion polls show that the Tory lead is diminishing

A vote for the Conservatives will result in the nightmare scenrio predicted by O.H.

Thank You and Good Day

microdave said...

They have another trick up their sleeve to get you. Declaring a world flu pandemic and requiring EVERY CITIZEN to have a jab, of highly suspect viruses.

This has been mentioned recently, but I think it needs more publicity.

Download this video (while it's still up). It's 55 minutes, and in Spanish with English subtitles. Then think twice if your doctor invites you to have the jab.

Anonymous said...

"two wet signatures" - i've asked my credit card company for a signed copy of the Credit Agreement, and told them i will pay any money i lawfully owe upon it's production, along with an invoice.
but - there is no signed agreement with two wet signatures, and without it a contract is not enforceable, or so i'm told. it's worth a try.
OH - i wish you every success. people (including me) are afraid about going to court. if the lawful Rebellion/freeman route is clearly signposted and guided, we might get somewhere with this.

polaris said...

You've also got the mainstream media to tackle as well. Without their support the majority of Sheeple will fail to sympathise or understand. Tut tutting in sympathy with the Daily Fail criticising 'Lawful Protestors' as they show us being taken down in shackles on the front page.

The blogosphere is under attack from politicians and the meeja every day - they know their enemies, we have to be careful how we organise this.

Salvia said...

If someone more eloquent can get the basic principles and reasoning onto a double side A4 leaflet, we all buy a cheap and cheerful lazer jet printers and take up strolling on Sundays. Hit fifty letterboxes and then down the pub.

Repeat next week.

Not everyone reads blogs and I dont see the MSM helping out so its a start and we all need the exercise.

Anonymous said...

I'd do letterboxes.

Can't do the pub bit though. My lifestlyle choice has got me banned.

Karen the Smoker.

bofl said...


the latest PR disaster from our bankers ahead of the likely decision tomorrow that their charges are extortionate, is that “we are a business, not a social service”.

Try writing this one to your bank account person (no longer a manager):
(it was written by a 98 year old)

Dear Sir

I am writing to thank you for bouncing my cheque with which I endeavoured to pay my plumber last month. By my calculations, three ‘nanoseconds’ must have elapsed between his presenting the cheque and the arrival in my account of the funds needed to honour it.

I refer, of course, to the automatic monthly deposit of my pension, an arrangement which, I admit, has been in place for only thirty eight years. You are to be commended for seizing that brief window of opportunity, and also for debiting my account £30 by way of penalty for the inconvenience caused to your bank.

My thankfulness springs from the manner in which this incident has caused me to rethink my errant financial ways.

I noticed that whereas I personally attend to your telephone calls and letters, when I try to contact you, I am confronted by the impersonal, overcharging, re-recorded, faceless entity which your bank has become. From now on, I, like you, choose only to deal with a flesh-and-blood person. My mortgage and loan payments will therefore and hereafter no longer be automatic, but will arrive at your bank by cheque, addressed personally and confidentially to an employee at your bank whom you must nominate.

Be aware that it is an offence under the Postal Act for any other person to open such an envelope.

Please find attached an Application Contact Status which I require your chosen employee to complete. I am sorry it runs to eight pages, but in order that I know as much about him or her as your bank knows about me, there is no alternative. Please note that all copies of his or her medical history must be countersigned by a Solicitor, and the mandatory details of his/her financial situation (income, debts, assets and liabilities) must be accompanied by documented proof.

In due course, I will issue your employee with a PIN number which he/she must quote in dealings with me. I regret that it cannot be shorter than 28 digits but, again, I have modelled it on the number of button presses required of me to access my account balance on your phone bank service.

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Let me level the playing field even further. When you call me, press buttons as follows:

1– To make an appointment to see me.

2– To query a missing payment.

3– To transfer the call to my living room in case I am there.

4– To transfer the call to my bedroom in case I am sleeping.

5– To transfer the call to my toilet in case I am attending to nature.

6– To transfer the call to my mobile phone if I am not at home.

7– To leave a message on my computer (a password to access my computer is required. A password will be communicated to you at a later date to the Authorised Contact.)

8– To return to the main menu and to listen to options 1 through 8

9– To make a general complaint or inquiry, the contact will then be put on hold, pending the attention of my automated answering service. While this may, on occasion, involve a lengthy wait, uplifting music will play for the duration of the call.

Regrettably, but again following your example, I must also levy an establishment fee to cover the setting up of this new arrangement. May I wish you a happy, if ever so slightly less prosperous, New Year.

Your Humble Client

Addendum from
The Editor:

IMPORTANT to REMEMBER that this letter was written by a 98 year old woman.

It really is time to stop being pushed around!!!!!!!!!!

we have been milked by govt and business for too long!!!!!!

and who are they? as we have seen recently a bunch of cock sucking criminals!!!!!!!

stealing our money-signing away our country etc..........

bofl said...

ps email the above to everyone you know!

Sue said...

We need this rebellion!

I have added a link to this post on my blog!

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

"Think the time is right for a palace revolution
'Cause where I live the game to play is compromise solution
Well, then what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock 'n' roll band
'Cause in sleepy London town
There's just no place for a street fighting man"

Same as it ever was.

Snowolf said...

We need this rebellion!

Yes. What we also need is an easily digestible manual which can be reproduced and disseminated with impunity.

To everyone.

I wonder how much a full page ad in the more popular daily papers costs, if the MSM refuse to help out of the goodness of their hearts perhaps we can buy their indirect assistance?

Can a Freeman society be registered as a charity? If so, set up one of those internet charity donation accounts, then we can claim back some more of our money from them to publish the manual in said advert in tax relief/gift aid.

Just a thought. . .

Anonymous said...

Dear Old Holborn

Repeat of comment just placed on your original post on Thursday 19:

Stop paying (some) taxes.

This is perfectly legal: all you do is earn less (and have more free time for yourself - your time is your most valuable commodity - one day you will run out of it), make your own beer, wine and cider, grow your own tobacco, or alternatively do a periodic trip to the continent to stock up with a period's worth of EU duty paids but at a lesser rate.

Legally cease to pay the TV licence (a modern window tax), by ceasing to watch TV (or watch someone else's), cut down on VAT (eg on meals out by hiring a cook and eating in) and ceasing to buy all the stuff you never knew you needed (and subsequently discovered you didn't), and reducing fuel duty and VAT by cutting out unnecessary journeys and driving gently (worth up to 20% extra mpg).

I am sure there are many other ways and other taxes to avoid paying without impinging on one's lifestyle; indeed it could become a pleasurable exercise in its own right - have fun and not pay taxes by having fun without paying taxes.

There is more to life than paying taxes


PS What is the difference between government and organised crime?

Anonymous said...

the legal disobedience approach might just work but as others have said, the message has to be totally idiot proof. keep it simple, clear and make sure the legal bits are sorted. if we question everything in writing we could bury the bastards in bullshit and they might just fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 90s,I was a motorbike courier.We would be approached on the street by AIG salesmen trying to sell us personal injury insurance policies.They sounded perfect.90 quid for a policy that paid out more than enough money to cover any amount of time off work due to injury.The problem was,they wouldn't let us read the policy until we bought it.Consequently,I never met a courier who actually took up their offer.
I have tried on numerous occasions to understand the freeman point of view,but failed miserably.I've listened to some bloke who sounds like a cockney barrow boy waffle on about admiralty law,and how he just writes a letter asking for a contract when they charge him for council tax/parking fines etc.Its all about as clear as mud.I am unemployed.At 45,I don't think I'll ever get a decent job.What do I do about a roof over my head,storage for my clothes and my few meagre possesions once I tell the government to whistle for their tax?Barrow boy was asked about his housing situation,to which he replied "I have places where I stay".Thats not a good enough answer.
The freeman movement need to employ someone with writing skills/experience who can bridge the gap between the likes of cockney barrow boy and us 'con-sumers'.I'm not thick,I really want to understand barrow boy,but all I hear is legalese waffle.The TPUC website is a confusing mess,as are their arguments.It does not sound like a viable solution at all.

Fausty said...

An excellent post by Captain Ranty.

Anonymous at 12:43:

Fortunately for us, the government is introducing class actions. This gives us the power we need, provided that we can find one (or more) solicitor who has not been corrupted or who is not cowed by TPTB.

Charon QC seems to be such a person.

Snowolf, there's no need to register as a charity - besides, TPTB control charities. You can set up a subscription newsletter, or have a donations facility on an appropriate web site - like No2ID.

Nick said...

Why not just opt out and not bother telling them?

They will be puzzled, but so what. It's fucked anyway.

Far more important is to protect yourself. How can you protect your assets from the scum?

That is an interesting discussion.


Unelected muppet said...

I've read about this lawful rebellion stuff on a number of sites and I understand that it comes from Magna Carta.

The basic idea is that if you believe you are being badly governed, as I suspect most taxpayers do, then you write to Madge and tell her you're opting out. Once you've done that, you only have to obey Common Law as decided by your equals in jury.

Dunno if a dole scrounger is my equal, though I hear they make up the most part of juries these days. No one else can be arsed taking time off work.

You can abstract yourself from all Statute Law, the gibberish that minorities in parliament pass over us.

Now that's what I've read, but can any constitutional expert clarify that this is actually the case.

I'd love to hear Vernon Bogdanor on this stuff, or anyone else suitably qualified.

Has anyone taken them on and got away with it?

I'm up for it if it's kosher.

Soaked of Cumbria said...

Dunno, but I suspect you can't opt out if you're on the dole or on a pension or whatever, or have kids in state education.

You basically have to be able to pay your own way, for everything.

That's probably why the very rich pay bugger all tax. The authorities know there's nothing they can do about the rich, who can easily opt out of what they don't like.

The only other way of going is some sort of cooperative venture of self-support, though that sounds like socialism, although a better sort of socialsim than the authoritarian state sort. But I think even that sort of good socialism turns bad after a while. That's the experience of history.

Old Cobblers said...

The vast majority of Magna Carta has been repealed, and now parliament is sovereign. That means they can pass whatever laws they please and all else is cobblers.

"The major breakthrough occurred in 1828 with the passing of the Offences against the Person Act 1828, which for the first time repealed a clause of Magna Carta, namely Clause 36. With the myth broken, in one hundred and fifty years nearly the whole charter was repealed".

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Holby.


Walking away from the state takes months of preparation.

No-one is asking you to do that.

We need to start small. I guarantee you that even if a couple of hundred thousand of us joined this initiative, the government would be screaming in pain.

Their lifeblood is your cashola. The UK is in Chapter 6 bankruptcy. In bankruptcy all debts are forgiven. Even yours. They operate a double-entry ledger system: money in, money out, balance zero. Your taxes are accounted for this way too. Only they don't tell you that. They get paid twice.

Every year, in secret, a "state of emergency" is declared. This allows them to continue stealing money from you. Income tax should have been abolished when we finished paying back our debt to the Americans a few years ago. They couldn't stop themselves. They had to continue the charade.

This is not a conspiracy, it's all there in the Statutes we never read. We are not alone. The MPs don't fucking read them either.

If you are terrified of brown envelopes dropping on to your doormat, then don't do this. You are not ready.

We are just saying no. That is all.

Old Cobblers,

Magna Carta doesn't matter as much as you think it does. We still have remedies in Common Law. No-one, absolutely no-one, has the power to repeal Common Law. You might want to study that instead of statute law. You will be staggered at the rights you possess that no other human can take away from you.


Anonymous said...

A series of Common Law arrests of M.P.s re corruption would make headlines every paper could not ignore. It would send the message out worldwide that we are truly pissed off!

john in cheshire said...

Nick 14.33, I agree, this is a very interesting conversation. For those who are on Job Seekers Allowance or other 'benefit', I'd say take the money - as much as you can get. Tell the shits who interview you whatever they need to hear. Come off benefits every so often so you don't have to go onto their brainwashing 'courses' and then sign on again. While you are unemployed, don't feel guilty, use the very valuable time that the shits in power have allowed you to subvert the system. Work for cash in hand, even menial tasks. The after tax value of what you are paid will be higher than you could get by taking the shitty jobs that are on offer. Better still apply for a job in the Job Centre; has anyone noticed how many of them are not from this country. Plead racial discrimination if they don't give you a job. I advise every white person in this country to plead racial discrimination everytime something they don't like is done to them. Flood the courts, flood the MPs mail boxes, flood the town halls with complaints and peaceful demonstrations.

ukipwebmaster said...

The lord of the ring:

thelunaticarms said...

Wasn't there something about using our National Insurance number to wipe out debt (thus paying for stuff with a credit card and paying off the bill with the NI No.)?

If not, I've resorting to Plan A, "Heads on Pikes".

richard said...

Snowolf: "Yes. What we also need is an easily digestible manual which can be reproduced and disseminated with impunity."

that is precisely what we need. a handbook of Lawful Rebellion, watertight inalienable rights, "how do i...?" sections, the lot.

Anon 14:24 is right. TPUC is a mess, there's also has a trace of snake-oil salesmanship about the Freeman Movement.

Captain Ranty said...


Every movement has its arseholes.

I have been studying this subject since March, and no-one has asked me for a penny. No-one has tried to sell me anything. You either do this or don't. How far you take it is up to you.

Scepticism is healthy these days. You should question everything.

Common Law is grounded in common sense. If something sounds illogical to you, it probably is. Statutes are flimsy, superfluous pieces of shit that we simply do not need.

Point me at a single piece of legislation that is not covered by common law/common sense: do not cause loss, do not cause harm and do not make mischief with contracts (fraud). Anything else is busy-work, it's just commentary.

Freemen peel back the layers and look at what is necessary. We don't need the bells and whistles, just solid natural law. It is enough.

If you don't like what you see when the layers are peeled back, don't shoot the messenger. Learn more, vary the sites you visit to beef up on this.

But don't tar us all with the same brush.


Billyboy said...

You are not the only one here thats finds such "info" somewhat bemusing.
The TPUC seems to live in cuckoo land. Following just their basic rejection of society will lead one to bailiffs/prison in days!

Anonymous said...

Being a 'Freeman' (and I not knocking it - one has to be braver than brave)
how does one access the NHS. Especially dentistry. All kinds of problems would occur (out of the system). Granted you may be "FREE" but at what cost to your own life and livehood?

I found the "cockney barrowboy" @TPUC remarkable, but its not really practicle. I can understand his arguments, and applaud them. But thats where it ends. Avoiding court summonds, police calls, balliff, local councils - one would be "on the run". Or worse, locked up in a mental institute.

Salvia said...

Screw magna carta. Its a piece of paper that someone wrote on.

The ink was not magic. The paper not crafted from the wings of fallen angels.

Writing something down does not make it true or powerfull. Thats the whole point, legislation is just shit on paper. It means nothing and all this birth certificate, admiralty law, four corners rule, seizing your straw man is deceptive distracting fairy stories for those not ready to completely give up to the truth.

The simple, inarguable truth that no human being is born with the natural authority to initiate force or fraud against another humans life, liberty of property.

(If you dissagree then feel free to stroll down your local maternity ward and try to spot one of the buggers!)

Authority by deffinition can only be aquired by consent. A rapist with a knife has power, not authority.

It is simple, it is obvious, it can not be argued and it does not need to be written down to be true

Rogerborg said...

Two problems with your "Freeman" fantasy:

#1: You'll never persuade us Ordinary Decent Britons who rely on working for other people to pay our mortgages to do as (you say) you're doing. And that's the overwhelming majority of us.

#2: You'll never persuade the State to buy into your barrack room lawyer fantasies. Wave all Ye Olde Esoteric Lawff as you want, get as cute as you like scoffing at Magistrates' Court Plc, if you live at a fixed abode, they'll still bang you up eventually. Gob away about how you don't fear that, but we'll see how brave you are after going a week without intartubes access.

Ron Broxted said...

If I became a freeman how would it affect my rights to claim job seekers allowance and housing benefit?
Couldn't I just protest by laying in my pit all day as normal except for when I have to sign on?

Anonymous said...

I have the honour and privilege to be able to call John Harris a good friend. Despite his obvious inner demons, he is more of a hero to this country than Churchill in my humble opinion.

Lawful Rebellion is the only way to go to resist the treason.

We must learn the law of this land and use it to lawfully declare ourselves sovereign.

You are so right about saying NO!

We MUST say NO and mean it and keep saying it!

You have nothing to fear, but fear itself, unless you are a coward who prefers to appease treasonous traitors, Like the cowardly Rogerborg.

We must defend our sovereign Isle, because if WE don't? WHO THE FUCK WILL?

Captain Ranty said...

By inference, Rogerbore, I am indecent?

Since starting on this path I have never acted dishonourably. Nor will I.

You remain enslaved, and that's fine by me. It isn't my job to convince YOU. I have chosen to break away from those chains that not only bind your body, but by the looks of things, they bind your mind as well. You really are Borg, aren't you? The state has supreme control over you.

I don't give a fuck what you do, or don't believe. You've skim-read this like you skim read everything and you have missed the point.

And for what its worth, the state hasn't got a fucking choice. They will buy into my "barrack room lawyer fantasy" because they have no other option. Common Law trumps all.

Freemen around the world (with similar laws to us) are winning more and more: USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia for example. Several notable wins have been achieved in Irish courts.

You might want to try harder.

Right now it looks like you have been well and truly assimilated.


Lord T said...

Most people can't opt out. My taxes etc are taken from my wages before I get them. The rest are usually private companies most of whom get their wasteful ways from the law they are required to follow.

I'm happy with unlawful rebellion like the US did 200+ years ago.

Captain Ranty said...

Lord T,

A fat lot of good that did them.

We own the USA. Well, the Crown does. The Founding Fathers signed a compact with King George, but when they did they created a limited company. King George then bought 17,000 of the 25,000 shares in the newly united states.

Americans are no more free than the gerbil in its cage.

To this day our Monarch sets tax levels in the USA. The last Bill she signed was in 1997. Every (tax paying) American sends us money whether they like it or not, and whether they know it or not.

Apologies to any AmeriBrits reading.

We have all been deceived, pretty much about everything, for hundreds of years.

None of this is hidden, but it is encoded in legalese. Read some statutes. Or ask Mr Google.


Oh and BTW, once you have won your case against HMRC, they will supply a letter for your employer and they will stop deducting at source. Simples.

Salvia said...

We dont have to convince the state.

To quote:

"We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives"

There is a whole generation out there looking for a just cause and ours is the most clear and truthfull.

No human being is born with the natural authority to initiate force or fraud against another humans life, liberty or property.

It does not require years of study, the reading and interprtation of the litteray offerings of multiple russian "intellectuals". It does not require the blind acceptance of supernatuaral deities.

Also, the beauty of it is that if our state were to question the principle they would only destroy themselves.

Imagine our socialist government trying to argue that some human beings are born with the right to harm and steal from others.

They cant argue that they derive their authority from the consent of the governed if they threaten force or fraud as punishment against those who do not "consent".

Someone shoot me down if possible.

Anonymous said...

Circumstance dictated for me to 'Drop out' about three years ago but I have decided that until government starts to work for the people rather than against them I am staying on the margins of society.
No direct taxation or NI,no tv licence fee or fag duty.
Sorry to you good folk but the unrepresentive leaders of our country can suck my balls.

bofl said...

RANTY- tell us more about how the yanks pay us tax.........

where the fock does all the money go?

Ex-SO said...

Anon @ 17:30
Sorry to you good folk but the unrepresentive leaders of our country can suck my balls."

Bullshit my firend and you know it.
I've seen all these big brave fuckers before... crying in prsion... Im a retired prison officer, and know one thing. The state can get you anytime they want to mate - dont ever thing they cannot. They give you enough chain to believe you are free, when you are not. We're all in the same shit. Such FREEMAN fantasies are just that. FANTASY

Anonymous said...

The only Freeman is one who owns nothing! Not even a handsaw to do "odd jobs" with.

Libertarian pie in the sky said...

Oh Dear, what a fantasy land you live, it won't work because the masses wont or cant buy into it, it is a fantasy for fantasists.

Stop dreaming and wake up and smell the shit.

Your only hope is to vote for a non mainstreme party that can gain some momentum.

only two parties are capable of such, the BNP and UKIP.

Remember the majority do not CURRENTLY vote.

This is because they could not see where we were heading or what the solution would be, as the EUSSR further tightens its grip people will be more willing to buck the trend.

However they must do so before the EUSSR fascist state is fully in control and all elections are totally worthless or scrapped/rigged.

That is your ONLY hope.

both these parties are close to a major breakthrough that could open the non voter floodgates which may force the NWO hand a step too far, which may form the catalist for it's fast destruction.

Everyone has lost faith in Labour and wait till they fast lose faith in the conservatives - they WILL look for an alternative.

everything else is pie in the sky.

Anonymous said...

Agrred, the only hope is the BNP or UKIP. Dont really like either of them much, but this Lab/lib/Tory shit is definately a nogo.

Anonymous said...

Ron Broxted said...

"If I became a freeman how would it affect my rights to claim job seekers allowance and housing benefit?"

Of course it would, same with your doctor/dentist/etc. You'd be a non-person entitled to ZILCH.
Which is all very well if you have large amounts of cash, or well-to-do parents!

Kingham said...

It seems most Freemen dont own property. However they dont mind staying in "friends" houses, friends who still pay their council tax, tax on their vehicles, NICs, and other such deductions.

Nice life... Free to scarper when the postman comes with the extra electricy bill your mates consumed on his "run away" from society game.

Anonymous said...

REALITY cheque pls....

Captain Ranty said...


I don't know.

If I had to guess I'd say the Vatican.

We may own America, but Pope Benny owns us.


I agree. I'm glad you know the chain exists. With a little more studying you will find the bolt-croppers, just like I did.

Anon 18:19,

You are right too. In an ideal world we would all barter our skills and our labour for items we need. Food, clothing, accommodation, everything. For now, we live in a material world. It would be right, and proper, to return to gold and silver coins. At least they were real. Unlike this fiat money we use today.


Sue said...

I have been studying the subject too and have really come to understand one simplistic thing.

Did you sign a contract to pay taxes? No.. then don't pay them (easier if you're self employed of course).

Did you sign a contract to pay council tax? No, then don't pay them.

Did you sign a contract agreeing to be fined for parking your car on double yellow lines? Did you sign a contract to sort your rubbish into a myriad of different bins?


....that's my starting point. Start with small things and learn as you go....

Salvia said...

What obnoxious garbage.

I am twenty five years old. I work in retail and earn £12,000 a year before the state steals from me. Substantialy less after they have struck. Through my own effort I feed myself, clothe myself and rent the property in which I dwell.

I have never claimed any benefit of any kind. I have never recieved anything from the state but interference.

The fantasy world is the one in which men who should be fully grown and taking responsibility for their lives infantalise themselves by believing they MUST have a master to live.

The assertion that the best way to live is to be forced to "democraticaly" choose a master to dictate the terms of my life is as offensive to my intelligence and natural human dignity as would be the suggestion to a black slave in the 1700's that all they could ever hope for is a choice of with which whip they would be beaten.

You make your choice. I however am better than that.

Anonymous said...

" PS What is the difference between government and organised crime?

22 November 2009 13:58"

One is illegal.

In case you were wondering ...


Salvia said...

Both are however unlawfull

Old Holborn said...

I thought I'd test this earlier in the year.

I didn't pay a credit card bill. After calling me 8 times a day, I received a letter from some "fake" solicitors (actually a credit recovery agency) demanding the full amount, made payable to them, or else.

I asked to see the contract they have with me before I sent them a penny.

Letters and phone calls stopped. Immediately. Heard nothing since.

Salvia said...

I owe £2000 on my credit card which I am paying back and will continue to do so.

I made an agreement with the company and will honour all agreements.

Even if I was stupid to enter them.

That is my responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Salvia said...
What obnoxious garbage.

I have never recieved anything from the state but interference.

22 November 2009 18:53

What utter tripe,

Never been to hospital? the doctors? used the police? court, lawers? had the benefit of army protection?
walked on the pavement?

You use the state every single day, moron.

now let's say you lose your job and you become long term sick - then what?

Insurance = just another tax, but this time for profit, no empathy or acountability in profit!

Let's say China wants to invade and we have no army or missiles because people like didn't want to pay for it, then what - pitch forks?

Let's say your landlord wants to import 15 chinese to do your job 15 times over for one wage live in tents and on boiled rice only and rent your house to 15 people for more profit, then what?

what can you do?

wake up you moron, goverments can be a source of good as well as evil you blinkered womble.

democratic accountability is the answer.

Old Holborn said...


I'm thinking back a mere 20 years to when millions of East Germans said to themselves "but my house, my job, my pension, my benefits...ah, fuck it. I only live once. What's the worse they can do?"

It took under a week for the entire State to fail.

Salvia said...

Contrast with the government demanding money from me without a consensual agreement, demanding I live by their rules without consensual agreement and threatening my life, liberty and property if I do not submit.

Old Holborn said...

The State has two roles. To protect the borders and to keep the streets safe.

EVERYTHING else is available cheaper than offered by the State. If you can't pay, don't ask me to pay for you*

* Britain currently has 27 million recipients of "benefits", paid for by the rest of us.

NO. Simply say NO.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn said...
I thought I'd test this earlier in the year.

I didn't pay a credit card bill. After calling me 8 times a day, I received a letter from some "fake" solicitors (actually a credit recovery agency) demanding the full amount, made payable to them, or else.

I asked to see the contract they have with me before I sent them a penny.

Letters and phone calls stopped. Immediately. Heard nothing since.

22 November 2009 19:13

Expect the balifs demanding double the amount and with double the rights shortly.

You spent their money - pay it back, or pay twice as much in the long run.

Not too bright are you OH!

Anonymous said...

I work for myself, just about earn enough to get by. We need Tax Credits, and are glad of them. I spent couple of days in hospital, and Im grateful I could access the system which did help me back on my feet. Okay I have to fill in my tax returns, and complete TC forms etc.
But this Freeman stuff, is a pipe-dream. Good luck to those who enter into it, you are braver than I, for I know it will end in your demise. G-d speed.

Von Herbet said...

OH quote "It took under a week for the entire State to fail."

It never really fell....

Rember the joke, one West German said to the East German: Now we are one people
The East German replied "So are We!

Anonymous said...

"NO. Simply say NO.

22 November 2009 19:23"

So people in wheelchairs die, long term sick get no medical care?

Don't tell me charity, and if charity cannot meet the demand?

Oh that's right people die in agony in the streets and crime and disease rises.

Compasionate guy!

Yes the state has got out of control, why? because twats like you OH let it, you sleepwalked into it, while others were warning you.

and now your still sleepwalking now into you libertarian steaming pile of dogma.

You deserve the goverment you have got.

Anonymous said...

Seems some of you FREEMAN are starting your venture on 1st JaN 2010, PLS KEEP US POSTED.

Ps Dont forget to send in your medical cards saying you no longer want to be registered!

richard said...

Captain Ranty, as i understand it a human being can;
1. declare himself in lawful rebellion, and thus refuse to stand under statutes, on the grounds that statutes only apply by consent of the governed.
2. somehow claim that his NI number is an illegal contract with the implication that he is therefore not obliged to pay income tax.
3. use his freeman status in Court to avoid fines and seizures which are not rising from a breach of common law.
4. Common law means that any penalty imposed for "offences" which aen't harm, theft or fraud is unlawful.
5. by using the bankruptcy act, a bill can be settled by "acceptance for value" since, the only wealth in the UK (which is bankrupt) emanates from the citizen by his physical labour, all currency is in the form of an IOU and therefore an IOU can be sent to a creditor instead of an IOU which happens to have the Queen's head on it.

there are a number of questions - the first one, to start with, is by sending an IOU to "pay" a bill, are you not guilty of fraud? since you accepted Bank of England currency and spent it, is it not fraud to try to repay in a different currency, ie your own IOU?
i would also like to know exactly how the NI number relates to the Freeman, and how it's existence can be used to his advantage.
i also suspect that unless a man is VERY careful in a court case, he will be cast into prison whether he is in lawful rebellion or not.

Anonymous said...

Von Herbet said...
OH quote "It took under a week for the entire State to fail."

A typical crass OH remark, the state did not fall, it changed hands and morphed into the western model of social democracy and onto corporatism and the EUSSR.

It certainly did not morth into a libertarian society - why?

because NO-ONE wants it!

Old Holborn said...

Bailiffs, court, blah ,blah.

They don't scare me. They did once. Not anymore. When was the last time they put people in jail for owing money? They wouldn't DARE.

Think of me as a static gypsy without the rubbish. They can only win if you play. I refuse to play anymore.

I am self employed through a company founded offshore, have no mortgage (yet two properties) and am happy to pay for private dental insurance, private medical insurance, and private car insurance (the State WILL introduce a system soon, with over 1 million uninsured drivers on the roads, they'll have to).

Keep the borders safe, keep the streets safe. I'll do the rest, thanks.

People need to start buying what they need, not borrowing money to buy what they want.

Fausty said...

OH and Ranty, I'm intrigued by this.

How can you secure a 'loan' from via a credit card without having a contract? Surely, when you apply for the card, you sign a contract? Surely, when you put signature to transaction, you are signing a contract?

What am I missing?

Captain Ranty said...

Anonymong @ 19:37

I assume you mean me.

I havent used the NHS for 18 years. The last time I was off sick was 11 years ago for three days. Can I get my contributions back?

I paid 76% tax on every packet of cigarettes I bought. Can I get that money back too?

Blair took us into an illegal war. Laws that emerged from the Nuremberg Trials were crystal clear: anyone supporting an illegal war is jointly and severally liable for any and all harm done to non-combatants. Legally and lawfully I can claim a tax refund dating back to March 2003.

I have paid enough to see me through at least two lifetimes at the rate I "use" the services.

There is a lot more to the story though.

But I don't think you would be able to handle it. I think for some people ignorance really is bliss.


Salvia said...

"Never been to hospital? the doctors? used the police? court, lawers? had the benefit of army protection?
walked on the pavement?

You use the state every single day, moron."

I do not use the state, the state uses me.

If every morning when I left my house a man placed a knife to my throat, took £5 out of my wallet and then gave me a flower, should I be thankful for the flower?

Bare in mind that I did not ask for the flower, I do not want the flower and do not need the flower. Should that situation ever change I could certainly procure a flower myself for a lot less than £5.

If the state suddenly ceased to exist what part of me would dissapear with it? What part of my knowledge or skills would vanish? How much of my tradeable property would I suddenly find missing?

The advancement of medical, technological, engenieering and all other realms of human knowledge has been despite the interference of the state not because of it.

Given that doctors, binmen, builders and officers of the peace would still be in need of consumer electronics, food and other numourous goods and services I as a trader and general labourer would get on just fine thank you.

I'm no general but I suspect given the large disparity in numbers should China decide to invade I think we would be fucked. If however the people of this land had not been so comprehensivly dissarmed by its "government" we might stand a better chance.

Wake up. You are a human being not a parasite.

You are perfectly capable of existing without them, and posses the inaliable right to at least try.

Old Holborn said...

Fausty, I have a contract with the Credit Card company (albiet with just MY signature)

I don't have a contract with the fake solicitors they have set on me. Why should I pay them a penny? And the courts agree.

Captain Ranty said...


YOU sign it but they don't. What you create is a promissory note. The money is created just on the strength of your signature. The bank/credit card company risk absolutely nothing.

You create the wealth and they have the cheek to make you repay the capital plus interest. And they did nothing to earn it.

This is an illegal practise. The banks know it, and the courts know it. Any lawyer worth his salt knows it too. But they all run with it.

Nice, eh?


bofl said...

do we have paid trolls working overtime on here???

the trouble as i see it is that there are millions of people in this country that want a free ride!

well,i am not exactly rich myself-but i dont expect to be given every luxury.

the state steals our money!

think about it.for every hour that you work some tosser steals it then buys duck houses,free food or goes on a 5 star 'fact finding mission' somewhere........

does that make you feel good?

add to that hospitals where many people die from infections and they have the gall to employ loads of staff pumping out propaganda telling us how good they are!!!!!!!!! nice one southend!

we even had the council going for a works xmas piss up that cost £137,000 a year or two back-to improve moral!!!!!!!!

ffs! they are all working!!!!
it hasnt done much for the moral of the local council tax payers!!!!

so we have an army of people who feel that they are entitled to spunk OUR money on anything they choose.........and most of them are complete hoons!

if you think that ANYONE in the govt. police ,councils cares a jot abut you and i or freedoms or caring then you are WRONG!!!!!!!!

It is all a smokescreen!!!!!!

and sadly nearly everyone has fallen for labour the caring many people have they killed in iraq and shitisstan?

how many civilans blown to pieces?
how many deformed kids in fallujah?

whatever they do is just so that they can stay in is corruption just like karzai!

and for what?
what indeed is the real aim of these altruistic saints?

i dont see shambala outside my window........a bankrupt country with corrupt politicians and lords...we have been enslaved....

and most people cannot see that......

doesnt the thought of all your hard work being pissed away by brown,mandy,fat jacqui etc make you feel revoltion?

£116,000 stolen by fat jacq-
on minimum wage that is 19870 hours of toil!!!!!!!!!!!

mandy=£22000 watch+3773 hours of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wake up!!!!!!!!!

Sue said...

Of course this is not for the feint hearted.. you have to take responsibility for your own actions!

So you don't claim benefits and you go private!

Can't have it always....

Anonymous said...

If I was on benefits / low paid job and living in a council house I'd love to take up the Freeman lifestyle, after all what do you really have to lose and what do government bodies have to gain pursuing someone with no assets?

In reality I'm a director of a company and I live in a house with a fair bit of equity and doing something like this would be a massive, massive step as debt collectors eyes would light up seeing someone with a perfect credit rating and plenty of assets wilfully not paying bills. Not too sure my Company's employees would be too happy either at me not paying their NI contributions or the Company's VAT + corporation tax. Sure my wife and son would take umbrage at it too.

This is a good idea in theory but in practice anyone with anything to lose is over a barrel - we may as well march down the street with molotov cocktails as we'll be throwing our future away anyway.

I far prefer the method of a previous commentator of simply stopping spending money - stop being a consumer society and squirrel our money away in the bank living on the very bare neccessaties (now I just need to convince the wife of this!)

Anonymous said...

" Salvia said...

Both are however unlawfull
22 November 2009 19:03"

Indeed! Well spotted.

One wonders how many of our beloved lawmongers know the difference.


Jim.J said...

Best way - access the system at all available points, put in for this and that, access all aeras - drain the resources of the state. Withdrawing only makes more room for johnny foreginer and his entourage to help themselves to areas such as the welfare / nhs.

Claim and reclaim, put in for every fuckin' benefit.

Captain Ranty said...


Good questions. I will do my best.

1. declare himself in lawful rebellion, and thus refuse to stand under statutes, on the grounds that statutes only apply by consent of the governed.

You dont have to be a Freeman to walk away but it helps. Did YOU consent to every single statute puked out by Labour over the last 13 years? Me neither. So they mean nothing to me.

2. somehow claim that his NI number is an illegal contract with the implication that he is therefore not obliged to pay income tax.

I have never claimed that. What I do know is this: shortly after our berths/births are registered (after we slip down the birth canal), we are allocated NI numbers. These numbers are then used to create investment bonds. The bonds are traded on international stock markets all the time. Depending on your circumstances, you were given a "value" when you were born. Most people have a value of say, £1M, and that amount is borrowed from the BoE. Over your lifetime that bond generates and enormous amount of wealth which the government "manages" for you. One aim of Freemen is to regain control of our bonds. All of us are worth a great deal of money but because we are defined, legally, as children, we are unable to manage our own affairs.

3. use his freeman status in Court to avoid fines and seizures which are not rising from a breach of common law.

Yes. Back in the day, people were not fined for all manner of "transgressions" like we are today. To end up in court you had to cause harm, loss or injury, or make mischief with your contracts.

4. Common law means that any penalty imposed for "offences" which aen't harm, theft or fraud is unlawful.


5. by using the bankruptcy act, a bill can be settled by "acceptance for value" since, the only wealth in the UK (which is bankrupt) emanates from the citizen by his physical labour, all currency is in the form of an IOU and therefore an IOU can be sent to a creditor instead of an IOU which happens to have the Queen's head on it.

Correct again.

there are a number of questions - the first one, to start with, is by sending an IOU to "pay" a bill, are you not guilty of fraud? since you accepted Bank of England currency and spent it, is it not fraud to try to repay in a different currency, ie your own IOU?

Our currency is fiat. It has no intrinsic value. It did when it was tied to gold. That ended in 1931.

i would also like to know exactly how the NI number relates to the Freeman, and how it's existence can be used to his advantage.

See above.

i also suspect that unless a man is VERY careful in a court case, he will be cast into prison whether he is in lawful rebellion or not.

Yep. An idiot magistrate will throw us in jail. He/she knows we are in the right. There is even a Freeman judge in the USA now. We are, however, learning how to win in court using their own language against them. It takes a bit of study but it is well worth the effort.


Old Holborn said...


"we may as well march down the street with molotov cocktails as we'll be throwing our future away anyway."

What future? Sure, you might not be able to stretch to a 58" plasma this year, but your kids and their kids will be free. Forever.

Anonymous said...

Sue said "So you don't claim benefits and you go private! Can't have it always...."

Seems alot of libertarians can afford to go private. Most of us working class folk unfortunately cannot.

Nor do many of us have access to the bank of mom and dad

Anonymous said...

Dream on OH and Co.
It ain't goin' to happen. Freedom is illusory. This state aintgoin' nowhere - the tories will see to that.

Captain Ranty said...


If you weren't giving the government 52% of your hard earned money every year you'd be amazed at what you could afford.

No free rides, remember?

Just a fair ride.


Salvia said...

The price and avaliability of private health care in this country is warped by the NHS and regulatory government interference of both the insurance and medical industry.

bofl said...

the true rate of taxation in the uk is about 85%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

think about it-nearly everything you use.income tax,NI which mcsnot put up a few years ago,council tax,petrol- it goes on and tax,green etc..........

and the future????????

this is what is happening now-
take the specs off!

Old Holborn said...

I'll take Bupa everytime. Half the price of the NHS.

Revolution Harry said...

First let me commend Captain Ranty on his efforts to explain the Freeman concept. As I think he points out, this route might not be for everyone and that's as it should be. Even if you only refuse to pay the telly tax then that's a contribution. There may be other avenues you can become involved with within the general Freeman movement without going the whole way. At the very least you can be supportive of their efforts.

The Freeman movement shouldn't be the only form of resistance. We need to attack the PTB on as many fronts as possible. All imaginative and effective suggestions welcomed.

Someone else commented that it was doomed to failure because the masses wouldn't go along with it. I think if we're going to wait for the 'masses' to wake up we'll be waiting for a very long time. It will only take a committed minority to make a difference.

In order to get that committed minority information has to be disseminated. With respect, almost all the people on here are still at the 'politics' level of the agenda. I'm afraid it goes rather deeper than that. I can see that Captain Ranty understands that. I'd ask everyone to look a little deeper, beyond the political veil.

Indeed if you do you'll soon realise that all the major parties and most of the minor ones are controlled to some degree. I'd include UKIP and the BNP in that. By all means vote for them if you wish but don't *just* do that. Again we need to open as many fronts as possible.

The one thing that is sorely missing is an organised campaign to reform our current banking and finance system. I can't think of anything that would affect the PTB more than returning the right to create currency/credit to the sovereign people.

Finally any resistance has to have an aim. Be sure you elucidate this before you start.

Anonymous said...

OH check this out!:

Dodgy Bob said...

I salute your courage and determination,but doubt the wisdom of challenging the "Establishment". They have the power to tie you up in a campaign of litigation,harrassment and bloody minded violence.
Perhaps the benefit chavs learned that you can't beat 'em,just join their gravy train.

wv sencidd ???

VotR said...

A good idea. Spend less, that's all. All spend less and watch the cogs slow and seize up and the machinery collapse around Labour's ears. They cannot repay what has been borrowed if there is nothing to repay with.

If it works, Brown will become a very religious man, searching for forgiveness and redemption, like his predecessor. Maybe he will even give us an honest general election.

Use the enemy's own weapons said...

Easiest way to bring the system down?
Vote BNP. You know that "they" wouldn't allow a BNP presence of any discription in parliament.
Cue meltdown.
Throwing a tantrum and thcweaming "I won't,i won't,i won't",will only get you laughed into the FTAC.

Anonymous said...

Didn`t all this happen many years ago? working class people had no rights and worked from dawn till dusk and still watched their children starve. But of course its what business people want it swaps i one set of thieving bastards for another lot of thieving bastards. We might be paying through the nose in taxes but the people who actually work for a living are better off now than in any other time in history. Go fuck yourselves I`ll stick with what we`ve got. Oh and by the way I`m anon because I wouldn`t know how to get a name being a computer newby.

Salvia said...

The human race is advancing despite the interference of government, not because of it.

Anonymous said...

E mail your MP and tell them you're going to terminate their seat with extreme prejudice.
It may not change the system but they will shit themselves.

electro-kevin said...

This non-payment rebellion stuff simply won't happen.

One thing is clear. Things will have to get worse before they get better. Because people won't get off their comfy sofas unless they really have to.

This time will come. Let Labour be in power when it does. Then soon enough we will be free of them.

And the Tories (bruised and battered from yet another electoral rejection) will have got the message and rebirthed as the party we would LIKE to vote for.

I'm on blogs such as John Redwood telling him why I will not be voting for his party. I am also encouraging everyone not to vote Tory as they really aren't worth the vote.

Yes. It means another term of Nu Labour (hard to take, I know.) But the Tories - under the media slave Cameron - really aren't going to make much difference to our fortunes either.

Don't vote Tory.

THIS is how we eventually get our country back.

All this talk of tax rebellion really is hot air.

electro-kevin said...

And yes. There is the risk that we go down the toilet. But so too your way. And so too under the Conservatives as they stand at the moment.

The only politicians you can truly punish are members of the Tory party - the ones who rely on natural supporters such as yourselves.

Get on their blogs and tell them that you think they've sold you out and so you won't be voting for them. It'll put the fear of God into them.

And above all be prepared to carry out your threat.

Use the enemy's own weapons said...

Mr EK. They'll just dismiss you as the lunatic fringe. The modern conservative party doesn't want your ilk.
Notting Hill you ain't.

bofl said...

anon- you are a fool- better off?

how do u measure that?
are 48 inch tvs everything?
how about a house that you think you own? until recently we paid back 3 times the loan in total.does your car make you 'someone'?

some may think they are better off but have just swapped being a serf for being a slave of the govt. or banks.........40% credit card interest? hmmm...just get down the shops and spend more money..........
to help the chinese economy!

tacitus remarked the the British had sold their souls for togas and hot baths-they called it civilization-yet they were enslaved.

Of course some of the Quislings like you did very well-content to hob nob with the occupiers-whilst shitting on their countrymen.

funny how we now have tvs,the net and washing machines-yet some people are still the same!

prostrating yourself in front of cunts like browm,mandy,blair,fat's a long list.....

how the hell can you hold your head high?


bofl said...


tacitus remarked that the

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The original Rab Nesbit forecast that the showdown would see the government versus the scum. The government would have the army and police,but the scum would win because they have all the pitbulls.

it's been going on for a long time said...

"...And to preserve their independence, we must not let our
rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election
between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude. If we run
into such debts as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our
drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our
amusements, for our callings and our creeds, as the people of
England are, our people, like them, must come to labor sixteen
hours in the twenty-four, and give the earnings of fifteen of these
to the government for their debts and daily expenses; and the

sixteenth being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as
they now do, on oatmeal and potatoes; have not time to think, no
means of calling the mismanager's to account; but be glad to obtain
subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks
of our fellow sufferers..."
(Thomas Jefferson) THE MAKING OF AMERICA

Fausty said...

OH and Ranty, thanks - it makes perfect sense!

Harry, you're right. The fiat currency system was created by governments to increase their leverage over the population. It enabled them to leech money from us without resort to direct taxation. In the early days of this fiat system, the US government prohibited its citizens from owning gold - because it could not be manipulated.

Human Being said...

This is an interesting topic to many of OH's readers.

I'm about the 100th comment poster, so this blog entry of OH like his previous one on the same topic is *hot*!

I have read though all the previous comments and would like to say thank you to mots of you.

Thank you!

It is because of human beings like Old Holburn, Salvia, Sue, Fausty, Richard, bofl, Revolution Harry, Captain Ranty and others (including various anonymous comments) that I have some hope of some chance of a better future for the UK, my wife and our children.

I would also like to draw your attention to the idea of
Anna Raccoon


Scroll down a bit to about the 10th section, starting

"Old Holborn has asked for suggestions as to what ‘we can do’ to effect change in the UK. He wants to get ‘organised’. A laudable aim.

I suggest that our first move is to get ourselves organised as a religion. There are huge advantages. We won’t pay VAT, we can have charitable status, if we need to take time off work to march or demonstrate, ‘they’ won’t be able to fire us for doing so. There will be no problem as to whom or from which country we can accept donations. We can march round with banners saying ‘off with their heads’ without getting arrested for hate crimes. We can sit down in the middle of the road and claim to be saying our essential prayers to the Great Blogger in the Sky."


Anonymous said...

Not too sure about this Freeman business but would be very interested in getting some clear, foolproof info - thanks Capt'n Ranty for your contributions. I think one of the things we need to learn is how to say 'No' & mean it. As the BBC merely pumps out govt propaganda these days I decided I wasn't going to pay for a TV Licence. They keep sending me threatening letters - so? I file them all neatly - and still don't pay. I don't enter into any discussion with them or respond in any way.
Similarly, I was called up for Jury Duty earlier this year - as the Criminal Justice System is already completely corrupt I decided that I would go for 'innocent' every time. Then, with MPs getting away with robbery I decided I really couldn't be arsed to even turn up. So I didn't - I didn't respond to their initial letter, I didn't turn up & I've heard nothing since.....

Human Being said...

When people fear the State for things like :- putting their bin out on the wrong day, for smoking, for not wearing safely belts, giving their children crisps for lunch, for feeding ducks, for not wanting to sit down in school on the same table as children who cannot speak English, then the state is clearly a totalitarian dystopia.


As human beings we have the right (which can never be taken away from us, now or ever) to not be slaves to their statue laws and evil ways.

Evil too strong a word? I think not.

Human Being said...

This is a note to FTAC Watch who I know reads this blog since he has posted here and says that Old Holborn is one of his heroes.


Please do not kill yourself.
Really, don't do it. You wrote somewhere of setting fire to yourself in Parliament Square. This would (a) be pointless and achieve nothing (b) be very very painful (c) cause emotional pain and much suffering to your relatives who love you and would miss you.

Think of Brian Haw who has being living in a peace camp in London's Parliament Square since 2001 in an anti-war protest, MPs and the MSM (Main Stream Media) have not agreed with him, so why do you think that setting fire to yourself in Parliament Square would achieve anything?

FTAC Watch you are clearly a smart person and escaped from the draconian false imprisonment that happen to you.


FTAC Watch why don't you stay around and help free the UK from its current totalitarian dystopia?

Your contributions will be most welcome.

Things for you will get better. If you are at your lowest point, then things can only improve for you.

The coming future of the UK will be great for us to be part. Human beings, like you, Old Holborn, I and many others, will win. Most informed people think that the UK human beings will lead the world in its awakening against the current dystopia. I agree.

Have a look at the work of Charlie
Veitch on youtube.


It's just one example of the many many human beings that are now moving against the totalitarian dystopia.

They fear us for not fearing them. Re-read that last sentence, powerful isn't it.


Another Human Being said...

Type in "Everything is OK" into youtube to find the work of Charlie Veitch and Danny Shine.

Charlie's youtube channel

Danny Shine's youtube channel

Some of the best I think are

Liberation of Canary Wharf (1 of 2) RELOADED

The Liberation of Canary Wharf (2 of 2)

Human Being said...

Fellow human beings I would like to draw your attention to
"Liberation of Canary Wharf (1 of 2) RELOADED"

When Charlie says the following (from about 8mins 45secs)

"Ladies and gentlemen the true thing is, I know we are creating a scene, but the creating a scene is not illegal. You were born free. You will live free. You will die free. You are allowed to make a scene. You are allowed to scream for joy. You are allowed to complain. You are allowed to cry. You are allowed to love people. You are allowed to hug people and we are starting to live in a world where we are starting to feel scared. We are starting to forget just how divine and special we are as human beings. Everyone single one of you is the only example of you that will ever exist and there's not a single authority on this world, especially not private security men, who can tell you how to behave in any time, any place, any where. You are free. You will live free. You will die free. The only chains that exist are in your mind. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it."

Amen to that. I know the difference between lawful and legal.

Human Being said...

Here's a thought. Regarding the Freeman route.

Just why do we have to opt out*, when we, ourselves, never explicitly opted in, in the first place. It was not me, but my parents who registered my birth with the State. I didn't have a choice in the matter of such registration or the country of my birth. Actually my parents were forced into it by the fact they themselves had had their births registered and so would have been fined under a Statute law for NOT registering my birth.

* by opt out : I mean declare himself/herself in lawful rebellion, and thus refuse to stand under statutes, on the grounds that statutes only apply by consent of the governed.

Human Being said...

I'm aware that John Harris of the
is writing a book.

He said that he would not be doing more presentation/talks again during his talk on 31st Oct 2009, until he finished his book. His publishers are waiting on it and I assume they will aid his writing, spelling, punctuation and writing style, which he knows is not so good.

So Old Holborn you may wish to ask John Harris about his forthcoming book.

So the instruction manual regarding Freeman route may be soon.

Anonymous said...

'What future? Sure, you might not be able to stretch to a 58" plasma this year, but your kids and their kids will be free. Forever.'

I am same Anon. You seem to have missed my point entirely. It's easy to trivialise someone else worries by statements like '58" Plasma' as though if someone in my position decided to do this Freeman lark all it would mean would be missing out on a few fringe benefits.

My Company would be closed, my house would be taken from me, no doubt I'd be denied a council house as I'll have broken some rule about wilfully making myself homeless, my wife and son would have to move in with relatives, people who work at my Company would lose their jobs.

Oh, and I probably wouldn't get a 58" Plasma this year.

Then you go on to support my point about 'we may as well go down the street with molotov cocktails' by saying that the situation is so hopeless that our children currently have no future.

Shall you buy the petrol or me comrade?

The whole point about this Freeman thing is that the people who it 'suceeds' for are people who, if they simply wrote to the council tax people and said 'You know what, I'm not going to pay because I can't really afford it but feel free to take me to court as I have no assets anyway' would have produced the same results!

If anyone here honestly thinks that this Freeman thing would work for someone with thousands in the bank and no mortgage you are deluding yourself.

Good luck anyway, just do like John Harris does and don't sign for registered letters, hide out in various addresses telling no one where you are, refuse to answer the door, etc. (all this info gleaned from news article on his site). Sounds like a plan.

Like a said, save yourself this Freeman stuff and simply tell the relevant bodies you won't pay, end result will be the same.

Captain Ranty said...


I too have no mortgage and money in the bank. Until recently I owned my own company as well.

If you think being a Freeman involves running-all the time-then you are sadly misinformed. If John Harris does that I am sure he has a reason. I am not one for running away. I am running towards. They know where I am. I have made no secret of what I am doing when interacting with the mandarins.

Many are drawn to TPUC and FMOTL because they are being hounded by bullies. Bullies who buy debt and use every trick in the book to force people to pay. Once they get to these sites they discovered that the law works for them, rather than against them.

No doubt some want a free ride but they are told, repeatedly, that it cannot be so. Their outgoings can be reduced using the remedies in every statute.

There is a maxim in law that states "He who creates the liability also provides the remedy". The Bills of Exchange Act itself tells us that a spoken debt is paid. What does that mean? Here's an example: a bailiff or a debt recovery agent knocks on your door. You tell him/her that they cannot enter. You take them, with a witness (a friend or family member) onto public property (i.e the pavement) and ask them what they want. The bailiff/DRA says "I am here to recover £xxx, and in law, that debt is history. Its dealt with. They are not permitted by law to state in public what you owe. Not all of them are aware of this arcane law, but the courts are.

This is just one example of the dozens of ways in which you can walk away from unfair debt.

The forums I belong to never encourage people to incur debt on purpose but they do educate people about the remedies at their disposal.

For clarity, you do NOT need to be a Freeman to use these remedies. They are available to all of us. They always have been.

Oh, and if you want to really protect yourself, your property and your family, you need to investigate allodial title. Ask Mr Google for help with this. If you get stuck, ask me over at my place. I'd be happy to help.


defender said...

I have copied and pasted the beginning of an atricle which was published on the Green Arrow site this morning, it is very similar to this one.
It seems that there is a line being drawn in the sand between the people and the ruling elites which is gaining ground.
Please read

Please remember everyone that Muslims, immigrants generally, or whatever; they are, are not the true enemy! The three main political parties are our enemy, regardless of which one wins the next general election. They are all dancing to the same tune, the same string pullers control all three; their success and funding would not come their way were it any otherwise.

Some talk about some sort of war with immigrants, but do you think you would be free even should such a war be fought and won? Of course not, because the problems this country face run much deeper than mere immigration, even if that seems the most obvious face of it.

Even if such a war was won, you would still be slaves, so long as the New World Order-controlled politicians are in power.

What is needed is a complete change in the role that people - us, who vote politicians in - plays in the political process. There must be a turnabout whereby firstly people only go into politics if they have a genuine desire to help this country and its people prosper on every level, and secondly, that politicians must once more become our servants rather than the masters.

They must sign a contract with the people on being elected, and if they fail to adhere to that contract then the people must have the power to remove them from power.

Once the people have a real democratic say in how our country is run, then we can make our wishes known in regards to immigration, or indeed any other subject. Until then we have no say in anything (and when fully paid up members of the EU, even less), and we remain in virtual enslavement; taxed, spied on, fined, locked up and persecuted for merely questioning the system.

Of course we must do what we can to get BNP politicians into Westminster, but meanwhile we must remember that New Labour - and the others - have committed acts of treason against this country and its people, but when the collective political establishment fails in its duty to defend the best interests of the people, and instead use the system to line their own pockets, then we must unite against their every attempt to govern us.

In this there is another way that doesn't involve waiting possibly years to see a BNP government, or taking to the streets in some sort of civil war. There may become a time for this, but that time has not yet been reached.

I urge every Nationalist to support the call by the British Constitution Group for a Lawful Rebellion - as is our right under article 61a Magna Carta 1215, which provides for our defiance of leaders who themselves refuse to abide by our written Constitution and the rule of law. Join them and get in touch with your local point of contact. Find them at:

I am Stan said...

Very interesting post and comments..

grow your own food.

create your own energy.

be self employed.

Live off grid as much as possible..its a start.

Anonymous said...

The easiest of all is: SLACK OFF.
1. Do as little as possible
2. Contribute fuck-all
3. Take what you can from the state
4. Apply for every benefit going

and Bring this country down, then we can hopefully rebuild on the ashes.

Captain Ranty said...


I think most of the readers here, and the public generally, DO want to contribute. Like me, they realise that we cannot have everything for free, and that to build a good and decent society, we have to chip in.

This government, and their predecessors, have taken the piss.

That's all we we want: for them to stop taking the piss.

If we bleed them dry, cut off their free cash, it will send a message that none of them can ignore.

Kill the cash flow, and kill the government.



richard said...

Captain Ranty, thanks for answering my questions. much obliged.
Anon 10:07, there is a national census coming up of Brits, run by Lockheed-Martin. maybe it's a good time to appear to be productive - what happens to unproductive livestock?
re: debt, i didn't incur it on purpose, but the interest rates have increased dramatically as the national interest rates have fallen. taking the piss, somewhat. payment of any money which is lawfully owed by me will require production of a signed contract and an invoice. neither has been forthcoming. if there is no obligation to pay until these documents are forthcoming, that is the end of the matter.

legalise said...

To Richard: Many moons ago I owed approx 40K to various credit card agencies, could pay half of them, interest was climbing non-stop. They made threats, mainly from debt collection agencies etc etc. In the end I save a couple of 100 quid and filed for bankrupcy - best thing I dfid. Everything got wiped off my debt, (btw: I owned nothing!). However, to the best of my knowledge my so-called "credit" became blacklisted for donkey's years, not just 7 as they state, but for a hell of a long time. Which means you cannot even open a bank account without informing them of the bankruptcy.
So all these bright fuckers who say dont pay - are usually the ones with wads of cash tucked away.

legalise2 said...

...also remember, any monies owed to the Councils can and usually are enforcable. Its not just bullshit.

Many councils secretly apply for CCJs without ever informing the individual they even owe money!

Take care, if you are in deby and cant pay (not wont pay) send a few letters out, or copntact the insolvency service for help (and despite the anti-state shite here, they WILL help you). Again it helps if you own nothing, or goods etc are in your wife/partners name.

Take care.

Johno' Cov said...

Some people on here thing being "self Employed" is part of the freeman strategy. I suppose it does help, but to be honest, we also have debtors/credits. And we have RESPONSIBILITIES!

These Freeman ideas are just plain insane. And will get you in SERIOUS trouble, more than you could ever dream of. For Gods sake think, or regret at your lesiure.

In one word this is BULLSHIT, or two: DANGEROUS BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

Was it OH on order-order who recently proclaimed his FREEMAN status as of January 2010?

I await to see such results....

Anonymous said...

JerryD said...

to build a good and decent society, we have to chip in.

Hi CR! I think your posts are great, but your above statement has set off alarm bells...As Maggie has said there is no such thing as society - only individuals and families - entering into contractual obligations as and when they deem fit.

By all means have some form of voluntary contribution - or insurance to those you wish to assist - but ask your self: If you gave money to a voluntary organisation would you be happy to have bureaucrats decide how much of your money is to be spent?

If you see a misdemeanor - get involved - make a difference - don't expect 'chipping in' to make a real difference - only to bureaucrats.

Matt Davies said...

Watch this and do what the man says

Captain Ranty said...

Hi JerryD,

My choice of words was poor.

Perhaps "community" fits better?

I measure entire countries by how they traet their poor and their vulnerable.

We should expect the same judgement.

If we wilfully ignore the poor, the needy, the infirm, the aged and the sick, we deserve to burn in hell.

The outright lazy, however, should be encouraged to work, otherwise they can be lined up and shot. I will carry a man for so long but when he starts taking the piss, a 9mm round will cure that laziness.

Harsh, perhaps, but fair.


Captain Ranty said...

Please forgive the typo.

6 G&T's and a scoopful of red wine will do that.

Tonight I have been mostly swigging alcohol in Tripoli at the expense, mind you, of the British tax payer.

I begin to see where all the money goes....

Piss ups at Embassies in foreign climes.

I tried to get my moneys worth.


Revolution Harry said...

"These Freeman ideas are just plain insane. And will get you in SERIOUS trouble, more than you could ever dream of. For Gods sake think, or regret at your lesiure."

Johno, if you don't agree with the Freeman concept then fine, it's your choice. It's not 'bullshit' these people are shining a light on the enslavement we all live under and I for one hope they succeed in their endeavours. Why can't you just wish them well?

Simple_Simon said...

The words PIED and PIPER come to mind when one propagates the freeman ideology. Many espouse such ideas - hardly any would seriously consider following such a path.
Good luck to those who do..
It seems the 'freeman scene' has a large following amongst D.ICKE esq.

Zebedee said...

Time for bed,children.
Tomorrow's another day,another fantasy.

Ron Broxted said...

Face up to it there will never be a revolution because the mass of the population are too busy watching pap tv and reading the Sun or are just too fucked to care what is going on. We need to shut down the deliberate distractions of the state to gain the attention of the down trodden masses. Only then will the sheeple rise up and providing it is a nice day and not raining too hard, take control of their destiny.
As Marx said to Spencer, "all property is theft, but we have a nice line in ladies underwear this Christmas."

Anonymous said...

As Ron.B says
Everyone is too comfortable... the rest to knackered to care.

Ron is Bang on - end of chat.

richard said...

"The outright lazy, however, should be encouraged to work, otherwise they can be lined up and shot."

no, Captain, not shot. that's the Statist way.

what about - given no money and despised as wasters, how does that sound? the major pain in the hole with taxation is that some lazy fuckers get OUR money just because they pop out a sprog in the full knowledge it will get them a house, or get free gym membership because they're fat, and so on. all paid for by us. no, you get what you earn or do without - a hardship payment for genuine unemployment via a private insurance policy, which we could all afford if we weren't taxed as much.

Mr Legalise, unfortunately(?) i can't do the bankruptcy thing, because i have a mortgage and would have to become homeless. my family would object fairly strongly. i have a lot of debt and an just managing to service it with enough left over to buy the essentials. the reason i am trying the "send us a signed contract or get fuck-all" approach is that one particular company has increased my interest rate to such an extent that a payment per month of approx. £70 pays £3 off the debt and the rest is absorbed by interest. boo hoo, says folk, you should have checked the small-print, it's variable APR, is it not? yes it is - but if i should have checked the small print, so should they. and if i can lawfully cancel the debt because there's no signed contract, then i will.
BTW i have not refused to pay, i said i would pay any money which i lawfully owe, upon receipt of a signed contract and a signed invoice. these have not been forthcoming; just a shitload of phonecalls, mostly from a call-centre not in Europe.

Revolution Harry said...

Ron B, as I said before, it won't take the masses waking up, only a committed minority. The British Constitution Group, the UK Column and TPUC are all relatively small snowballs that are starting to grow. Of course there will be those such as yourself who have grown tired and cynical but thankfully there are others willing to try and make an effort.

The Freeman concept isn't going to be for everybody but the power to say NO is available to all.

Anonymous said...

The battle was lost when you Brits let them disarm you. Us Rednecks here in the Colonies deserve every epithet tossed our way but we were smart enough not to let them take our guns.

Legalise said...

To Richard,
Have a look at IVA

You can clear debts without losing your house. Better than shitting yourslef eveytime the doors knocksa, or someone pulls your wife for a little chat, or maybe the neighbours.
It happens....

Legalise2 said...

The people who "advertise" withholding payment are usually the ones that can afford to pay. Once they cget in the shit, then sign a cheque and PDQ!

I've seen too many people offer free advice. Then when the shit hits the fan they say "ooohh, I would,nt have done that.." "no wonder you got the bailiffs coming in..."

Good luck Richard.

Anonymous said...

OH is 'loaded' - ignore his bullshit,
most libertarians her,e live off inheritance / bank of Mom & Dad.

Ordinary working class folk have to struggle as part of the norm.

richard said...

legalise - thanks for that advice, much obliged. i did have a look at IVA at one point but didn't qualify, and even the very enquiry was noted somehow and also damaged my credit rating. however, i am on less pay now, so fair point, i'll have another look. cheers!

Legalise said...

Good luck Richard, been down the credit card debt path myself, not very nice. Remeber to try and work out a costing for yourself to live on, i.e foods, clothes, travel, existence, mortgage, etc, even a bit for socialising! Then after that whats left over, is "spare cash" - and thats what goes to the "debts".
Im sure if you "ADD" up your expenditure a bit "better" you meet the criteria. Good luck.

Legalise2 said...

Forgot to add Richard, please add your wife and kids to the expenditure equation. Evey such items as sanitary towels, toothpaste, mouthwash, the whole sharbang. Claim it.

Once again, best wishes and best of luck .Make this WORK FOR YOU!

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