Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Left a bit, Right a bit

Crosshairs Time


Anonymous said...

This needs to happen during electioneering time.

bofl said...


what about fat jacqui? badger?

and why is blair not being investigated?

Mike Kingscott said...

Excellent, Uddin's in the frame at least - now we just need the rest of the troughers...

Obnoxio The Clown said...

It's not NEARLY enough.

But every little helps!

Anonymous said...

I hope there are no Afghans get the Telegraph (it won't get a mention on the beeb) - they must think we're so fucking corrupt.

Anonymous said...

With all that filty lucre sloshing about you'd have thought she'd have gone to specsavers.

Lord of the Underworld said...


Six sacrificial lambs.

Not good enough, I want more, or else I shall unleash war famine and disease.

Well, I'll unleash some more of it than is already going on at the moment.


Field Marshall Watkins said...

Lord of the Underworld

Remember to fill out the required Health and Safety forms, register your competence with dispensing pestilence and that you disease meets the standards of the WHO transmission program.

Plus fees to the appropriate quangos and database registration. You can only unleash war through purchasing said arms from 'preferred government companies'

and so forth.

Anonymous said...

May I volunteer to kick the chairs from under them please?

Anonymous said...

Who's protecting the BIG fish?

These are just the red herrings.

'EU president' wants to scrap the Union Jack said...

'EU president' wants to scrap seperate national anthems and flags

THE favourite to become President of the European Union is determined to replace Britain’s Union Flag and national anthem with “European symbols”.

Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy believes separate national emblems should be scrapped in a drive to create a new Euro identity. He also supports a huge extension of EU influence over town halls, schools and sports.

Old Holborn fan said...

Bit early I know, but here goes.

My person of 2009 Award goes to the secret whistle-blower who leaked the MPs in full expenses which the Telegraph published.

Least we forget that the dis-honourable members who tried to just release redacted expense claim details.

Heather Brooke gets my runner up person of 2009. She started to try and expose MPs corruption way back in October 2004


My Blog of 2009 award goes to Old Holborn

Edgar said...

We need some more honest people back in Government.

Bring back Robert Bastard Maxwell, I say. At least he only robbed fucking pensioners.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty more but it's a start.

Ivor Bigot said...

Nice to see Uddin in there, that should keep the diversity box-tickers happy :-)

Blas said...

Christ - even if you got the elevation wrong on your telescopic sight you would still hit Elliot Morley in the face from 800 yards.

A pox on the lot of 'em.

Dungeekin said...

If this becomes a trend, they'll need to move Parliament.


Read it and weep said...

Have just watched a news item stating that the NHS is unable to fund treatment to prolong the life of people with liver cancer becayse it costs £3000 per month.
Yet Peers like Uddin can claim £175 per night without receipts.
Sleep well?

Captain Haddock said...

If anyone seriously believes for one single second that any of these shitbags .. or any other troughing, lying, thieving scum-bag politician will go down for corruption and/or fraud .. I'm afraid they're in for a very large dose of disappointment ..

I can almost guarantee that whilst they may appear in Court(though even that remains in doubt) .. cases will be heard by specially "selected" Judges and the Jury selection process rigged so as to reflect those sympathetic to ZaNuLieBore (i.e. those from the Benefits dependency culture) ..

The whole thing will be a complete "whitewash" .. The "system" which has allowed, nay encouraged this sort of behaviour simply cannot afford for any of its Members to be jailed .. it it did, then the whole edifice would come crashing down & the "Big" fish might end up slopping-out alongside them .. and that would never do ..

Newgates Knocker said...

Read it and weep 9.42

They would have all slept like babies. When you have no conscience, you feel no guilt.
I bet not one of them considers they did something immoral even now.
Does anyone think there is any chance of a real conviction, with a real punishment?

Anonymous said...

When anyone says to me "you cannot judge people from their appearance" I automatically agree with them. And yet, just examine these six pictures. If the character of these people is not evident in their appearance then I'm a Dutchman.

Joe Public said...

"Left a bit, Right a bit"

More like Left a Lot, Right a Bit.

wv "Boned" (as in Screwed)

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