Monday, 23 November 2009

The Law is Ours !

'The only thing I will not miss about the Court are the ethics of modern Lawyers'

An American District Judge on his retirement from the bench.

Here at OH we rant and rave about the inequities of MP's and Parliament. What is Parliament for ? it is for the enactment of Laws by people that we vote for to represent our point of view in the framing of these Laws.

Parliament is Ours, The Law is Ours, we as a people fought long and hard for these rights. This Rotten Parliament infected with more than its fair share of Lawyers has passed thousands upon thousands of new Laws,spewing out Statutory Instuments by the day, drafting more regulations by the day.

The Law is being used as a weapon to chain us on a daily basis. A Law that cannot be enforced is a bad Law, a Law that only applies to a section of Society and not its ruling elite is Bad Law, A Law that an ordinary man or woman cannot afford to defend themselves against is Bad Law. A Law that is not simple to understand is bad Law.

The Law has become a vested interest, it has its own rules, its own way of doing things, its 'traditions'. Not only has Parliament become disconnected from the People , the Law has become something to be avoided at all costs.

We have seen, Blair offering inducements to donors in the Peerages for cash scandal in contravention of the Law- No Charges

We have seen MP's let off fraudulent expense claims, by a 'Court' of MP's sitting in judgement, the only punishment is an apology to parliament and keep the cash. It is now apparent that the 'Judges' in this form of Parliamentary Sharia are just as guilty of fraud as those that they are trying.

The LAW is ours, if everybody stopped paying the £60 'fine' for speeding and demanded their day in Court the system would collapse. The Banks are due to face the Courts in the OFT v Banks test case Wednesday in the new 'Supreme' Court on unfair charging. The Banks will not refund anything to their customers and will defy the Law.

Only the Rich and Powerful can afford to challenge the 'Law'.

This Rotten Parliament has enshrined the Law as a weapon against the people, you can take the Freeman option, but unless 90% of the population adopt this course of action you will lose your posessions and Liberty.

It is our Law, we need to send legislators back to Parliament who will repeal the Laws of the Rotten Parliament, this not going to happen because the Constitution is in disarray, therefore we have to fight cases before the Courts, for this we have to as a people form a legal union that we pay our dues into monthly as an insurance, to retain able Lawyers who value the Law as a vehicle of Liberty and Justice, not a sinecure for personal wealth.

Where the State refuses to try Blair for Corruption in cash for peerages, a private prosecution is started by public subscription. Damien McBride was on the receiving end of two writs for slander that he has had to settle out of Court, in the course of working for Brown as his attack dog.

Members Of Plaid Cymru attempted to force through a writ against Blair for impeachment for lying to Parliament, it was struck down by MP's of all parties.

The Law should be simple, it should be easily understood and it should apply to everybody from the greatest in the Land to the most humble.

'There never did, nor can exist a Parliament, or any description of man, or any generation of men in any country, possessed of the right or the power of binding or controlling posterity to 'the end of time'.... every age and generation must be free to act for itself.... as the ages and generations which preceded it. The vanity and presumption of governing beond the grave, is the most ridiculous and insolent of all tyrannies.... I am not contending for, the right of the living, and against their being willed away, and controlled and contracted for, by the manuscripted-assumed authority of the dead.

A constitution is not a thing in name only, but in fact. It has not an ideal, but a real existence; and whereever it cannot be produced in a visible form there is none. A Constitution is a thing antecendent to a government, and the government is only the creature of a constitution.... I is the body of elements, to which you can refer, and quote article by article..... A Constitution therefore, is to a government, what the laws... are to a court...

The court... does not make the Laws, neither can it alter them; it acts in conformity to the laws made, and the government is in like manner governed by a constitution.

Rights of Man Part 1 1791 Thos Paine

It is a fallacy to be bound by Laws, that are not previously assented to by the People of this Country. Without a Constitution that guarantees our Liberties, there is no valid Law. Because we the living have not assented to be governed like this.

The Rotten Parliament is without authority because it it is not by the assent of the living people of this country, it derives its 'authority' from arcane traditions not the living will of the people.

With a Constitution we can deride bad Law as unconstitutional, with free speech we can 'outlaw' political correctness as unconstitutional, speeding fines, taxes and impositions as unconstitutional without reference to a Court of Law, not some Quangocrat.

The Law is ours, do not vote for anybody who will not tell you they will repeal the Laws of the Rotten Parliament and will vote for a written Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Not this old chesnut again!

Road_Hog said...

So, vote UKIP not Tory, if you want a change. Also Guido is deleting posts that say anything bad about Muslims, so much for free speech.

I got it reposted, all it said was that NuLabour seemed to favour radical Muslims instead of moderate Muslims and this link to a national newspaper article.

Anonymous said...

Road-Hog,no such thing as radical/moderate muslims. There are practicing/non-practicing muslims,that's all

Anonymous said...

And who do you think would write said constitution? It would give the scum the ultimate safety net to do what the fuck they fancied.

Fuck that.

Dr Evadne said...

Hope you watched last night's episode of Garrows Law. Very, very interesting.

bofl said...


you are so negative......

the law is an ass........

when those that break the law in the hoc and lords get away with it who do you really think the 'scum' are?

just because someone wears a suit doesnt make them better than anyone else.ever heard of bernie madoff?

the law is unfair.the govt. utilities,baks,councils etc have it all their own way.

this is wrong........!!!!!

a legal system that requires vast amounts of money for an individual to get justice is totally wrong!

niw go and find out how to post your name.........the clue is in the section where it says 'name'!!!!!!!

Captain Ranty said...

Mr Guthrum talks sense, as always.

I disagree on one point. The one saying we should engage lawyers.

A lawyers first duty is to the court, not to you, his client. The courts first duty is to the crown, not you, the plaintiff or the defendant.

Anyone who thinks they will get 100% impartial advice from a lawyer is, in my opinion, delusional.

Take one of these lawyers to one side, and the story changes. They absolutely know that we have a case in common law but they are oath-bound to support their brethren in the Temples.

No conspiracy here. They just want to do what comes naturally, which is to protect their jobs. If the UK was run entirely by Common Law we would not need a single lawyer or barrister. They are experts in Statute Law. They make their fortunes from knowing statutes inside out.

No help for us from these people I'm afraid.


Guthrum said...

Any Lawyers prepared to comment ?

Think This said...

A written constitution is no safe guard to liberty. The USSR had a constitution guaranteeing all sorts of rights - didnt make one jot of difference.

Whats more in practice such a constitution if written in the UK would contain absurd rights like healthcare, education and clean air etc... no doubt the important things like free speech and a fair trial would be glossed over.

The only effective safe guard of our rights is a government who cares about them. A constitution does nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse legal aid helps I have been on the recieving end a few times. Muggings here couldn't affors a lawyer a mere £175 an hour plus vat and I have wom all of them bastards. The lastest forray into the legal world a while a slag was squatting in my house so I had nowhere to live as I was working abroad when she moved in.The cow got legal aid and it took 3 months to get her out stole everything and did £8,000 of damage she had to give me £75 out of cigarette allowance and was bound over for a year, not bad cosidering.

Twisted Root said...

Whilst were on the subject of lawers, and the futile idea of voting for this or that party to change anything, why not cast an anti-lawyer vote? In other words have a total clear out of lawyers in the HoC.

I am Stan said...

What do lawyers and sperm have in common?

One in 50,000,000 has a chance of becoming a human being.

Swiss Tony said...

A lawyers first duty is to his client. He has no duty to the Court other than to not mislead it or waste its time.

Also, Parliament can make any law it chooses, and the only thing to keep them in check is that they will get kicked out if they make stupid laws. Seeing as Labour have been in for too long, blame the voters.

libertarian compassion said...

* Lack of health Insurance has caused 45,000 preventable U.S. citizen deaths in the past year. The American Journal of Medicine recently released a study that stated “Nearly two out of three bankruptcies stem from medical bills, and even people with health insurance face financial disaster if they experience a serious illness.”

A Johns Hopkins Children’s Center study reported that 17,000 children have died due to lack of healthcare. You can also add in a recent report that revealed that 2,266 US Veterans have died in 2008 due to lack of insurance

Guthrum said...

Lack of health Insurance has caused 45,000 preventable U.S. citizen deaths in the past year.

Dear Troll

How many people have died from avoidable infections contracted inside the dirty NHS in the last year ? my mother included nine years ago.

We are talking the Law in this post
and not Socialist 'Law'

Anonymous said...

Compassion- Jeez

The Labour Party is the 'compassionate' one ?! war mongering money grubbing authoritarian whores more like

caesars wife said...

Somthing I have been wondering about recently OH !

I dont go along with constitutions as that can be just like a universal coat hanger , look at the USA where doctors pay as much in malpractice cover as they can earn , the law becomes a legitimatimised monopoly .

I do agree that it is our law , and that understanding has been changed since 1997 by the lawyer Blair and his lawyer wife .

protecting peoples rights with accessable case law is important , but we have always had this understanding that certain areas of life , only certain aspects apply , hence civil and criminal .

The farce of a prison inmate suing for the prison service for taking smuggled in drugs is one example .

So law running society is not the best understanding , but as Thos Paine points out the law only has meaning with free living will , it dervies its authority .

There then comes the more interesting question of making good people who can live as free living , both reliant and independent of it , yet always respectfull , somthing which i felt this country once had .

It is hard to imagine a corruption free system where con artists are fearfull , but that doesnt mean we need a lawyer to tell us wether we are right or wrong in a common sense .

some scrote nicks your laptop , why can it be a medical problem ! not very clear is it, thats why people have lost trust , you have spend too much on a weasely word fight out to get justice useally most expensive can charge what he/she likes as they can get you off .

the law was never supposed to end up being a closed shop trade union.

bofl said...

even the judges are idiots:

this was in the telegraph!!!!

Who knows what kind of furious legal spat will break out in the High Court today when City bruiser Terry Smith, the boxing lover in charge of Tullett Prebon, takes to the stand in his firm's case against rival money broker BGC Partners?

By Jonathan Russell
Published: 11:00PM GMT 12 Nov 2009

Tullett is suing BGC over the defection of a raft of "crown jewel" members of staff, claiming it was an orchestrated campaign to damage its business.

BGC denies any wrongdoing, alleging the mass exodus was all part of the cut-throat, complicated give and take of the clandestine interdealer broking world.

How complicated? Well, Mr Justice Jack, who has been hearing the case for some time, admitted yesterday that he had "no concept" of what an interdealer broker actually does.

A star Tullett Prebon witness has therefore been scheduled to explain how he spends his broking days for the benefit of the courtroom. He's got one day in which to do it – today.

But he'd better not go on at too much length – apparently the money man has booked a "10-day holiday of a lifetime" starting tomorrow that he'd rather not miss.

for fucks sake!!!!!!!!

a broker buys from bank A-
then sells to bank B.......
taking a commision!!!!!!

how effing difficult is that to understand????????

mr. justice twat!!!!!!

no wonder the country is in such a mess........

i really do despair.....

Rogerborg said...

Any Constitution worth a damn would need to be written not by the hands of our masters, and their servants in Westminster, but by our hands, using their blood.

Edgar said...

It's good to see some sense being aired on this page, Guthrum. Thanks.

The Paragnostic said...

Last year MRSA killed 1200 in England and Wales, C.Diff killed 6000.

That equates to an equivalent of around 45000 per year (population adjusted) were the same filthy hospitals to be in America.

So we kill as many per capita by poor hygiene as the Americans estimate die through no health insurance.

All this after 12 years of these twats crowing about how much more of our money they are spending on the NHS every year.

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