Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Joys Of Multiculturalism

I blame you for lots of this, Jack, you little weasel!

The news is all too full of the joys that multiculturalism have brought to Great Britain. Honour killings seem to be quite the vogue.

Then there's the insidious grooming of underage white girls for sex in the Pakistani enclaves of the North West, which seeps into the mainstream media despite the best efforts of the "community cohesion brigade".

It turns out that the household arrest of terror suspects who we seem unable to simple send back to their own countries is costing a fucking fortune, and those charming terrorist and preachers of hate who we do lock up have it so cushy that they are continuing to preach and to run their networks from inside our prisons.

Most of the cannabis factories that the plod uncover seem to be the work of the Vietnamese community.

Gangs of Turks are fighting gun battles in Tottenham over the supply of illegal drugs.

It's too dangerous for us to able to ship illegal Somali immigrants back to Somalia, but it's where they fuck off to after shooting people in botched robberies.

And fucking Polish youngsters keep dumping their empty beer bottles in my front garden as they stagger home.

I don't recall voting for any of this.

The Penguin


Dave Cameron said...

All of the points highlighted by "The Penguin" will form part of the Conservative Party manifesto.

And I further give a cast iron guarantee on that.

Believe that and you will belive anything

Anonymous said...


I am Stan said...

Mmmmmm not the Britain I know,people get along very well round here and its very diverse,apart from the local chavs who blame everybody else for them being losers.

Even in these hard times the local people are still pulling together and making the best of it and thats all kinds of people.....guess we got more community spirit and positivity than some.

Captain Haddock said...

Anon @ 1758 ...

Socialist Troll ... Its attitudes like yours which have caused the problems being complained about ..

Phoebe said...

.. and then we have "Hooky" Hamza proselytizing through the pipework at Belmarsh. Perhaps his new £650.00 taps have been fitted with loudspeakers?


caesars wife said...

I dont envisage ever voting for it again !

GCooper said...

Two possibilities spring to mind.

Either 'Stan' is already a valued customer of the Turkish dope gangs.

Or he is Jack Straw.

I am Stan said...

Either 'Stan' is already a valued customer of the Turkish dope gangs.

Hahahahahah no i am not the straw man..
but we do have a reliable dealer locally,nice lad and his gear is top notch.

Fact is our community makes an effort to make our and our neighbours lives better,it is not always easy but our streets are kept safe.No point in waiting to die while blaming guvmint for everything and waiting for them to make it all better...you might as well just read negative blogs all day and piss in the wind....takes effort!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

To be fair Stan, chavs are just another part of the same problem, created by the same people who decided we (the law abiding masses) weren't allowed to judge anyone. They can fuck the fuck off to the shores of Somalia as well, along with the mad mullahs, middle eastern pimps and eastern European BMW thieves. It'd be character development for them.

And if anyone wants further evidence of the unquestionable benefits of multi-culti and uncontrolled immigration, just look at Scotland Yard's most wanted list. Then look at our economy. Cunted, eh?

Liver cancer to The Righteous and their shit-for-brains hangers on. All of 'em!

bofl said...


we desperately need the quaint customs of foreigners.

JuliaM said...

Meanwhile, youths of no appearance run riot in Edmonton...

I am Stan said...

@corugated soundbite- They can fuck the fuck off to the shores of Somalia as well, along with the mad mullahs, middle eastern pimps and eastern European BMW thieves. It'd be character development for them.

I could not agree more!..

Rt Hon Prof Dr Derek Draper BSc MA PhD VC MC DFC said...


Captain Haddock said...

Multiculturalism is a wonderful concept .. provided you receive 24/7 armed Special Branch personal protection .. are driven around in armoured limousines, live in a gated street, with 24/7 uniformed, armed Police protection .. or have a uniformed & armed Copper outside your front door (then even the neighbours benefit) ..

Otherwise, its a crock of shit, which I personally can't recall ever being asked my opinions about .. nor ever voting for ..

Nick said...

I don't recall voting for white christanity. Notice how all the paedophiles seem to be white christians?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"And fucking Polish youngsters keep dumping their empty beer bottles in my front garden as they stagger home."

Not just me, then.


Gendeau said...

Obo, why are you leaving your empty beer bottles in his garden?

couldn't resist - I'll get me coat

Captain Haddock said...

Ha ha .. I see someone has left a few decorations off the less than impressive list of said Draper ..

There's VD & Scar, CDM (Cadbury's Dairy Milk) .. OBE (Other Bugger's Efforts) & CMG (Call Me God) .. and last but by no means least .. OTE (Oxygen Thief Extraordinaire) ..

Captain Haddock said...

Hi Nick ..

Fair comment & one with which I have to agree .."Touche" .. Lol

But at least you're prepared to offer an alternative answer, without immediate running for & screaming the standard Socialist insults, the moment someone dares to disagree with underhanded government policy ..

That, I can have some respect for ..

The Penguin said...

I'm not a racist, you muppet(s) - we're (sadly) ALL the same fucking race, the human fucking race you pillock.

And like any other sort of group, there are some good and some bad.

The Penguin

Nick said...

You're welcome.

It's the behaviour that is the issue, not the race of the person.


Anonymous said...

We should repatriate gang-members, thieves, knife carriers, guns etc to whatever shitehole they came from.

And to be clear, this isn't going to be racist abuse...

I think we should repatriate (genuinely guilty) paedophiles as well. Atlantis sounds appropriate.

Rt Hon Baron Derek Draper of Berkeley (in, not at) MP BSc MA PhD VC MC DFC KCMG said...

I exercise more modesty these days. Lessons learned.

Captain Haddock said...

In my personal experience if people are left alone they tend to sort themselves out .. Its only when "authority" in the form of the Multi-culturalist & Race Relations industries interferes that people (of all races) begin to take "sides" ..

But said Industries have a vested interest in keeping the pot bubbling .. otherwise, they'd all have to go and find proper jobs ..

Nick said...

Quite. It's an industry. Whole swathes to monitor and control. A huge make work scheme, and the bill is still to come


scunnert said...

Irish government to pay immigrants to go home


thelunaticarms said...

MultiCULTure is a disgrace. It was foisted onto the British people without a consideration for the consequences (although the reports they did do were rejected out of hand).

Tell me why I should rejoice that my culture is being replaced by an alien culture?

And before someone points out the 'obvious', why don't I move if it I find it so disagreeable? Well, my family line goes back nearly 400 years in Southwark (mum's side). I have MORE right to be here than HRH Beth II, let alone a load of immigrants whose roots only go back to the 60's!

Otherwise what is the point of being British? I may as well become a crook if "I'm alright Jack" Britons consider me the problem.

JerryD said...

OH's post above this discusses Nationalisms. The Terms 'British' is a term of Nationalism, applied to hoodwink English, Welsh and Scottish peoples into acting for the good of their political masters and overlords.

The term English is the correct usage - as this has a tribal validity.

Your ancestors would use the Term English, never British. In fact I am of the opinion that Britain should be abolished - as its only ever existed as a Legal entity since 1701.

JerryD said...

Hi The Penquin,

we're (sadly) ALL the same fucking race, the human fucking race you pillock

Hmm....I hate to break your world view 'n all, but thats not true is it.

London Marathon said...

I'm no raceist.

I Albion said...

Did anyone notice the photo kit of the rapist the police have been looking for all these years?
no wonder they couldn't find him!
but thats diversity for you ,it makes you go blind.

Anonymous said...

I despise Jack Straw with 'the heat of a thousand suns'.

Please don't put his photo on your blog again, it may provoke me to gouge my eyes out with these two rusty nails.

Anonymous said...

There's VD & Scar, CDM (Cadbury's Dairy Milk) .. OBE (Other Bugger's Efforts) & CMG (Call Me God) .. and last but by no means least .. OTE (Oxygen Thief Extraordinaire) " Plus the DCM & T Don't come Monday & Tuesaday

Road_Hog said...

If you want to keep up to date with what all our Muslim brothers are up to, this is an excellent well written site.


The Penguin said...

I noticed that, Mr Albion.


The Penguin

The Penguin said...

How about this?


The Penguin

Captain Haddock said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people who practice the faith of Islam, or Catholicism or Judaism .. for all I care, people can worship Traffic cones if they so wish ..

What matters is that those of the Islamic faith (in particular)chose to come here of their own free will .. they weren't coerced .. and they need to realise that as incomers it is they who need to adapt to the practices & way of life of their chosen country .. And the sooner they get their collective heads round that, the better for everyone ..

One has to assume that they left their countries of origin because there was something there which they didn't like & sought something better ? .. Why then do they feel it necessary to import those things which they chose to leave behind ?

Worship as you see fit .. no-one really cares, we have a secular state in this country & freedom of religion.. Just don't try to make this country like the one you left .. voluntarily .. We don't need it .. We don't want it ..

Anonymous said...

Probably shagged her as well. Filthy bastard.

Maturecheese said...

I didn't vote for any of it either and I think its a bloody disgrace. The problem is if you vote for any of the main parties, you will get more of the same and yet if you vote for the one party that is against all of that, you are a low down racist thug. A no win situation created, me thinks, by the political elite. Its a bit like a choice between selling your soul to the lefty devil or fighting for freedom with a bunch of demons.

Well F**K the lot of them, I'll vote for who the f**k I like, it won't make any difference but I'll feel a little bit better for not capitulating.

The Penguin said...

Nick said...

I don't recall voting for white christanity. Notice how all the paedophiles seem to be white christians?

17 November 2009 19:19

Like Michael Jackson? Fucking right!!

The Penguin

Nick said...

Proves the point. Change you skin colour and become white and you end up a rampant kiddy fiddler.

Anonymous said...

JerryD said...

Hi The Penquin,

we're (sadly) ALL the same fucking race, the human fucking race you pillock

no its not true we re all homosapiens, but all unique races ..keep it that way

Ron Broxted said...

What the world needs is a great big melting pot big enough to take the world and what its got. But until that is possible could someone do something about me having to queue up behind a load of foreign cunts to sign on once a week only to be told my claims going back over the last twenty odd years are being investigated by the fraud department. Can that be fair Dude?

Captain Haddock said...

I guess the only answer to your problem Ron is a tin of "Kiwi" (Dark Tan) & a Tea towel .. Lol

Anonymous said...

Fake Ron (Alamo/Sigourd/Man with a can/Bryan/Morris) from the Torygraph. Larry had the measure of you, a fucking failed solicitors clerk, priceless, I am still laughing. Banned from the Indy, eh TUG? You heard a few phrases and lied about having an LL.M (Cantab). Ha fucking ha!

Anonymous said...

Nick: The reason paedophilia appears to be restricted to white Christians is simeple enough: white Christians have outlawed sex with children. In other cultures it is common to marry very young girls, and paedophilia is not recognised as an offence. Try living in an Islmaic state, as I did, before making such assumptions.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Nick, seriously. Where the fuck do you live pal? A hollow tree? As anon @ 00:18 says, there are many states, particularly full blown Islamic ones, where paedophilia simply isn't considered an offence. Plenty of 12 and 13 year olds getting up the duff there. Not to mention the mutilation of young girls' genitalia that goes on even before that. Granted, a lot goes on within certain churches. I don't defend those fucking nonces. But it ain't fucking limited to them.

So, don't fucking pin your guilty shit purely on white Christians as a deflective smear. We already know about them. Thanks to the equally deflective media.

Get some life experience before shouting your fucking mouth off.


Nick said...


Is quite educational.

Have a look at the age of consent for the vatican!


Nick said...

You mean like Spain? White, Christian. Age of consent 13

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Nick, I just said. Neither I nor anybody in their right mind is going to defend the kiddie fiddling that goes on within the church. The offence of paedophila is a white Christian thing by our standards because we, here, recognise when someone is below the age when they are physically capable of taking a good seeing to. Evidently, Spanish law doesn't.

BUT, and it's a big "but", this doesn't change the fact is goes on elsewhere. Often. Particularly in the middle east and parts of southern Asia and Africa.

And it's still a deflection. As I said, we already know about the noncery that goes on in the church. I don't defend it. Those people are scum.

But don't pretend the slipper slapping bearded lot (and I don't just mean the C of E) aren't at it. It's in the Quran for fucks sake! How old is Aisha when Mohammed marries her again?

It is not a "Christian" thing. It's a religious thing.

Nick said...

The problem is that people are generalising. They are saying things along the lines of all terrorists are muslims. Bit like Paddy bin Laden.

Same when it comes to blacks and gun crime.

ie. People are generalising to the group, If some individuals in the group commit offences (however you define the group), then all in the group are guilty. Or if not, then they are saying there is a predisposition.

ie. Jews mutilating their male offspring. Surprised that one hasn't come up yet.

Or Labour MPs are all on the fiddle. A bit of a generalisation, but I'll accept that one.

This is a fucking libertarain blog. It's about individualism. You're just spouting some group hate, and the good of the group is socialist/marxist crap.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

No they're not. Not the rational folks I hang around with anyway.

I didn't once say anything along the lines of all Muslims being paedos and all blacks being gun criminals. I already know that to be false by the fact I live out here, in reality. With real people of differing faiths and creeds.

And to my mind, you appeared to be generalising in the manner of assuming that all white Christian clergy are kiddie fiddlers. You might not have been. But that's how it appeared. They are not. Some are. And they should rot in whatever hell they believe in just like kiddie fiddlers of other faiths. Or of no faith at all. The prison system will do. A proper one with no shopping trips allowed.

I'm not spouting group hate. You just made that bit up. I'm applying balance relative to the force and vigour of your initial point. Was your earlier comment about white Christians not group hate? It was no more group hate than mine. Crime is relative to law and morals as you see them. To my mind, a Christian rogdering an underage boy is no better than A Muslim going at it with an underage girl and a Muslim lopping the foreskin off a young lad is no better than a Muslim doing it. As I said. It's religious thing. Not Christian. Not Muslim. Not Jew.

Your comments would provoke group hate in other, more mainstream quarters. They'd provoke a rise in the BNP (another bunch of socialist piss-it-up-the-wall wankers if ever I saw one) and they'd fuel the potential for attacks on the street amongst our less educated friends. And they'd only further aid a bunch of quangos and the likes in office at our expense when a balanced approach would have prevented it all.

Nick said...

Perhaps you should go back and read the original comment, and who it was addressed to

Eg. People like "I am Stan"


Anonymous said...

Common Purpose strikes again.

Time for blood as the illusion of 'democracy' is dead.

Anonymous said...

Sharia law would work wonders with our politicians/MEP's/EU scum-buckets/Police/Council workers.

It would be like a George Romero movie... 1000's of brain-dead zombies with their hands/legs/heads cut off.


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