Friday, 27 November 2009

Its Unpatriotic To Criticize The NHS

Do you remember the furore over Dan Hannan saying that we needed a complete rethink on the NHS whilst in America, and telling the Americans not to emulate the NHS ?

The situation is so bad at Basildon and Thurrock that a 'special measures; team has been flown in to sort out the high mortality rate, the blood spattered wards and the high cross infection rate.

In a case of 'who is watching the watchers', this was the hospital quango that was give a 'good' by the inspecting Quango and 13/14 for cleanliness.

In Nu Labour's Britain reality should never get in the way of the tractor stats.

I have just listened to some Scottish Quangocrat on R4, trying to defend the indefensible, whilst rubbishing private research that was factually correct.

You get to become a highly paid Quangocrat, by appeasing your political masters, irrespective of the facts on the ground, irrespective of reality, irrespective of the damage and deaths caused, irrespective of the cost to the taxpayer.

It is exactly how Brown is running the war in Afghanistan and exactly why the State is bloated and incompetent.

Just because what you are saying is unpopular with the Government, it does not make you wrong. Where are all the pundits defending the slovenly NHS this morning.

Medical Staff are just like the Squaddies, trying to keep the faith, trying to do their best, but at the end of the day they are both propping up a collapsing and corrupt system.


Anonymous said...

Completely O/T - I see Postman Prat has refused to be swayed by Gary Mckinnon's medical reports & is still planning on extraditing him. Just goes to prove that behind Postman Prat's public mask of 'hail fellow well met' and affability lurks the cold dead soul of the careerist communist apparatchik. Thank Christ ne never made it as Labour leader.

Anonymous said...

Its the equivalent of handing over hostages to a foreign king, plus ca change

Ampers said...

Who would you instinctively trust? Daniel Hannan, Gordon Brown, David Cameron or Nick Cleg.

For Gawds sake don't send your answers to David Cameron or Hannan will be sacked from the Conservative Whip.

By the way, there is an Internet Virus email going the rounds. The Title is "A nude photograph of Cherie Blair" and, when you open it you are confronted with a nude picture of Cherie Blair"!


sobers said...

The disconnect between reality and what appears on the paperwork is what will sink the ever growing State leviathan in the long run.

It is becoming obvious to even the unpoliticised that the reality of what they get in public services bears no resemblence to the tractor stats spouted by politicians and quangocrats.

When the penny finally drops, I wouldn't want to be one of the people trying to defend the latest public sector failure. The suppressed rage of a population that has been systematically lied to will be something to see.

You got a hint of what is to come with the reaction of the Question Time audience during the expenses scandal. The politicians were physically afraid of the public's reaction. They should be.

Newgates Knocker said...

It's like Nurses, You are seen as some sort of heartless creature if you criticise the angels of the nursing profession. I have had dealings with some of the most unsympathetic, slapdash, and frankly, callous nurses in my many visits to a particular childrens hospital. They revel in the power they have over you and your child.
There ARE many good nurses, but there are a lot of bad apples in the basket too! Making them all get degrees will not improve this situation one bit!

bofl said...

told you before.all hospitals and councils have teams of people pumpimg out propaganda about how good they are!

it is a RACKET!!!!!!!

the people at the top get very good money and they have somehow turned the nhs into a religion.....that may not be criticised...........

it is not about medicine or being a public is about extracting as much cash as possible!

southend hospital,just along from basildon, is appalling too!

libertyscott said...

It is the nonsense that anyone criticising what is the most centrally planned and organised health system in the free world is automatically told "oh you want it like America where people die without healthcare" rubbish. When of course, people die in the UK with the current system.

The NHS is apparently the 3rd biggest employer in the WORLD, rivalled only by the Indian Railways and Chinese Army, bearing in mind both come from countries with over 10-15x the UK population.

No private company could survive being that large because of the inherent inefficiencies, lack of responsiveness and accountabilities it would create.

It's time to tell UK citizens they can have the NHS or opt out, get taxes back and buy their own healthcare.

Critics of the US might note, HALF of US health spending is by the state sector, and it is seriously out of control as well. The US is by no means a privatised totally free market system.

AntiCitizenOne said...

You might like the group blog

microdave said...

"In a case of 'who is watching the watchers', this was the hospital quango that was given a 'good' by the inspecting Quango and 13/14 for cleanliness."

Sounds very similar to the "Peer Review" process that's been skewing the climate debate. Don't like the truth? - Just get your mates to select the "right" data!!

hangemall said...


I had a quick scan (twice, actually) through Rupe's Rag in the pub last night looking for headlines mentioning climategate, but couldn't find one. Don't like the truth? Don't publish it.

If if any lawyers are out there, is climategate (and the rest of the AGW hysteria) fraud, and can I get my tax money back and who from?

formertory said...

Medical Staff are just like the Squaddies, trying to keep the faith, trying to do their best, but at the end of the day they are both propping up a collapsing and corrupt system

Hmmm... maybe. I notice they're never in the forefront of those wanting fundamental reform, though. Just at the forefront of the whingers and numpties who think the NHS will be a great place if we just let the doctors run it.

Yeah right.

microdave said...

@hangemall - You will be hard pressed to find any reporting of this, funnily enough the Daily Mail is one of the few that has covered it (several times).

I have asked everyone I've spoken to this week if they have heard of the CRU - NOT ONE had!!!!!

Fucking disgraceful.

woman on a raft said...

I have to confess that despite being connected to the area, I had no idea there was a Basildon University, let alone that it now had a teaching hospital attached.

I knew the place was filthy, though, and warned my nana not to go if she could avoid it.

woman on a raft said...

Their strap-line is:

the Trust where patients come first

shortly to be replaced by:

the Trust where the patients go first

Rogerborg said...

It's obvious that Management by Quango isn't working. We need to appoint a Quango Tsar to chair a Select Committee which will form an Interdepartmental Task Force to to lick them into shape.

banned said...

I heard that interview on Radio 4, she spent all of it criticising the previous regulatory regime ( not her fault see ) which seemingly allowed one of the hospitals to tick their own inspection boxes and award themselves 60 points out of 66 for lovliness.
Who made that up ?

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